Pinoy pride! TNT Boys wow judges in ‘The World’s Best’

Pinoy pride! TNT Boys wow judges in ‘The World’s Best’

  • “When you were singing, you were in that song, you were like, bam!”
  • RuPaul had just one thing to say, “Shante,” which meant you stay
  • Pops Fernandez said: “I am so proud now to represent the Philippines. On behalf of the Filipinos, guess what? I know for a fact that you can be the World’s Best.”

The TNT Boys – consisting of Francis Concepcion, Mackie Empuerto, and Kiefer Sanchez – once again, brought pride to the Philippines after singing their own rendition of Beyoncé’s “Listen,” bringing them through to the next round of the new American talent competition “The World’s Best,” that aired its pilot episode right after the Super Bowl on CBS last Sunday.

The American judges were really amazed with the performance of the TNT Boys as they hit all the high notes effortlessly, giving them an average score of 49 while the Wall of the World judges gave them more than enough points to reach a total of 99.

The Judges comments after their amazing ‘goosebumps’ performance were very much applauding. Drew Barrymore said she really has a soft spot for kids, as she added that what the TNT Boys just did “is a whole other thing.”

“You possess a gift. You’re just that good,” she told the TNT Boys. Faith Hill also said, “First of all, you have some serious attitude. You’re so precious and so sweet but when you were singing, you were in that song, and you were like, bam!”

And Rupaul had one just thing to say, “Shante,” which meant “You stay!”

Watch The TNT Boys Perform On The World's Best

There is absolutely no doubt that these three can SING! 🎤

Posted by The World's Best on Sunday, February 3, 2019

One of the judges making up the ‘Wall of the World’ panel, Pops Fernandez, a Filipino Singer, was asked by James Corden about what she thinks of the boy’s performance.

She said, “I am so proud now to represent the Philippines. On behalf of the Filipinos, guess what? I know for a fact that you can be the World’s Best.”

Corden also asked an award-winning dancer and choreographer who had worked with Beyoncé “Dennis Jauch,” who represented Germany, said, “I actually wouldn’t be surprised if she (Beyoncé) would call you up after this and be like ‘Join me on the next tour!”

Comments also flooded the Twitter account with the different reactions of viewers who watched the performance of the TNT Boys.

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It’s a “no” for Janine Gutierrez to guest on ‘It’s Showtime’

It’s a “no” for Janine Gutierrez to guest on ‘It’s Showtime’

  • Enchong Dee appeared on GMA network’s noontime show, ‘Eat Bulaga!’ with new leading lady Janine Gutierrez last Saturday
  • Both are more comfortable to work with each other while doing the romantic–comedy ‘Elise’
  • Not the first time for a Kapamilya actor to appear in GMA Network show, yet it’s  already a “No” for Kapuso Janine to appear in an ABS-CBN show

For the First time, Enchong Dee, a Kapamilya actor was allowed to guest on the top-rating and long-running noontime show of GMA Network, ‘Eat Bulaga,’ to promote his movie with Kapuso actress Janine Gutierrez under Regal Entertainment, ‘Elise,’ from the writer and director Joel Ferrer that will hit cinemas nationwide starting February 6, 2019.

Echong was so happy to appear on ‘Eat Bulaga’ and be part of the segment ‘BOOM’ with Janine. He even tweeted on his account to thank the show.

“Maraming salamat sa masayang experience @EatBulaga at salamat sa mga nanuod na dabarkads😊👍🏼👍🏼”

Despite Enchong Dee being allowed to guest on the GMA network noontime show, it was already a no for Janine Gutierrez to guest in “It’s Showtime” of ABS-CBN to promote their upcoming movie.

Both are more comfortable working with each while doing the romantic–comedy ‘Elise’ as they already have experienced doing an indie film entitled ‘Lila’ that was directed by Gino Santos in 2016.

According to Janine, Enchong Dee is one of her closest friends in showbiz and it happened that he is also a close friend of Rayver Cruz, Janine’s rumored boyfriend, a former Kapamilya actor who is now a Kapuso talent.

Janine was askedt if she would be willing to work again with his ex-boyfriend Elmo Magalona who is now on the Kapamilya network. She answered, “not for now.”

“Huwag na lang muna.  Marami pa namang iba riyan na hindi ko pa nakakatrabaho,” she answered.

She graduated in Ateneo de Manila taking up European Studies in the year 2011 as her parent’s requirement before she embarks on a showbiz career. And by the following year, she decided to be in showbiz and have more focus in that direction.

“Yun talaga ang gusto ng parents ko na tapusin muna ang pag-aaral bago mag-showbiz na sinunod ko naman.”

Janine has an upcoming TV series on the Kapuso network, a fantasy-drama entitle ‘Dragon Lady’ with Tom Rodriguez, Joyce Ching, and Edgar Allan Guzman to be directed by Paul Sta. Ana.

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Jugs Jugueta affirms ‘It’s Showtime’ co-host Vice Ganda’s jokes on its rival noontime show ‘Eat Bulaga’

Jugs Jugueta affirms ‘It’s Showtime’ co-host Vice Ganda’s jokes on its rival noontime show ‘Eat Bulaga’

The hosts of It’s Showtime made an agreement that they will go on vacation as a family every year. After nine long years in the noontime show, the hosts have grown closer and now treat each other as family.

This January, they all travelled to Hong Kong. One of the hosts, Jugs Jugueta, shared their experiences and adventures in Hong Kong. He was even interviewed regarding his views and opinion about the goings on in the show.

On Vice Ganda’s Jokes

Jokes have always been a part of the show. It is the joke that the hosts throw that make the show fun and entertaining. And one of the hosts who often throw controversial jokes is Vice Ganda.

Jugs was asked about Vice Ganda’s jokes about Eat Bulaga. He said Vice is just being honest and true. The problem with this though is that their honesty sometimes get them into trouble.

Just like other people, Vice is also a fan, despite being a star. He admitted to being a supporter of the “AlDub” team from their rival network.

Jugs does not see anything wrong with it. There are even times when Vice (and other It’s Showtime hosts) throw jokes at each other about Eat Bulaga and other stars of GMA Network.

As jokes go, they are just meant to be funny. But other people make issues out of those jokes. And as Jugs said, it gets them into trouble.

On Their Relationship As Hosts

The hosts of the show have developed a friendship incomparable with anything else. Their friendship is one with honesty, openness, and love. They respect each other’s opinions and views, making them free to express themselves.

Whatever jokes they throw in on the show are just that – jokes. But there are times when they joke with each other which, according to them, are sometimes true. But, this happens, only when they joke about each other.

The views and opinions of one host may be different from the others, but still they support each other. This is what makes their friendship one of a kind. To them, hosting It’s Showtime is not work, but bonding time for the family.

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Anne Curtis, Dingdong Dantes, other celebrities react to the bill lowering criminal liability to 9 years old

Anne Curtis, Dingdong Dantes, other celebrities react to the bill lowering criminal liability to 9 years old

  • Celebrities expressed their disapproval of bill that lowers criminal liability to nine years old.
  • This includes reactions from Bianca Gonzales, Anne Curtis, Dingdong Dantes, Jim Paredes, and Bullet Dumas.

The House of Panel has approved the bill that lowers the minimum age of criminal liability from 15 years old to 9 years old. This has sparked outrage not just from netizens, but also from known showbiz personalities.

Celebrities have expressed their opinions on the move by the government which has drawn dismay and disapproval by many.

Television host Bianca Gonzales may not have tweeted anything regarding the topic, but she has retweeted a message by Carlo Pamintuan stating that jailing 9-year-olds “will not do anything” because the children are just forced to commit the crime due to poverty.

It’s Showtime host Anne Curtis has directly expressed her opposition towards the bill saying that the news saddens her as the kids still have a chance to change their ways.

Another host from It’s Showtime and musician Teddy Corpuz shared a two-part video of kids who experienced law under the Juvenile Justice and Welfare Act in 2006.

Actor Dingdong Dantes has agreed to the statement of Atty. Chel Diokno. He added that the children are at the age wherein they are strongly influenced by the adults around them.

He also suggested that the government should focus on creating an environment that will make the youth productive members of the society.

Jim Paredes has described the news as “disgusting”.

He has also questioned the statement of Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo who said that the criminals nowadays are the minors that were used by former delinquents because they grew up that way.

OPM arist Bullet Dumas shared a photo by Plcpd Foundation, Inc. stating that “children are not little adults”.

Posted by Bullet Dumas on Sunday, January 20, 2019

Justice panel chairperson Salvador Leachon justified the bill, clarifying that it is only to protect the children from being used by syndicates.

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Aspiring Politicians, forbidden to appear on television shows and movies until Election day

Aspiring Politicians, forbidden to appear on television shows and movies until Election day

  • Celebrities who will run for government office in the upcoming elections will have to take a break from their respective shows.
  • The names included are Edu Manzano, Mark Lapid, Lito Lapid, and Jhong Hilario.

As the election period is nearly there, it was not needed for Commission on Elections to remind the showbiz candidates that they cannot appear on television shows as performers for the time being.

Ang Probinsyano‘s Edu Manzano is one of those who will be affected as he is currently acting as the President in the series. But he is also running for a position as the Representative for the lone district of San Juan.

Posted by COMELEC on Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Mark Lapid and Lito Lapid will also have to take a break from the teleserye as they are running as Mayor of Pampanga and as Senator, respectively.

It’s Showtime‘s Jhong Hilario will also have to take a break from the noontime show because he is set to run for re-election as the City Councilor of Makati.

Aside from television appearances, the COMELEC is also working on rules to limit the expenditures of the candidates on social media.

According to spokesperson James Jimenez, they will monitor each political campaign on social media. This includes advertisements from those who are running for a position.

“We will make sure that whatever draft regulation that we have will respect the individual’s right of expression.

“Ang babantayan natin ay kung paano nagagamit iyong social media sa kontexto ng gastusin. Magkano ang ginagastos ng mga kampanya para dito para hindi siya maging paraan para magtago ng maraming pera na nagiging unfair kasi nga may spending limit tayo.”

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Is Vice Ganda interested in running for President?

Is Vice Ganda interested in running for President?

  • Vice Ganda admitted that he got offers to run for a senatorial slate in the upcoming 2019 midterm elections.
  • He joked about running for Presidency after two more elections.

Comedian and It’s Showtime host Vice Ganda may have hinted about his interest in running for a political post in the future.

READ: Vice Ganda shares her first ever visit in Regine Velasquez’s home

On Thursday, January 10, the Fantastica star revealed that he was actually offered to run for a senatorial position by one political party.

“Maraming kumukuha nga sa akin, eh. May kumuha sa aking partido [para] sa senador. ‘Sira-ulo ba kayo?’ Sabi, ‘Mananalo ka.’ ‘O, ngayon, ‘pag mananalo, tatakbo?’”

It came as he was having a banter with co-host Jhong Hilario, who happened to be a Makati City councilor.

He said that Jhong has been having difficulties with keeping his image from being a public official, he’s also and actor, dancer, and a noontime show host.

Vice then joked about running for the Presidency in the future.

“Kakandidato talaga akong presidente ng Pilipinas, promise. Dalawang eleksyon pa, kakandidato ako — presidente talaga agad.”

READ: Vice Ganda expresses frustration over getting blocked from Tinder

He faced the camera and said that if he wins, it only means one thing.

“Pag nanalo ako, isa lang ibig sabihin nu’n — sira-ulo talaga kayong lahat! Wala talagang kakwenta-kwenta ang mga bumuboto sa Pilipinas. ‘Pag nanalo pa naman ako talaga…”

The comedian added that he has been running his whole life and he just wants to rest. This is in reference to a popular joke comparing Vice to a horse.

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Vice Ganda shares her first ever visit in Regine Velasquez’s home

Vice Ganda shares her first ever visit in Regine Velasquez’s home

  • Vice Ganda gushed about the time when he visited Regine Velasquez’s home.
  • He also shared stories of the things and his fellow fan, Anton Diva’s moments of being a Reginian.

Comedian and It’s Showtime host Vice Ganda shared the story of his and fellow fan and impersonator Anton Diva‘s visit to their ultimate idol’s home.

Vice recalled that he first saw Regine Velasquez in her concerts.

“Yung unang big concert niya na pinanood ko, Retro sa Folk Arts Theatre. Tapos nandun din ako sa Sunken Garden.”

But the most memorable moment was when they were in her home and was able to experience wearing her clothes.

“Pero ang ‘di ko talaga makakalimutan fan ako ni Regine tapos pinapunta niya kami nila ni Anton sa bahay niya, pinagsukat niya kami ng mga damit niya. That time, magkasize pa kami. Ang payat-payat ko pa nun. Eh ngayong mamang-mama na ako eh. Hindi ko na kayang isuot ‘yung mga damit niya.”

He added that Regine didn’t just make them wear her clothes, but also offered him to check which shoes fit so that they can take it home.

“Pinasuot niya ‘yung mga damit niya tapos pinasukat niya kung alin ‘yung kasyang sapatos sa inyo diyan, iuwi niyo. Mangiyak-ngiyak ako kasi ang laki ng paa ko. Size 10 ako. Si Anton nagwagi sa mga damit niya. Pero ako sobrang laking bagay na sa akin na nandodoon ako. Hanggang sa kwarto pinapasok niya kami. ‘Yung fan ha pinapasok niya sa bahay tapos pinapasok niya sa kwarto.”

He also gushed about Anton and how they’re such big fans of the Asia’s Songbird.

“Si Anton Diva kasi ‘yung kasabayan ko na super faney ni Regine. Sabay kaming pumipila sa mga concert niya. Sabay kaming nagkikipagtulukan sa mga pelikula niya. Sabay kaming bumibili ng album. Sabay kaming nagpapa-areglo ng kanta ni Regine.”

Vice then stated that he will be Regine’s fan “forever”.

“Fan pa din. I will forever be your fan. I will forever be excited to watch you, to see you, to hear you sing, to watch your performances. I will forever be a Regine Velasquez fan.”

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Vice Ganda expresses frustration over getting blocked from Tinder

Vice Ganda expresses frustration over getting blocked from Tinder

  • Vice Ganda shared that he got reported on dating app Tinder.
  • He said that people kept on mistaking him for a poser which blocked and reported his account.

In an episode of It’s Showtime, comedian Vice Ganda expressed his frustration over getting blocked from dating app, Tinder.

During the Tawag ng Tanghalan segment on Wednesday, December 5, a contestant shared that she met her current partner online and Vice snapped, “Bad trip. Naka block ako sa Tinder eh!”

He continued and said that it may be the result of people mistaking her for a poser, thus reported her profile.

“Kasi ‘yung mga Pinoy, akala siguro nila poser. Ni-report ako nang ni-report, naka-block tuloy ako! Hindi tuloy ako maka-swipe right, bad trip!”

The comedian went on and said that it’s such a shame because he likes his display photo in the app and there has been a lot of foreigners talking to him.

“Ang ganda-ganda pa man din ng picture ko doon, ‘yung naka swimsuit ako sa Bohol. Ang dami kayang tsumitsika sa akin doon na foreigner!”

Co-host Anne Curtis suggested that he make a new account but Vice Ganda answered that it’s too late.

“Naka-block kasi ako talaga, e. Kahit ano’ng palit ko, hindi ko talaga siya mabuksan. Kailangan ng bagong e-mail.”

He then addressed the viewers, asking them to stop blocking him.

“Huwag niyo nga ako i-block! Ang dami rin kasing Vice. Ilalagay ko, ‘Vice Ganda – Ako Po ‘To.’

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Former Male Bikini Contestant wins “It’s Showtime’s” ‘Miss Q and A’

Former Male Bikini Contestant wins “It’s Showtime’s” ‘Miss Q and A’

  • Miss Q&A winner revealed to be a former male bikini contestant.
  • Asia Sofia Montenegro, also known as Prince Mark Montenegro, has been part of the male bikini contest called Last Man Standing 2018.

In It’s Showtime‘s November 28 episode, a contestant of Miss Q&A has impressed the judges as well as the viewers and the studio audience with his skills and good looks.

He’s Asia Sofia Montenegro, who is said to have a Carla Abellana smile and a regal projection.

Montengero, turned out to be Prince Mark Montenegro, who is not new to pageants because he was a former male bikini contestant for the Last Man Standing 2018, which was held on October 19 at the One 690 in Quezon City.

I am Pogay Don Carlos Pasay City ..1st runner up and Best in Swimwear for the 37th times 😉Photo credits : nay Nicko Taktak Fajardo

Posted by Prince Mark Fuentes Bacongan-Montenegro on Sunday, October 14, 2018

He was one of the contestants that made it to the Top 5 of the Ronald Mendoza Cristobal Collection Models that night and was part of the grand finale, which happened on October 26.

On his Facebook account, he expressed his gratitude for the crown that he received from the noontime show’s segment.

“Muli anu’t ano pa man ang mangyari. Masaya ko pong tatangapin .”

Hello Madlang Pipol 🙂Muli anu’t ano pa man ang mangyari Masaya ko pong tatangapin .Hmua : Jc Lee Serrano…

Posted by Prince Mark Fuentes Bacongan-Montenegro on Wednesday, November 28, 2018

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BIG JUMP! 25 Kapuso Artists Who Transferred to ABS-CBN

BIG JUMP! 25 Kapuso Artists Who Transferred to ABS-CBN

  • There has been a number of artists that moved from GMA Network to ABS-CBN.
  • DailyPedia listed down some of the current Kapamilya stars who were once Kapuso.

Regine Valesquez’s recent signing with ABS-CBN is one of the most talked about topics this week.

After a month of staying mum about her network transfer, she has been emotional as soon as she stepped inside the premises of the Kapamilya network.

She’s not the only icon that moved from GMA-7 to ABS-CBN. Her husband, Ogie Alcasid, has also transferred, along with others like Janno Gibbs, Jaya and Lani Misalucha.

Here’s the growing list of former Kapuso artists that decided to switch networks in the past:

Richard Guttierez

After being in GMA-7 for more than a decade, Richard officially became a Kapamilya a little more than a year ago. He became a part of Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo‘s fantasy series La Luna Sangre. He is also set to star in a movie with Angel Locsin and Angelica Panganiban.

Louise delos Reyes

Prior to transferring to ABS-CBN, she had numerous appearances in GMA-7’s TV shows. When she moved to ABS-CBN, her first project was becoming a part of FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano as SPO3 Katrina Velasco.

Angel Locsin

Considered as GMA’s former primetime star, Angel shocked everyone with her decision to change her home network. She has starred in Star Cinema films such as One More Try, Everything About Her, and The Third Party. She has also led the primetime hit The Legal Wife and became one of the judges for Pilipinas Got Talent. She has renewed her contract with ABS-CBN in 2015 and has made an appearance in La Luna Sangre.

She will star in the network’s upcoming series, The General’s Daughter.

Isabelle Daza

Isabelle has been a Kapuso for three years before signing up with ABS-CBN in November 2014. Her first project as a Kapamilya is the upcoming series Nathaniel.

Iza Calzado

After 10 years with GMA-7, she transferred to its rival network in 2012.

She expressed her thankfulness to her previous company and why she made the decision to move to ABS-CBN. “I’m grateful for all my years with [GMA-7], but [my father] was the one with me in wanting new things for me and my career. He wanted me to spread my wings and fly.”

Jake Cuenca

More than a decade ago, Jake has moved from GMA-7 to ABS-CBN. He has been cast in numerous dramas like Maria Mercedes, Rubi, and Palos, wherein he played the main lead, and Ikaw Lamang and Tayong Dalawa as the antagonist.

Cristine Reyes

Not everyone knows that Cristine’s entry to showbiz has been with GMA-7’s artista search program, Starstruck.

She transferred networks 10 years ago and has top-billed several projects such as Eva Fonda, Kristine, Reputasyon, Tubig at Langis, and I Can Do That.

Paulo Avelino

Paulo has been with GMA-7 for five years before becoming a Kapamilya. He has served as the male lead in shows such as The Promise of Forever, Honesto, Sana Bukas Pa Ang Kahapon, Kahit Konting Pagtingin, and Bridges of Love.

JC de Vera

JC has stayed as a Kapuso for six years then transferred to TV5. He finally became a Kapamilya in 2014 and played a role in The Legal Wife and Moon of Desire.

Ellen Adarna

Ellen signed with ABS-CBN last 2013. She admitted that her transfer to the network made a huge impact regarding the recognition she got.

“When I was with the other network, ‘What are you doing now? What are your shows?’ ‘Uh, I’m a part of this show.’ ‘Ay, nandoon ka pala!’ Ibe yung audience ng ABS-CBN talaga. Iba yung impact.”

Toni Gonzaga

Toni has hosted in GMA-7 for seven years until 2005. She continued her career with ABS-CBN, venturing to acting and music. She has released six albums under Star Records and has starred in 11 Star Cinema films.

She has also continued hosting with The Buzz, Pinoy Big Brother, and The Voice of the Philippines.

Elmo Magalona

His first project with the Kapamilya network was the TV series Born for You, wherein he was paired with Janella Salvador for the first time.

Maxene Magalona

Just like her brother, Maxene was also a Kapuso turned Kapamilya, however, she actually started off in ABS-CBN in 1992 with Ang TV. She was then identified with GMA-7 for nine years before signing up with ABS-CBN in 2016.


Karylle has co-hosted GMA-7’s SOP for seven years. She is currently in It’s Showtime.

Anne Curtis

Anne was a Kapuso until 2003. She has lead Kapamilya shows such as Kampanerang Kuba, Maging Sino Ka Man, Dyosa, Green Rose, Kailangan Ko’y Ikaw, and Dyesebel.

She can be seen regularly in noontime show It’s Showtime.

Liza Soberano

Liza has previously admitted that she “didn’t feel at home” in GMA-7, wherein she became an artist for only a week. She added that as ABS-CBN’s the one she always watches, it’s really where she wanted to work in the first place.


After winning Pinoy Pop Superstar, Jona has been one of GMA-7’s most promising singers. She then joined the trio La Diva.

She made a shocking transfer to ABS-CBN in 2017, saying that the network gave her more trust and has promised her a line-up of projects.

Yassi Pressman

Yassi has spent almost a decade with GMA-7 and TV5 before making her way to ABS-CBN. She has become a household name after appearing in Pinoy Big Brother and becoming a part of FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano.

Jay R

Jay R spent the first decade of his career as a Kapuso artist. In 2015, he opened a new chapter of his life with ABS-CBN when he appeared as a contestant in Your Face Sounds Familiar.


Jaya decided to leave GMA-7 after she concluded her final project with the network, Poor Señorita. Her appearance in It’s Showtime in 2016 marked as her surprising decision to switch networks.

Ogie Alcasid

After being out of the limelight when he left GMA-7, Ogie has been with TV5 for a while before returning to ABS-CBN, where he did a few shows in the 90s.

He became a judge of Tawag ng Tanghalan and talent show Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids.


Kyla stayed as a Kapuso for 15 years before she moved to ABS-CBN.

Aljur Abrenica

Aljur was a GMA-7 artist for nearly a decade before deciding to be a Kapamilya. Only six months after his move to ABS-CBN, he already top-billed his own series Asintado.

He has also appeared as a guest in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano.

Janno Gibbs

Needing some freshening up, Janno made a switch and signed with Star Music, wherein he’s currently promoting his latest single, Feeling JKL. He has also appeared in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano and other ABS-CBN shows.

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