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Marcos family’s motion to regain possession of properties and assets obtained illegally was rejected by Sandiganbayan

Imelda and Irene Marcos filed the motion on Aug. 5, 2022, which was rejected on Jan. 25, 2023.

The Sandiganbayan (SB) Fourth Division has rejected a motion by the Marcos family to regain possession of properties and assets previously ruled illegally obtained.

The SB’s resolution named late dictator Ferdinand E. Marcos, represented by Imelda Marcos and incumbent President Ferdinand Marcos Jr., Irene Marcos-Araneta, and Constante Rubio.

Imelda and Irene Marcos filed the motion on Aug. 5, 2022, which was rejected on Jan. 25, 2023.

The Marcoses filed a motion to partially reconsider on Feb.17.

The SB stated that the defendants requested the return of the properties and assets recovered by the government as they had been deprived of them for more than three decades. They also claimed that the properties and assets allegedly dissipated due to neglect “while under the PCGG administration.”

The SB stated that the Marcos estate’s motion was based on the alleged “illegality” of the transfer of properties and assets to the PCGG. The Marcoses argued that these transfers were made through compromise agreements and the PCGG lacked the authority to enter into such contracts.

“The court is not persuaded,” SB said.

Netizens then called the Marcos family selfish with no shame.

The court maintained that the properties and assets were acquired through illegal means. This was highlighted by the PCGG established during former President Cory Aquino’s administration to recover wealth unlawfully acquired by the late President Ferdinand Marcos.

Additionally, the court referred to prior cases against the defendants, which involved the same illegally obtained properties.

It stated, “The Supreme Court had already upheld the validity of the Compromise Agreements executed by the parties involving the recovery of certain properties and the authority of the PCGG to enter into such agreements.”

The SB, headed by Associate Justices Michael Musngi, Maria Theresa Arcega, and Maryann Mañalac, denied the Marcos motion, citing its lack of merit.

The resolution listed 23 different properties and assets, including Marcopper Mining, Metropolitan Museum of Manila Foundation, Philippine Long Distance Tel. Co. (PLDT), Philippine Integrated Meat Corp. (PIMECO), and Phil. Telecom Investment Corp. (PITC), Phil Overseas Telecom. Corp. (POTC), Security Bank & Trust Co. (SBTC), Houses Baguio City 68634, Talaga, Mariveles, Bataan, Celebrity Sports Plaza, Hacienda Cambio, Hacienda Camsmisana, Hacienda Colisap, Hacienda Consuelo, Hacienda de Fuego, Hacienda Lonoy, Hacienda Nahalin, Hacienda Sivellana-Binubuhan, Ecological Technology Foundation, RPN, BBC, ICV TV & Radio Stations, S-54804 (64208), S-54806 (64209), S-54857 (64210).

Written by Charles Teves

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