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Pres. Rodrigo Duterte brings along 200 people including 20 Cabinet members to Japan, Korina Sanchez reacts to big entourage

Pres. Rodrigo Duterte brings along 200 people including 20 Cabinet members to Japan, Korina Sanchez reacts to big entourage

  • Korina Sanchez-Roxas said bringing everybody along on official trips is a trademark of Duterte’s administration
  • The entourage included officials for land reform when there are no land reform concerns to be tackled
  • The Malacañang denied Duterte’s trip was a reward for the cabinet members due to the winnings on the midterm elections

President Rodrigo Duterte brought along around 200 people including 20 cabinet members on his official visit to Japan. This led TV host Korina Sanchez, wife of the defeated senatorial candidate Mar Roxas, to express her disappointment about the rather large entourage.

Sanchez questioned Duterte’s decision in her Pilipino Star Ngayon column. She asked if he really needed to bring along 200 government officials on his official visit to Japan.

“Kailangan bang bitbitin lahat? Hindi ba nakakahiya na karaniwang Pilipino ang ipinakita na naman kung saan bitbit ang buong barangay? Kahit ba sagot ng Nikkei ang sinumang sumama, dapat bang isama lahat?” she wrote in her column.

She pointed out past administrations also faced criticisms whenever a large number of officials tagged along on official trips.

“Sa mga nakaraang administrasyon, kapag ganito ka­rami ang sumasama sa Presidente sa kanyang mga opisyal na biyahe ay binabatikos kaagad nang husto. Kesyo walang delikadesa, gastos lang ng gobyerno,” she added.

She also said that bringing everybody along on an official trip is a trademark of Duterte’s administration, either taking advantage of the government or the government of another country.

“Pero ngayon, tila walang isyu. Kung 16 na kalihim ang kasama, sino ang mga iba? Mga kalihim nila, at ka­nilang kalihim? At ganito nga ang tatak ng administrasyon ni Duterte kapag may opisyal na biyahe kung saan man. Dala lahat. Pagsamantalahan na siguro ang biyaheng sagot ng gobyerno o ng ibang gobyerno,” Korina Sanchez said.

Philippine ambassador to Japan Jose Laurel V had said that the trip was possibly a post-election reward for cabinet members. This was immediately denied by Malacañang.


“Pabuya sa nakaraang eleksiyon,” Laurel said. He wondered why there were 200 people, including 20 cabinet members, in the entourage. Officials involved in local government and land reform were also in the group which led Laurel to question their presence since there were no land reform concerns to be taken up with the Japanese government.

Duterte’s official trip was paid for and organized by Nikkei but there is no confirmation if they shouldered the cost of the Cabinet’s trip.

“The invitation was extended by Nikkei. They will shoulder the costs. If it’s for free, tell the neighbors. The companions also incurred costs,” Laurel said.

The Malacañang spoke up and denied Duterte’s trip was a reward for his cabinet members.

Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea said in a text message that, “Each Cabinet member who joined the trip has trade missions. They are not decorations in the summit.” He added, “They are just doing their job.”

Trade Secretary Ramon Lopez also send a text message, saying that the President maximized his presence for several investment opportunities and it was never a pabuya or reward.

“I don’t know about that. But every time we travel with the President, we maximize his presence and have him speak to several investments fora and we conduct deal signing, business matching, and networking, roundtable meetings with (President Duterte) and investors and secretaries do join as an opportunity to dialogue with the foreign business community.

“We have never seen this as pabuya or reward when we are working day and night just to prepare for all these activities,” he added.

The president left the country at 4 p.m. and arrived at Tokyo, Haneda International Airport at 9:52 p.m. During his departure, media was off-limits and only his closed-in team was allowed in the Kalayaan Hall at Villamor Air Base.


While he is in Japan, President Duterte designated Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra as the officer-in-charge.

“The Department of Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra shall act as officer-in-charge to take care of day-to-day operations and general administration of the executive department and he shall, if necessary, act for and on behalf of the President, except on matters that the President is required by the Constitution,” Duterte said in his one-page directive.

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‘Saliva healer:’ A family in Zambales is known to treat animal bites with spit

‘Saliva healer:’ A family in Zambales is known to treat animal bites with spit

  • A Zambales family can cure animal bites by the use of their own spit
  • Pagtatawak” has been a household tradition for the members of the Dasig family
  • Studies found that human saliva contains the compound ‘histatin’ which can increase the speed of wound healing

A family in Zambales is gaining attention for their “pagtatawak” or healing through the use of their saliva, as reported by ABS-CBN’s magazine show ‘Rated K,’ last Sunday.

The Dasig family from Barangay San Rafael in Cabangan, Zambales was recognized in their neighborhood as healers, only they do not employ the usual local herb concoctions to treat animal bites—they cure using their spit instead.

It has been a household tradition for the ten siblings, saying that they inherited this “skill” from their father and learned the trade from him. Growing up, many people came to this family to have their wounds treated, usually bites from venomous animals.

Pumupunta silang lahat dito basta’t may kinagat ng may kamandag. Pagkakagat, kahit na anong oras, kahit hatinggabi pumupunta sila sa bahay,” recounted Jimmy Dasig, who was said to have cured a person who was bitten by a king cobra and another with a dog-bite infected with rabies.

Nelie Dasig, the second eldest among the siblings, became their father’s sidekick in his “medicinal-saliva” practice. She’s the one who accompanied their father every time he’s called on to cure someone.

She told ‘Rated K’ that she was only five years old when she started treating other patients with the use of her spit. She was able to cure someone who was bitten by a “dahong palay” snake where its venom was identified as hemotoxin, a poison that attacks the red blood cells.

Baby Dasig, on the other hand, became popular to overseas Filipino workers when she was employed in the Middle East, even though she was not vocal about her ability and her relation to “pagtatawak.” She disclosed that she was able to treat a few Arab patients before.

Naturally, there are those who are skeptical about the Dasig family and their healing methods, especially as they can cause more harm when the wounds they treat become infected. This is the same belief held by one doctor at a rural health clinic in Cabangan.

According to her, there are harmless bacteria found in human saliva, that when exposed to air can start the production of harmful bacteria instead.

It was recalled that a report by scientists from The Netherlands identified a compound in human saliva that greatly speeds wound healing. They specifically found that “histatin,” a small protein in saliva previously only believed to kill bacteria was responsible for healing.

“This study not only answers the biological question of why animals lick their wounds,” said Gerald Weissmann, MD, Editor-in-Chief of The FASEB Journal. “It also explains why wounds in the mouth, like those of a tooth extraction, heal much faster than comparable wounds of the skin and bone. It also directs us to begin looking at saliva as a source for new drugs,” he said.

This research is also said to offer hope for people suffering from chronic wounds related to diabetes and other disorders, as well as traumatic injuries and burns.

In the end, however, it is left to the public whether to believe the Dasig family’s healing abilities or not.

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“It wasn’t instant with me.” Korina Sanchez-Roxas on joy of motherhood

“It wasn’t instant with me.” Korina Sanchez-Roxas on joy of motherhood

  • Korina Sanchez on the joy of motherhood: “It wasn’t instant with me”
  • “I started with mixed feelings of uncertainty, worry, anxiety,” the newscaster and new mother reveals
  • On February 12, at around 1PM, the couple welcomed their children — a boy and a girl — at a hospital in Pittsburgh

Last February 12, around 1 in the afternoon, Korina Sanchez and husband Mar Roxas were in a hospital in Pittsburgh and welcomed baby twins, Pepe and Pilar, into their family.

A blessed news that came as a shock to many.

“I felt weird feeling that way,” said the veteran newscaster in an interview with news site PhilStar.

“I worry about the future, about everything that could go wrong. I’m told this is normal among many expecting and new mothers. Good to know I’m not weird. It wasn’t instant with me. The joy crept up and slowly but surely took over. Now, every day is even more joyful than the day before. I’m very hopeful about the future,” she explained.




She has also confessed that she had always wanted to start a family with Mar but had constantly been sidetracked with the work and kind of lives they led.

“I’ve always, always wanted to be a mom. Everyone who knows me well knows that I love children. But for the longest time, because my career in news took charge, I thought it would never happen. But now that it has happened at my age, and even if we had planned and started on this project years ago, I started with mixed feelings of uncertainty, worry, anxiety,” Korina said.

The couple had tried on for several years and finally conceived last 2018 and had the procedures done abroad.

They had their embryos frozen and first went to India, but with the tedious process there they decided to consult with a facility in the US, as per the recommendation of a friend, “who also had a good experience and successful surrogacy with them.”


Presently, Korina is still in the US, waiting for the papers of the twins and checking whether they are strong – ably stable enough so they could fly home as a family.

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Korina Sanchez and Mar Roxas now the proud parents of twins

Korina Sanchez and Mar Roxas now the proud parents of twins

  • Korina Sanchez announces the arrival of twin babies
  • Korina Sanchez and Mar Roxas welcome the news

Korina Sanchez on Thursday announced the arrival of her twins with husband Mar Roxas – a baby boy and a baby girl.

“I think if you believe hard enough, the miracle you most want can come true,” Sanchez gushed on the photo, where they beheld the feet of the baby boy and baby girl.


“Announcing the arrival of our little boy and little girl.” She even asked fans and followers what to name their twins, “We’re thinking of names. Any suggestions? Jack and Jill? Sonny and Cher? MariKor and KoriMar? Daniel and Kathryn? 😁 Did you ever think it could still happen for me? I never stopped believing.💚”

Korina, 52, and Mar, 61, got married in October 2009. While the couple had no children of their own, Roxas has a son, Paolo Gerardo, from a previous relationship.

A week ago, Korina shared on Instagram that she will be “traveling suddenly” and her next posts showing they were already in the US.

“Aside from Target, my other favorite stores in the US is Wholefoods! You can find everything edible and healthy right here! 👍💚😍😝”


“Si husband tinotoo na sya ang magluluto. Ayan ang daming ipinalengke. O naman. May palengke naman anywhere in da world. 😆💚 #MisisNiMar”


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Korina Sanchez shares what she wants to achieve in 2019

Korina Sanchez shares what she wants to achieve in 2019

  • Korina Sanches shared her New Year’s resolutions.
  • Her goals included her business, family, friends, and herself.

Whenever New Year enters, one of the things that people like to do is to list down their New Year’s Resolutions, or things that they want to achiever and do more that year.

Host and television personality Korina Sanchez did not miss out on sharing hers in her recent Instagram posts.

He first one is about being debt-free.


Sanchez mentioned that she also wants to spend more time with her family that she wants to give tips on NOT committing the same mistakes to which she did.


She would also want to be more healthy this 2019.


In line with that, she stated that she promised Rosa Rosal that she would donate more blood.


The Rated K host also addressed de-cluttering as one of her goals and said that she’ll continue on with her annual garage sale wherein she’ll donate the proceeds to charity.

On the topic of her business, she promised to have 100 more branches for her own hair and skin products.


Sanchez is not leaving a part of her life untouched and even said that she’ll spend more time with her pets.


And her friends as well!


Of course she didn’t leave out her significant other, Mar Roxas.


Lastly, she shared her goal for herself.


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Kris Aquino reveals the truth behind her engagement with PinoyAko blog

Kris Aquino reveals the truth behind her engagement with PinoyAko blog

  • Kris Aquino shared her real situation with her brother, former President Noynoy Aquino.
  • She also admitted to giving money to Nicko Falcis to boost anti-administration posts by Jover Laurio.

Kris Aquino broke her silence about the accusations floating around the internet that she’s a supporter of an anti-Duterte administration blog.

READ: Gretchen Barretto supports Nicko Falcis on his battle against Kris Aquino; Queen of All Media remains “chill”

In one Instagram post of the actress, she admitted that her relationship with her brother has been “estranged” ever since the issue involving Korina Sanchez and Mar Roxas, the latter being Noynoy Aquino‘s ally since he decided to run for President.

“I never wanted you to know kasi nga hinahangaan niyo sa min- we are a united family. But the truth is since that Sunday night in April, my brother and i have been extranged. But he loves my sons enough na sila parating invited. Naiyak, bwisit,” she wrote.

She also mentioned the Falcis brothers, Nicko and Jesus, saying that she hopes they’re happy as she admitted her current status with Noynoy.

“Happy na sana ang mga Falcis- ito yung ginusto niyo. Malaman ng lahat na hindi kami okay ni noy.”

She ended the comment with an apology to her mother, former President Corazon Aquino, as she broke her promise to never fight with Ninoy.

“I am sorry mom, hindi napanindigan yung promise in makati med na come what may hindi kami magaaway.”

READ: Jover Laurio calls out DDS who plans to ruin her wedding

In a separate comment, she admitted that she did help Nicko in boosting anti-administration articles “para makabawi” but gave instructions to refrain from using the funds for posts against the Marcoses and the Dutertes.

“My instructions to Nicko were always clear- kaibigan ko si Bong Go, hindi ko kaaway and mga Duterte, never attack the Duterte family especially Kitty, wala akong issue sa Marcos children, katuwang ko si bongbong sa kasal ni tony & paul, law firm ni liza marcos ang nag handle at nagpapanalo ng annulent ko. Now with all the issues- siempre ang hinala ko baka nabulsa din yung pondo.”

Kris added that her brother never knew about the mentioned post boostings.

The #PaBoost issue began when Kris’ former financial manager, Nicko Falcis, revealed that he gave money to  well known anti-administration blogger, Jover Laurio, to promote articles that are against government officials.

Netizens shared their reactions toward the controversy.


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Korina Sanchez and Derek Ramsay to have a ‘glorious’ project together?

Korina Sanchez and Derek Ramsay to have a ‘glorious’ project together?

  • Netizens became curious about Korina Sanchez and Derek Ramsey’s upcoming collaboration.
  • Some have assumed that it will be like the film Glorious.

Many are curious what the collaboration of Korina Sanchez and Derek Ramsay will be after they have posted a photo of them together showing off their toned arms.


Derek’s caption in his photo read, “You are so ripped @korina and strong. It was an honor to work with you. Watch out for our special project together.”


While Korina’s caption was, “Excited about our collaboration. Korina X Derek X.”

Even their colleagues in the industry were amused by the post which lead to netizens guessing what the collaboration will be.

Others even commented that Derek and Korina will have a movie just like Glorious, which was a romantic film starring Angel Aquino and Tony Labrusca.

Some have requested for the film to have a part two, but this time, starring Korina and Derek.

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Korina Sanchez, Karen Davila end feud rumors

Korina Sanchez, Karen Davila end feud rumors

  • Korina Sanchez and Karen Davila posted a photo of them together.
  • This has surprised their followers as they were rumored to have not been getting along with each other.

ABS-CBN veteran news anchors and broadcast journalists Korina Sanchez and Karen Davila broke their silence about their said ‘feud’ that has lasted for years.

The wife of former senator Mar Roxas posted a photo of hers and Davila with the caption, “I guess urban legend can indeed precede reality. Karen and I have worked in ABSCBN together for decades. And there is no issue whatsoever. 💚”


The latter also uploaded a photo on her Instagram account, even joking about Korina’s fit body.

“Great way to end 2018! Resolution for 2019: Paano pumayat ng ganito 😜 “


The photographs pleasantly surprised and delighted the supporters and followers of the two news personalities.

Not everyone was convinced as some comments said that the two were just being pretentious toward each other.

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Does Mel Tiangco and Korina Sanchez have a long-standing rift?

Does Mel Tiangco and Korina Sanchez have a long-standing rift?

  • Mel Tianco denied rumors of a rift with Korina Sanchez.
  • She then shared a memorable interaction they had in Vatican City four years ago.

For many years, people thought that there was a rift between veteran broadcasters GMA-7’s Mel Tiangco and ABS-CBN’s Korina Sanchez. 

Until Mel herself put a stop to the issue.

At a press conference for the sixth anniversary of her drama anthology in the Kapuso network, ‘Magpakailanman,’ the news anchor clarified that Korina is one of her friends.

The topic was opened when she was asked if she had any friends in ABS-CBN. She answered that she have lots, including Korina.

“Marami naman… si Korina friend ko!”

She said that people don’t believe her whenever she mentions it because others actually think that she’s not in good terms with the ‘Rated K’ host.

“Ewan ko kung saan nanggaling yun.”

When asked again if they’re mad at each other, Mel immediately answered, “Hindi, hindi.”

But she did admit that they don’t see each other that often as the last time that they talked personally was in 2014.

Mel then narrated how their interaction in Vatican City went.

“Nandito kami sa isang side, sila nasa kabila, nung una hindi ko siya napapansin, malayo siya, ang layo ko, sabi niya, ‘Mama Mel!’ Pagkita ko, ‘Ay, si Korina!’

“Tapos tumatakbo siya.Tapos ang sweet-sweet pa nga niya, e, ‘Ay, let’s take a picture muna!’

“Sabi ko, ‘Sige, sige, picture tayo!’ So, kinunan kami ng PA [personal assistant] niya, so posing-posing kami.

“Tapos nakita ko yung iPad niya, sabi ko, ‘Hoy ha, bakit basag ‘yang iPad mo?’

“Sabi ko, ‘Alam mo naman hindi maganda sa Chinese iyan. Ano ka ba, nangunguripot? Bumili ka nga ng bago!’”

The broadcaster also shared that Korina is actually a very close friend of one of Mel’s nieces.

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Internet star Mader Sitang is actually a lawyer and fashion designer

Internet star Mader Sitang is actually a lawyer and fashion designer

  • Mader Sitang is currently in Manila to visit the country and her supporters.
  • In her Rated K guesting, she shared a bit about her life outside the internet. 

Viral online superstar Sitang Buathong, commonly known as Mader Sitang, has landed in Manila and she had the chance to share her stories at a Rated K guesting.

As soon as she appeared at the airport, she was greeted by a number of her supporters. She happily stated that she has grown to love the country as the Filipinos also gave so much love to her.

“The people of the Philippines give love for me and follow me. I love the Philippines very much.”

In fact, she was so touched by the welcome she received, she promised to learn Tagalog to communicate with Filipinos better. “I promise in the future I will learn language Tagalog.”

As much as she’s always seen on the internet, not everyone knows about Mader Sitang’s profession. She is actually a human rights lawyer, which is why she didn’t immediately come out as a transgender.

She was 40 years old when she decided to finally tell the truth and decided to have a career change and be a fashion designer.

Mader Sitang has also been with her husband for 13 years now. “My husband is happy whenever he sees me happy. Sometimes he joins me in my dance videos and my followers also like it when they see my husband.”

The reason why she doesn’t practice law as of the moment is because her husband told her that it’s too dangerous.

Of course, Mader Sitang wasted no time as she gave people a sample of her famous dance.

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