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Korina Sanchez gets criticized for using an ‘alleged dialysis’ machine on latest feature

Some netizens are also defending Korina against the “cancel culture” saying that there is nothing wrong with what she’s doing and that she can afford it.

Television host Korina Sanchez was called out and questioned online after posting photos of herself using an EBOO machine to “clean” her blood.

In her Facebook post, she endorsed the procedure. She said that people could “finally” have the chance to see toxins such as heavy metals, cholesterol deposits, alcohol, chemicals, bacteria, viruses separate from their blood.

The post was to promote her feature about the machine on Rated Korina.

Netizens quickly criticized the host, saying that she is using the alleged dialysis machine for her gains instead of providing it to those who really need it.

A doctor also questioned Korina’s claims on her post, asking if she had any research to support what she wrote. He then called the post “problematic” as the procedure can supposedly cause sepsis.

Dr. Winlove Mojica discouraged people from doing the EBOO procedure as it exposes people to harm and is just a “waste of money.”

He encouraged people to cleanse their bodies the natural way as the lings, liver, and kidneys are made to do the detoxification it needs.

Dr. Kilimanjaro Tiwaquen, also known as Dr. Kilimanguru, commented a simple “Uhm…” on Korina’s post while a certain Lora Faye Licudan Logan said that doing dialysis when a person’s healthy is just putting that individual at risk of illnesses.

A Twitter user offered another alternative to cleansing the blood, and that is to donate it every three months.

On the other hand, some netizens are also defending Korina against the cancel culture, saying that there is nothing wrong with what she’s doing and can afford it.

Another admitted that if she were rich, she’d do the same thing.

Regarding the issue about the provision of medical equipment to those in need, someone said that people should hold the government responsible, not the television personality.

A netizen mentioned that while she has no problem with the procedure, Korina shouldn’t have mentioned HIV and AIDS.

According to American Regenerative Clinic, the extracorporeal blood oxygenation and ozonation (EBOO) procedure uses a dialysis machine to “ozonate” the blood.

“It can deliver a much higher concentration of ozone to the blood without risks associated with external processing and reinjection. Because of the higher dose of ozone possible, EBOO is the most advanced ozone therapy and can even be more effective than multi-pass ozone therapy,” the website said.

However, in 2019, the Food and Drug Administration has warned against the usage of ozone therapy as there is not enough evidence to conclude if it is safe for medical use.

Though it has shown success against the virus that causes HIV outside the body, there is no research showing its safety on live humans at the time of writing.

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