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A unique LGBTQ+ relationship: Straight girlfriend supports her queer boyfriend

A unique LGBTQ+ relationship: Straight girlfriend supports her queer boyfriend

  • A unique LGBT couple choose to stay for each other
  • His girlfriend chooses to stay on his side and give him the freedom to express his true self
  • They both believe that the love they both have is true and that’s the reason why they choose to stay together

To belong to the LGBT community also could mean having a very unique relationship.

Jake Evangelio and his girlfriend Jemee Allarde posted their photo on Twitter while participating in the pride parade. They seemed the picture of a couple very much in love.

Both have truly accepted and love each other’s identity as Jake being a “queer” because he does not believe in the gender binary and his girlfriend Jemee who is really a straight female.

In an interview of the Dailypedia via message, Jake shared one of the challenges that they have encountered many times, it is more about questioning his sexuality. Some people are saying that he is just using his girlfriend to hide his sexuality. But because of love, Jemee chooses to stay by his side and give him the freedom to express his true self.

They both believe that the love they both have is true and that’s the reason they choose to stay together.

“Ours is not a perfect relationship but we chose to stay because we know that what we have is true,” he said

Most netizens were happy for them and some even wished that someday they would also find the same love that they have.

Jake’s message for those who choose to love regardless of sexuality is “continue to love and always choose to be kind. Love people wholly and not just their parts.” He also hopes for those who continue to judge the unique relationships of the LGBT community to become more sensitive and open-minded.

“I hope that they try to be more sensitive and open-minded. In the end, we are just humans trying to experience life.”

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High school graduate comes out as bisexual during his valedictory speech, receives supports from his classmates

High school graduate comes out as bisexual during his valedictory speech, receives supports from his classmates

  • A high school graduate came out as bisexual during his valedictory speech
  • The crowd cheered for him as he felt the love of all his classmates and friends in school
  • Mason Bleu was so grateful because he did it and is thankful for the positive reactions that he received. He was also proud to do something so brave

Coming out of the closet can be considered as one of the bravest acts that a person can do, especially when family and friends have known them as a being straight over the years.

A video of a high school graduate in New York named Mason Bleu went viral on social media after he admitted his true identity as a bisexual during his valedictory speech. For him, that was the scariest thing he had ever done. But the fear disappeared when he heard the crowd cheering for him as he felt the love from all his classmates and friends in school.

In an interview with CBS This Morning, he was asked on how did he decide about the place and the time that he would make that very personal announcement. Bleu said that when he was writing his valedictory speech, he was thinking to write about being “proud of who you were, what you achieve in high school or anything you’d be proud of. ” That was when he realized that there is something that he should be proud of which he hid it from everyone. To be talking of being proud, he felt it was hypocritical if he was hiding something that he should be proud to tell everyone.

Bleu was also asked the reason for hiding his sexuality and his main reason was that he was scared of what people would think. During his speech, he really wasn’t sure if he was really going to do it but when he got to the end, he did. He wasn’t even expecting the positive reactions of his classmates.

His mother was worried about him when he said that he would do it which made her ask: “Are you sure you want to do that?” He said that it gave him the reason to pause because he didn’t want to do anything that would disappoint her. While saying his speech, he is not even looking at the crowd because he was so scared. But then it all turned out positively.

Mason Bleu was so grateful because he did it, thankful for the positive reactions that he received, and proud to do something so brave.

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LGBT supporter urges people to fight back against discrimination and corporations

LGBT supporter urges people to fight back against discrimination and corporations

  • The Metro Manila Pride had people who were fighting for other causes
  • LGBT supporter then criticized this by bashing it
  • Another LGBT supporter made it clear than other issues are just as important as the fight for equal rights

The Metro Manila Pride march last June 29 had approximately 77,000 attendees. Supporters were fighting for equal rights as seen on the signs they were holding up.

It is expected that a big event like this would be associated with other rights concerning other groups.

@rrdelosangeles went to twitter and had a complaint.

He said that the pride event should have been entirely focused on fighting for equal rights because there were some placards that were irrelevant in his perception, placards that said, “Sahod itaas, presyo ibaba.”

He sees these actions as an exploitation of the community’s event.

But one of his co-supporters made it clear that things like this are completely understandable.

@abducens_ said that the LGBT equal rights battle is just as important as any other issue in the country. He also stated that many LGBT members are struggling financially.

He agreed with the “Sahod itaas, presyo ibaba” slogan since there are LGBT members out there who need to work more than 8 hours just to get by.

He also shared that once upon a time, Magnolia would make their employees go on a 24-hour shift, and would suspend them if they did otherwise.

The user also wants people to boycott Pepmaco. Pepmaco employees had a big protest in Laguna but were neutralized by its owner, Simeon Tiu.

The user also emphasized that the government has spent more on the military than health services, which is directly associated with the gay community.

With such a big event, the promotion and selling of products were inevitable. Big companies tried to exploit this, but the user made it clear that the event achieved a lot by putting attention to issues that matter the most.

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Gay couple shows unconditional love in having a ‘pride family’

Gay couple shows unconditional love in having a ‘pride family’

  • There are families that show the same love regardless of their gender.
  • The gay couple has to juggle with the roles of mother and  father which they have very challenging
  • Love will overpower any discrimination that may come along.

A Twitter user named Bobbie shared their family picture with a caption “For the Love, retweet this with your #PrideFamily”

Unlike a typical type of family, both parents are of the same gender. This is a real picture of a “Pride Family” where both have to play the role of parents regardless of their gender.

In an interview of the Dailypedia via a message, Bobbie shared their experience as a pride parent. Bobbie said that they are parenting the baby of his sister. Both of them have to juggle with the role of being the mother and the father which they have found very challenging.

The couple said that they were having “fun to take care of a family that is bonded with love and not because of the norm.”

The community still discriminates against this type of relationship but slowly some are becoming more open-minded.

What is more challenging for a pride parents like them is how they would explain to the child about their relationship and sexuality. “I’m sure in the future we will have to the ‘talk’ about his parent being gays and I wouldn’t lie about him about it,” he said.

Now as pride parents they will do their best to give their love to him so when the time comes, love will overpower any discrimination that may come along.

With the use of social media, he thought that it would be a great platform to bring awareness to the community they are part of. He believes that “love will always supersede anything.”

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LGBTQ customers handed a receipt with “Labas Bakla” written on it

LGBTQ customers handed a receipt with “Labas Bakla” written on it

  • A group of gay friends went to an eatery where they were handed a receipt that had the words “Labas Bakla” written on it
  • The group did nothing to provoke the show of disrespect from the staff
  • Netizens were angered by the staff’s rude behavior

The LGBTQ community is not new to discrimination.

Even though things are a lot better for LGBTQs today compared to what they had to deal with in the past, they still face prejudice from homophobes.

Kayecie Sia and his gay friends went to an eatery called Ernest’s Bulaluhan Tapsilogan Paresan, atbp. and got something extra in their bill.

He said that the people who worked there were laughing as they were ordering. They were unaware why the crew was laughing though.

“Nag tatawanan sila habang umoorder kming mag kakaibigan.”

He remembers that they were polite in their approach when they were ordering food.

“Umorder k naman ng naayos nakipag usap naman s knla ng maayos.”

After they ate, they were handed their bill with the words “Labas Bakla” scribbled on it. This angered them so much because they had done nothing wrong.

“Nag bayad umorder ng maayos ultimo sa resibo hndi pa din kmi ginagalang at may pangalan binigay ang magulang namin para isulat sa resibo na BAKLA tlga.”

This made them question whether these people have never been around individuals like them. But it doesn’t matter, Kayecie said as he’ll leave it all up to God.

The post has over 3k likes.

“Samahan kita!!! Kausapin may ari!!!”

“Bastos naman nyan!!”

“ireklamo nga dapat yan ng matutong rumispeto mga bastos sila ang ganda pa nmn ng anak ko”

“Pinakain nyo sana yung resibo kung sinuman ang nagsulat nyan.”

“Bugbugin nayan at sirain ang tindahan hayufff”

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Gay man shares a sweet story of his boyfriend of 10 years

Gay man shares a sweet story of his boyfriend of 10 years

  • Man says he found out his boyfriend was the one when they stared at one another
  • Boyfriend makes him feel like he is in his favorite movie
  • Says they are still learning and having fun

A Twitter user named @imanyuwel shared how social media helped him find the love of his life.

He said he and his boyfriend had just graduated from college.

Back in the day, the most popular social media platform in the country was Friendster. Everybody was on it, regardless of age. And that platform is how @imanyuwel met his soulmate.

They would talk to each other on there, then later moved on to Facebook where they posted on each other’s wall. They would play these online games until they felt that they should meet up.

They met up in Trinoma where, @imanyuwel mentions, his boyfriend does not usually go to but did so for the sake of meeting.

They went to Starbucks but everything was awkward.

Going home they went to the MRT station but on opposite sides. While waiting for the train, they stared at each other across the tracks. It felt like a scene out of a movie, according to him.

“You made me feel like I’m in my favorite movie. It felt like my own My Sassy Girl Moment, I knew you’re it.”

He mentions that they went through a lot and are still learning, like babies. But it doesn’t matter, because learning is an exciting process, especially when you do it with someone you love.

Furthermore, he then says that until today, his boyfriend still makes him feel like he is in his favorite movie.

They have been together now for 10 years.

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Gay man pretends to have gender transition, angers the community

Gay man pretends to have gender transition, angers the community

  • Gay guy pretended to have gender reassignment surgery
  • Later on, he casually clarified that he was not the one in the photo of showing a reconstructed private part
  • The transgender community grew angry with his insensitivity especially during pride month

Transitioning from one gender to another is not an easy process. It is tedious and expensive. First, a transitioning individual needs to meet up with a mental health professional to get a diagnosis and psychotherapy.

They need confirmation from a therapist for them to begin their hormone therapy journey.

Usually, those who are transitioning are required by their surgeons to live for at least a year as the gender role they would like to transition to.

When it comes to surgery, it is easier for males to transition into females. The procedures are also cheaper.

Most of the penis and testicles are removed, and the urethra is cut short. Skin that is left is used as a functional vagina.

A neoclitoris is then formed from the penis.

Women that want to be men are not as successful and that is the reason why not a lot of them go through with this surgery.

Women have to get their breasts, uterus, and ovaries removed. They also get a neophallus (a surgically constructed penis) which is an expensive procedure.

The LGBTQ community are currently in a rage as one of their own poked fun at gender reassignment.

Sher (@_itsherrr) posted on Twitter a photo of what looked like a vagina that was covered with gauze.

He captioned it, “Thank you for all the prayers! To my family and friends who supported me all the way. Indeed it was a successful operation.”

The post had over 600 likes.

On June 12, however, he made it clear that it wasn’t him in the picture he posted.

“Guys kalma!! hindi po ako yung nasa pic! Di ko iiwan si tweety bird ko po.”

This angered transgender netizens because he was insensitive about the difficulty of transitioning from one gender role to another.

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Tarlac State University won’t allow transgender students to wear clothes based on their gender identity

Tarlac State University won’t allow transgender students to wear clothes based on their gender identity

  • Tarlac State University (TSU)  will not allow transgender students to wear clothes based on their gender identity
  • One student airs out her frustration and speaks for the many
  • Other State Universities have allowed transgender students to wear clothes in line with their identity in past graduations

Tarlac State University is in hot water right now after it banned transgender women from wearing dresses to their graduation. The story went viral on social media.

Currently, the university is banning six transgenders from wearing clothes that represent their gender identity during graduation, including two transgender men and lesbians who are not allowed to wear the traditional Barong Tagalog.

Ivern Doroteo Arcache is one of the affected students and is the only one brave enough to speak out, as the others are afraid that the university wouldn’t let them graduate if they do.

During an interview with ABS-CBN, she said everything she wanted to say.

Arcache said that their president is responsible for the banning because it is the rule for all state universities to follow.

The problem here is if the rule does exist, then why do other state universities, like Pangasinan State University, allow their students to wear what they want?

“Mismong president ng school po namin ang nagbabawal kasi daw po may standard na sinusunod for all state universities. Eh kung may sinusunod po bakit in other state Us eh allowed po like PSU (Pangasinan State University).”

Arcache felt disrespected and discriminated against when the dean did not acknowledge the fact that most of the transgender students have already gone under the knife.

The dress code states that female students are required to wear ankle-length dresses while male students should wear cream-colored barong with black pants. But it did not state anything for transgender students.

The memo read, “Graduating students who are not in the prescribed graduation attire will not be included in the processional of graduates.”

“I felt really discriminated, I even said na mayroon pong mga operada na sa ‘min, then she (university president) still said no dahil wala raw po kami respeto sa tradisyon at kultura.”

The dean then responded that she doesn’t care if they have already undergone surgery, they are still men in her eyes.

She also warned the students to tread lightly or they won’t be able to graduate and that they can’t do anything about the dress code because it is the standard for all state colleges.

“Ini-insist niya na lalaki pa rin kami at kailangan namin sumunod kasi ‘yun daw po ang standard na sinusunod for all state colleges… Ang sabi po sa amin if we do not follow they won’t let us march or worse, they won’t let us graduate.”

The student also said that the university should just let them wear clothes that represent their gender identity since it’s their last day as students, and that she is losing the excitement to attend the graduation ceremony.

“It’s our last day na in the university, bakit hindi pa kami pagbigyan? Once in a lifetime event ‘yun na dapat nilu-look forward ng bawat estudyante kasi that’s the most important day. Pero bakit sa ‘kin parang ayaw ko na umattend because of the situation?”

Arcache then brought her frustration to Facebook.

She started making up theories that maybe her university is against the LGBTQ community.

“But how come PSU is allowing its LGBT Students to wear the attire that matches their gender identity if we are only following ONE RULE FOR ALL STATE UNIVERSITIES? Or is it just that the office is prejudiced to us members of the LGBTQ community? Or is it just that TSU doesn’t have a heart and compassion for us LGBTQ’s?

“The Vision of TSU is to become a premier institute in the Asia-Pacific, how can we be a premier institute in the Asia-Pacific if we are still conforming to our 18th century ways?”

She then mentioned how transgenders are making an impact on society.

She continues to advocate for a change in her university in terms of perception towards LGBTQs.

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15 years of patience and love: An LGBTQ+ couple share their love story on social media

15 years of patience and love: An LGBTQ+ couple share their love story on social media

  • Robert dela Cruz Mendoza reminisces about their 15-year long relationship
  • It was a case of love at first sight
  • Marriage is not a priority for them. What is most important is their child

A netizen named Robert Dela Cruz Mendoza shared his one-of-a-kind LGBTQ love story on social media. He described his 15-year long relationship like a “good gay meets bad gay” situation, where one is a party boy and the other a friendly boy with no vices.

Their love story began when Robert sent a message to a television program to which he immediately received a reply through a text message. He decided to meet the texter, but then three people showed up at his house.

“Nag try akong mag message nun sa tv tapos biglang may nagtxt agad sa akin. Then nakikipag meet sa akin agad. Nag ok agad ako pero ang usapan namin nung kausap ko is sya lang magisa. Then dumating kayo 3 sa bahay.”

His partner wasn’t the one who first texted him, but he was of the three who went to his house. His partner apparently fell in love with him at first sight and asked for his number.

“Hindi ikaw ang nagtxt sa akin si mamu. Pero nung nakita mo ko eh na LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT KA AGAD. hehehheh… then kinuha mo yng phone # ko tapos tinawagan mo ko agad2 at nagpakilala na ikaw yng naka white shirt.”

For then on, they called each other every day and started dating. He even introduced him to his family and his mother who didn’t even know he was gay.

“Nalaman lang nya kasi nagaway tayo tapos hinabol mo ko tapos tinaguan kita at hindi mo ko nakita. Akala ko yun na talaga yung last na pagkikita natin. Pero sumulpot ka sa bahay namin para kausapin ako at kuhain ulit ang loob ko.”

He wanted to earn a lot of money, so one day he decided to work abroad though he knew that leaving his partner behind would hurt him.

“One day nagdecide akong pumunta ng ibang bansa para dun na lng ako mag work. Kasi feeling ko nandun ang ikakayaman ko kahit masakit sa akin na iwanan ka. Pero ending umalis ako ng nagiiyakan tayo.”

Since doesn’t believe in long distance relationship or LDR, Robert asked him to follow him to UAE. He even threatened his partner that if the latter does not go to UAE then they should break up. After four months, they were together again.

“If hindi ka pupunta ng UAE at hindi ka susunod eh makikipaghiwalay na ko. Pero still dahil sa sobrang in-love na in-love ka sa akin after 4months sinikap mong makapunta sa UAE para magkita ulit tayo at magsama.”

Their situation in UAE was not that easy so they decided to go back to the Philippines to look for jobs. They agreed that his partner would work while he stayed at home for five years.

“Nung nandto na tayo sa pilipinas, Ikaw lang naman ang nag work kasi sabi mo bubuhayin mo ko at sa bahay lang ako. Ang batla sunod sunuran kaya di nag work siguro mga 5 years din akong di nag work.”

They got into a huge fight that sent Robert packing and leaving the home they shared. It took an intervention from their parents for them to finally reconcile.

“Infairness nakita ko yung malaking pagbabago sayo simula nung nangyari yun. Siguro na-realize mo kung gaano kalaki ang mawawala syo kapag pinabayaan mo.”

Robert said that following his mother’s request that they reconcile was a good decision, especially when their son came in their life.

“Anyway it’s a good decision na sumunod ako kay nanay. Kasi nagka-angel tayo si (name withheld) na sobrang akala mo eh ako ang nagluwal. Tapos ikaw naman napaka protective mo sa kanya.”

Celebrating their 15 years anniversary as a couple, he wished that their relationship will still last even longer.

“Pero hindi ang sinasagot ko na lang wala sa priority namin ang ikasal kasi mas focus kami sa bata. Papel lang naman yang kasal at gastos lang. Tapos baka mamaya kung kailan tayo kinasal eh tsaka naman tayo maghihiwalay. Kaya kalma na lang muna yung ganito.”

Lastly, he thanked the Lord for letting him meet someone who would patiently love him.

“I LOVE YOU SO MUCH DAD. thank you LORD kasi nakatagpo ako ng magtitiyaga sa akin pero di ka naman lugi sa akin kasi gandara park na tapos masarap pa. Echoooosssss!”

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Transwoman graduates Cum Laude from BSU, becomes an inspiration to the LGBTQ community

Transwoman graduates Cum Laude from BSU, becomes an inspiration to the LGBTQ community

  • Russel Quiño is the first transwoman to graduate as Cum Laude from Bulacan State University
  • Quiño is a woman who has the courage, principles, and dignity to face different discriminations
  • Quiño claims that she is the first “goddess” at their university

A college student went viral on social media after becoming the first transwoman to graduate as Cum Laude at Bulacan State University with a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Psychology.

On Russel Quiño‘s Facebook post, she said that in a world full of judgments and negativity, she chooses to stay strong.

“YOUR FIRST OPENLY TRANSWOMAN CUM LAUDE IN BULACAN STATE UNIVERSITY. Archele David CK Guinto and the Rest of Bulsu Bahaghari this is OUR VICTORY!! Because ME is also a WE and we are stronger together!” she said.

Wearing her graduation toga and Filipiniana in her graduation photos, Quino claimed that she is the first “goddess” at their university. Netizens admired her for being a proud transwoman and for being a Cum Laude.

“Wow you are not just beautiful and intelligent you are an inspiration”

“Ang ganda, mas maganda pa sa tunay na babae.. Congrats po..

“Congrats!sana lahat ng University may gender equality”

She left her message for all transgenders to stay strong despite all discriminations and use it as a strength to have the changed they want.

“Mensahe ni Russel para sa kanyang transgender sisters, maging matatag at, sa halip na matinag ng diskriminasyon ay gawin itong lakas upang makamit ang hinahangad na pagbabago. 🏳️‍🌈”

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