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Snake on Board! Pet owner secretly brought slithering reptile on a bus bound for Baguio

Snake on Board! Pet owner secretly brought slithering reptile on a bus bound for Baguio

  • A pet owner, who was bound for Baguio, secretly brought his snake on the bus
  • The snake had crawled out of the paper bag and reached the driver’s shoulder
  • Bringing pets in public transportation without a permit is a violation of the law

It so hard for a pet lover to leave pets at home when nobody would take good care of it. That is why some pet owners would bring along their pets with them.

Just like a pet owner who traveled to Baguio and secretly brought his snake inside the bus.

Passenger @BLYFERNANDEZ shared his experience on Twitter of someone who brought a pet snake on their trip bound for Baguio. They were all innocent until the bus conductor asked if anyone had brought a pet snake in the bus.

In shock, his seatmate was the passenger who had brought his pet and put it in a paper bag with tape on the center of the bag opening.

Unknowingly, the snake had crawled out of the paper bag and reached the driver’s shoulder which was the reason why the driver requested the owner to board off in Rosales. Luckily, none of the passengers had been bitten by the snake.

The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) has its own laws and regulations to pet owners who want to travel with their pets. This law aims to impose the safety of the pet’s owner, the pet, and the passengers of any public utility transportation.

Based on RA8485: The Animal Welfare Act, section 4 states that “No public utility shall transport any such animal without a written permit from the Director of the Bureau of Animal Industry or his/her authorized representative.”

Thus, bringing pets in public transportation is a violation of the law. And even if the owner has already obtained a permit, if cruelty of any form has happened then the transporter will be penalized.

“Any form of cruelty shall be penalized even if the transporter has obtained a permit from the Bureau of Animal Industry. Cruelty in transporting includes overcrowding, placing of animals in the trunks or under the hood trunks of the vehicles.“

Then, the owner of the pet snake should have followed the PAWS tips on how to carry their pets when traveling.
1. Your dog/cat should be in a crate/carrier (to avoid accidental escaping or bites) — we suggest this for travel by taxi and other modes of public transportation as well.
2. Call the bus company ahead of time and inquire if they accept pets.
3. Be prepared to pay extra (or offer the bus company to pay extra) as if you were paying for an additional person to have the crate beside you or near you.

We should learn how to follow protocols for the safety of everybody. Anything could possibly happen with your pet during the travel, and the owner will be liable for all circumstances.

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Dog allegedly raped by a gang in Palawan; Heart Evangelista, netizens call for justice

Dog allegedly raped by a gang in Palawan; Heart Evangelista, netizens call for justice

  • Netizen calls the attention of people to report a gang rape that has allegedly happened to a dog in Palawan.
  • Peopel have been calling the attention of Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) to take action regarding the incident. 

A netizen has called for help of authorities as a dog was the subject for a gang rape in San Pedro, Puerto Princesa, Palawan.

In a now-deleted Facebook post, Riesan Hermosa posted screenshots of a conversation between two Grindr users. Man with username raretrip was encouraging the other to take part in a gang rape.

Who was the subject? His dog.

He then stated that there has been a lot of guys who had the chance to have an intercourse with his pet.

Adding to the horror of the mere thought of people sexually harassing the dog, he sent pictures of other men doing so.

Hermosa said that her Facebook post regarding the incident kept on getting deleted due to the sensitive photos which is why she chose to upload the screenshots on Twitter as well.

Netizens have reacted, saying how they are disgusted and horrified about the dog rape. Many of them has urged people to report it to the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS).

Animal welfare advocate and PAWS spokesperson Heart Evangelista has also reacted to the viral tweet saying that she hopes that it is not real.

PAWS has yet to release a statement regarding the matter.

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“Wag nang manlaban, isuko na ang alagang hayop!” Celebrities and PAWS call out ‘Oplan “Dog” Hang’

“Wag nang manlaban, isuko na ang alagang hayop!” Celebrities and PAWS call out ‘Oplan “Dog” Hang’

  • Celebrities reacted to ‘Oplan “Dog”Hang’ by a barangay in Novaliches.
  • PAWS stated that they condemn such campaign.
  • Barangay captain explained that it was only used to call out irresponsible pet owners.

A poster from a barangay in Novaliches, Quezon City received backlash after calling an operation to surrender dogs to a pound “Oplan Dog-Hang“.

In a poster that went viral on social media websites, it read, “Wag nang manlaban, isuko na ang alagang hayop! Upang hindi na makapinsala at makadumi sa kapaligiran.”

Well known personalities were shocked by such a project and expressed their disappointment through their social media pages.

Kapuso actress Carla Abellana posted on Instagram saying that officials Christian Cando, Agnes Cando, and Arnie Cando should be “ashamed” of putting their names and faces on such “illegal campaign“.

Daniel Matsunaga then posted Carla’s post in his Instagram stories.

Agot Isidro also tweeted about the campaign saying that they should just teach responsible pet ownership instead.

WTH??? Pati aso? 😡😡😡

Why not teach responsible pet ownership? Or hold free neutering and spaying?

Grabe, walang katinuan! Sino ba mga ito??? Magkakapangalan, alam na!

Heart Evangelista also expressed her disagreement to the program.

This is so WRONG.

‘PAWS releases statement’

Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) released a statement condemning the initiative of Barangay Capri.

They stated that the use of the term “dog”-hang — “whether as an allusion to ‘tokhang’ or as a way to encourage violent acts towards animals” — is wrong.

PAWS condemns the Oplan “Dog” Hang launched by Barangay Capri, Novaliches QC.

The use of the term “dog”-hang whether as an allusion to “tokhang” (used colloquially to mean “to summarily kill someone”) or as a way to encourage violent acts towards animals (ie. “hang”) as a means of animal control is wrong.

Animal control or collection of strays must be done humanely under the Animal Welfare Act (RA 8485, as amended by RA 10631).

Using “tokhang” to refer to the killing or rounding up of animals who have not committed any crime is unfair and ignorant. Its message is also dangerous and irresponsible as the poster gives the impression that inhumane acts towards strays are acceptable.

By telling the public to surrender their animals to the pound, Barangay Capri officials encourage pet abandonment instead of educating them to become responsible pet owners.

‘Barangay captain explains’

According to a report by GMA News Online, Barangay Capri captain Christian Cando was the one who came up with “Dog-hang”. He stated that it was just used to call out negligent pet owners.

“Ang kinokondena po namin dito ay ‘yung irresponsible owner at hindi ‘yung animals nila.”

They have taken down the controversial poster but stated that the initiative will push through.

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Pasay City cat killers sentenced to jail for 6 months

Pasay City cat killers sentenced to jail for 6 months

  • Teenagers who hit a cat to death is sentenced to jail for 6 months.
  • The four culprits were caught on video hitting a cat to death with a thick piece of wood.

A two-minute video went viral on social media showing a teenager hitting a cat on the head using a thick piece of wood that was handed to him by his friends.

The four boys that appeared in the video are named John Vincent Tenoria, Avelino Vito Jr., Wesley C. Torres and Jomar Estrada.

Days after the video has been uploaded, PAWS filed charges against Tenoria, who was the one who hit the cat to death, and his four companions as they were said to be equally guilty as they have “conspired with each other to strike the cat which eventually caused the animal’s death”.

The Pasay City court has sentenced the four teenagers to six months in jail for the said deed. Judge Joeven Dellosa of Pasay City Metropolitan Trial Court Branch 47 stated that the four were “guilty beyond reasonable doubt” for violating the Section 6 of Republic Act 8485 or what is known as the Animal Welfare Act.

Their sentence was reduced to six months and a day after the four have pleaded guilty under a plea bargaining agreement.

Under RA 8485, the penalty cited for the act is imprisonment of at least one year and six months to a maximum of two years and/or a Php100,000 fine.

Anna Cabrera, who is the executive director of the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), urged the public to “take the initiative to report animal offenders to authorities… They always post on Facebook. Although this is not wrong, this should not be the immediate reaction.”

“Animal violation is a crime, Like any other crime… if you see someone being robbed, you call the police.”

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