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Ogie Diaz talks about stars who are unlikely to return to ABS-CBN

He grouped the artists whom he thinks won’t go back to being a Kapamilya.

On his YouTube channel, television personality and talent manager Ogie Diaz shared his thoughts about artists who may possibly want to come back to ABS-CBN. Artists who left the station may want to return to being a Kapamilya.

But Ogie shared that he has three classifications of artists whom he thinks won’t go back to the network.

One is those who transferred to a competitor network without informing ABS-CBN management about the decision.

“But the first one which is lumipat ka sa ibang istasyon nang walang paalam is a different story. Why, because the management would have understood you from the economic point of view, but at least letting them know about your decision is a matter of courtesy,” he stated.

“Since they’re tied to a contract with another station, siyempre malabo. But should they have no more contractual obligations, I’m sure that the management will say, ‘Di ba, sabi mo, ayaw mo sa amin? Eh, di diyan ka na lang, diyan ka pala masaya,’ I can imagine,” he added.

Second is those who refused to speak up during the Kapamilya network’s battle for a fresh 25-year franchise. Amid the hearings on whether Congress will renew ABS-CBN’s franchise or not, current and other former talents of the network have spoken up and fought for it. However, not everyone wanted to pick a side on the matter as others chose to keep their mouth shut.

And the third is the Kapamilya stars who did worse than those who stayed silent. They are the ones who turned their backs against the network and spoke ill of it or the situation.

Regarding Ogie’s talents Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil, he said that the two will be with ABS-CBN no matter what. That even if the two were extended a tempting offer from other stations, they made the decision to stay as Kapamilyas.

Written by J M

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