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Charo Santos-Concio had no clue her husband already fell for her and was ready to propose

Charo Santos-Concio had no clue her husband already fell for her and was ready to propose

  • Charo Santos used to work as a model for Concio’s company
  • The two were introduced to each other and the rest is history

On July 6, during a press conference, Charo Santos-Concio shared how grateful she is to have met someone like her husband Cesar Concio.

“I would be the first one to admit that finding a lifetime partner is no walk in the park. But when the right person comes, you just know. It is effortless. It is graceful. It just brings a different kind of joy and you just bloom into the best version of yourself. That’s how it was for me and my lifetime partner. He encouraged me to pursue my dreams and be my biggest fan. I feel truly blessed to have found him and every day I am inspired to do what I can to prove worthy of the blessing that he is in my life.”

Santos worked as a model in the ’80s and was actually working for Concio’s company when the two met each other. She said they were meant to be the moment they were introduced.

“Our wedding shocked Manila. I’m sure if it happened today I’m sure viral na yan sa social media. The first time he saw me was when I was presented as the brand model for his company. At that moment, I think he fell in love with me. It was the ‘80s, I was in my early 20s with a rising career as a model and actress and Cesar was in his 40s already highly accomplished. So we were eventually introduced. I found him to be very warm, respectful, gracious, a true gentleman. We became friends so I wasn’t really surprised when he invited me to join him and his friends to tour Europe after the screening of my film Kisapmata at the Cannes film festival. I said yes. I also needed a break at saka magkakaibigan naman kami. I felt safe. Not knowing that he was really going to Europe pala to propose to the girl he was in love with.”

During their trip, Cesar seemed to know everything that was needed to know to impress Santos.

“The odds were against him. I was half his age. He was separated. Our first stop was at St. Peter’s Basilica. I asked God to bless me with a good husband. I didn’t have the tiniest idea that it was going to be the man standing beside me. On tour Cesar was a revelation. OMG. He knew everything. He knew the history of every place we ever visited. He knew the story behind every masterpiece. Sobra akong namangha sa kanyang kaalaman. I had a teacher in him. I was in awe. I began to be drawn to him.  We got to know each other better on the long train ride to Paris and I was a bit too naive to think that he was attracted to me. Hindi naman siya nanliligaw. Hindi naman ako presumido. Gosh, he hasn’t even said anything remotely romantic. And then on our first dinner, he was separated so I asked him if he was thinking of getting married again. And he said, ‘Yes. In fact, I was thinking of marrying you.’”

Santos remembers when Cesar was pulling back which made her want him even more. She also remembers all the opposition they faced during their controversial wedding.

“Back in Manila, we went on to our separate lives. He kept away. I thought [that] was it but I began to miss him. I discovered in him deep profound goodness. I was drawn to his inner being. I felt complete. I was falling in love with him. After four weeks, Cesar finally broke his silence and invited me to lunch. It felt good to be together again. Next time we met for dinner. And then he said, ‘So when do you want to get married?’ I said, ‘Autumn would be a good time.’ Our wedding shocked Manila society and many disapproved. But I took my lead in Cesar who anchored himself on an inner stance of truth, the honest love we have for each other. If we go by dogma, fail. If we go by what is accepted by society, fail. So ano na yung truth namin? Love di ba?

Just like any marriage, Santos admitted theirs is not perfect, but the support her husband shows her is unrivaled by any.

“We had a lot of struggles like any other marriage. But far from finding fault in each other, we would be finding each other’s strengths. He taught me how to soar, how to choose my battles, to pull back and how to keep perspective. At the center of our bond is a sense of common destiny and I have the courage to face many more years together.”

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ABS-CBN TVplus partners with government agencies to give Filipinos free updates with real-time alerts

ABS-CBN TVplus partners with government agencies to give Filipinos free updates with real-time alerts

  • People will get alerts and updates from PAGASA, the Metro Manila Development Authority, and the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council via ABS-CBN TVPlus units
  • TrabaHanap will alert people of available blue-collar jobs

On July 26, a signing ceremony was held by ABS-CBN and INFOplus.

Their partnership is all about informing people with no internet connection with life-saving alerts.

INFOplus will be providing people updates and alerts from PAGASA, the Metro Manila Development Authority, and the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council.

Unemployed people will find it easier to find jobs since INFOplus also gives out job alerts provided by TrabaHanap.com, specifically blue-collar jobs.

Through ABS-CBN News, people will also be informed of class suspensions and prices of goods on the market.

ABS-CBN head of Access Charles Lim said that people who are below the poverty line will benefit the most from the partnership.

“Digital TV is not just providing crystal clear reception. For ABS-CBN TVplus, it is also about making our users informed with important and helpful information without additional costs.”

People will not find it hard to gain information since the Twitter pages of MMDA, PAGASA and MMDA will be updated every 15 minutes.

MMDA Chairman Danilo Lim expressed the importance of preparing for the worst.

“Sa panahon ng sakuna napakahalaga niyan .There is no substitute for preparation and more than preparation, the real-time knowledge ng mga nangyayari.”

ABS-CBN Integrated News and Current Affairs head Ging Reyes acknowledged the fact that not every Filipino has access to the internet or has a smartphone.

“Hindi naman kasi lahat may internet, may WiFi or smartphone. So sa pamamagitan nito, mayroon na namang additional source ang mga kababayan natin para makuha ang mga balita.”

In the month of July alone, around 8 million TVplus boxes were sold.

March 30, 2020 is the exact expiry date of ABS-CBN’s franchise, but things have become optimistic for the company.

Rep. Micaela Violago of the 2nd District of Nueva Ecija filed a bill that would renew the company’s franchise for 25 years.

Presidential spokesman Salvador Panelo stated that the passing of the bill is now with Congress.

President Rodrigo Duterte has been against the renewal of the franchise for issues he had with the station during the presidential elections.

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Widow wants to meet Lea Salonga but is unsuccessful, Lea gives her a special invite

Widow wants to meet Lea Salonga but is unsuccessful, Lea gives her a special invite


Lea Salonga once again proves she has a heart of gold.

Romeo Salazar went on Facebook and shared how the singer was so generous to his friend.

One of Salazar’s friends from London messaged him, talking about how she wanted to cheer up her friend who recently lost her husband to cancer back in February.

The widow and her late husband were big fans of Salonga. Salazar’s friend was planning on having her widow friend meet up with her idol but it didn’t happen since the meet and greet was fully booked.

“They are both huge fans of Lea Salonga, so she is treating her tonight to Lea’s concert in York. She wanted to surprise her friend with a scheduled short meet and greet with Lea after, but unfortunately, could not secure a spot anymore as it was fully booked.”

Salazar then proceeded to try and fulfill his friend’s wish and sent the singer a message.

“I told my friend am not promising anything as i know how busy or stressful thing like this for Lea is, but i will give it a shot and ask her.”

To Salazar’s surprise, the singer replied and told him to tell a friend to arrange everything and put both his friend and the widow on the guest list.

“Within minutes of messaging her, Lea came back to me and instructed me to tell my friend Wendy Pearse that she will arrange it and will put her and her friend’s names on the guest list.

“Now you know why Lea Salonga is much loved and a genuine role model for many in our business. Maraming salamat ulit Lea!” he concluded.

Along with all the awards she won throughout her career, Lea Salonga was the first Filipino to win a Tony Award and the first Filipino to be signed to Atlantic Records.

Salonga will be coming back to television as a coach for the fourth season of The Voice Kids.

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Amid controversies, Julia Barretto looks forward to her next beach trip

Amid controversies, Julia Barretto looks forward to her next beach trip

  • Julia Barretto is reportedly the reason for the trouble in Bea Alonzo and Gerald Anderson’s relationship
  • Barretto and Joshua Garcia confirmed returning to being “best friends” in late June
  • Block Z is her upcoming movie with Garcia

It was on Sunday night, July 21 when Bea Alonzo posted a cryptic message on Instagram that sparked rumors of infidelity in her relationship. Later on, Bea liked a post that showed boyfriend Gerald Anderson hanging out with Julia Barretto at Rayver Cruz’s birthday party.

The names of “Gerald” and “Julia” immediately became a trending topic on Twitter as netizens have been speculating that the actor was responsible for the breakup of Barretto and Joshua Garcia.

Anderson was Barretto’s first-time leading man in the romance film Between Maybes released last May. Barretto and Garcia, meanwhile, both denied Anderson’s involvement in the breakup of JoshLia. The two decided to just be “best friends.”

Thousands of netizens flocked to their respective accounts to console, to bash, and to give different reactions on the issue. While Alonzo decided to keep her comments section open, Barretto chose to disable it amid controversy.

And instead of addressing the issue, Barretto shared a photo of herself lying face down on a paddleboard. “We’re down to our last few days of shooting “Block Z” and while it’s been quite busy and hectic again, I’m looking forward to my next beach trip 🧡”


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“Why so ganda?” Paulo Avelino transforms into a woman

“Why so ganda?” Paulo Avelino transforms into a woman

  • Paulo Avelino’s female version is downright gorgeous

Paulo Avelino is one of local entertainment’s hottest leading men but who would’ve thought he would be as equally gorgeous as a girl?

Avelino’s transformation for an undercover mission in The General’s Daughter has put netizens in awe of his “female” version. Avelino’s character Franco had to transform into a woman while Rhian (Angel Locsin) needed to disguise herself as a man in continuation of their surveillance of Tiago’s (Tirso Cruz III) criminal activities.

On Twitter, Avelino shared a photo showing his transformation into a woman. “Puro kasi kayo Pa-fall. Che!” he said.

His co-star Angel Locsin also shared some snippets of the said transformation on Instagram.


Locsin also teased Avelino on Twitter, “Ganda mo miss ah…  ”





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Bea Alonzo ‘likes’ news confirming Gerald Anderson courting Julia Barretto

Bea Alonzo ‘likes’ news confirming Gerald Anderson courting Julia Barretto

  • Issues between Gerald Anderson and Julia Barretto arose while doing Between Maybes movie
  • Barretto and Joshua Garcia announced their breakup last month
  • Anderson and Bea Alonzo were supposed to celebrate their third anniversary

It looks like Bea Alonzo’s liking spree is not yet done.

After the Alonzo shared a cryptic post on her Instagram account that further fueled rumors of a breakup with Gerald Anderson, she began liking some posts alluding to Anderson’s alleged infidelity with his Between Maybes co-star Julia Barretto. A photo of Anderson and Barretto, supposedly taken during the 30th birthday party of Kapuso star Rayver Cruz, sparked a social media frenzy Sunday evening, July 22, with some users online concluding that the two Between Maybes stars were more than friends.

Jojo Gabinete on PEP.ph published an article saying Barretto’s father, Dennis Padilla called Anderson to confirm their relationship. “Sa naturang pag-uusap, kinumpirma umano ni Gerald kay Dennis na nililigawan niya si Julia. Umamin din daw siyang hiwalay na sila ni Bea.”

This news was reposted by a certain Kath Cabrera on Instagram and Alonzo liked it.


The netizen wrote, “LIKED. Don’t worry ate Bea we, your fans, are always here for you. Sa mga nambabash sa kahit sinong taong sangkot dito. Wala kaming pakialam, bea world only cares about you. God will heal you. God will help you. WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH. You can absolutely do this! YOU DESERVE THE BEST 🙏🏻”


Meanwhile, Julia Barretto’s mother, Marjorie, said that she will hold people legally liable for posts about her daughter and co-star Gerald Anderson.

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PNP might break agreement with ‘FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano’ due to rape scene of female cop

PNP might break agreement with ‘FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano’ due to rape scene of female cop

  • FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano showed a female cop being raped by two suspects
  • PNP warns the show of their possible  on their agreement

FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano is one of the most-watched television series in the country. While the show is phenomenally popular, it is not without its controversies. The series is all about the life of a policeman and digs deep into corrupt cops.

Chief Oscar Albayalde of the Philippine National Police has criticized the show before, saying that Soliman Cruz’s character, General and PNP Chief Terante, was filled with ambitions of power and uses corruption to get what he wants.

The PNP also warned the show of the “illegal” use of police uniforms and vehicles.

Senator Panfilo Lacson on the other hand said that Terante was not fit enough to be the chief because of how out of shape he was.

Both DILG secretary Eduardo Año and DILG assistant secretary Jonathan Malaya once planned on filing legal actions against the show because they felt that the PNP was getting demoralized.

In November 2018, the PNP signed a  Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with ABS-CBN which gives the network permission to use police uniforms, facilities, and equipment in the production of FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano.

Now, the PNP is considering withdrawing their side of the agreement.

FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano is in hot water again for their recent episodes.

The episode showed Bungo, played by Baron Geisler, leading his goons to restrain a policewoman while he sexually assaults her. In another scene, Bungo is also shown raping a second policewoman.

The women were then rescued by Coco Martin.

PNP Deputy Spokesperson PLTCOL Kimberly Molitas said that they are taking the situation seriously and will consider pulling back, as this is not the first time the show has offended the PNP.

“We will talk to the Production Staff of ABS CBN and look at possible violation of our existing Memorandum of Understanding. Depending on the extent of the violation we may warn them or rescind the said MOU.”

The latest episode showed Cardo getting stabbed and shot. Netizens are speculating whether the show will end soon, or if the scene is just another dream sequence.



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Daniela is unstoppable! Dimples Romana becomes “Daniela the Explorer” in hilarious memes

Daniela is unstoppable! Dimples Romana becomes “Daniela the Explorer” in hilarious memes

  • Dimples Romana’s Kadenang Ginto character Daniela has become a hilarious meme
  • Kadenang Ginto is currently the most watched daytime drama according to Kantar Media and NUTAM

Last Friday, ABS-CBN released the third season teaser of their hit afternoon series Kadenang Ginto.

The teaser shows the latest plot curveball of the show. The tables have turned on the Mondragons. We see Romina blazing as she builds her business empire and Daniela razed, stripped away of all her possessions.

The teaser video instantly trended on social media, particularly the scene showing Daniela walking on the street of a poor neighborhood, strutting in her blood red dress and luggage, complemented with her black and gold purse, heels and accessories.

Netizens started putting Daniela at various locations like Mactan Bridge in Cebu, under the newly-constructed Mambaling underpass, at a safari in Palawan, different schools. Some even put Daniela outside the country.







Some netizens even put Daniela in scenarios like she’s pulling a carabao in a river, climbing a tree, being on a TV show, or in movies like Titanic and Spider-Man.











There’s nothing Daniela can’t do based on these memes.

ABS-CBN’s Kadenang Ginto continues to reign in its afternoon timeslot, with a 23.7 percent audience share according to latest data by third-party analytics firm Kantar Media.

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Batangas school gets brand new library from ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya

Batangas school gets brand new library from ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya

  • ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation Inc.’s (ALKFI) Programa Genio and partner organizations built a new library for students of Looc Elementary School
  • ALKFI’s educational arm Programa Genio, gives more students access to quality education, which is part of ABS-CBN’s commitment to help Filipinos nationwide have access to more learning opportunities. 
  • The library and teacher training program gives children a safe space and resources so they can learn to love reading and eventually become better students

Students and teachers in Looc, Batangas, will now have access to more learning and educational resources with a brand new library recently turned over to the Looc Elementary School by ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation Inc.’s (ALKFI) Programa Genio and partner organizations.

Gina Burgos, a fisherwoman from the remote town along Taal Lake, dreams of a better life for her two children. She says a new library for her children and their schoolmates can inspire them to make the most of their education and pursue their dreams.


“Even though we don’t earn much, my husband and I work very hard so that our children can go to school and have a chance to have a better life,” said Gina, who heads the parents’ association in the school. “I can already see how much joy this new library brings to my children, while also motivating them to keep learning and keep dreaming big.”

Meanwhile, according to Donalyn Maya, officer-in-charge of Looc Elementary School and the chairman of the Looc-Balete Development Association, the new library benefits both students and teachers, who have difficulty getting hold of learning materials and resources.

“This new library and the supplies in it are a huge help not just to the students but to us teachers, too,” said Donalyn. “We now have easy access to reference books that are usually found in bigger city libraries, while the children can foster a love for reading and learning with these new books.”

ALKFI’s educational arm Programa Genio, which works with public schools and communities to give more students access to quality education, spearheaded the project, which is part of ABS-CBN’s commitment to help Filipinos nationwide have access to more learning opportunities. The library was built with donations from the Filipino American Cultural Organization (FACO) and is in line with the Department of Education’s (DepEd) Every Child a Reader program that aims to equip elementary pupils with strategic reading and writing skills to help them with reading comprehension.

According to Maricar Estole, program director of Programa Genio, the library and teacher training program gives children a safe space and resources so they can learn to love reading and eventually become better students, while assisting the teachers in giving their students the best education possible.

The library is just one of many projects spearheaded by ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya to help the residents in the remote, lakeside town of Looc have access to education, healthcare, and livelihood opportunities. Home to about 4,000 residents who rely mostly on seasonal farming, fishing, and construction work for their livelihood, Looc has been one of ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya’s beneficiaries or “adopted communities” since 2016. ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya also led in the construction of a barangay health center, a community pharmacy, the NutriPan project- a school based bakery that sells nutritious, affordable bread to the students, and the rehabilitation of the Looc Elementary School gymnasium, which serves as the evacuation center for Looc and other neighboring barangays in times of calamity.


For updates on the projects of ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya, follow its official Facebook account (@abscbnfoundationkapamilya) or visit the website at www.abs-cbnfoundation.com. For updates follow @abscbnpr on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter or go to abscbnpr.com.

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Netizens applaud ‘Kadenang Ginto’ hospital scene

Netizens applaud ‘Kadenang Ginto’ hospital scene

  • Kadenang Ginto had a scene where a doctor explained blood transfusion correctly
  • Twitter page @medtechproblems posted the video and medtech practitioners complimented the scene

One reason people love teleseryes is for their scenes that are over dramatic. But even if the drama can be over the top, they still have to be rooted in reality or facts.

GMA Network’s My Special Tatay got a lot of heat for one of their scenes when Boyet, a character in the teleserye, got shot twice.

Bullet holes were found in Boyet’s upper left chest near the heart and at the lower rib area on the right side. This indicates that the body parts affected would have been the heart, lungs, and the liver. When they got to the hospital, the doctor said that Boyet got shot in his appendix and his rib cage. Medical practitioners lambasted the scene on social media for being inaccurate and misleading.

The doctor in the teleserye also said that Boyet might need blood transfusion because of the appendix damage. This also got a laugh out of netizens since a blood transfusion is unnecessary because humans can live without an appendix.

The writers got a lot of heat for the medical misinformation.

Kadenang Ginto made sure not to make the same mistake and got applauded by netizens, specifically medical technicians.


There was a scene similar to the one that happened in My Special Tatay.

The doctor in the scene said that during blood transfusions, blood type is not the only factor that needs to be considered.

Antibody screening and cross-matching should also be done.

Netizens started comparing the two scenes and were impressed with Kadenang Ginto‘s writers.



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