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The Aquino-Falcis boostings for Pinoy Ako blog goes viral; Mark Lopez reveals the transactions

The Aquino-Falcis boostings for Pinoy Ako blog goes viral; Mark Lopez reveals the transactions

  • Mark Lopez uploaded list of transactions of Kris Aquino’s post boostings using Nicko Falcis’s account.
  • Aquino has allegedly spent Php195,000 for the boosting of posts.

After Kris Aquino’s former financial manager, Nicko Falcis, has uploaded screenshots allegedly proving that Jover Laurio received funds from the actress to boost anti-administration posts, Mark Lopez posted screenshots of said transactions.

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Posted by Mark Lopez on Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Based on the photos, Pinoy Ako Blog has spent at least P195,000 in sponsored posts.

Posted by Mark Lopez on Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Lopez called the attention of President Rodrigo Duterte, Erwin Tulfo, Mocha Uson, Bongbong Marcos, Imee Marcos, Isabelle Duterte, James Deakin, Senator Win Gatchalian, Sass Rogando Sasot, and other Netizens to take a look at the shown transactions.

Posted by Mark Lopez on Wednesday, January 16, 2019

It was said to be made under the Facebook account of Falcis.

The photos have reached more than 9,000 shares on Facebook.

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Kris Aquino admits to funding Political Bloggers

Kris Aquino admits to funding Political Bloggers

  • Kris Aquino admitted that she has given then financial manager, Nicko Falcis, to boost blog posts.
  • But she also clarified that she told him to not do it against President Duterte, Bong Go, and the Marcoses.
  • Falcis denied Aquino’s claims saying that she told him to boost anti-administration posts.

The hashtag #PaBoost has been one of the latest issues on social media.

It all started from Jesus Falcis accusing Kris Aquino of funding the boosting of anti-Dutrerte blog posts. One of which is Pinoy Ako Blog, or the blog of Jover Laurio, which contains mostly anti-administration posts and criticisms regarding President Rodrigo Duterte‘s programs.

On January 2, Jesus posted screenshots on his Facebook page containing Laurio’s message to his brother, Nicko, who was Aquino’s former financial manager. The blogger was asking him to boost one blog post.

In a live social media conference on January 6, a Netizen asked Aquino about the controversy. She admitted to have given Nicko the funds to boost posts, but denied that it was against President Duterte, Special Assistant to the President, Bong Go, and former Senator Bongbong Marcos and his family.

“I gave nicko money to boost, with zero knowledge of my brother, when my brother went to Congress to protect him from all trolls.

“Why? Para makabawi…. Because i was negotiating several contracts and didn’t want to go w/ him to the Sandiganbayan. i lacked courage to stand with him.”

Nicko confirmed that he was given the funds, however, he said that Aquino’s specific instructions were to “identify anti-administration / andi-dds blogs” and give them the funds through Facebook boosts.

View this post on Instagram

Your specific instructions were to identify anti-administration / anti-dds blogs and give them funds to protect your “queendom” through fb boosts. In addition to the Kris Aquino FB Page, I boosted Jover Laurio’s Pinoy Ako Blog page as an advertiser because YOU introduced her to me. Jover magically appeared in YOUR HOUSE when we were in a meeting. You told me you will give me cash so that there will be no paper trail. I used the cash you gave me properly, every peso and centavo. Remember, I'm an accountant, so there’s proper FB documentation. There is no way that "baka may nabulsa sa pondo." I never stole from you, and you know that! I have receipts of the boostings, but you never bothered to review them, including all the reports and updates. Please stop this bullying against my family and I. We refuse to be your victims.

A post shared by Nicko F (@nix722) on

He added that he only boosted Laurio’s blog posts as she was the one that introduced the blogger to him in a meeting at her house.

“You told me you will give me cash so that there will be no paper trail. I used the cash you gave me properly, every peso and centavo. Remember, I’m an accountant, so there’s proper FB documentation.”

He then stated that his family refuses to be victims of the Queen of All-Media.

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“Nakakagalit na biglang dumadami yung mga accounts na ganito.” Netizen shares shocking discovery on Instagram

“Nakakagalit na biglang dumadami yung mga accounts na ganito.” Netizen shares shocking discovery on Instagram

  • An Instagram user shared her observation about her recent followers on the social media site.
  • She found out that a number of those followers share Marcos-related posts with similar photos and captions.
  • Said posts are even shared on the same day.

It’s no secret to everyone that making a social media account is as easy as one, two, three. So trolls and people with multiple accounts are evident in the popular online platforms.

A netizen shared an observation she made with some of her most recent followers on Instagram.

Recently, I noticed some similarities among my new followers on Instagram. I have a public profile (for contest purposes lol).

Election season is in the air and just in case you need a reminder of who NOT to support. Lemme share what I found.

Nakakagalit na biglang dumadami yung mga accounts na ganito. BE INFORMED Wag na tayo mag bulag-bulagan!


She attached screenshots of examples that have the similar Marcos photos uploaded in their feeds.

The Marcos photos also have seemingly similar captions, which are all praises to both Bongbong Marcos and Imee Marcos.

Not only do they have similar photos and captions, but they are also posted on the exact same day.

They also seem to praise the projects of the late President Ferdinand Marcos.

Uy then encouraged everyone to report such accounts as spam and people should be vigilant to report the trolls.

The post has reached more than 900 shares as of writing.

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Palace to Enrile, Bongbong: “You cannot twist history.”

Palace to Enrile, Bongbong: “You cannot twist history.”

  • Harry Roque contradicts Enrile’s claims of only having “very few” critics arrested during martial law.
  • The Presidential Spokesperson also said that Enrile cannot change history as there is a law and court decisions attesting to everything.

In a recent tête-à-tête with former senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., former Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile claimed that “very few” of the late President Ferdinand Marcos‘ critics were arrested during martial law.

He added that they were only detained due to their “criminal acts.”

In a Malacañang press briefing, Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque debunked Enrile’s claims and said that there are laws and court decisions that prove the human rights violations during that period in Philippine history.

“As far as the Palace is concerned, there are decisions affirming that there were grave human rights violations committed during the Marcos regime. There’s even a law in Congress which provides compensation for victims of martial law.”

He added that Marcos and Enrile cannot twist such happenings.

“I don’t think they can twist history when there’s a law and there are court decisions attesting to what happened under martial law.

Albay Representative Edcel Lagman also slammed the former Senate President, calling him a “a purveyor of lies and fallacies.”

“Senator Enrile has graduated from being the administrator of martial law to a purveyor of lies and fallacies of martial law.

“He demeans the People Power Revolution which was a culmination of years of struggle for freedom under the Marcos dictatorship. How can he possibly put to naught the efforts of the Filipinos who joined the EDSA revolution and then he would say that it’s a military junta?” Lagman said. 

“He really was there in order to protect his neck because he was certain that the People Power Revolution would succeed.”


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Netizen spreads fake news, assumes Rappler reporters are Leni Robredo followers

Netizen spreads fake news, assumes Rappler reporters are Leni Robredo followers

  • Supporter of Bongbong Marcos tweeted a photo of a group of journalists and claimed that they are the Vice President’s “troll handlers” planning an aggressive attack.
  • Rappler’s Pia Robles clarified that the people in the photograph are just Rappler reporters having a simple lunch-out.

On August 28, a Rappler journalist slammed a supporter of  former senator Bongbong Marcos for spreading ‘fake news’ against them and Vice President Leni Robredo.

A certain Daniel Panganiban on Twitter called the attention of followers of the President to warn them about an alleged attack of Robredo‘s “troll handlers.”

LEAKED: Meeting daw ng mga “millennials” a.k.a troll handlers ni Vice. Word to me is that they are going to get aggressive in the next weeks. Guess who kung sino kasama nila..

Credits to the owner of the photo.

Rappler’s Malacanang Palace reporter, Pia Ranada-Robles, immediately clarified the misinformation and said that the “troll handlers” do not actually work for the Vice President, but for news site Rappler.

Proof that false information is being spread about Rappler: Some Rappler reporters were just having a working lunch last Friday near our office when someone (likely a fellow diner at the restaurant) took our photo and claimed it was a meeting of VP Robredo’s “troll handlers.”

Robles then added that it was just a simple photo of people having a meal together. She identified the reporters she was with as Patricia Evangelista, Paterno Esmaquel II, Mara Cepeda, and Camille Elemia.

Nothing in the photo supports this claim. It’s really just a photo of people having lunch!

The people in the photo: Reporters Patricia Evangelista, Paterno Esmaquel II, Mara Cepeda, Camille Elemia, me.

The reporter then recalled the time that people spread the fake news of her being the daughter-in-law of journalist Raissa Robles. She also encouraged everyone to spread her clarification to debunk false claims.

This reminds me of that also false info that I am the daughter-in-law of Raissa Robles. Some people actually still believe this lie!

If you’ve seen this lunch photo in your newsfeed, I hope you can share this post of mine to debunk it. Or tell your Facebook friend who shared it that they are just spreading lies. Thank you!

Back on Twitter, a certain Don Kevin Hapal defended the reporters, telling Panganiban that he just made up the context of the photo.

“Guess who kung sino kasama nila”

Lol. No need to guess. Those are all Rappler reporters holding a meeting. Reporters all over the world do that. Taking a picture and lying about its context just to badmouth others is just pathetic.

Panganiban replied that the information was not from him but from a “very reliable friend.”

Don’t even bother commenting if you were not there when they are having that stuff. That is a shamful way to gain credibility. Photo and feedback was not mine but was given by a very reliable friend. KTnxBye crybaby!!

The Twitter user has deleted his controversial tweet.

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‘Imee Marcos’ deletes “Sino ang VP mo?” poll when Leni Robredo scores high

‘Imee Marcos’ deletes “Sino ang VP mo?” poll when Leni Robredo scores high

  • Imee Marcos supporter tweeted a poll and asked Netizens who their Vice President is.
  • The supporter immediately deleted his/her poll after it backfired and Robredo won.

A supporter of the Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos created a Twitter poll, asking the Netizens who their Vice President was. The choices were Leni Robredo and Bongbong Marcos.

“Ikaw ba kabayan sino ang VP mo?” Twitter user @SenImeeMarcos asked.

Her supporter’s plan backfired as Robredo won the poll, taking up 71% of the 3,500 votes it garnered.

The poll was immediately deleted, however, Netizens seemed to have screen-grabbed the tweet and spread it online. It became the subject of public mocking.

(that got deleted kasi nasamid sa tsaa 🍵)

For the record, here is proof of how fast and beautiful Twitter works. In just six minutes, 733 votes came in bringing Leni’s votes up from 66% to 71%.

Cheers all around!

Sorry, @SenImeeMarcos . Try again never.

Image: Screengrab of @Jaesoon’s tweet

Lel @SenImeeMarcos took down this tweet. BAKIT KAYA? #NeverAgain #BBMNotMyVP

They backfired with the phrase “move on” which is often said by the Marcos’ supporters to those who don’t agree with them.

Image: Screengrab of @gapolicarpio’s tweet

@SenImeeMarcos @ManangImee Did you delete your poll? Kasi naman move on na!

Image: Screengrab of @jay_beltran’s tweet

Can’t accept defeat @SenImeeMarcos?

Image: Screengrab of @sandycristbl’s tweet

That’s the tea, sis. Move on, sis @SenImeeMarcos

A netizen even did another poll, which 94% of more than 6,300 voted for Robredo.

Image: Screengrab of @jaesoon’s tweet

Eto, take 2, @SenImeeMarcos!!! Ulitin natin pero walang delete delete, pramis!

Ikaw, kababayan, sino ba ang VP mo?

Vote and Retweet!!!

Image: Screengrab of @catedeleon’s tweet

Hoy @SenImeeMarcos why did you delete your poll? LOL

Your mother admitted she failed to read and predict public sentiment before assassinating Ninoy. It looks like you, her children, are no better 😂😂😂


Jim Paredes also made fun of the situation. His tweet was then ‘liked’ by GMA star, Ivan Dorschner.

Image: Screengrab of Jim Paredes’ tweet

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Pres. Rodrigo Duterte to step down if Bongbong Marcos will win Electoral Protest

Pres. Rodrigo Duterte to step down if Bongbong Marcos will win Electoral Protest

  • President Duterte said that he will resign if former Senator Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos Jr. will win the re-counting of votes.
  • Duterte has expressed tiredness over the corruption in the government and continuous illegal drug trade in the Philippines.

Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque stated on August 16 that President Rodrigo Duterte might step down  if former Senator Bongbong Marcos will win the poll protest against Vice President Leni Robredo.

According to Roque, the President thinks that Marcos is one of the better qualified leaders to succeed him.

“If there’s development and he (Marcos) will win the protest and he becomes vice-president, yes. He (Duterte) will make true his word.”

The re-counting of votes started when Marcos asked Presidential Electoral Tribunal to invalidate Robredo’s victory in 2016. He claimed that the votes were rigged by Robredo’s Liberal Party. The Vice President has denied the allegations and asked him to accept defeat.

The vice-president beat the former senator by 263,473 votes.

On Tuesday, Duterte said that he is “tired” and is willing to give up his position as he expressed frustration over the corruption in the government and the countinuous existence of illegal drug trade in the country.

The President also said that Robredo might not have what it takes to lead the country. He named Marcos and Senator Francis Escudero as those who are better fit for the posts.


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Sen. Bongbong Marcos gets introduced as “soon to be Vice President” during dentists’ oath-taking

Sen. Bongbong Marcos gets introduced as “soon to be Vice President” during dentists’ oath-taking

  • Netizen expresses disappointment at PRC for inviting former senator Bongbong Marcos to dentists’ oath-taking.
  • The former Ilocos Norte governor was said to have been introduced as the “soon to be vice president” of the country.

The Professional Regulation Commission’s oath-taking ceremony for dentists was held last July 9 and Former Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos was the guest speaker.

Photo Courtesy of Monique Ravago | Twitter

Twitter user Dr. Monique Ravago tweeted about her lack of amusement regarding the situation. She shared that Bongbong Marcos, who lost the vice presidential race last 2016 to Leni Robredo, was introduced as the “soon to be vice president” and was “just waiting for his oath taking”.

For our oathtaking today, guess who our speaker is..
He was introduced as “soon to be Vi/ce Preside\nt” and that “he’s just waiting for his own oathtaking.”
Fucking did not get this far for this


Not everyone was amused and members of the crowd were not scared to express their sentiments as they raised their left fists as a sign of protest.

We raised our left fists as a sign of protest this afternoon
(That’s our dean right there protesting with us)

BBM reacted “Mga palaban ah”


Para sa speaker na nagsabing sign yun ng tagumpay, hindi ho


The netizens’ reactions were a mix of bewilderment and amusement about the decision of the PRC to invite Marcos as a speaker.

So even @PRC_main is now part of mind conditioning for this man! is there no one else? I bet the street vendor in our kanto is more honorable than him.

Guaaaaaard!!! Bakit may nakapasok na magnanakaw!?!

Kapal!!! Shame on @PRC_main! Iba din kayo!!! Be professionals!!! You are trampling the Constitution that our @VPPilipinas has taken oath to as duly elected VP of the Philippine Republic!!!

It can be remembered that Bongbong Marcos has filed an electoral protest against Robredo after the latter beat him in the 2016 vice-presidential race by 263,473 votes.

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Bongbong Marcos plans to set foot in Malacañang as President

Bongbong Marcos plans to set foot in Malacañang as President

  • Bongbong Marcos aims to run for the presidential election
  • Marcos stated that he plans to build a more egalitarian system of government for the country

Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. is now eyeing the top spot in Malacañang.

In one interview with a London-based newspaper Financial Times, Marcos stated his interest to run in the next presidential elections when the term of current president Rodrigo Duterte expires.

He expressed that people aspire to obtain the excessive stature inside their chosen area, and his is politics, which might be the position of the president in his case.

Marcos said that it is not something that he planned to do overnight, but it’s because of his desire to build a  “more egalitarian system of government.” He also stated that the country must come into a sort of way of living with China.

“With the Philippines being such a strategic place and with your traditional strong relationship with the US and China as an emerging superpower, it puts us in a very difficult spot,”

Marcos lost the vice presidency race to now Vice President Leny Robredo. He has filed an electoral protest and accused Robredo and the Liberal Party of cheating.

The Supreme Court, acting as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal, is currently re-counting the votes in chosen three pilot provinces.

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“Martial Law na ba?” Agot Isidro reacts to arresting ‘tambays’

“Martial Law na ba?” Agot Isidro reacts to arresting ‘tambays’

  • Actress Agot Isidro reacts to Duterte’s orders to arrest the loiterers and Bongbong’s plans on becoming the country’s next president
  • The PNP has arrested 2,981 ‘tambays’ in the span of five days

After President Rodrigo Duterte‘s orders to arrest the ‘tambays’ or loiterers in order make the streets safer for the public, the police have then taken almost 3,000 people in Metro Manila these past five days.

PNP Chief Director General Oscar D. Albayalde stated that the NCR Police Office arrested a total of  2,981 people from June 13 to 18.

944 of those were arrested for violating curfew hours, 653 for drinking in public, 651 for going half-naked; 456 for smoking in public, 138 for traffic violation, and 139 for various offenses like littering, late-night karaoke and urinating in public.

302 people were picked-up in Quezon City alone. 114 of them were picked up by the Talipapa Police Station, 13 are minors who was out in the streets in spite of the city’s “discipline hours”, and packets of shabu and drug paraphernalia were taken from ten of the arrested citizens.

Actress Agot Isidro has reacted to the arrests made at the city implying that it looks like the start of Martial Law.

“Martial Law na ba?

Hindi ako na-brief.”

The actress also reacted to the news regarding Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.‘s plans to run for the presidency in the next elections.

“Ah… Um… NO.


Marcos stated that his career is in politics and with that, he aspires to be in a high stature as he can achieve in his chosen field – which is politics.

He also shared that he plans on building a “more egalitarian system of government, of administration” for the Philippines.

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