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Fashion designer ‘gives up’ being gay, says his renewed faith is the reason for the change

  • How fashion designer left homosexuality
  • Jian Lasala shares why he’s turning his back on homosexuality

“I did not give up homosexuality because the gospel convicted me. I gave up homosexuality because the Lord pursued me and he deserves my everything!”

This is what fashion designer Jian Lasala said of his decision to give up being gay.

Fashion designer Jian Lasala said he has a newfound faith in God and that he is turning his back on homosexuality. Jian added that while he has changed, he does not want to denounce his gay friends.

He said in his Facebook post: “It is not my place to convict nor condemn my gay friends about their lifestyle because I love them and I know how it feels when everybody is condemning you because of your choices and being discriminated for being gay because I was there once.

“The designer also felt that what happened to him was supernatural. He also emphasized that he does not need to act “manly” as he said: “I do not need to be ‘manly’ to be straight and even have to change or isolate myself from my gay friends just because I have found my true identity with the Lord.


Jian clarified that he no longer gets attracted to men, saying, “No I don’t have any anymore. As much as possible if the thoughts would come especially if I encounter good looking men in my line of work, I rebuke the thoughts. Because the enemy will use it against you in a first-person manner and will make you believe that you were the one thinking about it. But physical attraction, not anymore especially if it’s coming from my own volition.”

What can he say to people who tried to change but went back to homosexuality? He said: “Well I have nothing against them. My bold declaration does not exempt me from any kind of temptation in fact; the enemies are fighting back twice because they don’t want me to be with the Lord. So no condemnation to these people. Because the Lord is with them. They may just have a difficulty but the Lord is definitely with them and the Lord will continue to pursue them. Third, it’s important to pray and fast as well. Some struggles cannot just be lifted up through prayers and it needs to be fasted. When we fast the desires of the flesh dies and our spirit grows stronger. So we must continue to seek the Lord and remember that He is always with us. Lastly, don’t give up. Open your heart to the Lord and your will hear HIS voice.”

The post was published just days shy of Pride Month in the Philippines.

Meanwhile, the post received mixed reactions from from the netizens. An online site, Preview, even decided to take down the article and issued a public apology after getting the ire of the LGBTQ community.

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