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Marlou Arizala “depressed” after receiving death threats due to rape accusations

The viral post which has over 160k shares contains various screenshots showing that there was some kind of abuse that happened during their relationship

Marlou Arizala, formerly known as Xander Ford, has been accused by ex-girlfriend Ysah Cabrejas of being an abusive partner who allegedly forced her into having intercourse along with many other acts of abuse.

The viral post which has over 160k shares contains various screenshots showing that there was some kind of abuse that happened during their relationship. One screenshot showed Ysah’s knee all bruised with several scratches. However, Marlou denied getting physical with her based on a netizen’s commented screenshot.

Marlou allegedly took advantage of Ysah but she had stayed with him thinking things will change. But apparently, he didn’t as he forced her to have sex with him when she was on her monthly period and she didn’t want to.

“Masyado mo kong tinake advantage hindi mo ba naisip yon? O wala ka lang talagang isip kasi sarili mo lang iniisip mo. BAGO AKO SUMUKO NAG TIIS MUNA AKO” Ysah wrote.

“Pinipilit mo’ko na may mangyari satin Kahit na meron ako at kahit na AYAW KO Pag hindi ako pumayag magagalit ka kaya nga ako nagkapasa gawa mo Kasi pinilit mo ko!! Hindi kaba naawa sakin?” she added.

Marlou had planned to impregnate Ysah and he would have been fine leaving her after the deed was done.

“Sabi mo BASTA MABUNTIS KITA KAHIT IWAN MO KO OKAY NA KO DON tanga ka ba? Anong klaseng boyfriend ka? Hindi lang isang beses nangyari yon!”


Posted by Ysah Cabrejas on Wednesday, June 17, 2020

It was also revealed that Marlou went crazy after Ysah refused to take bath with him. Not only that, he also wouldn’t give Ysah’s cat back to her.

“MINAHAL KITA Pero di mo yun PINAHALAGAHAN. Lagi mo sinasabi mag babago pero HINDI KA NAMAN NAG BABAGO!”

In addition, he accused Ysah of only being with him for his fame.

“Palagi mo sinusumbat sakin na kasikatan lang habol ko sa’yo. Hangal ka ba?”

Social media personality Makagago uploaded a video on his YouTube channel in reaction to the revelations made by Ysah.

Makagago wasn’t too pleased upon hearing about Marlou’s abuse after he has tried hard to clean the latter’s name since they belong to the same management team and have an upcoming movie together called Kalapanget. Makagago thought Marlou changed for the better but he was wrong.

Marlou has then released a video explaining his side of the story saying that it is not true that he only wanted Ysah for her body. He wants to have a serious talk with Ysah after she exposed him which he was clearly not happy about because he thinks the issue should have remained private.

Marlou also denied any abuse on his part as he has been beaten up by his father when still little and that he also has other women that are members of his family.

Marlou then revealed that he screenshots proving that he has received death threats from Ysah’s family saying that muslims will come for his head.

Star Image has put up with Marlou’s controversies but this is much worse than the previous ones.

Written by Charles Teves

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