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ABS-CBN fans criticize Camille Villar amidst network deal with ALLTV

The backlash against Villar serves as a notable reflection of the intricate dynamics between politics and media, as well as the enduring impact of past decisions on public perception. As discussions continue, Villar’s involvement in the network deal remains under scrutiny, reflecting broader concerns within the ABS-CBN community.

Kapamilya supporters have voiced their disappointment and condemnation of Camille Villar following the recent partnership between the ABS-CBN and ALLTV, owned by the Villar family.

The agreement, formalized on April 23, 2024, solidified plans for ALLTV to broadcast TV Patrol and other popular ABS-CBN programs, marking a significant collaboration between the two media entities.

In an official statement released by ABS-CBN, it was announced that starting May 13, viewers of ALLTV would have access to selected Kapamilya teleseryes from Jeepney TV, alongside the latest news from ‘TV Patrol.’

During the contract signing event, Camille Villar, serving as the president and CEO of All Value Holdings Corp., expressed her pride in the landmark partnership. Villar hailed the collaboration as a positive development, emphasizing the importance of featuring ‘TV Patrol,’ the Philippines’ longest-running news program, on the ALLTV platform.

However, amidst the celebratory atmosphere, some netizens swiftly reminded Villar of her involvement as one of the lawmakers who voted against the renewal of ABS-CBN’s franchise.

“Never Forget,” emphasized netizen JPT, pointing out Villar’s role within the group known as the “Serpent 70,” which voted to reject ABS-CBN’s franchise renewal during the administration of former President Rodrigo Duterte.

Netizen Ronald further highlighted Villar’s rumored political ambitions, suggesting a potential Senate candidacy in the upcoming 2025 elections as her mother, Sen. Cynthia Villar, faces term limits.

Several other online commentators echoed similar sentiments, questioning Villar’s sincerity given her past actions. Netizen Bisdak criticized Villar’s “flowery words” at the event, juxtaposing them with her vote against ABS-CBN’s franchise renewal and her visible presence in public spaces.

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