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Pinoy movies continue to flop in the Box Office but not LizQuen’s ‘Alone Together’

Pinoy movies continue to flop in the Box Office but not LizQuen’s ‘Alone Together’

  • The Valentine’s Day movie of LizQuen changed the dismal atmosphere with their movie ‘Alone Together’
  • A sad truth about other movies is their lackluster quality and some of them even spent so much for the production of these movies but earned much less
  • ‘Alone/Together’ is now on its second week and accordingly had reached more than Php 200 million gross

The local entertainment industry is still struggling due to a string continuous flop of movies in cinemas, but the Valentine’s Day movie of LizQuen changed the dismal atmosphere with their movie ‘Alone/Together.’

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Let us first take a review of some movies who were out in cinemas from January to February 2019.

BOY TOKWA: LODI NG GAPO – directed by Tony Reyes, it stars Jose Manalo, with Joey Marquez, Buboy Villar, and Karel Marquez, among others. From VST Production Specialists, Inc. (with senate president Tito Sotto or Vicente Sotto III as executive producer).

It is based on a true story of Rodrigo Morelos’ (aka Boy Tokwa). It is also the story of his grandson who heads back to the Philippines in search of the truth about his grandfather.

SAKALING MAGING TAYO – directed by JP Habac, it stars Elisse Joson and McCoy De Leon, with Chai Fonacier, Paulo Angeles, and Milo Elmido Jr. The movie is a collaboration from Quantum Films and ABS-CBN Films’ Black Sheep outfit.


A story of two college freshmen, Pol (McCoy de Leon) and Laya (Elisse Joson). Pol is about to spend a care-free night in a music festival and accidentally meet Laya who is about to move back to Manila to escape from being brokenhearted, during their last day of school in Baguio City.

ELISE – directed by Joel Ferrer, it stars Janine Gutierrez and Enchong Dee, with Victor Anastacio, Laura Lehmann, and Miel Espinoza, from Regal Entertainment.


Another one inspired by a true story, this romantic film is about ex-lovers who meet again.

A sad truth about these movies is their lackluster quality that some of them spent so much for the production but the movies earned less. Even ‘Time & Again’ pulled-out from the cinemas.

But for LizQuen movie ‘Alone/Together’ was a hit. The only sold-out movie among all the other movies the has been screened. They are now on their second week and accordingly they already earned a 7-million gross income as of February 20.

On Tuesday, Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil went to Dubai to attend a sold-out screening of ‘Alone/Together’ at the Reel Cinema in The Dubai Mall.

Despite the continued flop of movies, except for ‘Alone Together,’ producers still have their hopes and continue to produce quality and inspiring movies.

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Who’s more conservative? Liza Soberano shares conversation with friend Julia Barretto about their love partners

Who’s more conservative? Liza Soberano shares conversation with friend Julia Barretto about their love partners

  • Liza Soberano’s perception of their partners as being conservative is of being protective of someone they love because it’s a way of showing their affection and care for that person
  • “I don’t think he is as conservative as Joshua, because Quen gives me the freedom naman to wear what I want.”
  • Liza Soberano shares a friendly conversation with friend Julia Barreto about their love life by comparing which boyfriend is more a conservative

In 2013, the Star Magic batch launched the three brightest stars in showbiz today, namely Liza Soberano, Julia Barretto, and Janella Salvador. The three remained close friends.

During Liza’s interview on “Tonight with Boy Abunda” aired last Thursday, she was asked whether they talked about boys when they talked and got together.

While suppressing a laugh, Liza answered they in fact do and gave an example of their conversations.

“Julia will tell me something about Joshua. It’s a struggle for her also na sobrang conservative si Joshua sa damit niya. She asked me, ‘Does Quen have that problem, too? Is he conservative with you?’ I’m like, ‘Yes, he’s like that also,’” she narrated.

For Liza, perception of their partners to be conservative is being protective for someone they love because it’s a way of showing their affection and care for that person.

“I think it would be normal for any guy to be protective of someone they care about because that just shows that they love or they care about that person,” Soberano said.

During her conversation with Julia, she recalls that she told her, “Yes, he (Gil) is conservative, but I don’t think he is as conservative as Joshua, because Quen gives me the freedom naman to wear what I want.”

Even if Julia has preferred to use nipple tape than a bra, her boyfriend still wants to see her in less revealing clothes; unlike Liza who has the freedom to wear any clothes she wants despite Gil being conservative.

On the same interview in “Tonight with Boy Abunda,” Liza Soberano confirmed that they have been officially together since 2014 and has recently admitted their relationship to the public.

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Atom Araullo shares cute banter with his Mom and Liz Soberano

Atom Araullo shares cute banter with his Mom and Liz Soberano

  • Atom Araullo tweeted about one of his conversations with his mom, Carol Pagaduan.
  • He told her that someone compared her past photo to Liza Soberano, which led to her complimenting Soberano.

Atom Araullo may be in the world of news and journalism, wherein the atmosphere is a bit more serious than showbiz, but he is also known for his good looks.

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The promotional materials for Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil‘s movie, Alone/Together, has led to people digging about their old photos, including Arullo’s mother, Carol Pagaduan.


In a tweet, Araullo told his mom that there was someone who compared her childhood photo to Soberano.

When he shared the comparison, Pagaduan told his son that Soberano is much more beautiful. This resulted to him teasing his mom about fishing for compliments.

Netizens reacted to the adorable banter, saying that it’s no surprise that the journalist is handsome as well.



Another Twitter user said that aside from her beauty, the message in Pagaduan’s photo also caught his attention.

Someone also said that she looks like Dimples Romana.

Others then responded that aside from being beautiful, Pagaduan also has many admirable qualities.

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Jessy Mendiola talks about plane incident involving Enrique Gil

Jessy Mendiola talks about plane incident involving Enrique Gil

  • Jessy Mendiola finally opened up about the plane incident that involved Enrique Gil three years ago.
  • She said that she has moved on and has forgiven the actor for his alleged harassment.

Kapamilya star Jessy Mendiola recently mentioned the past plane incident with Enrique Gil that occurred back in 2015.

Three years ago, Jessy, Enrique, and other celebrities were en-route to London for an ASAP concert. It has been reported that a minor confrontation rose between Luis Manzano, the actress’ boyfriend, and a supposedly drunk Enrique, who was allegedly harassing the actress.

In an interview with PEP during the press conference of her movie with Jericho Rosales, The Girl in the Orange Dress, she stated that she never got a formal apology from the actor, but has forgiven him anyway.

“Nag-move on na ako. May mga bagay… ikaw din kasi ang mahihirapan, e, kapagka hindi mo ni-let go yung mga ganung bagay.

“And now, okay na ako, e. May mas malala pang bagay na nangyari sa akin. And halata naman siguro na happy ako ngayon and yung mga dating nangyari, hayaan na natin yun.”


The actress said that she felt disrespected that time but was not sure if the actor was really drunk or not.

“Hindi ko alam. Baka stressed lang siya.”

Mendiola continued on saying that she’s okay after the incident.

“Tapos, within those two years, I had to work on myself to heal. And now, I’m really proud to say na I’m really okay. I’m healed.”

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Veteran character actor Nonong de Andres, known for bangkay roles, passes away

Veteran character actor Nonong de Andres, known for bangkay roles, passes away

  • Character actor Nonong de Andres died on the morning of November 6.
  • He became a part of more than a hundred movies since 1980 and has appeared in hit series like ‘Forevermore’ and ‘Bagani.’

Veteran character actor Nonong de Andres whom viewers loved as “Bangky” in the LizQuen teleserye ‘Forevermore’ passed away on November 6, Tuesday.

The sad news was announced on Facebook by his nephew, Powee Capino. He urged everyone to pray for his Tito Nonong who often played the role of ghosts or corpses in local films.

Nonong de Andres’ name and contribution to local films and television may not be stellar but he has carved a niche for himself in all his years of stay in an industry he so loved. Nonong started as an extra in horror and comedy movies from the 1980s to the 1990s. He appeared in more than a hundred films, but decided to leave the industry for  a while due to low pay.

He appeared in films such as ‘The Quick Brown Fox’  (1980), ‘Salamamgkero’ (1986), ‘Ako ang Batas: General Karingal’  (1990), ‘My Funny Valentine’ (1990),  ‘Okay Ka, Fairy Ko!’  (1991), ‘Pangako sa ‘Yo’ (1992), ‘Shake Rattle & Roll V’ (1994), ‘Oki Doki Doc’  (1996), and ‘Si Agimat, Si Enteng Kabisote at Si Ako’ (2012), among many others.

He was asked to take care of his friend’s son until the boy went to the United States to study. In 2005, he began managing a beach resort owned by a mayor. He stuck with it for eight years with the same zealousness with which he dealt with life, both onscreen and off .

Nonong then took on a role in Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil’s hit ABS-CBN series, ‘Forevermore.’ He became part of the “loveteam” BangLi alongside the late Lilia Cuntapay for their roles in the show.

His last appearance was in ‘Bagani.’

Stars react.

Nonong’s former co-stars posted about his passing on their personal social media accounts. Liza Soberano shared her wish to hug her ‘Tito Bangky’ one last time.


On the other hand, Enrique Gil uploaded some stills of his scenes with the veteran actor from ‘Forevermore.’


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Halloween 2018 Best Costumes From Pinoy Celebrities

Halloween 2018 Best Costumes From Pinoy Celebrities


Ever wondered how your favorite Pinoy celebrities celebrated their Halloween?

Halloween may be over, but it doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate the many creative costumes we saw on our social media feeds. This year, some of our local celebrities skipped the horror and instead, went all out with the pop culture references.

A mixture of cute, quirky, and sexy costumes coming your way!

Here are the best Halloween costumes from your favorite local stars:

Maymay Entrata (Annabelle)


Edward Barber (Chuckie)


Liza Soberano (Pennywise)


Maine Mendoza (Just pooping)


Wil Dasovich and Alodia Gosiengfiao (Joker and Harley Quinn)


Bretman Rock (Darna)


Zia Rivera-Dantes (Miss Intergalactic Space)


Megan Young (Space Barbie)


Scarlet Snow Belo (Charlie Chaplin)


Awra Briguela (Devil)


Enrique Gil (Joker)


Bianca Valerio (Black Bunny)

Vhong Navarro (Sweeney Todd)


Kiana Valenciano (Hit Girl)


Darren Espanto

Martine Cajucom and Cliff Ho (Vampires)

Jessica Wilson


Ryza Mae Dizon (Moana)


Inah de Belen (Anak ni Janice)


Teejay Marquez (Archie)

View this post on Instagram

Kiss me tru the ☎️

A post shared by @ teejaymarquez on

Marian Rivera (Poison Ivy)

View this post on Instagram

Choose your poison. #Halloween2018 #TeamDantes

A post shared by Dingdong Dantes (@dongdantes) on

Dingdong Dantes (Riddler)

Who’s your favorite?

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JaDine looking forward to the ABS-CBN Ball

JaDine looking forward to the ABS-CBN Ball

  • James Reid and Nadine Lustre shared their excitement for the upcoming ABS-CBN Ball.
  • The couple said that there is no competition for them as the night is for them to have fun.

It’s nearly time for the ABS-CBN Ball and the fans aren’t the only ones excited about the grand Kapamilya gathering.

Among those thrilled to be attending the event is real-life couple James Reid and Nadine Lustre. It will be the pair’s first time to attend the ball as it used to be exclusive only to Star Magic talents.

They shared that they are ready to have fun with other ABS-CBN artists as they are going to sport matching black outfits.

Well known designer Michael Cinco was the one that made James’ suit while Nadine’s dress is made by Dubai-based designer Garimon Roferos.

The actress shared that she’s really enthusiastic about going to the Ball. “I’m so excited, because I wanna dress up.” 

As they will be joining an estimated 500 artists attending the event, they were asked if they ever think of it as a “competition” of who will stand out the most.

James shared that since it’s their first time, the ball is really for them to enjoy and not mind what people will think. “The ball is really for us…and not what other people think.”

“We’re just there to look great and have fun,” Nadine added.

Other attendees will be Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, MayMay Entrata and Edward Barber, Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil, among others.

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Attendance check! Who are the love teams attending the ABS-CBN Ball?

Attendance check! Who are the love teams attending the ABS-CBN Ball?

  • The ABS-CBN Ball is just around the corner.
  • Here are the couples that are either confirmed or rumored to attend the grand event.

The much awaited ABS-CBN Ball is just around the corner, and just like any other big gathering in the entertainment industry, fans and viewers alike are looking forward to the attendees and their outfits.

So who are the ones guaranteed to make an appearance at the event?

Ogie Alcasid and Regine Velasquez

Will Ogie bring Regine on this year’s ABS-CBN Ball? Regine’s attendance will surely fire-up her rumored transfer to ABS-CBN.

Carlo Aquino and Angelica Panganiban 

Carlo and Angelica have been one of the most talked about pairs recently since they’ve reunited for their movie Exes Baggage. Aside from their numerous television guestings and appearances, you will also see them at the ABS-CBN Ball.

Yassi Pressman and Coco Martin

You can watch them every single night in the top rating teleserye FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano but aside from that, you will soon see them glam it up at the red carpet of the ABS-CBN Ball.

Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber

One of the top trending pairs of this generation, MayWard, will also grace the red carpet of the ABS-CBN Ball. Maymay shared photos of the moment Edward asked her to be his date at the event.

Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres-Gomez

A couple with an amazing and heartwarming backstory. She was a fan and he was her idol. They have been married for 20 years now. Witness Lucy and Richard at the ABS-CBN Ball!

Ryan Agoncillo and Judy Ann Santos

Another blissfully married couple is expected at the ball!

Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla

After the success of their latest movie ‘The Hows of Us,’ their schedule has been full-packed. KathNiel, however, will surely not miss the first ever ABS-CBN Ball.

Janella Salvador and Elmo Magalona

The pair is rumored to attend the ABS-CBN Ball amid a controversy.

Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil

The ‘Bagani’ stars are ready to shine some more in this year’s big event.

James Reid and Nadine Lustre

It’s confirmed! James and Nadine will be at the ABS-CBN Ball. It was recently revealed that James will wear a suit by well-known, Dubai-based designer Michael Cinco. This is the first time that the real-life couple will attend the said event as it was previously exclusive to Star Magic talents.

Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto

Fans of JoshLia are looking forward to the pair’s presence at the ABS-CBN Ball.

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ABS-CBN’s “Bagani” under fire after casting mestizo in brownface to look more Filipino

ABS-CBN’s “Bagani” under fire after casting mestizo in brownface to look more Filipino

  • The new drama fantasy titled Bagani is criticized for having part-white actors in brownface
  • The creators don’t see anything wrong with casting Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano as main leads
  • Bagani is a TV series which borrows elements from Philippine mythology and the pre-colonial Philippines

Putting light-skinned in the mainstream has become a problem in the Philippine movie and television ever since. It is much evident in the local pop culture today.

This issue was tackled again after the release of Bagani’s trailer depicting part-white cast playing roles inspired by the figures of the Philippine mythology and the pre-colonial era.

Bagani, which is set to premiere on ABS-CBN in March, is a drama fantasy set in an imaginary world which portrays elements from the Philippine myths and legends. But as shown in the trailer, bronzer was used, a cosmetic product which is applied to give brown color, to darken the skin of the cast.

Some found out that casting Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil in the show as main leads may seem challenging for the both of them since they are part white. Putting them in the TV series may also make sense since they are two of the most popular and sought-after young actors today.

Liza is half American and half Filipino while Enrique has German, Spanish and Filipino blood. Matteo Guidicelli who portrays a supporting role in the show is half Italian and half Filipino.

Filipino celebrities today are usually light-skinned and/ a mixed race or what they call mestizo. The Philippine movie and television scene still portrays this racial stereotype.

The perception of “white is better” continues at present because the Philippine pop culture is obsessed with white skin.

In 2011, “Nita Negrita”, a TV show which was about how the main character was teased for her looks, was also criticized for putting a light-skinned actress (Barbie Forteza) portraying a role of a half black Filipino.

And Bagani is just another example of this type of trend.

In a posted statement on Facebook, Bagani writer Mark Duane Angos clarified that the show should not be illustrated as historical or pre-colonial because it is set in an imaginary world.

The Bagani writer continued saying “Bagani is set in a fictional world called Sansinukob — an alternative world with elements from Philippine mythology. It is not pre-colonial. It is not historical. Hence it is not a portrayal of pre-colonial people or a particular historical period or event.”

Liza also posted on twitter defending her role in the drama fantasy. She challenged those people who do not believe that she is Filipino enough. It was a reply to a deleted tweet by user @deeCrz.

She tweeted saying “And who says were not pinoy? My Father is full Filipino. I was raised by two Filipinos since the age of 4. I looooove sinigang I think thats as pinoy as pinoy can get.”

Some people still argued that the issue is not about how the cast is Filipino enough but their looks don’t match the characters they portray.

The drama fantasy was even compared to the latest Marvel movie titled “Black Panther” in which the story evolved around the African culture but with a black cast.

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Photoshopped Pinoy celebrities with cleft lip/palate evoked angry reactions from netizens

Photoshopped Pinoy celebrities with cleft lip/palate evoked angry reactions from netizens

  • This Facebook page makes fun of people with a cleft lip/palate
  • Netizens react on these “degrading” and “insensitive” post by Facebook page
  • “FuqboizPictures of top male celebrity stars photoshopped

In a social media post made by a Facebook group “Fuqboiz”, top male celebrity stars were photoshopped to have a cleft lip and cleft palate.

Intended to elicit funny reactions from netizens, the photos came with a caption of “MAANO MUNG MRUSH MARIN NG MRUSH MO?” (“Paano kung crush ka rin ng crush mo”), which is supposedly copying the way people with cleft talk.

Cleft lip and palate, also known as orofacial clefts, are facial defects that originated from birth when the baby’s mouth did not form properly during pregnancy. This condition is characterized by an opening in the upper lip and/or in the roof of the mouth that may extend into the nose.

Among the male celebrity stars who were photoshopped are, TJ Monterde, Daniel Padilla, James Reid, Enrique Gil, Coco Martin, Sir Jack, and Xander Ford, along with the hashtag: “Top7Heartthrobs2018.”

TJ Monterde

Daniel Padilla

James Reid

Enrique Gil

Coco Martin

Sir Jack

Xander Ford

Netizens cry foul

These photoshopped pictures quickly gained attention from netizens but more people found it offensive than funny.

Netizens cried foul with how “degrading”, “insensitive”, and “insulting” the post is to the people with orofacial clefts. This social media post gained more angry reactions than expected.

See below:

“Laughter at the expense of our brothers and sisters with this condition is both disrespectful and insensitive. While doctors I know volunteer and travel far by foot to villages unbeknownst to men to reconstruct their faces and improve their self-esteem, here you are making fun of their imperfections and shaming them in social media. Every innocent human being like them only longs for what every human being deserves, and that is respect. It wouldn’t hurt to give it to them.”

“Sorry. This is offensive sa mga may cleft. Kung alam lang sana ng lahat ang dinaranas ng mga totoong may ganyang condition para gawing katawatawa lang. Respeto naman sana. Hindi po joke ang magkaganyan.”

“Cant wait for this page to be banned. How insensitive!”

“Tasteless and unfunny.

I stand in solidarity with the fellow netizens who condemn posts like this that ridicule people with cleft lip and palate.

To those who find humor in this, shame on you. No person with cleft lip and palate deserves to be ridiculed for their condition.”

“My brother actually has this condition. In his childhood, we fought so hard so that he can grow up without having inferiorities or have difficulties with socializing with people. We fought so hard so he can live like the normal human being he is. This kind of “humor” is the kind that perpetuates bullying of people like my brother. It’s 2018 and I can’t believe that people still subscribe to this kind of trash. My family did not go through all the hardship just so some strangers can ridicule his condition. It’s these kinds of things that are telling of how backwards and how intolerant of differences our society is. Grow. Up.”

“I suggest you take down this post. This highly offensive and insensitive to those suffering from cleft lip and palate. Using celebrities does not make it any less insensitive. There are individuals struggling to live with bullying and humiliation because of their condition. The last thing they need is another person to make fun of them. Let alone a post on social media where a lot of users are free to laugh about it.”

“So, ano po purpose nito? Para mag-viral? Joke pala to? Thank you for shaming those with clefts. Thank you for shaming those that didn’t choose to be born like this. Thank you for making them look like a joke – something to be made fun off. This idiotic and tasteless “joke” is why people who are different, have low self-esteem, have anxiety attacks, become depressed or worse, commit suicide. It’s in the little things. You may not realize it, but you are contributing to the toxic and hateful part of this world. You are the reason why those who are different HIDE. I hope you feel good about what you did when you sleep at night. I pray that one day, your children will not go through the same hate and discrimination you are willingly spreading into this world. You should have known better.

A young woman who was born with a cleft lip and palate

P.S If you are like me and was born with a cleft, please do know that you are beautiful, and everything in this world happens for a reason. I urge you to not let an idiotic and tasteless joke bring you down. The admin of this account should not have this power over you. Also, do know that being born with a cleft is a blessing. You not only learn how to be empathic, but also you teach other people to be kind; you unconsciously teach other people to empathize and accept difference. Being born with a cleft gives you a different perspective of the world that only you and other #cleftproud people share. Do you! ❤️”

“So sa tingin niyo nakakatawa toh? This is one of the most ignorant posts that I’ve seen for today. Kung alam niyo lang ang hirap at sakit na pinagdadaanan ng mga taong may cleft palate. No wonder why our country is still a third world country. Mga walang respeto. ”

“Hi, please take this down. Each and every person born with a disability is no less of a human being than we are. It’s a bigger challenge to be in their shoes when they have most of humanity mocking their trials just for the laughs. It doesn’t take much to be kind, but it pays. It’s a huge step in promoting non-discriminatory acts in our society. And anyway, who wouldn’t want to be free of all the hate going on in the world? Certainly not you? Please, humor need not come from a place of such vile disregard for people born with this condition, and any other act of oppression towards other people for that matter. Take this down. Thanks.”

“I don’t tolerate this kind of post!! Making fun of someones disability? Ganyan na ba kababa ang utak ng mga tao ngaun! Palibhasa hindi kayo nakakaranas ng pangungutya araw araw! Hindi ninyo nararanasan ang pagkakaroon ng cleft lip/palate!

Gusto ko sanang hindi intindihin ‘tong post na ito e pero paano yung mga katulad ko na hindi kayang itake ‘tong post na ‘to! Hindi nyo alam kung gaano kahirap para saamin ang mag build ng confidence, makisalamuha sa mga tao, makipag usap dahil natatakot kami sa posibleng rejection, judgement at baka pagtawanan lang.

Shoutout sa owner nitong page na ito, ganyan na ba kababa ang happiness mo? NAKAKAAWA KA! Imbes na pagtawanan mo ang kakulangan ng iba bakit hindi ka nalang mag kawang gawa ng makatulong ka! MAKE YOURSELF PRODUCTIVE! Maging kapakipakinabang ka naman! Kung sino ka man, God bless nalang.

At sa lahat ng nakakabasa nito, hindi ho biro sa amin ang pagkakaroon ng ganito. Hindi naman namin ginusto to, maswerte kayo kasi hindi ninyo nararanansan yung mga nararanansan namin araw araw! Wag naman po sana tayong INSENSITIVE!

Hindi namin ikinahihiya ang pagiging/pagkakaroon cleft lip/palate, it’s a gift from god and it’s a blessing!”

Despite the reactions it got from the netizens, the said post is still not taken down by the admin.

Thoughts on this?

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