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Netizen posts about coming out as bisexual to her mother

Turns out that she got worried for nothing as her mom reassured her that she will love her no matter what.

  • A Twitter thread went viral after a netizen shared her coming out story.
  • She admitted that she was really scared about how her mom would react.

A netizen’s tweet went viral as she proudly shared her achievement of coming out as bisexual to her mother.

On the Twitter account of user florencepugh_, she admitted that she has been struggling with her gender internally and even wondered about what gender she is really attracted to.

“So I wanted to call you for this so it seemed more personal but I’m actually scared to do that but I have to tell you: I’m bisexual,” she wrote.

“I’ve been struggling for a long while with this internally – a few times I wondered if I was only into women (yes, really). Or no one at all, even (yes, really). Even me, admittedly boy crazy, have thought maybe *that* attraction wasn’t real,” she added.

And after some time to think, she has finally accepted to herself that she is bisexual.

The netizen shared her fears of telling her mom, not knowing how she would react to such a revelation.

“I love you so much and I’m crying right now because I’m so so scared that you’re going to look down or me or question me or be mad at me but I know you’ve been supportive [of] everything else in my life. I just need to be truthful and honest with you because your love and support [mean] more to me than you know and I don’t feel right hiding a part of me that is pretty big.”

It seems like she didn’t need to worry at all as her mom accepted her wholeheartedly.

“Nothing you do will ever affect how much I love you,” her mom reassured her.

“You are my wonderful, beautiful daughter. No matter who you are. You are my beloved. And nothing you tell me will make me want to have you any less in my life. In fact, I need you more than ever. I love you so much.”

The tweet has been flooded with support from the members of the LGBTQIA+ community. People congratulated her while some wished that their parents are as open as the Twitter user’s mother.

The thread has now reached more than 26,300 retweets and 322,000 likes.

Written by J M

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