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JaMill’s Cheating Controversy: Was it for Real or just a Prank?

As of writing, the couple has yet to comment on the allegations.

Jayzam Manabat and Camille Trinidad (widely known as their couple name Jamill) are among the most followed couples on YouTube with more than 12.2 million subscribers. However, being famous comes with being under scrutiny in the public’s eye. 

Their every move is analyzed–that’s why it’s no surprise that a cheating issue about the four-year couple immediately went viral online.

A community post on the video platform had people asking if the whole mess was just a prank. It said that the two thought of something in hopes of pranking the world and that their subscribers should stay tuned for it.

The public drama started a few days ago when someone uploaded a photo of Jayzam allegedly kissing a girl who is not his girlfriend. 

The buzz about him being a cheater began–that his relationship with Camille is on the rocks because of it.

A few hours later, a facebook post of a girl named Maria Angelica Diaz went viral. 

She accused Jayzam of trying to hold her hand and kiss her, among other things. She also said that she informed Camille of her boyfriend’s behavior, but the social media personality was not convinced.

“Pokpok ka [raw] pala,” Camille allegedly replied to Angelica.

The facebook user’s original post was since deleted, but Camille seemed to have written a few cryptic tweets on how she’s experiencing something she never thought would come to her.

She also said that even though people try to mask the truth, it will eventually come out.

Despite her cryptic tweets, a few days after the controversy, the infamous YouTube post about a prank appeared online.

Some Netizens remain unconvinced that the whole issue was just a prank and accused the couple of trying to cover up the issue.

While some are enraged by the possibility of it being false.

Someone also pointed out that the “prank” might be triggering to those who suffered from abusive relationships.

“Pranks are supposed to be funny and this is not funny. Never funny,” the Twitter user wrote.

Also, another accused the couple of being “thirsty for attention.”

“If it’s a prank then delete all your [nonsense] posts,” a Twitter user wrote.

On the other hand, a Netizen voiced that people should stop assuming that the whole issue was just a prank.

As of writing, the couple has yet to comment on the allegations.

Written by J M

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