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Korina Sanchez-Roxas wanted to become First Lady to help Filipinos

Sanchez also said that Roxas has no plans on running for the 2022 elections

Korina Sanchez-Roxas planned on making a huge impact on the Filipino people had she became the country’s First Lady in 2016.

In an interview with Politiko, the veteran broadcaster said her husband then-presidential candidate Mar Roxas sought to “make a difference in this world.”

“If you really wanna make a difference in this world—well, now, maybe not in a very big way—because as a politician…

“And that is why also I signed up on it—the prospect of being partners with the highest leader of the land and I was all for it—kasi feeling ko, I can also make a bigger difference in that position.

“Even in Mar’s case, that’s all he really wanted, to make the biggest difference, the biggest way possible for the most number of people.

“And you can only do that if you’re President of the country,” she said.

Sanchez always dreamed of helping the public way before Roxas ran for the presidency.

She noted how people saw how badly she wanted to become First Lady, which she admits to wanting but for good intentions.

“Wow gusto lang niya maging first lady? Talaga?”

“Oo, gusto ko, kasi gusto ko manilbihan, may problema ka ba dun?”

Deadma si Korina sa mga tinawag niyang “troll” o keyboard warrior na umaatake sa sinumang kliyente na nagbabayad dito.

Unfortunately, her name was tainted by online trolls.

“So siyempre, maraming mga nega, gusto ko ipa-deport sa ibang planeta!”

“Pero nagkalat naman lahat ng mga troll na ‘yan.

“Kaya sinabi ko respetuhan na lang ng propesyon. So, nirerespeto ko ang propesyon ng mga kawawang batang ‘yan, na binabayaran para magpaka-nega.

“Kawawa naman ang mga magulang din ng mga batang ‘yan, para magpaka-nega at manira ng buhay ng tao.

“E, pabayaan mo na sila, malalaki na sila, desisyon nila yun.

“At desisyon ko rin na huwag na silang pagpapansinin,” she said.

Mar Roxas failed to get the top position in 2016. He gunned for a seat in the Senate in 2019 and also failed.

Sanchez also said that Roxas has no plans on running for the 2022 elections.

Written by paulie walnuts

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