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Anne Curtis finds humor in viral TikTok skit referencing ‘Birthday Ko’ meme

Anne Curtis’ birthday is celebrated on February 17.

Kapamilya actress Anne Curtis shared her amusement over a viral TikTok skit that playfully referenced a memorable moment from an old episode of ‘It’s Showtime’ featuring Anne and Vice Ganda.

The skit, created by TikTok user @kevinhufana, humorously portrayed a Filipino overseas worker (OFW) on an emotional journey, discovering they could return to the Philippines for Anne Curtis’ birthday.

The video captured the OFW’s emotional rollercoaster, starting with teary-eyed moments while eating and transitioning to expressions of joy and excitement.

The caption read: “POV: Yung OFW ka tapos nalaman mong makakauwi ka sa Pinas sa birthday ni Anne Curtis.”

The ongoing joke revolves around OFWs aspiring to come home to the Philippines in time for Anne Curtis’ birthday.

This trend originated from a 2017 ‘It’s Showtime’ episode during the ‘Tawag ng Tanghalan’ segment, where Vice Ganda and Anne engaged in a humorous exchange about birthdays.

Upon discovering the TikTok skit referencing this memorable moment, Anne Curtis took to social media with her reaction. In a post, she wrote: “OMG TO! LUH,” expressing her amusement.

Anne’s reaction post quickly gained traction, accumulating 1 million views and 19,000 reactions on the platform.

Despite the playful blunder occurring six years ago, it resurfaced recently, becoming a beloved and enduring meme within the local internet culture. Anne Curtis’ birthday is celebrated on February 17.

Written by Mc Richard Paglicawan

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