Pres. Rodrigo Duterte urges everyone to donate through government instead of television stations

  • President Duterte told people to donate to the government instead of television channels.
  • He applauded Isabela’s disaster response team.

On Tuesday, September 18, President Rodrigo Duterte urged the public to forward their donations for the victims of Typhoon Ompong to the government instead of the television stations.

He stated  in a situation briefing at the Provincial Capitol Guest House in Isabela that people can donate through the military and  humanitarian organization Red Cross.

“I will not mention it but yung mga prominent TV network, I’m giving you a testimony, personal. Ang sabi  mag-donate kayo, used clothes ganun, sa kanila then they’ll give you a bank account number where you can deposit your donation. You’re better off giving it to government or to the military and let them distribute it direct.”

Duterte claimed that he has personally witnessed how members of an unidentified TV program would keep stuff from the donations that they can use.

“Because I have a TV program, nakikita ko yung matatanda diyan sa opisina they were sorting out the things that were usable or are usable for them.

“Maniwala kayo sa akin as your president, I’m giving you what I saw and what I have learned so ‘yan lang muna.”

He added that he can understand the Filipino’s distrust, but the officials are really just doing their jobs.

“Hindi naman mapilit ang perception ng tao sa amin.

“But most of the officials who have sworn their duty to the people, nandiyan ‘yan nagta-trabaho.”

The President then praised Isabela’s quick disaster response in the aftermath of Typhoon Ompong.

“Ang pumunta ako dito is to congratulate the officials, the governor, vice governor and everybody of you who were ready at the forefront really to face the onslaught and I admire the preparation…”

Written by Jacks

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