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11-year old boy gives his allowance to his family and prepares them desserts for Christmas

What is even better is that all the money came from his little brother’s school allowance.

  • A boy gave his allowance to his family as his Christmas gift to them
  • He also prepared desserts for his family
  • Netizens are amazed by the little boy

Christmas is all about being in the presence of your loved ones, and of course, giving and spreading love. Usually it is the adults that give gifts, and all children do is receive.

But one little boy from Parañaque amazed citizens with the gesture that he made towards his family.

Pax Ledina, a graphic designer, went on Twitter and shared how his 11-year old brother touched his and his family members’ hearts. He posted photos of 1 peso coins in a small box that had the word ‘kuya’ written on the lid.

“Christmas is here and my baby brother started giving his presents to the whole family,” tweeted Pax.

Pax revealed that his little brother gave everyone in the family money. He placed the coins inside small earring boxes.They were really touched by his gesture.

“He gave 200php to my dad, 100php to my mom, 50php to my lola, 20php to my sister and 44.25php in this box for me.”

What is even better is that all the money came from his little brother’s school allowance. Pax was not able to contain the feeling of how proud he was, given that his brother is already showing selflessness and generosity at such an early age.

“He is 11 and this is all from his personal allowance. I love him so much aaahh.”

Pax also revealed, in a separate tweet, that his kid brother also prepared them dessert, which was Skyflakes crackers coated with Nutella.

“I would also like to add that he made these Nutella Skyflakes yesterday for dessert. And honestly, these taste so much better than anything you can buy outside.

“I vow to protect this bb five-ever.”, Pax concluded.

Netizens were amazed by the kind gesture that his little brother showed. The tweet currently has over 100,000 likes.

Written by JO-EST B. TAN

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