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LOOK: Winwyn Marquez shares heartwarming family photo with non-showbiz partner on Christmas

The couple’s engagement was highlighted, and Winwyn referred to her partner as her “first love.”

Christmas proves to be a special time of the year for many celebrities who take the opportunity to share delightful updates with their fans.

In a delightful surprise, actress Winwyn Marquez treated netizens with a heartwarming family photo on Christmas Day, featuring her child and her non-showbiz partner.

Although Winwyn didn’t explicitly name her partner, the joy radiating from the picture suggested a content and happy family moment. She captioned the post with warm Christmas wishes, expressing hope for renewed feelings of hope, faith, and love in the lives of her followers.

The actress further extended her wishes for healing and peace, not just for individuals but for the world as a whole. Winwyn, engaged to her non-showbiz boyfriend, celebrated their first Christmas together as a family.

Their child, Luna, born in 2022, became a central part of their lives, and Winwyn gracefully balances her roles as a mother and a figure in the entertainment industry.


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The couple’s engagement was highlighted, and Winwyn referred to her partner as her “first love.” Netizens couldn’t help but notice the striking resemblance of Winwyn’s partner to actor Paulo Avelino, adding an extra layer of charm to the heartwarming family photo.

Fans showered the post with positive comments, noting the couple’s compatibility and the undeniable sweetness of their adorable baby, Luna. The post created a buzz, and followers expressed their excitement for Winwyn’s journey as a mother and her continued success in showbiz.

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