5 Facts You Should Know About “Kuya Escort” Ion Perez

5 Facts You Should Know About “Kuya Escort” Ion Perez

  • Ion Perez admits on GGV’s latest episode that Vice Ganda is special to him
  • No direct and further confirmation has been divulged about the real score of their relationship
  • Before Perez met Vice Ganda, he made a mark in the male pageant scene, being crowned as 2018 Mr. Universe Tourism

Ion Perez, also known as “Kuya Escort” in the noontime variety show “It’s Showtime,” made a surprise guest appearance on Vice Ganda’s “Gandang Gabi Vice” that aired on March 31.

The model admitted then that the comedian-host is “special” to him.

Both Vice Ganda and Ion Perez have been teased repeatedly by their co-hosts in the variety show about their supposed romantic relationship, but no direct confirmation has ever been uttered by the two.

But what was Ion Perez’s life before he met his “special” person Vice Ganda?

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Below are some facts about the heartthrob:

1. Perez was born in Concepcion, Tarlac on November 27, 1990 and is the 11th among 15 siblings

2. His late father was a jeepney driver while his mother worked for a time as a kakanin vendor

3. He was among the winners of the 2017 Misters of Filipinas pageant

4. A year later, he was crowned Mister Universe Tourism where it opened a door for him in the modeling industry

5. He is part of the bachelor list of Cosmopolitan Philippines

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Jimmy Bondoc reacts to Jaime Fabregas’ defense of Jim Paredes and his video scandal

Jimmy Bondoc reacts to Jaime Fabregas’ defense of Jim Paredes and his video scandal

  • Jimmy Bondoc reacts against celebs defending Jim Paredes and his scandal
  • ‘Never mind hypocrisy,’ says Bondoc in response to Jaime Fabregas’ defense that Paredes is not a bad person despite his lewd video
  • Fabregas remarked that the people who published Paredes’ video were the evil ones

Musician turned Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) official Jimmy Bondoc responded to celebrities defending Jim Paredes and his lewd video that circulated on April Fool’s Day.

The PAGCOR vice president for corporate social responsibility wrote on his Facebook account: “As I said… sooner or later, they will make this guy the hero. Bayani bigla. Never mind infidelity to a wife, I guess. Never mind hypocrisy.”

He also attached a picture of Jaime Fabregas in his post, with the veteran actor’s statement defending Paredes who was a known vocal critic of the Duterte administration.

According to Fabregas, who is a mainstay of ABS-CBN’s hit prime-time series FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano, “The publishing of the video of Jim Paredes is plain evil. It is almost like the last gasps of this ailing regime. If Jim was having cyber sex in the privacy of his room wherever he was, that’s none of our business. He was not hurting anyone. He was not forcing himself on anyone. He is not evil. The people who published it, are.”

As I said… sooner or later, they will make this guy the Hero. Bayani bigla.Never mind infidelity to a wife, I…

Posted by Jimmy Bondoc on Thursday, April 4, 2019

The actor and known music scorer added, “Everybody has sex. It’s the nature of things. What this video wants to effect is that Jim, who is a staunch critic of this administration, is what? A bad person? Because he has sex? That would be the epitome of stupidity.”

Bondoc’s sentiments then turned to campaign to fellow supporters of the president not to vote for any senatorial candidates belonging to the “Yellow” faction, or simply those in opposition of Duterte’s policies.

“The video was real. It was private, and not meant for public consumption. I do not know how it became public,” Paredes confessed after initially denying that the controversial video was fake.

The former member of the APO Hiking Society admitted his wrongdoing and made an apology to the public.

Among the celebrities and personalities that defended the veteran singer were Gary Valenciano, Leah Navarro, and writer-artist Carlos Celdran.

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Leo Consul shares secret to success: Patience and perseverance

Leo Consul shares secret to success: Patience and perseverance

  • Leo Consul is so proud and happy of his achievement with his career, as he remembers all the trials and challenges he has encountered
  • At the end of the day, he brought nothing but questions; doubting his capabilities
  • There are people who would pull you down and tear down your self-confidence, but the one who survives, are the ones who never stopped

Leo Consul, one of the hosts of the popular TV show “It’s Showtime” Indonesia, is so proud and happy of his achievement, when he remembers all the trials and challenges he has encountered as he shared it on Facebook.

The host had recalled how he started in reaching his dreams, patiently waiting outside ABS-CBN with other participants, who all wanted to audition for Pinoy Big Brother and Pinoy Dream Academy.

Naalala ko yong pila noon sa labas ng ABS-CBN for Pinoy Big Brother and Pinoy Dream Academy. Gutom, uhaw, kaba, takot at lahat-lahat na ng pwedeng maramdaman ng isang taong may matinding pagnanasang makamit angkanyang mga pangarap na buong tapang kong hinarap para lamang matupad ang higante kong mga pangarap.”

Leo sacrificed waking up early. At dawn, he was already lining up, with other participants, with all his hopes. But at the end of the day, he brought nothing but questions, doubting his capabilities.

“Pumila ako ng madaling araw bitbit ang isang libong pag-asa at umuwi ng walang dala maliban sa mabigat na balikat at butas na bulsa. Maraming mga tanong sa isipan ko: Anong kulang? Bakit sila at hindi ako? Hindi ba ako magaling? Kulang ba talento ko? Name it.

And now, he finally found the answer to all his questions and doubts, as he wanted to tell it to all aspiring individuals who are having the same dream. Leo believed that there is always a right time for everything.

“But I tell you what, hindi dahil hindi ka magaling or kulang ka or mas magaling sila kaya hindi ka nagtagumpay. Ang totoo nyan, HINDI PA IYON ANG PANAHON MO. Lahat may tamang oras. Lahat may tamang tiyempo.”

While waiting for the right time of having a big break, a person should persevere and never give up. With his experience, he could say that there were people who would pull you down and tear down your self-confidence but the one who survives are the ones who never stopped.

Naalala ko yong pila noon sa labas ng ABS-CBN for Pinoy Big Brother and Pinoy Dream Academy. Gutom, uhaw, kaba, takot at…

Posted by Leo J. Consul on Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Kelangan mo lang magpursige habang mataimtim kang naghihintay sa tamang panahon na nakalaan para sayo. In time, everything will make sense. Huwag kang panghinaan ng loob. May mga taong manghihila sayo pababa at lalamunin lahat ng kumpiyansa mo sa iyong sarili pero tandaan mo, tanging ang mga taong hindi humihinto sa pag-abot ng kanilang mga pangarap ang nakakarating sa dulo ng tagumpay. Tuloy-tuloy ka lang. 🙌🏻”

And Leo leaves a final message:

“And I’ll say it again: Dream Big! The size of your dreams must always exceed your current capacity to achieve them. If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough.”

Leo perseverance and hard work paid off, though not in the Philippines but bringing the name as a representative of the Philippines in hosting a franchise local show like Showtime in Indonesia is really a big break for him.

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Public has natural tendency to look for scandals of famous personalities, experts say

Public has natural tendency to look for scandals of famous personalities, experts say

  • Kapamilya star Loisa Andalio became the subject of Internet’s watchful eye due to a lewd video being linked to her
  • Fans and other celebrities defended the star and one psychologist explained that people have a natural tendency to look for scandals of celebrities
  • The general public lives vicariously through public figures so they feel superior or feel pity over their actions

Scandals have been part of our society since ancient times—they present a dishonest action or unethical behavior usually by a public figure that is deemed unacceptable by the community. Furthermore, scandals can be found in almost every aspect of society: entertainment industry, government, academia, and at work.

And because of their shocking and immoral nature, they raise different, extreme feelings and reactions amongst people – one is for the purpose of helping solve the issue found in the scandal, but most often, results in other people perpetuating the same problem.

This paradox is better seen in video scandals. While some call for respecting one’s privacy, others would rather spread the video to scrutinize and discern whether the alleged subject in the video is real and not a case of mistaken identity— like the incident Kapamilya star Loisa Andalio found herself in, when a lewd video of a young woman circulated online since March 22 and was said to be her.

The original clip, uncertain where it had originated, had since been deleted but many Filipinos were able to spread copies of it on various social media platforms.

Some opposed the spread of the video, which was thought to be defamatory for the young actress, even though it has not been confirmed or verified that it was indeed her appearing on it. While others condemned those who are requesting for copies of the recording as phonies.

As stated, a scandal is therefore a problem generated in society which becomes a concern and issue for a larger section of the collective.

Dr. Susan Kolod of Psychology Today, as reported on Interaksyon, said that fans and critics crave to know the goings-on in the lives of celebrity people, and that they naturally have the tendency to look for scandals.

“What makes scandals so interesting? A good scandal can be titillating, outrageous, entertaining, satisfying and edifying—it allows us to feel superior, to pity or despise the transgressor and to get vicarious pleasure, all at the same time,” said Kolod.

She also explained that scandals allow a person to determine whether they live “far better” than those who have committed scandalous things. “Scandals allow us, through fantasy, to vicariously experience ‘another’ life, while leaving us reassured that we are better off in our ordinary, non-scandalous existence.”

They also help distract individuals from the banality of everyday life.

“Not only does it take our minds off our problems, it also assures us that our problems are small and manageable in comparison,” Kolod added.

The Guardian, on the other hand, reported that the use of social media helped in providing people easier access to information related to scandals.

Aleks Krotoski wrote: “It’s because the web works outside the consent of the business. The audience is in charge, armed with a smart phone and a Wi-Fi connection. This makes us potentially more dangerous to the celebrity than ever before.”

Andalio was first seen on Philippine TV in April 2014 as a housemate of the fifth regular season of Pinoy Big Brother, Pinoy Big Brother: All In, where she was dubbed as the “Talented Darling ng Parañaque.” She has yet to issue a statement on the matter as no other official details have been disclosed.

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Definition of love: Love is not affection but a promise

Definition of love: Love is not affection but a promise

  • You cannot depend on your life on mutable feelings
  • He knows who he should love, though sometimes he doesn’t feel it
  • He was so sure that love is not affection but a promise, a promise to love each other with or without the feeling of liking

How would you define love?

The dictionary says “love is to like another adult very much and be romantically and sexually attracted to them or to have strong feelings of liking a friend or person in your family.”

This means that love is an affection which a person has perceived. But one disagrees, because for him, love is not affection but a promise.

“Maglalabinlimang taon, at ngayon ko lang natitiyak na hindi pakiramdam ang pagmamahal, kundi pangako—na mamahalin ninyo…

Posted by Elvin Ruiz on Thursday, March 21, 2019

A captioned post has been going around Facebook, made by Jerry B. Gracio, an ABS- CBN writer who made people relate to his point of view about love.

" …..hindi pakiramdam ang pagmamahal, kundi pangako—na mamahalin ninyo ang isa’t isa, may nararamdaman ka man o…

Posted by Alexander Joshua Barcela on Thursday, March 21, 2019

On his post, Jerry started to share about his love partner “Mon,” who would travel for three days with his friend for work in Baguio. And few days before, Mon was so jealous because he had seen Jerry talking with somebody. He was anxious about it that it won’t make him feel sleepy, and wanted to argue with it.

Before Mon left for the job, he leaves a message for Jerry saying “Je, three days lang akong mawawala, huwag kang gagawa ng kahit ano na pagkakagalitan natin, may tiwala ako sa ‘yo,” Then Jerry only smiled.

May ganitong mga umaga na aalmusalin mong nililimi ang post tulad nito ni Sir Jerry B. Grácio:"Maglalabinlimang taon,…

Posted by Jaco B. Tango on Thursday, March 21, 2019

At that moment, Jerry’s admitted that he used to flirt but he knows his limitations. He also knows who he should love, though sometimes he doesn’t feel it.

Jerry led him to the car and Mon kissed him on the lips, in front of the people in their place before he set off. He said, “Ako ang nahiya. Tangna, ilang laláki ang hahalik sa ‘yo sa labas, sa harap ng maraming tao?”

Jerry can attest of Mon’s love for him, though sometimes he doesn’t feel the same way.

For fifteen years in a relationship with him, that was the moment that he was so sure that love is not an affection but a promise – a promised to love each other with or without the feeling of liking.

Kanina, bigla na lang nagsabi si Mong na aalis siya. Tumawag palá sa barkada ko, sasáma raw sa trabaho, naiinip na sa…

Posted by Jerry B. Grácio on Thursday, March 21, 2019

For him, you cannot depend on your life on mutable feelings. But having an affirmation to love one another, either with or without the affection, because love is not an affection nor an infatuation.

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Former high school bully sends Angel Locsin an apology letter on Instagram

Former high school bully sends Angel Locsin an apology letter on Instagram

  • Angel Locsin receives apology from former high school bully at USTHS
  • Locsin forgave her bully and even asked for an apology too as she reasoned that ‘it takes two to tango’ when it comes to mistakes
  • The Kapamilya star urged her followers to do the same, as long as their efforts are sincere in order not to regret anything in life

Due to Angel Locsin’s portrayal of strong female characters, it was hard to imagine that she too was bullied in the past.

Filipina television and film actress Locsin, 33, posted this Friday on her Instagram story an exchange with a former high school bully who sought forgiveness for past transgressions.

Her former classmate from the University of Sto. Tomas High School reached out to the star of “The General’s Daughter” through a private message on Instagram, to apologize for his/her actions when they were younger.

The user’s identity was protected by Locsin and his/her message read: “Hi Angel, you probably don’t remember me but I used to not like you back in USTHS. I remember I bullied you before… I want to say I am sorry. I want you to know (while I am watching your movies in Netflix) that I am extremely amazed by how good an actress you are! Congratulations on how you have become a very good actress! I can probably say that perhaps, I am a fan now! Again, I apologize.”

“Hello! Mga bata pa tayo noon. Your message made me smile. Salamat. Pasensiya na rin kung may nagawa ako para hindi mo ako magustuhan. Sabi nga nila, it takes two to tango. So ayun. Pasensya na. Ingat lagi!” responded the famous actress.

She then went on to tell her Instagram followers that she was “quite moved” by the sudden act of contrition and shared it online for anyone who needed to be inspired by her former bully who now turned over a new leaf.

The Kapamilya star has served as an inspiration to many because of her charitable heart.

“At some point in our lives, we’ve all been bullied, and we’ve all been bullies. But as a wise Beatle once wrote, ‘Life is very short, and there’s no time for fussing and fighting, my friend’. So if you have the chance to apologize to someone you’ve hurt, take it. And if someone asks for your forgiveness, give it to them. In either case, if your efforts are sincere, you’ll never regret it,” claimed Locsin.

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Angel Locsin’s ‘The General’s Daughter’ is winning both NUTAM and Kantar Media surveys

Angel Locsin’s ‘The General’s Daughter’ is winning both NUTAM and Kantar Media surveys

  • Five years since her last teleserye lead role, Angel Locsin returned to prime time via ‘The General’s Daughter’
  • NUTAM and Kantar Media both agreed that ‘The General’s Daughter’ is winning TV ratings versus its newest rival ‘Sahaya’
  • The Dreamscape series is being dubbed as the “biggest of 2019” while GMA Network invested a lot on ‘Sahaya’

Angel Locsin has proved herself over the last few years with her superb acting skills and on-cam charisma, and more Filipinos nationwide anticipated the actress’s much awaited comeback to primetime drama with the action-packed series ‘The General’s Daughter.’

Angel Locsin’s comeback project after 5 years is all worth the wait. Why? Because majority of TV viewers are watching it, based on the latest data released by the two ratings providers – NUTAM and Kantar Media. ABS-CBN gets TV ratings from Kantar Media while GMA Network rely on data coming from NUTAM.

‘The General’s Daughter’ vs. ‘Sahaya’

NUTAM: On March 18, the newly released ‘Sahaya,’ on its pilot episode, gained a total of 10.2%, having at least 2.4% lesser views than ‘The General’s Daughter,’ which earned 12.6%. On the next day, ‘The General’s Daughter,’ which earned a total percentage of 12.7, has a 2.7% gap over ‘Sahaya,’ which only earned 10.0%. ‘Sahaya,’ on its third day, gained a total of 10.8% viewership versus ‘The General’s Daughter,’ which earned a total of 12.8%, making at least an average of 2 percent gap.

On Thursday, ‘The General’s Daughter’ made a total of 3.0% higher score which gained a percentage of 14.3, while ‘Sahaya’ only gained a total of 11.3%. ‘Sahaya’ capped off its first week with only 11.7% while its rival ‘The General’s Daughter’ hit 13.9%.

Kantar Media: The Kapamilya series instantly scored a high rate of 34%, topping it’s rival series’ pilot episode (March 18) from the other network. ‘Sahaya,’ meanwhile, only got 15.9%. On March 19, domination was still on ABS-CBN’s side when ‘The General’s Daughter’ made total views of 33.4% while ‘Sahaya’ only gained 15.7%, having at least an average difference of 17.7 percent.

On March 20, the Kapuso network still did not get the higher rate as ‘Sahaya’ lost about 17.3%, after it earned a total percentage of 15.4% against ‘The General’s Daughter,’ which gained a total of 32.7%. ABS-CBN even got a higher gap when ‘FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano’ gained a total of 34.2% against ‘Sahaya’ which gained a total of 16.1%, having at least an 18.1% higher rate than the latter series on March 21.


Indeed, more Filipino viewers nationwide look forward to Angel’s casting and appearance in every dramatic project that she’s into. She has performed quality and awesome acting skills that made tele-viewers inspired by her innate charisma. Angel Locsin has qualified herself, and proven to the Filipinos, that she is indeed the Primetime Drama-Action Queen.

Angel Locsin joined showbiz in 2002. During her early career years, she made her mark when she took her flight as ‘Darna’ in the GMA Network series. She made her Kapamilya acting debut in the drama series ‘Lobo’ as Lyka Raymundo-Ortega, which aired in 2006. The series won the “Ani ng Dangal Multimedia Award” and the actress was nominated for “Star Award for TV for Best Drama Actress.”

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Amy Perez clarifies she’s not part of ‘Paysbook’ after photo linking her to it appears on social media

Amy Perez clarifies she’s not part of ‘Paysbook’ after photo linking her to it appears on social media

  • Amy Perez denies connection to Paysbook amid photos of her and posts on social media linking her to the firm
  • Securities and Exchange Commission has informed the public that Paysbook is not permitted to operate as an online investment firm in the country
  • People found doing unregistered investment schemes may be prosecuted and held criminally liable

Filipino television show host Amy Perez denied yesterday her connection to an online investment firm, when her photo with a man working under the company circulated online.

The noontime show host of It’s Showtime wrote on her Twitter account, “FYI IM NOT CONNECTED OR EVEN PART OF THIS “PAYSBOOK” THING. MY HUSBAND AND I WENT TO HK TO CELEBRATE OUR ANNIVERSARY.  That guy in the picture asked me if pwede mag picture kami and i said ok but boy yung caption mo ay iba na!”

The photo displays the actress-show host smiling with a man in an airplane bound for Hong Kong. The caption of the post insinuated that she is part of the Paysbook qualifiers who got a trip to Hong Kong.

In a report from BusinessWorld in January this year, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has warned investors from a firm called Paysbook E-Commerce System Corp. that recently registered with the agency as an electronic commerce system provider, same as the dissolved Paysbook E-Commerce System Co. Ltd.

Paysbook allegedly sells account activation codes to the public in return for profits simply by just logging in and out of its website, and recruiting people to join the scheme.

“The department has also received information that members and affiliates of Paysbook have circulated on popular social media website numerous photos of its officers appearing before this department, implying [that] all the company’s issues with the Commission have already been settled,” SEC issued.

According to the Commission, Paysbook is not permitted to operate as an online investment firm in the Philippines. “Since the operation of the corporation, despite having a separate and distinct juridical personality, is a mere continuation and extension of the actual operations of the dissolved partnership. The advisory is hereby extended to apply to Paysbook E-Commerce System Corp.,” it said.

Althor R. Sandigan, the man believed to be in the photo with Perez, replied to the TV personality’s Twitter post, explaining his side of things:

“I want to explain my side, Hope mabasa ni ma’am Amy Perez ito. Intindihin ng mabuti ung original caption ko. . At wala pong sinabi na member cxa ni paysbook. May iba kc na gumawa ng sari sariling caption about this post at naging Fake info ang nangyari.”

The commission also cautioned the public that employees acting as brokers or salesmen and recruiting others in any unregistered investment scheme may be indicted and held criminally liable, and if found guilty, may be jailed for up  to 21 years, and pay a maximum of P5 million or both.

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Bouts of Hypnic Jerk while sleeping: Is it safe or not?

Bouts of Hypnic Jerk while sleeping: Is it safe or not?

  • Hypnagogic jerk is the state where an involuntary muscle spasm occurs while a person is drifting off to sleep
  • A doctor clarified that Hypnagogic Jerk, popularly known as Hypnic Jerk, is not dangerous
  • Fear of sleeping due to the feeling of falling can cause insomnia, or trouble conditions in sleeping

Have you experienced the feeling of falling when you are sleeping?

Sometimes we wonder why we do experience the feeling of falling when we are asleep and sometimes it scares us from going back to sleep.

A sleep medicine specialist Dr. Rodolfo Dizon said, on the ABS-CBN program Salamat Dok, that this is the usual experience of sleeping called Hypnic Jerk or Hypnagogic Jerk. It is an involuntary muscle spasm that occurs as a person is drifting off to sleep. The phenomenon is named in reference to the hypnagogic state — the transitional period between wakefulness and sleep.

“Nararamdaman natin kadalasan ‘yong parang nahuhulog tayo o parang may humihila sa paa,” Dizon said.

“Maaaring nagko-contract ‘yong isang part ng muslce, biglaan, o ‘yong pag-urong ng kalamnan.”

According to the doctor the person who could experience Hypnic Jerk are those who lack sleep, are stressed or fatigued, and those having excessive intakes of caffeine. It usually happens on the first 30 minutes of sleeping.

“Yong hypnic jerk kasi nangyayari sa pasimula ng tulog,” Dizon added.

He also clarified that Hypnic Jerk is not dangerous, though there is a possibility that an individual would have fear of sleeping; due to the feeling of falling that can cause insomnia, or trouble conditions in sleeping.

“Maaaring maging isang trigger para magkaroon ng insomnia ‘yong isang tao dahil sa takot niyang matulog,” he said.

But then, there are solutions to avoid or manage the the said state or condition by simply following the advice of an expert.

According to the founder of No Sleepless Nights, Ethan Green, he has recommended some advice that might help a person to manage Hypnic Jerk. First, it is to simply cut down on alcohol and caffeine intake especially in the evening in order to help manage Hypnic Jerk, as well as to reduce heavy exercises.

To help reduce muscle and nerve spasm, make sure that one has enough intake of magnesium and calcium in one’s diet. If one suffers from anxiety or stress, it is recommended that he/she has to do some simple relaxation exercises in bed.

After a busy and tiring day, one should allow rest by giving enough time to sleep, and to really sleep well.

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Moved by the episodes of ‘Kadenang Ginto,’ netizen reports the show’s antagonist to PNP

Moved by the episodes of ‘Kadenang Ginto,’ netizen reports the show’s antagonist to PNP

  • Netizen sought help from PNP by posting a message on Twitter
  • There are a lot of people who need true and honest services so we should know how to respect
  • The police officer explained its reason by telling that the PNP is ready to help in case a woman is in need of their service

“Kadenang Ginto,” a noontime teleserye of ABS-CBN network had been hooking up viewers with their latest revelations. The show is also a major hit online as it consistently garnered millions of views on YouTube and other social media platforms like Twitter.

Because of an intense episode, a netizen sought help from the PNP by posting a message on Twitter.

Because of the unexpected disappearance of Robert (Albert Martinez) due to a helicopter accident, there will be big changes that would happen in the life of Cassie (Francine Diaz) and Romina (Beauty Gonzales). But for Daniela (Dimples Romana), Robert’s loss is a good opportunity to retrieve all their wealth and getting Marga (Andrea Brillates) to the throne as Mondragon’s family princess.

Though Romina is blamed by everybody for Robert loss, she is still not giving up to prove her innocence. And Cassie would tolerate all of Daniela’s cruelty, until they find justice and get Romina out of the jail.

With this scenario, a netizen AC‏ @ItsACsLife tagged the Philippine National Police (PNP) Twitter hotline pleading to help cast members Romina and Cassie of Kadenang Ginto.

The PNP Twitter hotline replied in a decent manner asking what help they could offer and have suggested to refer it to the Women’s desk, which is available in all police stations.

And the netizen laughingly replied that the PNP had entertained such post knowing that Cassie and Romina are just cast members of the noontime show ‘Kadenang Ginto,’ and that the help he was asking wasn’t a real life scenario.

But then, the police explained its reason by telling the netizen that the PNP is ready to help in case a woman is in need of their service.

This thread on twitter made Pinoy‏ @PinoynUK react by pointing out to the netizens that we should not send jokes to the PNP hotline because there are a lot of people who need their true and honest services.

Sometimes, we blame the PNP for not doing their job if an incident happened in our place.

But this week, the netizens were excited of Romina’s comeback, which was the reason why many have been hooked up with ‘Kadenang Ginto.’


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