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YouTuber ReSet feeds a beggar cookies filled with toothpaste, gets sentenced to 15 months

YouTuber ReSet feeds a beggar cookies filled with toothpaste, gets sentenced to 15 months

  • Spanish influencer ReSet fed a beggar oreo cookies filled with toothpaste
  • ReSet got sentenced to 15 months in jail
  • He has been banned from YouTube for five years

YouTube star ReSet (real name Kanghua Ren) has been charged with an offense against moral integrity after he fed a homeless man toothpaste-filled Oreos in one of his videos he posted back in January 2017.

21-year-old Chinese Ren is now banned from YouTube for 5 years. He also received a 15-month jail sentence for his malicious deed.

It all started when one of his followers challenged him to do this prank. In a now-deleted video, the YouTuber is shown removing cream from an Oreo cookie and replacing it with toothpaste.

He then gives the cookies along with a 20 euro bill to a Romanian beggar. The homeless man threw up in disgust after eating the tampered cookies.

In a released court document, the YouTuber apparently said, “Maybe I went a little far, but let’s look at the positive side, it will help him clean his teeth, I don’t think he has often brushed his teeth since he became poor.”

After the video made a lot of viewers angry, Ren tried to redeem himself in a new video showing him returning to see the beggar and give him another 20 euros.

Police also reported that Ren tried to stop the beggar from filing a complaint by offering him 300 euros and a chance to spend the night with him.

In another court document, Ren said, “If I had done this with a normal person, no one would have said a thing, but as he is a beggar people are complaining.”

The YouTuber was then ordered to pay the homeless man $22,300 for the damage he inflicted.

He then lost a lot of followers.

Luckily for Ren, he most likely would not serve his sentence since there is a law that says first-time offenders with sentences up to two years for non-violent crimes are not implemented in Spain where the incident took place.

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The truth about the YouTuber with over 800,000 subscribers but has an average of 100 views

The truth about the YouTuber with over 800,000 subscribers but has an average of 100 views


Having over 800,00 subscribers on YouTube is a big accomplishment for anybody.

It would be mind boggling for someone with that much subscribers to have less than a thousand views.

Januz TV surprised his Facebook followers by posting a screenshot of his YouTube account.

The screenshot shows that his YouTube channel has 824,181 subscribers.

In his post, he thanked his subscribers for their help in supporting his channel, with a little sarcastic vibe. It is clear that his followers know that something was wrong, based on the comments.

According to him, YouTube caused an error that showed he had that much subscribers.

If one wants to have more subscribers, the following might help.

1. Post Useful Content Consistently

2. Name Your Videos Strategically

3. Shoot In Various Locations

These are basic strategies that one can use to have more subscribers. It is all about catering to viewers and what they are interested in watching. Naming your titles is also important, this is the part that captures somebody’s attention.

And of course, shoot in different places to avoid being one dimensional and boring.

JANUZ TV is a vlogger. His content is pretty much about what he does in his everyday life. The amount of subscribers he has is hidden, but he has less than a thousand views.

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Food trip goals: Madam Kilay with new Afam BF goes out to try some street food in the Philippines

Food trip goals: Madam Kilay with new Afam BF goes out to try some street food in the Philippines

  • Madam Kilay and her new boyfriend tried to eat some street food
  • Netizens admired the Afam’s attitude for being simple and easy going
  • Madam Kilay brings joy to netizens with her newest video

Madam Kilay was so inspired by his new Afam BF as she let him try some street food in the Philippines.

The famous Youtuber Madam Kilay announced her new relationship with a new boyfriend, after posting a video about her separation with her husband. She also continuously updated her friends and followers by posting random photos and videos of their sweet moments on her social media accounts.

On April 18, Madan Kilay uploaded a video on Facebook and Youtube about her plan to let her new boyfriend try eating street food and the Afam BF accepted the challenge.

On her next video, Madam Kilay brought her Afam BF to try some street food. Afam was so game and had a taste of the varied street food offered to him. He was able to try fish balls, kwek-kwek, lumpiang toge, lugaw with egg, pork barbecue, and pandan drink which only cost them 200 pesos.

Netizens admired Afam for being simple and easy going as he gamely tried eating the street food.

“Game na game ang afam for the food street. Hindi maarte…hehe galing!

Nakakatuwa po husband mo hindi maarte, parang kagaya ng hubby ko hindi mapili sa foods😊 lagi ako nanunuod ng videos mo pero ngayon lang naglakas loob mag comment…😊 miss ko na street foods!”

ang cute naman ni AFAM😍😍 walang ka arte2x kumain ng mga streetfood sa pinas😂😂 kahit nabibilaukan na kain parin sya😆😆”

Madam Kilay’s was dancing to the beat of the music with her natural funny flair and this brings joy to the viewers online.
“Hehehehe mag budots ka jan madam kilay😂😂😂yabyuh joker ka talaga kahit kailan tanggal stress😊😂”

“I love u Madam kilay🥰nawawala stress ko sayo😍😍”

“Idol talaga kita madam kilay, nawawala kahit papano problema ko pag napapanood ko mga video mo salamat talaga, ngayon lang ako nag comment sayo pero lagi ako nanood sa mga video mo, idol! salamat, napapatawa mo talaga ako, idol”

“Madam Kilay, nawawala stress ko bagay na bagay kayu ni afam, huwag mo nang pakawalan, hahahaha”

The internet sensation Madam Kilay has now 2.4 million followers on Facebook and almost 400,000 subscribers on Youtube.

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VIRAL ONLINE: A Vlogger accidentally opens a PornHub video while doing an ‘Unboxing Phone Review’ video

VIRAL ONLINE: A Vlogger accidentally opens a PornHub video while doing an ‘Unboxing Phone Review’ video

  • A Twitter user posted a now-viral clip of a man doing a tech review and ‘accidentally’ showed a porn video.
  • Netizens found the incident hilarious and wondered if the scene was intentional to make the vlog trending.
  • Speaking to Dailypedia, main host of the viral tech review Vince Domingo admitted that he did not plan to leave the porn video open but intentionally kept the shot while editing the content of their review.

A Netizen on Twitter uploaded a video clip of a YouTuber doing a review on a new phone’s specifications, only to “accidentally” show a porn video while demonstrating how fast the phone’s central processing unit is.

Social media user JC Labansawan wrote on April 10, “May pa-porn sa review. Aliw! Hahah.”

The clip garnered 84 thousand views and received over three thousand likes on Twitter. Netizens had a field day on the hilarious clip with some trying to determine whether the deed was left intentional for the “vlog” to go viral.

Hahahha..dami kong tawa, bukelya si koya,” commented one netizen.

“In fairness nagload agad (yung) video, so, valid point naman,” remarked one Twitter user.

“Hahaha straight porn naman ata yung nandun. Mas exciting kung hindi. Hahahaha!” joked another netizen.

Kasingbilis ng kamay (niya) yung phone,” another social media user pointed out.

In a chat interview with the Dailypedia, Vince Domingo of the Unbox Diaries YouTube channel and main host in the viral clip, disclosed that it was intentional to include the porn content to the editing of their review video, but not when they were filming it at the time.

“I was actually surprised that I left it open, so when I filmed it I wasn’t expecting for it to come up and thus I was quite surprised and immediately closed it,” clarified the YouTuber.

He also admitted that it was not the first time he included porn in his reviews but this recent incident was the first that actually went viral.

“I wasn’t expecting for it to become viral,” said Domingo. “But yeah as a channel that’s just starting out, we needed to do something different and explosive to get it off the ground and flying.”

Asked about his co-host’s Richmond Tan’s reaction to the video, Domingo shared that his close-up shot was a b-roll, meaning a supplemental or alternative footage intercut with the main shot, and to which he had to shoot separately.

“There wasn’t two cameras that filmed during our video. I had to film separately the close up part. (Richmond) didn’t know about it but we’re like best buddies… so just for fun I included it.”

The original video, which was an “unboxing” type of tech review for the Xiaomi Mi 9, was uploaded on YouTube on March 30 and now has over a hundred thousand views and over a thousand comments from its amused audience.

Domingo recently hit a major milestone on YouTube after gaining 100 thousand subscribers on his other channel TechBeans. He received a special “Silver Play Button” award for it after his creation of the channel back in July 2017.

The vlogger in a Q&A video when he unboxed the said award told his “pitiful” days as a YouTuber doing microphone and selfie-stick reviews up until he changed his content to do smartphone reviews in order to ramp up his views online. The final trick up his sleeve was when he did a comparison review of two smartphones, showcasing their camera specifications and got a thousand views after only 24 hours—all because he took a screenshot of boobs and made them the thumbnail of his video.


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Jollibee Studios receives Silver Play Button from YouTube

Jollibee Studios receives Silver Play Button from YouTube

  • Jollibee Studios was officially launched.
  • The channel received the Silver Play Button from YouTube.
  • The latest series to burst forth is ChickenJoy Perfect Pair’s One True Pair.

Jollibee officially launched its newest entertainment channel, Jollibee Studios, on Wednesday, November 21. The country’s number one fast-food brand is expanding not only around the world but also online.

Jollibee Studios.

The channel is known for digital hits such as: Kwentong Jollibee videos, 14/29: Petsa de Peligro series and JolliDance showdowns.

The latest series to burst forth is ChickenJoy Perfect Pair’s One True Pair. It is themed as romance-series with two episodes that remain under the direction of award-winning directors JP Habac and Antoinette Jadaone.

YouTube Silver Play Button.

YouTube Play Buttons is an act of recognition by YouTube to its most popular channels. The Silver Play Button is for channels that reached or surpassed 100, 000 subscribers.

As of this writing, Jollibee Studios has 250,106 subscribers.

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“Instead of dropping a bomb on your bashers, learn to forgive.” Ana Victorino writes an open letter to Michelle Dy

“Instead of dropping a bomb on your bashers, learn to forgive.” Ana Victorino writes an open letter to Michelle Dy

  • Beauty vlogger Ana Victorino posted an open letter to Michelle Dy.
  • Victorino took it to Facebook and Twitter to address the rumors regarding Dy stealing her content ideas.

It looks like the series of controversies involving beauty vlogger Michelle Dy is not going to end soon as it opened up the wounds of fellow YouTuber Ana Victorino.

The latter wrote Dy and her “minions” an open letter regarding rumors that Dy has copied content ideas from Victorino a few years ago, and yet no one addressed it.

In a post on her Facebook account, she admitted that she did feel betrayed, however, she used that incident to improve herself. She also said that she does not hate the person and she has forgiven her long before.

These emotions a.k.a pregnancy hormones make me want to clean up some spilled tea re an old issue which I’ve long forgotten and I even forgave the person a loooong time ago w/o them knowing. I’m just triggered rn cause I have a really huge pimple on my chin w/c makes me irritated as it is sooo painful (and also triggered by some people who may have a hidden agenda a.k.a. the people who wanna divert attention to themselves).

However, my 25 year old-self tells me that my frank mouth isn’t gonna do any good and that somehow I don’t want to deepen the other person’s grave. My 25 yr-old self also tells me that even though the issue is true, I wasn’t credited but hey let’s be real, we can’t undo the past. What’s done is done, people make mistakes. Ok? Let’s leave it like that.

Yes, I felt betrayed but you know what? I used that negative energy into something positive to grow into a better person. I’ve learned a valuable lesson to always be careful when going into business with your friends. It’s the painful truth that confused my mind for the last couple of years. I’ve also learned that you can’t force yourself to be friends with somebody who doesn’t want you to be their friend anymore. This is my silence. I know I should’ve blogged/vlogged but I’m not after the views. I just want to get this out. Thank you.

P.S. I do not hate the person. Again, I believe that anyone can be forgiven.

The online community continued on discussing the issue, Victorino turned to Twitter and ranted about the topic. She said that she did not post her clarification on Facebook to get fame.

And since, Twitter is now made for ranting. Yes, I’m going to be in my feelings ok? 1. I didn’t post my FB status to gain fame. You know why? I’m not in this for the likes, views, or subs. I WAS top 1 top this top that and trust me it was not a good place for me…

Ana said that one of the lessons that she learned is that when you’re on top, everyone is friendly to you. But when she disappeared, the people who were once ‘chummy’ with her suddenly stopped talking to her.

So good that they’d be willing to help you. And then go and stab you in the back later on. I’ve realized just now if some people only became friends with me to ride with the fame or what(that time when I was at the peak of my career). It’s sad they didnt get to know me at all.

She tweeted that she wanted to reach out to Dy last month because she’s still hurt over the incident.

tapos last month I tried to reach out dahil aminin ko may tampo ako dahil nga I dont feel valued in the friendship side. at dahil na din may mga uncontrollable things talaga meant for me but she wanted it all. girl kung alam ko lang ibibigay ko naman eh. just say the word.

but anyway, to summarize my 1st point. di ko kailangan ng numbers para lang itaas ang tingin sa sarili ko. Di lang YouTube ang source of income. And to be honest, wala akong grudge dahil masaya ko sa naging outcome ng idea ko. Truly. Walang charot. Na execute naman ng mabuti.

She stated that she doesn’t need an apology anymore as she has forgiven everyone that has wronged her in the past.

I don’t need pity. I also don’t need an apology. Kasi even without the apology, I already forgave not just her but everyone who wronged me in the past and I hope for the same to everyone I wronged in the past. Lahat kasi tayo nagkakamali. Walang perfect.

What she was annoyed with are the people who kept on defending Dy for the wrong reasons, including the skin shaming issue that the YouTuber is currently facing.

BUT yung nakakainis lang kasi are yung people who are blindly defending her. Like girl, it’s so obvious what she has done. Oo nagkamali siya, but tolerating her to do the wrong thing/s? It’s a lesson she should learn. We can’t just get away with everything especially pag mali na.

Kaka3ggered lang din yung skinshaming part. I have a pimple right now & especially nung teenage years. Hindi ko ginustong magkaroon ng acne. Sabihin na nating for the bashers, but does that justify na you have to point out someone’s flaw just because na criticize ka?

In my opinion lang, she should be sensitive to post about beauty-related stuff being a beauty blogger/influencer. Sometimes kasi, wag puro sarili iniisip. Nasaktan kaya yung pimple ko nung nabasa niya yun.

The influencer called out Dy’s “representatives” for trying to make her change her perception. She even recalled an incident wherein Dy left her in the club, drunk; but she said that it was okay.

I just want to remind your “representatives” to stop changing my mind about you. I saw what I saw, heard what I heard. Wala ng ibang explanation dun. Don’t bother na din to clarify things with me now cause you had years to do so but you didn’t. 🙂

last gimik natin, iniwan niyo ko sa club. Pero alam mo? Okay lang sakin yon. Okay lang kahit na op ako. Sabi ko pa sayo nung lasing na ko before ako umuwi “sana wag mong kakalimutan yung mga taong nagangat sayo. sana wag kang magbabago” sad

Victorino continued on saying that Dy should’ve known better on how to handle criticism as they have been on YouTube for nearly a decade now.

At yun nga, I’ve learned na madaming mangbabash talaga sayo, sisiraan ka, or magbibigay ng constructive criticism, so dapat alam mo na yan bilang what 7 o 8 years ka ng YouTuber? Hello mag iisang decade na tayo cheers.

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So who’s winning this digital race? Here’s ABS-CBN and GMA Network’s Digital Statistics

So who’s winning this digital race? Here’s ABS-CBN and GMA Network’s Digital Statistics

  • A comparison between ABS-CBN and GMA netowork’s digital following.
  • ABS-CBN leads in most platforms in both general and news accounts.

The current generation is highly dependent on the Internet. You can pretty much do almost anything as long as you have online connection.

This is also why the top two Networks in the country are not only neck-to-neck when it comes to television, but to their social media networks as well.

So who’s winning this digital race?


In the video sharing platform, ABS-CBN continues to lead in both their general and news channels.

The Kapamilya channel has five million more subscribers than Kapuso’s. They also have a lead of almost 10 million total accumulated views than their rival.

News channels have less subscribers and views, however, the Kapamilya network maintains its lead in both subscribers and views.


The Twitter warfare is closer to each other compared to YouTube.

GMA took the lead as their account @gmanetwork has more than one million followers, while @ABSCBN only has 860, 590.

Both networks’ news accounts have around five million followers but ABS-CBN News leads by almost 500,000 followers.


Facebook is the most used social media platform in the country, and like the other sites, the Kapamilya Network still pulls ahead of GMA Network.

ABS-CBN already has 17,538,291 likes while GMA Networks has 16,858,053. On the other hand, ABS-CBN News has 15,338,717 likes, and GMA News has 12,384,644 .


The statistics did a complete turn around when it came to Instagram as GMA took the lead with 980,454 followers, when ABS-CBN has 727,419.

In news accounts, however, ABS-CBN still takes the lead with 950, 688 and the Kapuso network with 842,899.

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Microsoft representative installs Google Chrome after Edge kept crashing during his presentation

Microsoft representative installs Google Chrome after Edge kept crashing during his presentation

  • Microsoft Ignite uploaded a video on YouTube about migrating applications, data and workloads to Microsoft Azure.
  • Microsoft representative installed Google Chrome in the middle of his presentation when Edge kept crashing.
  • Microsoft representative explained that the Edge browser on the machine he’s using is a bit “locked down” compared to regular Edge browsers.

A video on had been circulating the internet when a Microsoft representative had installed Google Chrome in the middle of his presentation. He was using Microsoft Edge and it kept crashing because it was a bit “locked down” compared to other Edge browsers.

The weirder thing is the video was uploaded by Microsoft Ignite to Google-owned video sharing and video uploading website, YouTube. The video contained Cloud migration which is one of the biggest blockers for customers as they look to transition to the speed and efficiency cloud provides.

Michael Leary, the representative of Microsoft, talked about migration opportunities with the application during the session. Until, the 37:10 time stamp of the video where Microsoft Edge was clearly crashing over and over.

Leary wanted to engage the demonstration properly and with no disturbances, so he went ahead and installed Google Chrome quickly.

“So, while we’re talking here, I’m gonna go and install Chrome,” then laughs with his audience. He held onto his pride as a Microsoft representative when Google asked if he would like to share browsing and user data with Google. He removed the tick on the box and casually said, “And… we’re not going to help make Google better.”

He also explained that the Edge browser he was using on the machine was a bit “locked down” compared to other Edge browsers. When he successfully installed Chrome, he went and logged on then earned a few hollers as he continued his presentation.

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Instagram couple exposes before-and-after, edited and unedited travel photos

Instagram couple exposes before-and-after, edited and unedited travel photos

  • Instagram couple revealed presets they used on “perfect” travel photos.
  • Lauren Bullen and Jack Morris made another Instagram account to reveal before and after travel photos.
  • Jack Morris also released a YouTube video on how they edit their photos.

Instagram couple, Lauren Bullen (@gypsea_lust) and Jack Morris (@doyoutravel) exposed themselves on another account, @doyoutravelpresets. They revealed the reality behind their picture perfect travel photos that take a time-consuming photo editing process. They tweak the colors, highlights, shadows and lighting for each individual photo.



Jack has his own 2.7 million followers on Instagram and Lauren has 1.9 million. Their new account that reveals the presets of their edited photos has almost 24, 000 followers.

When swiped to the right, the original and unedited photo is shown which has drastic change to the ones they post on Instagram. Although it pays a lot, they revealed that a simple photo takes too much time and effort. The photo editing process starts with their own presets on Adobe Lightroom. They don’t use any other mobile applications and/or filters.


According to Morris, “”If a photo looks a little dark… I sometimes tweak the edit just on the pre-post Instagram editor.”

To brighten up the photos, Bullen and Morris tweak the color to make sure it pops. Bullen tends to increase the warm value of her photo, “I like the yellows to be popped out a bit because it helps with the sand, my hair, and the yellow of the palms.”

Morris, however, tends to put green and orange tint on his shadows to look like it has a vintage effect. Editing a photo changes the mood of the photo: from dull to dazzling and from gloomy to bright. Editing a photo can also make a place look inviting and blissful.

A lot of people already asked how they edit their pictures. So Morris decided to share their process on YouTube.

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YouTube Time! Smart finally brings life to your breaktime with this New Prepaid Offer

YouTube Time! Smart finally brings life to your breaktime with this New Prepaid Offer

  • Breaktime is Youtube Time with Smart!
  • Smart Prepaid offers you unlimited Youtube streaming for 1 hour for P10 only.

Remember that dreading long hours of break at school? How about that boring moments in the office? Well, Smart Prepaid finally gives you the answer you’ve all been waiting for!

Breaktime is YouTube time!

As the leading data brand that empowers people with relevant mobile data offers fit for everyone’s daily needs, Smart Prepaid adds color to your breaktime with their new offer Video Timeout 10. With this, you can now get unlimited data for YouTube streaming for a total of 1 hour for P10 only!

Level up your break time with Video Timeout 10, just text VIDEO10 to 9999! Another great thing about this is you can pause and play your usage as needed throughout the day within 24 hours from subscription! Enjoy your free time by watching your favorite YouTube videos anytime, anywhere because Breaktime is also ‘ME’ time!

Thanks to Smart and YouTube, we can now be updated with every latest Showbiz chika and never miss that trending topic for the day! Again, just text VIDEO10 to 9999 to avail this exciting #SmartVideoTimeOut offer! For more details, you can visit Smart here.

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