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Jhong Hilario reflects on heartbreaking relationship experience amid parental disapproval

Despite the hurdles, Jhong turned the painful experience into a source of inspiration to elevate his career.

Actor-politician Jhong Hilario opened up about a painful chapter from his past relationships, shedding light on a breakup influenced by disapproval from his parents.

Jhong shared the emotional story, revealing that he once had a significant other whom his parents did not endorse.

He admitted to the emotional turmoil caused by his parents expressing their dissatisfaction with his former partner.

“Kasi sa’kin medyo masakit dahil magulang ’yung ano eh… nagsabi na ‘hiwalayan mo,'” shared Jhong candidly.

Fortunately, he mentioned that he was preoccupied with his burgeoning career during that period, particularly with the renowned dance group Streetboys. The support from friends and the demands of an active career provided a distraction and support system for him during that challenging time.

“So… buti na lang busy ako that time sa Streetboys. [Tapos] kasama ko sila, nakaka-kwentuhan ko, so medyo okay,” Jhong expressed.

Recalling those moments, it appeared that his parents were not approving of the profession of his former partner.

Despite the hurdles, Jhong turned the painful experience into a source of inspiration to elevate his career.

“Kasi sabi sa’kin parang… ‘dancer lang yan eh, anong mapapala mo diyan?’ Pero okay lang. Ginawa kong inspirasyon ’yan,” shared the ‘It’s Showtime’ host.

Jhong Hilario gained prominence as a member of the iconic Filipino dance group Streetboys in 1993. Renowned for their high-energy performances and acrobatic prowess, Streetboys achieved cultural significance. Jhong’s talent and commitment played a crucial role in the group’s success, propelling them to national and international stardom.

Beyond his entertainment pursuits, Jhong is actively involved in politics, serving as a councilor in Makati. Presently, he is in a relationship with Maia Azores, and together they have a daughter named Sarina Oceania.

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