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Axel Cruz clarifies controversy surrounding incident on ‘EXpecially For You’ segment of ‘It’s Showtime’

His posts conveyed messages of acceptance and patience, hinting at his steadfast belief in a higher purpose.

Amidst a flurry of social media posts, Axel Cruz, a participant in the ‘EXpecially For You’ segment of ‘It’s Showtime,’ has addressed the recent controversy involving fellow contestant Christine.

The issue arose following comments made by host Vice Ganda, suggesting that Cruz had attempted to kiss Christine during a segment of the show.

Cruz took to Instagram to provide his perspective on the incident, expressing disappointment over the swift judgment passed by the public based solely on televised footage. He appealed to his followers to refrain from sending threats and posting derogatory comments, urging them to consider his side of the story.

“Gusto ko lang malaman nyo side ko hindi yung kung ano yung nakita at napanood nyo ang pinaniniwalaan nyo and please stop sending me and posting threat and badwords, stop posting uncut version of video para lang mag viral, thankyou sa mga nag susupport saakin at pinaniniwalaan ako,” Cruz stated in his post.

Cruz explained that his interactions with Christine were intended as friendly gestures, such as a high five and a display of camaraderie, and not an attempt to kiss her. He also extended apologies to Christine for any unintended discomfort caused by the incident.

“Im sorry if may mali man ako nagawa or mali sa paningin nyo pero para saakin its just like a brocode, and kay ate girl sorry kung nagulat ka or na feel mo na kikiss kita hindi ko intensyon yun.

“And to the whole cast of showtime super grateful to be part of this segment thankful padin ako lalo na kay meme vice please stop bashing her nagulat lang din siguro sya,” he shared.


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In response, Christine also addressed the issue in a separate video, stating that she did not interpret Cruz’s actions as an attempt to kiss her and saw no reason for public backlash against him.

Initially, Vice Ganda indicated willingness to apologize to Cruz for his initial remarks. However, during a subsequent live episode of ‘It’s Showtime,’ Vice Ganda retracted his statement, asserting that his response to Cruz’s behavior was appropriate given the context of the incident.

Despite the ongoing controversy, Cruz continued to share motivational quotes on his Facebook page, reflecting his resilience amidst the public scrutiny. His posts conveyed messages of acceptance and patience, hinting at his steadfast belief in a higher purpose.

Moreover, Cruz defended Christine against online criticism, emphasizing that she had truthfully recounted the incident and that her reaction on camera was influenced by the situation’s circumstances.

Throughout the unfolding events, Vice Ganda assured that both Cruz and Christine were receiving support and guidance. He also urged critics to direct their concerns towards him rather than the contestants involved.

The incident has sparked widespread discussion on social media, underscoring the complexities of interpreting interactions in public forums and the impact of digital platforms on public perception.

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