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Vice Ganda warns that some “friendly chatting” can ruin relationships

Vice Ganda warns that some “friendly chatting” can ruin relationships


“Ang daming relasyon ang nagsimula at natuloy nang dahil sa pakikipag-chat, at ang dami ring sinira ng chat na ‘yan.”

The ever so popular Vice Ganda warns individuals that are in relationships about chatting with other people, since this action can ruin them.

On an episode of It’s Showtime three days ago, a contestant shared his story of how he ruined his relationship with his ex-girlfriend due to him chatting with other women. He then said that there are a lot of women who hit up on him through the Messenger app.

In addition to that, he said that his ex-girlfriend was the jealous type and that he got caught because he does not delete conversations but those conversations that he had were ‘friendly.’

Vice commented that that ‘friendly’ excuse has been used too much already for people to believe it as a valid reason.

“Kaya kayo nag simula mag chat doon kasi triny mo na baka yun, majojowa mo or magka something kayo. Eh nagkaroon na ng girlfriend, so nun nagkaroon ka ng girlfriend, dapat stop na yung chat at ang pakikipaglandian,” Vice said.

Furthermore, Vice said that you can just chat your friends but you yourself can distinguish between ‘friends’ and ‘potential lovers’.

Vice also joked about the line “Kumain ka na ba?” as flirtatious. He also admitted to being flirtatious in the past until he met this certain someone, who people are still waiting on to be officially revealed but there is a strong speculation that this someone is Ion Perez, a newbie in showbiz.

Vice also said, “Kaya wag kayong umarteng nasasaktan kayo kung sa katotohanan nakipaglandian naman talaga kayo,” which may be true to some extent.

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5 Facts You Should Know About “Kuya Escort” Ion Perez

5 Facts You Should Know About “Kuya Escort” Ion Perez

  • Ion Perez admits on GGV’s latest episode that Vice Ganda is special to him
  • No direct and further confirmation has been divulged about the real score of their relationship
  • Before Perez met Vice Ganda, he made a mark in the male pageant scene, being crowned as 2018 Mr. Universe Tourism

Ion Perez, also known as “Kuya Escort” in the noontime variety show “It’s Showtime,” made a surprise guest appearance on Vice Ganda’s “Gandang Gabi Vice” that aired on March 31.

The model admitted then that the comedian-host is “special” to him.

Both Vice Ganda and Ion Perez have been teased repeatedly by their co-hosts in the variety show about their supposed romantic relationship, but no direct confirmation has ever been uttered by the two.

But what was Ion Perez’s life before he met his “special” person Vice Ganda?

Below are some facts about the heartthrob:

1. Perez was born in Concepcion, Tarlac on November 27, 1990 and is the 11th among 15 siblings

2. His late father was a jeepney driver while his mother worked for a time as a kakanin vendor

3. He was among the winners of the 2017 Misters of Filipinas pageant

4. A year later, he was crowned Mister Universe Tourism where it opened a door for him in the modeling industry

5. He is part of the bachelor list of Cosmopolitan Philippines

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Network rivalry put on hold: Kapuso stars featured on 12 Star Cinema films

Network rivalry put on hold: Kapuso stars featured on 12 Star Cinema films

  • Kathryn Bernardo and Alden Richards surprised the public with their team-up under Star Cinema
  • This is not the first time a Kapuso star was featured on an ABS-CBN film production company
  • Star Cinema presented Kapuso stars 12 times in films with varying genres

It was revealed on Tuesday that Kapuso actor Alden Richards will be paired with Kapamilya actress Kathryn Bernardo on a movie with Star Cinema.

The news of their first movie project together set abuzz online and was met with much enthusiasm from fans of both artists. The two will be directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina, who is known for romantic comedy movies and melodramatic films.

With that said, here are the other times that talents from GMA Network worked with ABS-CBN film production company, Star Cinema:

1. Fantastica

A Metro Manila Film Festival 2018 entry, this comedy film, directed by Barry Gonzalez, became the first big-screen team up of “It’s Showtime” host Vice Ganda and Kapuso leading man Dingdong Dantes.

2. You’re Still The One

This romantic drama film, released in 2015, was the first big-screen team up of actress Maja Salvador and Dennis Trillo. Directed by Chris Martinez, the movie was co-produced with Regal Entertainment.

3. Da Possessed

Comedy-horror film of 2014, this movie starred Vhong Navarro and Solenn Heusaff under the direction of Joyce Bernal.

4. She’s The One

Bea Alonzo and Dingdong Dantes, celebrated actors from various primetime television series, teamed up for this 2013 romantic-comedy. The film was directed by Mae Cruz-Alviar.

5. It Takes A Man and A Woman

Isabelle Daza joined top Kapamilya stars Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz in this 2013 romantic-comedy sequel. Daza has since then transferred to ABS-CBN.

6. Kung Fu Divas

Ai Ai delas Alas co-starred with Kapuso superstar Marian Rivera in this action-comedy film directed by Onat Diaz. Delas Alas has since then transferred to GMA Network.

7. One More Try

Winning Metro Manila Film Festival 2013 entry, Dingdong Dantes starred for the second time in Star Cinema alongside Kapamilya stars Angel Locsin, Angelica Panganiban, and Zanjoe Marudo. It was directed by Ruel Bayani.

8. Segunda Mano

Horror flick from 2011, a recurring actor in Star Cinema pictures, Dingdong Dantes this time around teamed up with Queen of All Media Kris Aquino. The film was directed by Joyce Bernal.

9. Won’t Last A Day Without You

Joey de Leon in a rare sighting for an ABS-CBN project, starred with Sarah Geronimo and Gerald Anderson for this 2011 Star Cinema film directed by Raz de la Torre.

10. For the First Time

KC Concepcion, a showbiz newcomer and Richard Gutierrez, prized leading man from GMA-7 teamed up for this movie back in 2008. It was directed by Joyce Bernal. Gutierrez has since then transferred to ABS-CBN.

11. The Unmarried Wife

Maryo J. de los Reyes directed this film in 2016, following the footsteps of the success of “One More Try.” In his fifth ride with Star Cinema, Dingdong Dantes appeared on the movie alongside Angelica Panganiban and Paulo Avelino.

12. Just the 3 of Us

Jennylyn Mercado starred opposite John Lloyd Cruz in this 2016 romantic comedy film directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina.

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‘Kuya Escort’ Ion Perez reacts to rumored relationship with Vice Ganda

‘Kuya Escort’ Ion Perez reacts to rumored relationship with Vice Ganda

  • Vice Ganda and Ion Perez’s confession of ‘status’ in GGV taping has set social media abuzz
  • Charo Santos and Bea Alonzo grilled Ion Perez on ‘the real score’ with Vice Ganda
  • Showtime hosts Vice and Ion shared an intimate moment that was caught on cam in the past

Kapamilya noontime show mainstays Vice Ganda and “Kuya Escort” Ion Perez have been the subject of “rumored relationship” in past gossip columns, but now the rumor seems to be true after netizens posted stories on social media that the two allegedly admitted to being a couple during a taping session for ‘Gandang Gabi Vice’ (GGV).

Photos of them hugging each other circulated online, and netizen JS Espejon Sanchez said that the pictures were taken during the March 12 GGV taping. He then proceeded to explain what happened on the set.

According to the Sanchez, Charo Santos and Bea Alonzo were the guests on GGV to promote their upcoming movie Eerie. The two wanted to do a prank on Vice where Ion and Jacky were dressed as nuns.

After the prank, Bea asked Kuya Escort what the real score is between him and the comedian-host. Charo Santos also had a follow-up question, and that was when Perez finally revealed that heand Vice are already couple.

“Totoo man o hindi ang mga bali-balita, abangan n’yo nalang po para malaman ang katotohanan ♥ ^O^,” cryptically posted Perez recently on his Twitter account.

Ion also shared, “Walang mangyayari sa buhay natin kung paiiralin ang hiya at takot sa paggawa ng mga bagay na kaya naman nating gawin.”

The viral tweet of Vice Ganda saying: “Please allow me to be happy. Siguro deserve ko din naman magmalaki at ipagmalaki ng taong mahal ko at mahal ako. 😍😍😍 I love you daddiii ❤️ #inarelatIONship” is apparently just made by a fan and was not posted to Vice’s Twitter account.

In a previous report, the two were spotted together in an event sharing an intimate moment which was caught on cam and Jhong Hilario, their co-host, even showed proof.

The rumor was fueled further when Ion called Vice “Lab” on ‘It’s Showtime’s’ live program last month.

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Chokoleit’s last onstage performance leaves spine-chilling effect to Netizens

Chokoleit’s last onstage performance leaves spine-chilling effect to Netizens

  • Some netizen consider his last performance as a “premonition”
  • Noticeably, during his performance, Chokoleit was having difficulty in breathing
  • Condolences from celebrities for the comedian has spread over the social media

You will never know when will be your last.

Jonathan Garcia a.k.a Chokoleit, a well- known comedian in the industry, died last Saturday after his performance in the celebration of the Kawayan Festival in Abra.

After his death, netizens posted the last performance of the comedian in reminiscing their laughter with him. But some of them considered his last performance was a “premonitions” because of what he mentioned during his performance.

He said, “Siyempre ako ang mauuna, kung ako ang huli baka hindi ko na kayo aabutan.”

There were a lot of netizens  who got chills over that statement that no one had ever expected it would happen in reality.

Chokoleit’s last words are chilling. Still can’t believe how life just passes by. Hope this helps us appreciate life and our loved ones. RIP.

Posted by Carl Guevarra on Saturday, March 9, 2019

Noticeably, during his performance, Chokoleit was having difficulty in breathing. And one of the netizens said that the comedian cut short his skit because of his cough.

He also mentioned that netizens always took pictures of him but he never saw them uploaded.

“Picture ng Picture hindi naman ako naniniwala dyan, ang dami nagpipicture jan wala naman akong nakitang nagupload.”

But now, due to his death, his pictures and videos will all be uploaded all over social media.

Last Performance ni Chokoleit sa Abra bago pumanaw.

Panoorin ang huling performance ni Chokoleit sa Abra bago pumanaw. Kapansin-pansin na rin ang kanyang pagkahingal at kapos sa paghinga during the perfomance pero the show must go on at naitawid pa rin nya. For the last time he gave his last and remarkable performance! #RIPChokoleit

Posted by Kpop is Life on Sunday, March 10, 2019

During his last moments, after his performance, according to JM De Guzman who was one of the performers on the event, all he thought was that Chokoleit was tired because of his performance before he was brought to the hospital.

“Not his usual self na parang jolly… inisip ko parang baka pagod lang or feel down,” said De Guzman.

“Pero at the same time I know he’s in a safe place, happy place,” he added.

Pops Fernandez, another performer on the same event can’t believe over Chokoleit’s death as she recently had a conversation with him.

“Sabi ko, ‘Kumusta ka na?’ sabi niya, ‘I’m in a good place right now saka nakaipon na ako, Ms. Pops’ so sabi ko ‘I’m happy happy naman for you,” shared by Fernandez.

Condolences from celebrities for the comedian has spread over social media.

One of his friends, comedian Vice Ganda, thanked the Lord for giving him a chance to meet him.

“Thank you, Lord for giving me a chance to meet Chokoleit and become his friend. I’m sad that we lost him, But happy that he’ll be in a much peaceful and happier place now with you. Thanks for everything Chokie. I love you!,” Vice Ganda.

Claudine Barretto also posted their video of spending their happiest moments together. It is the fanteserye “Marina” where his career bloomed by playing the role of “Perla” with the actress.

And so with other celebrities like Ogie Alcasid, Vhong Navarro, Angel Locsin, and Paulo Avelino who also sent their condolences over the social media.

At the age of 48, Chokoleit, the comedian and actor, died of a heart attack.

It’s not about the time you have spent your life in this world but how you have spent a good life. Indeed, as shown by the love he received, it is evidence that he spent a good life here on earth.

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Is ‘Gandang Gabi Vice’ imitating ‘The Boobay and Tekla Show?’

Is ‘Gandang Gabi Vice’ imitating ‘The Boobay and Tekla Show?’

  • Is Ganda Gabi Vice imitating Boobay and Tekla?
  • Netizens reacted to Gandang Gabi Vice’s episode on Sunday
  • Gandang Gabi Vice did pranks on their shows way before The Boobay and Tekla Show

‘The Boobay and Tekla Show’ (TBATS) was celebrating their successful first premiere on January 27 this year. Featured on their post was the significant difference of their ratings from their rival show, ‘Gandang Gabi Vice’ (GGV), that aired since 2011.

READ: ‘The Boobay And Tekla Show’ widens gap versus ‘Gandang Gabi Vice’ on third episode

But did they really?

ABS-CBN claimed that their late night show on Sunday is still undisputed in ratings according to Kantar Media, defending themselves on ‘TBATS’s’ claim backed by NUTAM.

Fans of both shows were confused, but ‘GGV’ fans were much more active in defending the show’s claim. Some fans were even bashing ‘TBATS’s’ on their social media by posting thentrue ratings of ‘GGV’ against the said show.

The fans of GMA Network’s show, on the other hand, commented on the sudden change of format of ‘GGV’ by copying ‘TBATS’s’ pranks.

Last Sunday’s ‘GGV,’ Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil were guests of the show.

They were asked by ‘GGV’ to pull a prank on jeepney passengers, which may have triggered the said comments that ‘GGV’ is copying the format, but then again, are they really?

If you followed ‘GGV’ and know the show well, Vice Ganda sometimes pulls off some elaborate pranks.

Some notable pranks were pulled on singer Lani Misalucha, who was getting ready in the dressing room when her make-up artist suddenly walked out on her after receiving a text that supposedly irked her.

A similar prank was also done to singer Ronnie, who received bad news from his road manager right before his performance on the late-night show. Occasionally, the show even teams up with popular actors for their pranks, like that time when John Lloyd pulled a prank on Sarah Geronimo and bloggers during a bloggers’ conference for the movie ‘Finally Found Someone.’

So it is for sure that the longer running show has more pranks on its belt.

What are your thoughts on this? Did ‘GGV’ bring back their prank segment because they were threatened by their rival show? Leave your opinions on the comment box down below and please leave a like and share.

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‘Fantastica’ becomes Vice Ganda’s highest-grossing movie

‘Fantastica’ becomes Vice Ganda’s highest-grossing movie

  • ‘Fantastica’ becomes Vice Ganda’s highest-grossing movie
  • ‘Fantastica’ is a certified box-office  success in the MMFF 2018 box office race
  • ‘Fantastica’ has earned 596 million, to date

Vice Ganda fans, rejoice!

Fantastica is a certified box office hit!

From his first main role in Petrang Kabayo (which earned Php 115 million) to his previous Manila Film Festival entry, The Revenger Squad, Vice didn’t stop setting the bar higher for his career.

The movie’s success is due to the massive support not just from Filipinos here in the Philippines, but worldwide as well.

Even with negative criticism, Fantastica has earned Php 596 million; making it Vice Ganda’s highest-grossing movie to date, beating his previous record of Php 571 million for the film “Gandarrapiddo: The Revenger Squad” back in the 2017 Metro Manila Film Festival.

The good news was announced by Star Cinema during the film’s Thanksgiving party on Tuesday, January 29, 2018.

But not everyone is happy with Fantastica’s success.

Some dislike Vice Ganda’s continued reliance on ‘insult comedy’ and the innuendos that made some feel the movie is stale material; bringing nothing new to the table and with only the sheer star power of its lead guaranteeing its blockbuster status.

Since we are talking about box office earnings, who would forget the sensational Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo’s loveteam movie “The Hows of Us” way back in 2018? It broke the 800 million mark, making it the highest-grossing Filipino film of all time.

Fans can’t help comparing the films; even going as far as stating that the film is undeserving of its success for relying too much on its star power and references.

Now, what are your thoughts on Vice Ganda’s success?

Did you like the film or do you think its the same old formula with a different packaging? Leave a comment down below for your thoughts and please do like and share for more amazing content.

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Jugs Jugueta affirms ‘It’s Showtime’ co-host Vice Ganda’s jokes on its rival noontime show ‘Eat Bulaga’

Jugs Jugueta affirms ‘It’s Showtime’ co-host Vice Ganda’s jokes on its rival noontime show ‘Eat Bulaga’


The hosts of It’s Showtime made an agreement that they will go on vacation as a family every year. After nine long years in the noontime show, the hosts have grown closer and now treat each other as family.

This January, they all travelled to Hong Kong. One of the hosts, Jugs Jugueta, shared their experiences and adventures in Hong Kong. He was even interviewed regarding his views and opinion about the goings on in the show.

On Vice Ganda’s Jokes

Jokes have always been a part of the show. It is the joke that the hosts throw that make the show fun and entertaining. And one of the hosts who often throw controversial jokes is Vice Ganda.

Jugs was asked about Vice Ganda’s jokes about Eat Bulaga. He said Vice is just being honest and true. The problem with this though is that their honesty sometimes get them into trouble.

Just like other people, Vice is also a fan, despite being a star. He admitted to being a supporter of the “AlDub” team from their rival network.

Jugs does not see anything wrong with it. There are even times when Vice (and other It’s Showtime hosts) throw jokes at each other about Eat Bulaga and other stars of GMA Network.

As jokes go, they are just meant to be funny. But other people make issues out of those jokes. And as Jugs said, it gets them into trouble.

On Their Relationship As Hosts

The hosts of the show have developed a friendship incomparable with anything else. Their friendship is one with honesty, openness, and love. They respect each other’s opinions and views, making them free to express themselves.

Whatever jokes they throw in on the show are just that – jokes. But there are times when they joke with each other which, according to them, are sometimes true. But, this happens, only when they joke about each other.

The views and opinions of one host may be different from the others, but still they support each other. This is what makes their friendship one of a kind. To them, hosting It’s Showtime is not work, but bonding time for the family.

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Boobay and Super Tekla: Not Afraid of Vice Ganda’s ‘Gandang Gabi, Vice’

Boobay and Super Tekla: Not Afraid of Vice Ganda’s ‘Gandang Gabi, Vice’

  • Super Tekla said that even though their soon-to-be televised show is on the same timeslot as Gandang Gabi, Vice, they won’t look at it as a competition.
  • He also said that The Boobay and Tekla Show was liked and an answered prayer for him as he went through difficult times.

The Boobay and Tekla Show (TBATS) started off as a product of GMA ONE Online Exclusives and each episode has gained hundreds of thousands of views online.

Because of their online following, GMA Network has decided to finally give them a timeslot every Sunday, after Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho. It will premiere on January 27.

Super Tekla has shared that before this, he was ready to go back to Cotabato as he felt like a failure and was embarrassed of himself.

“Ready na akong bumalik sa Cotabato. Babalik na ako sa bundok ulit kasi sobra akong na-depress noong mawala ako sa Wowowin.

“Pakiramdam ko, wala na akong pag-asa sa Maynila. Yung naging failure ako. Hiyang-hiya ako para sa sarili ko at para sa pamilya ko na umaasa sa akin.”

But when someone from the Network called him and informed him about the show with Boobay, he said that it was like an answered prayer.

“Pero siguro nga, narinig ng Diyos ang pana­langin ko. Bigla akong tinawagan ng mga taga-GMA-7 at gusto raw nila akong kuning talent. Doon na nagsimula ang lahat. Naisipan na nilang gawin ang show na ito with Boobay.”

As TBATS Will be in the same timeslot as Vice Ganda‘s Gandang Gabi, Vice, Super Tekla expressed that they’re not planning to make it a competition because their main goal is to enjoy themselves.

“Para walang stress sa amin ni Boobay, mag-enjoy lang kami. May mga tao na ikukumpara talaga kami sa show ni Vice Ganda, pero hindi namin gagawing basehan iyon ni Boobay.

“Magpapasaya lang kami every Sunday night. Kung ano ‘yung kinatuwaan nila sa amin noong online show pa lang kami, dodoblehin namin para mas masaya at mas maaliw ang audience sa amin.”

So what’s should viewers look forward to?

“Marami kaming pasabog at mga big Kapuso stars ang ready nang mag-guest sa show namin ni Boobay,” he stated.

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Is Vice Ganda interested in running for President?

Is Vice Ganda interested in running for President?

  • Vice Ganda admitted that he got offers to run for a senatorial slate in the upcoming 2019 midterm elections.
  • He joked about running for Presidency after two more elections.

Comedian and It’s Showtime host Vice Ganda may have hinted about his interest in running for a political post in the future.

READ: Vice Ganda shares her first ever visit in Regine Velasquez’s home

On Thursday, January 10, the Fantastica star revealed that he was actually offered to run for a senatorial position by one political party.

“Maraming kumukuha nga sa akin, eh. May kumuha sa aking partido [para] sa senador. ‘Sira-ulo ba kayo?’ Sabi, ‘Mananalo ka.’ ‘O, ngayon, ‘pag mananalo, tatakbo?’”

It came as he was having a banter with co-host Jhong Hilario, who happened to be a Makati City councilor.

He said that Jhong has been having difficulties with keeping his image from being a public official, he’s also and actor, dancer, and a noontime show host.

Vice then joked about running for the Presidency in the future.

“Kakandidato talaga akong presidente ng Pilipinas, promise. Dalawang eleksyon pa, kakandidato ako — presidente talaga agad.”

READ: Vice Ganda expresses frustration over getting blocked from Tinder

He faced the camera and said that if he wins, it only means one thing.

“Pag nanalo ako, isa lang ibig sabihin nu’n — sira-ulo talaga kayong lahat! Wala talagang kakwenta-kwenta ang mga bumuboto sa Pilipinas. ‘Pag nanalo pa naman ako talaga…”

The comedian added that he has been running his whole life and he just wants to rest. This is in reference to a popular joke comparing Vice to a horse.

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