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‘I am part of LGBTQ.’ Xander Ford comes out as a bisexual, netizens still slam the internet sensation and tag him as a ‘rapist’

Xander Ford denounced for using the LGBTQ+ community to gain attention and to cover up the rape and abuse accusations against him.

Xander Ford, originally known as Marlou Arizala, just came out as a bisexual but netizens said that it can’t erase the fact that he is still a rapist.

Through his Instagram story, Xander revealed his true identity by saying that, he is “part of LGBTQ” with a “#Bisexual”.

However, netizens suspect that this ‘coming out’ of Xander is just a gimmick to mislead the rape accusation against him.

They also said that being part of the LGBTQ+ community doesn’t erase the fact that he is a rapist and abuser.

They also labeled the internet sensation as ‘clout chaser’, as it seems that he is using the LGBTQ+ community to gain attention.

Recently, Xander Ford was accused of rape and physical abuse by his ex-girlfriend, Ysah Cabrejas.

Xander was a former member of Hash5 before he underwent surgeries to change his physical attributes and pursue a solo career and reintroduced to the public as Xander Ford.

In 2019, Xander was suspended due to alleged bad behavior by the Star Image Artist Management.

Written by Neil

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