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Why multi-faceted mom Keri Zamora sparkles like MyDiamond

Why multi-faceted mom Keri Zamora sparkles like MyDiamond

  • Keri Zamora, an epitome of a modern mom, shares practical advice for working moms on how to balance their time
  • Keri’s fashion must-have is a pair of diamond stud earrings from MyDiamond’s Signature collection
  • Just like MyDiamond, multi-faceted Keri Zamora clearly sparkles in everything that she does, most especially as a mother

The incredibly stylish Keri Zamora is the epitome of a modern mom: goal-oriented, multi-faceted, yet in every way caring, doting, and hands-on.

As we celebrate Mother’s day, Keri shares some practical advice for working moms on how to balance their time between career and family, while allowing breathing space to pursue personal hobbies and goals.

Raising four lovely kids in ages seventeen, fourteen, eight, and six, Keri makes sure she is involved in their various activities and interests –attending daughter Amanda’s fashion shows and son Rocco’s basketball games; waking up early for Noah’s soccer practices; and joining Nic in his golf lessons.

Keri’s other persona is that of an entrepreneur. Together with two other friends, she founded Style Trio, an online clothing business. “Having my good friends as partners in my business makes things easier. We divide our tasks so I can work from home and have more quality time with the family.”

As if that weren’t enough, Keri is also a lifestyle blogger with her site Flats & Stilettos, which caters to young and passionate moms who, like her, are ‘”always out and about – be it for our family or for our own personal growth and interests.”

Keri wants to make it known to other moms that they need not give-up pursuing their own personal passions even as they raise a growing family. She also stresses the importance of ‘me time’—the chance to relax, unwind, and pamper one’s self.

In Keri’s case, she turns to gym sessions, online shopping, Netflix, and answering messages on her blog. “Allow yourself to relax, enjoy, and recharge—take that trip with your girlfriends, go to the spa, or gift yourself with something you’ve always wanted.”

Undeniably, fashion is one of Keri’s serious passions and serves as another self-care outlet for her.

She describes her personal style as classic with a twist. “Matching the right accessories is essential too”, she says, “and that includes diamond jewelry from MyDiamond’s Signature Collection”.

For her, the must-have piece of jewelry for every woman is a pair of diamond stud earrings, “I think it’s the most classic and elegant go-to earring which you can wear every day at any occasion.”

Keri also shares that one should choose jewelry that is attuned to one’s individuality.

And just like MyDiamond, multi-faceted Keri Zamora clearly sparkles in everything that she does, most especially as a mother. “Motherhood has taught me to be selfless and to be more patient. I may have a lot on my plate right now, but I know my priorities. And that is why I always put my children’s needs before mine.”

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OFW goes home to donate kidney to her mother with cancer

OFW goes home to donate kidney to her mother with cancer


On April 26, during a ‘Wowowin’ episode, the audience was filled with emotion when a contestant revealed why she went back home from being a caretaker in Taiwan.

A ‘Wowowin’ contestant named Tin said she went back home to donate her kidney to her own mother. She said that her mother’s condition, called Stage 3 CKD (chronic kidney disease), a kind of kidney cancer, cannot be treated with dialysis and that a kidney transplant was the only way to save her.

“Nag-boluntaryo na po ako Wil umuwi lang po ako galing ng Taiwan sa kasagsagan ng trabaho ko po, kahit ayaw ko po iwan ‘yung trabaho ko kasi sobrang mahal na mahal ko po ‘yung mga pasyente ko,” she said.

She felt that it wasn’t right that she can take care of other people but not her own mother, so she decided that she would donate her own kidney to save the woman she always loved.

“Nag decide po ako na I cannot lose my mother at a very young age, gusto pa naming siyang makasama,” she said as tears were pouring all over the studio.

Her mother Edna said that she is lucky to have a daughter that is responsible and one that sacrificed a lot for her family, as Tin was crying.

Tin’s youngest sister Nica was also in attendance but did not say much but “Thank you” as she could not express to words her emotions and gratitude. The three women then hugged it out and the camera showed a good amount of audience members crying.

Tin expressed her gratitude for her sister by saying “Sobrang proud ako sayo, ako siguro yung pinakamasayang ate sa buong mundo kasi may isa akong kapatid na katulad mo. Kahit gaano man kahirap ang ating buhay, natapos mo yung pag aaral mo.”

Tin also said that her sister urged her to come home because she needed to be a mother to her child and that it was her sister’s turn to work for the family, which made Tin cry even more as she was sharing this story.

The contestant did not regret anything she did in the sacrifices that she made for her family.

“Ma, fight fight lang tayo diba. Kaya ko naming mabuhay na nag-iisa lang ang kidney eh. Ang nanay at magulang ay hindi napapalitan. Kulang na kulang itong isang kidney ko na ibibigay sayo sa sobrang sakripisyo na binigay mo sa amin Mahal na mahal kita mang mahal na mahal kita,” she expressed, as tears were still dripping from her eyes.

Her mother and her sister felt everything she said as the crowd was sympathizing with them all throughout.

Watch ‘Wowowin,’ weekdays on GMA Network before ’24 Oras,’ hosted by Mr. Willie Revillame with co-host Sugar Mercado.

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Husband reveals reasons why he entrusts his whole salary to his wife

Husband reveals reasons why he entrusts his whole salary to his wife


Netizen Kevin Ching put up a post about how he is grateful to have a wife that budgets their money.  The post shows a picture of his wife budgeting the money.

“Women budget better than men. Be a good provider and let her do the rest,” he started.

He said that he rarely handles his ATM cards because his wife always has them.

“Sa 6 years ko ng nagtatrabaho, isa lang maipagmamalaki ko, lahat ng ATM ko hawak ng asawa ko. 😂😂 Oo. Realtalk, lahat ng ATM ko sa lahat ng pinag’trabahuan ko, once ko lang nahawakan. Di ko na nga alam kung pangalan ko pa nakalagay sa ATM ko eh.😅😅 Siguro sa iba pagkaganun eh, Under ka o takot sa asawa pero sa akin hindi eh. Nakikita ko kasi kung paano magbudget ang asawa ko para matustusan ang pangaraw-araw namin hanggang sa susunod na sahod ko.”

Furthermore, he also said that people think that budgeting is an easy task, but the reality is the complete opposite because of too many expenses and necessities getting more expensive.

“Kung iisipin mo lang ung pagbubudget parang madali lang kasi eh. Di ka lang gagastos makakapagipon ka na pero in reality, hindi ganun kadali ang ginagawa nila. Sa sobrang dami ng bayarin at nagmamahal na presyo sobrang hirap ang pagbubudget. Minsan na din kami nag’away dahil nagtanong ako kung san napunta yung pera, pero kapag na’ipalawanag na nya kung saan napunta, mapapaisip ka nalang talaga.”

“Oo nga noh? Sobrang hirap talaga magbudget. Kaya LODI yang mga yan. 😂😂 Minsan ko na din naisip na, trabaho ako ng trabaho pero parang walang napupunta sa akin. Pero hindi pala sa akin yun. Sa AMIN yun, masaya ako dahil nagagawa ko ung part ko na maging provider para sa mga needs namin at minsan ung wants din namin. Hehe.”

Even with all the positive vibe in the post, the couple already had arguments about money in the past specifically about where the money goes but Kevin is just happy that he can play his role very well as a working husband and is able to provide their wants and needs.

“Kaya boys, kung makahanap kayo ng partner na magaling magbudget ay swabe! Kahit gaano kaliit o kalaki ang kinikita niyo, kung hindi naman marunong magbudget ung partner mo, wala din yan. Kaya ako, masaya ako naging partner ko sa buhay tong bisaya na to. Grabe humawak ng pera, kupitan mo nga ng 5pesos alam nya eh! Oo talaga! Realtalk.”

Women budget better than men.Be a good provider and let her do the rest.Sa 6 years ko ng nagtatrabaho, isa lang…

Posted by Kevz Ching on Thursday, April 18, 2019

He goes on to say that men with women like his, that can budget properly, should be very thankful and that budgeting properly makes life easier for your family which makes you, the working man, happier too.

“Kaya wag mo ng isipin kung walang napupunta sayo. I assure you, makita mo lang komportable at masaya ang pamilya mo, mawawala lahat ng pagod mo sa trabaho. 😁🤟😍”

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Despite the initial negative reaction of her pregnancy reveal at first, a Single Mom posts images of her happy parents who enjoy her baby

Despite the initial negative reaction of her pregnancy reveal at first, a Single Mom posts images of her happy parents who enjoy her baby

  • Single mom posted sweet video of her parents happily playing with her child; her parents were disappointed when she came out pregnant st first.
  • At the time, Nyssa Lopez was too anxious to reveal her condition to her parents; her parents were busy taking care of her grandma who has cancer at a hospice.
  • Netizens found her post adorable and many replied by sharing their own stories of pregnancy reveals that ended on a happy note.

Unplanned pregnancies can be quite a scare especially to young women revealing it to their parents for the first time. They fear their parents’ reactions. It can be a disappointment, rejection and abandonment. One Netizen shared online the ordeal she went through on April 13 (that still ended on a happy note).

“My parents were so disappointed when I came out pregnant. My mom thought I was joking and my dad didn’t speak to me for 3 days… Would (you) look at them now,” wrote twitter user Nyssa Lopez who uploaded a video of her parents, Gabriela and Hector Rodriguez, having a good time playing with her 6-month-old child.

Her post went viral with the video gaining a staggering number of nine million views, 695 thousand likes and 114 thousand retweets.

Netizens found her post adorable and sympathized with her plight. Some even replied with stories of their own similar to what Lopez experienced.

“They always have amnesia once the baby is there lol,” commented one netizen.



“My dad didn’t talk to me until my son was born, he kicked me out and told me I wasn’t his child anymore (harsh I know) but I was 16 & look at him now with my babies they’re his life & (I’m) grateful,” shared one Twitter user.


“My mom was supportive right away. My dad was conflicted and I always felt like he hated me for moving in with them or getting pregnant. But now they’re besties and she falls asleep on him faster than on anyone else.😂💕” shared another.


“Lmao 3 days?! My dad didn’t talk to me until 3 weeks before I gave birth 😂😭” said another netizen.


“My dad was super disappointed gave me a whole ass lecture then refuses to even speak to me out loud about the baby or that I was even pregnant until after she was born. Now we go over to his house once a week for dinner and he can’t get enough,” remarked another Twitter user.


On the other hand, one social media user called out the parents, “This thread is everything but parents need to do better. I know they ‘just want the best’ but we have to be the change we want to see. Words/actions from parents can hurt like hell.”



Speaking to Dailypedia in a chat interview, Lopez disclosed that Hector is her step-father who owns a clinic. Her mother works together with him. She has been the only child in the family since she was 13 years old as her other siblings lived with her biological father or her step-dad’s ex-wife.

“My parents are very family oriented. We throw parties with my other family and we celebrate everything together. They have always been very open and liberal with me. They gave me trust and respected my privacy. They always pushed me and my siblings to finish school, to work hard, and to believe we were going to be successful,” described Lopez.

She also narrated that she and her step-dad grew very close, to the point that she sees him as her best friend. And as such, he had pieces of advice for her: to not have a boyfriend in order to focus in school, to be independent first before considering to start a family, and to travel and live her life to the fullest. among others.

He also wanted for her to be careful and not to betray her trust, and most of all, for her not to get pregnant at a young age. But by then, she had been with the father of her child for three years, on and off.

“When I found out I was pregnant at the time my mom and step dad were taking care of my grandma who was on hospice, she was passing away from cancer. It was such a difficult time and all I was thinking about was how I was going to tell them and how stressed out they were going to be with 2 big things going on, my grandma and my pregnancy.”

Her older siblings had already gotten married or were already living on their own and even then, her parents were so anxious for one of them to have babies, but what they didn’t know was that they’d worry over her in the end.

“When I told my mom (about my pregnancy) she just was so confused and very disappointed. She felt already sad and this just added. My step dad felt betrayed, he didn’t talk to me for 3 days and those 3 days were absolutely horrible. I couldn’t talk to my best friend and I needed him the most. They scheduled an appointment with my (ob-gyn) and when we got there my mom recorded the heartbeat and sent it to him,” described the then fretting Lopez.

But for her, her child’s heartbeat was all it took for Gabriela and Hector to go wild. “They went off and started buying my baby everything. They didn’t know the gender; they just couldn’t wait for her arrival yet. They threw me a gender reveal, my baby shower. They did everything possible to make me the most happiest. My dad would even force me to go walking with him. They loved her from the very start.”

When asked  about how she noticed her parents’ acceptance of her news being pregnant, she answered, “I did notice it as soon as they heard her heartbeat, they just completely went from disappointed to the most happiest. When my grandma passed, my pregnancy was the only thing keeping my mom going, she was so sad she lost her mom but my baby is as she says her ‘greatest blessing.’”

By then, her gender reveal was coming and her mom and step-dad arranged for it, giving one of their employees the letter containing what the gender of her baby was.

“They were all hoping it was a girl, we honestly thought it was a boy. When those pink balloons came out, everyone jumped and cried. We believed it was a sign from God to tell us he’s sending us a girl in honor of my grandma.

“They knew I was young and they knew I would need help; they would never turn away their backs on me. They love me so much and they love my baby so much more, I continued school and that’s the main reason they weren’t so disappointed anymore.

“Being a single mom hasn’t stopped me from achieving my goals and becoming the best version of myself. Every day I have something to be thankful for and that’s my child. My life didn’t end because I had a baby at a young age, it made me grow up faster and become more responsible. I want to show my baby that she didn’t stop me, she made me better for her,” added Lopez.

And as for her parents, she has this to say: “I want to thank my step dad and mom for always supporting me till this day. For loving me and for always being the best parents and grandparents. I couldn’t (have) done it without them and I have no way of repaying them other than getting my degree and becoming successful for my baby. I love them so much and I pray every day for their health and well-being.”

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Funny and Viral Video of Sister tricking Siblings to find out if They’re Really Asleep or Not

Funny and Viral Video of Sister tricking Siblings to find out if They’re Really Asleep or Not

  • Using “reverse psychology”, a sister caught her sneaky siblings who pretended to asleep.
  • She tricked her brother and sister by saying as a fact that if their hands fall down when she raised them, it means they’re just pretending to be asleep, but if they stay up in the air then it meant they’re actually sleeping.
  • The video was posted on Twitter which immediately went viral, Netizens found the clip hilarious and even wanted to replicate what the older sister did in the video.

Want to catch sneaky siblings from getting away of doing household chores and who pretend to be sleeping? Better watch the hilarious clip posted on Twitter on how to do so.

The now-viral video uploaded by “Lloyd” on Twitter on April 15 was captioned with: “(Paano) mahuli ang nagtutulog-tulugan.”

The clip showed two kids appearing to be in “deep sleep” and was being filmed by their older sister who was accompanied by their mother; the latter two remained out of the frame in the entirety of the video.

The older sister can be seen holding her younger sister’s right arm in the air and stated matter-of-factly, “Pag ‘tong kamay niya bumaba nagtutulog-tulugan lang ‘to. Pero pag nakaangat lang ng ganyan tulog na’to. Tignan ko nga.”

She then proceeded to release her grip from her sister’s hand, and amusingly, the kid-sister’s hand stayed in the air—the complete opposite of what would happen due to the effect of gravity, and had the kid not listened to her older sister’s trick.

The scheming sister said aloud that her younger sister was indeed sleeping and then targeted her younger brother next, sleeping just beside the one that was duped first. The older sister echoed her earlier pronouncement and unsurprisingly, her brother’s hand also stayed in the air.

Tulog na nga pareho, mommy,” said the sister, the containment of her laughter was evident in her voice.

The funny clip has now received 949 thousand views and 83 thousand likes online with social media users vowing to do the same to their siblings and godchildren. Some even replied to the original post with videos of their own, doing the same thing to their own brother and sister.

“That’s the evilest thing I can imagine,” said one Twitter user who used a GIF from PowerPuff Girls to express her sentiment.

“I (love) the reverse psychology here,” commented one netizen.

Napaisip tuloy ako bigla,” replied another, who almost fell victim to the “logic” shown in the video.



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What does a typical Filipino family do during Undas?

What does a typical Filipino family do during Undas?


At this very moment, Filipino families all around the country are travelling to their hometowns. Filipinos who want to see their families and relatives are packed inside bus terminals and airports.

Aside from going to cemeteries and saying prayers, Filipinos have a special way in celebrating Undas.

Manila Port packed with passengers.
Passengers at Manila Port. Photo from CNN Philippines

These ways may be unconventional to other countries. But to us, Filipinos, these are the ways you should celebrate Undas:

Preparing and offering atang.

Atang has different meanings and purposes in Filipino family culture. Atang could be food offering to ward off evil spirits. The most common is a rice cake or a sinukat to deflect spirits who carry sickness with them.

Sinukat is rice cookes in coconut milk instead of water. It is usually eaten with fruits especially mangoes.Atang could also be the favorite food of the lost loved one. It could either be put on their graves or their favorite spot at their home while they were still alive.

But in old Ilocano households, especially the rural parts of Ilocos, their belief is that atang is prepared as a welcome gesture to the dead. It is believed in some rural parts of Ilocos that the souls of the dead come back for nine days after leaving the world.

Glutinous rice cooked in coconut milk with mangoes.
Sinukat with mangoes. Photo from

Family reunions.

Filipinos are known to be family-oriented. During Undas, families prepare food to consume in the cemetery or at their homes. This is the time where you hear statements of how much you’ve grown, how pretty or how handsome you are now. There are also endless questions about who died among the elders.There is food enough to feed an army when family comes together.

There will probably be adobo, spaghetti and fried chicken on the table. There is so much food that the take-home leftovers could even last an entire week or month depending on how delicious it is.

Typical Filipino family reunion where children are playing, women are preparing food and men are drinking alcohol.
Filipino family reunion. Photo from

Karaoke sessions.

A Filipino family reunion is not a Filipino family reunion without renting a videoke machine. When done in a cemetery, this could probably disturb the souls of the dead. When done at respective homes, it is a mini concert with songs like My WayPusong Bato and Narda circulating around the barangay.

This tradition shows that Undas has evolved. It is not only a solemn commemoration of the dead but also a celebration for the living.

People surrounded around a videoke machine.
People surrounded around a videoke machine. Photo from Philippine Primer.

Scare dares.

During Undas, Filipino teenagers give scary dares to each other inside the cemetery. Sometimes they dare each other not to pray when their families are doing the rosary. This is done to prove if a headless priest really do haunt someone during the witching hours if they don’t pay attention to prayer. Sometimes they dare each other to go ghost hunting during the night at the cemetery.

Filipino families may not have trick or treating as their tradition but they surely have good creepy stories and passed-on tales that will surely keep you up at night.

White lady at Balete Drive rumored to be haunting taxi drivers.
White Lady at Balete Drive. Photo from

Binge watch Halloween TV specials.

There are a lot of Filipino classic horror movies that families could watch. Before Noli de Castro became the Vice President of the Philippines, he hosted Magandang Gabi, Bayan which has the spookiest Halloween special ever. The most memorable ever was titled “Campus Horror” and was shot in University of the Philippines in Los Baños, Laguna.

Apparently, when they were editing the footage of the interviews, the camera spotted the ghost usually seen by the students around the school.

Spending the night in cemeteries.

Undas is the time where you can spend the day (or night) with a lost loved one. Children can tell stories to their departed parent/s, a spouse can acknowledge his or her undying love for their deceased partner and a parent can be with their child again. Sometimes, families spent the night beside or on the tomb of a loved one.

It’s already actually a norm to sleep inside cemeteries in the Philippines. Unfortunately, more than 6,000 Filipinos actually live there.

Families spending the night with their loved one in cemeteries.
Families spending the night with their loved one in cemeteries. Photo from

Lighting candles on doorstep.

At night, Filipinos will light up a candle on the doorstep of their homes. It is believed that the souls could follow the light for a brighter road to their journey after death. Also, one candle is lit for each departed soul from the family.

A candle on the doorstep is to help souls have a brighter journey.
Candle on doorstep. Photo from

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Sixteen-year-old Isaiah Lustre heartbroken by another man

Sixteen-year-old Isaiah Lustre heartbroken by another man


Recently, his older sister, the Kapamilya star, Nadine Lustre, discovered her brother’s blog posts about his own fight with depression, a failed romantic relationship and his first suicide attempt.

On October 13, Nadine posted on Instagram to honor her brother’s 17th birthday. She expressed that she was proud of him and that she never knew that he had a talent with words.

“Im so proud of you.
Never knew you had such talent with words.
Im happy to have read all of your entries and discover that you have such a beautiful mind.
Excited to read your scripts/stories soon.

I want to thank you for teaching everyone a very important lesson.
Thank you for opening my eyes and making me braver.
I know now that whatever challenge I will have to face, I will be able to pull through because of you.

Im gonna miss your face and miss hearing your corny jokes.
I wish you stayed with us longer.
I am keeping my promise and we will still travel the world together.
No more crying.
Happy Birthday Dude.
Joyeux voyage, je t’aime frère ♡”

In Isaiah’s post titled, “The mist of my own pretentious deeds,” he wrote, “Ive stabbed my own heart in hopes for a saviour, he came, but when his job was done, he left, and im back in the mist of my false hopes, dreams and fantasies, I pretend, I act, I lie, I wound, like a caged animal.”

It was in this same post that he wrote, “I got myself in this, I will get myself out, may it be by pulling a trigger or finding light in this mist.”

Due to his use of the pronouns “he” and “his,” there were speculations that the failed relationship he was talking about was with another man in another blog post titled, “How does love work?” where he mentioned that “… this break up thing is harder than I thought…”

According to his posts, his own depression was slowly eating away his life, making him feel empty and restless. He also wrote that he was trying his best to win the fight inside his own mind.

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Fil-Australian gets heartwarming reunion with biological mom after nearly 30 years

Fil-Australian gets heartwarming reunion with biological mom after nearly 30 years

  • For the past three decades, Filipino-Australian filmmaker Joel “Jojo” de Carteret has been separated from his biological family in the Philippines.
  • The accomplished filmmaker decided to come back to his home country to search for his biological mother.

MANILA, Philippines- Nearly three decades after being separated from his biological family, Filipino-Australian filmmaker Joel “Jojo” de Carteret decided to return to the Philippines to find his biological mother.

Jojo’s life forever changed after he was left wandering alone in Muñoz Market in Quezon City sometime in 1985. Social workes found him and when no one came to claim the young Jojo, he was placed for adoption. He was adopted by Australian couple Julie and George de Carteret and flew to Australia for good.

Although Jojo’s life in Australia seems complete, the boy who once got lost opted to travel back to his homeland in order to find his way home.


Searching for his biological mom was challenging for Jojo as he was only four years old when he got separated from her. He only had vague memories of his parents and the life-changing incident.

“One day, I stole some of his matches and I bring it to my room and I lit the paper. Next thing I know the whole wall and the bed caught on fire. My next memory from that was I went downstairs I couldn’t find my parents. I suddenly I realized I was lost,”  Jojo said in an interview with Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho” (KMJS).

Jojo recounted that his father was a jeepney driver, while his mother was a dressmaker.

With the help of some residents in the area where he was found, he was able to gather information about his possible parents, Herminia Rio and Carding Culadilla.

The staff of KMJS was able to contact Carding, who had migrated to the US where he currently works as a mechanic.

Carding told Jojo via video call: “Im trying to find you for so many years. I keep coming back then to the place where your mom left you.”

Although Jojo was reconnected with his father, deep in his heart he knew he still had to find his mom. It took him two months of continuous search before he decided to make a radio announcement.

“This is Joel and this is your lost boy that went missing in 1985 and I’m back and I’m really eager to meet you,” Jojo announced in the radio program.

As fate would have it, Jojo’s radio announcement reached his biological mom. After decades of being miles away from each other, Herminia and Jojo finally had their reunion a day before his flight to Australia.


Herminia, who just let fate lead the way said: “Nawalan na ako ng pag-asa. Nagdadasal na lang po sa Diyos na sana minsan magsalubong yung landas namen.”

True enough, a DNA test confirmed that Herminia is indeed Jojo’s long lost mother.

Check out their heartwarming reunion on KMJS.

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Spending time with our parents can extend their lives

Spending time with our parents can extend their lives

  • Scientists discovered that you can actually extend the lives of your parents if you spend more time with them.
  • It was found that loneliness is an important factor in the decline of quality of life among older adults

Do you want your parents to live longer?

Scientists at the University of California, San Francisco claim that by spending more time with them, you can actually extend their lives.


So how exactly does visiting them more often makes them have more days on Earth?

In the study titled Loneliness in Older Persons, 1,600 adults with an average age of 71 were investigated. The results of the study showed that almost 23% of lonely participants died within 6 years of the study in contrast to only 14% of those who experienced adequate levels of companionship.

They also found that 43% of people older than 60 years old feel isolated.

Researchers concluded that loneliness is an important factor in the decline of quality of life among older adults. As a result, loneliness could lead to depression, cognitive impairment as well as other health issues like coronary artery disease.

Barbara Moscowitz, a senior geriatric social worker at Massachusetts General Hospital said: “The need we’ve had our entire lives – people who know us, value us, who bring us joy – that never goes away.”

Previous studies have shown that loneliness can indeed impair health outcomes in older people. A 2010 study by researchers at Brigham Young University in Utah conceded that social ties like having family and close friends are make someone live longer.

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Uh-oh, Netizens Backlash Father-Son Photo Recreation That Made Everyone Uncomfortable

Uh-oh, Netizens Backlash Father-Son Photo Recreation That Made Everyone Uncomfortable



You know, it’s hilarious and all when images came up recreating photographs of the past. But, there’s a fine line when a photo recreation takes a weird unexpected turn.

Recreating a father-son bathtub scene

A proof of which is this father and son tandem that took the time to recreate a heartwarming old photo and then posted online. The picture, out of controversy, went viral instantly and left everyone uncomfortable.

Netizens Backlash Father-Son Photo Recreation
Isn’t this photograph cute?

Tyler Walker, together with his father, Charles, recreated an old photo of them in a bath tub. In the photo, toddler Tyler and Charles are seen laughing while the former was sitting on his dad’s lap without any clothes on.

In the recent times

As the caption says, “We’ve both grown up a bit…” we can surely say that everything really grew up. No pun intended.

Netizens Backlash Father-Son Photo Recreation
But we’re not sure if this one, too

The scandalous post has received thousands of reactions on Facebook, and was shared way more than how Tyler imagined it to have. When everyone is still in confusion, one thing is for sure, netizens are “unsure whether to laugh or to vomit”.

Netizens React

One begs that this photo should be turned down

Netizens Backlash Father-Son Photo Recreation
Photo via Twitter

And this one notices that unnoticeable. Lol!

Netizens Backlash Father-Son Photo Recreation
Photo via Twitter

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