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Korina Sanchez shares what she wants to achieve in 2019

  • Korina Sanches shared her New Year’s resolutions.
  • Her goals included her business, family, friends, and herself.

Whenever New Year enters, one of the things that people like to do is to list down their New Year’s Resolutions, or things that they want to achiever and do more that year.

Host and television personality Korina Sanchez did not miss out on sharing hers in her recent Instagram posts.

He first one is about being debt-free.

Sanchez mentioned that she also wants to spend more time with her family that she wants to give tips on NOT committing the same mistakes to which she did.

She would also want to be more healthy this 2019.

In line with that, she stated that she promised Rosa Rosal that she would donate more blood.

The Rated K host also addressed de-cluttering as one of her goals and said that she’ll continue on with her annual garage sale wherein she’ll donate the proceeds to charity.

On the topic of her business, she promised to have 100 more branches for her own hair and skin products.

Sanchez is not leaving a part of her life untouched and even said that she’ll spend more time with her pets.

And her friends as well!

Of course she didn’t leave out her significant other, Mar Roxas.

Lastly, she shared her goal for herself.

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