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Security guard bars a transwoman from falling in line with other women

Security guard bars a transwoman from falling in line with other women

  • A security guard called a transwoman’s attention to say that she should not fall in line with the other female customers
  • The guard still insisted that transgenders shouldn’t fall in line with other females
  • A passenger reacted that what the security guard did was not right

Filipino people are still in the process of accepting the LGBTQ community who often face discrimination.

A transwoman is a woman who was assigned as a male at birth. The process that a transwoman undertakes to undergo this transformation includes hormone replacement therapy and sometimes sex reassignment surgery.

A transwoman with the username Darna Evangelista ranted on Facebook because of the humiliation and discrimination she received from an LRT security guard.

In her post, she said that for so many years she would always use the female comfort room and fall in line together with other females but this was the only time that she was discriminated because of her gender identity.

It was all happened when they were on their way home from Jose Abad High School in Manila. To save travel time, she and her boss decided to ride the LRT at Carriedo station. Both of them fell in line together with the other female passengers. Since the line was near the security guard station, she was immediately noticed and questioned about her gender identity.

In response, she asked if they (the guards) have undergone training on gender sensitivity.

“Sir hindi po ba naidiscuss sa gender sensitivity nyo na kaming mga Transwoman ay kinoconsider na babae (mahinahon na pananalita) .”

The guard also asked, “Nagpapalit na po ba kayo ng ano???? ” which made her so furious. The guard still insisted that they shouldn’t fall in line with other females.

When the train has arrived as they were ready to go, the security again called their attention with the used of a megaphone, ” SIR BAWAL KA JAN KASI LALAKE KA PA RIN”

She confronted the guard for his actions to which the latter stated that they should wait for his boss to settle the matter.

When the security chief arrived, he immediately apologized for his subordinate and said they will not tolerate that kind of attitude. He also allowed to transwoman to fall in line with other females.

A passenger reacted that what the security guard did was not right, he could have even spoken to her nicely.

In the end, she pleads that the Anti Discrimination Bill will be signed as a law soon.

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QBO’s ecosystem mapping effort calls for stronger support for PH startups

QBO’s ecosystem mapping effort calls for stronger support for PH startups

  • Manila exhibits ‘accelerating ecosystem,’ 4 other cities reveal potential
  • QBO Innovation Hub, in partnership with the Department of Trade and Industry, conducted a Startup Ecosystem Mapping exercise which identifies areas that need to be improved to make the Philippines a globally competitive place for startups

The Philippine startup industry is reaching new heights but aspiring tech entrepreneurs still face certain challenges—from business conditions to regulatory requirements and gender disparity.

To assess the country’s current startup ecosystem, QBO Innovation Hub, in partnership with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), conducted a Startup Ecosystem Mapping exercise which identifies areas that need to be improved and available resources in order to help make the Philippines a globally competitive place for startups. The initiative is also part of QBO’s Startup Pinay program that encourages and supports increased female participation in the startup industry.

“DTI acknowledges the importance of a thriving, science and technology-based startup ecosystem to achieve the country’s goal of growing globally competitive and innovative industries. Our focus is on S&T-based solutions in sectors that need innovative solutions such as communications, agriculture, health, AI, IoT, among others. and covering not only software but also hardware and business model. Having an innovative tech and services industry contributes to inclusive growth and employment generation of the Philippines as a whole,” said DTI Undersecretary of the Competitiveness and Innovation Group Rafaelita M. Aldaba. “We partnered with QBO to support startup development by building the startup ecosystem; bridge the gap between innovative technological seeds and commercialization; and help create global Philippine startups.”

In 2016, only two cities—Manila and Cebu—were mapped. But with Philippines startup exhibiting growth in other areas, the 2019 Startup Ecosystem Mapping extended to three other cities: Legazpi, Bohol, and Naga. Similar mapping efforts are to be conducted in Zamboanga City, Puerto Princesa, Pangasinan, and Dumaguete by the Department of Information and Communications Technology with Ideaspace Foundation, making it an unprecedented countrywide effort.

The mapping sessions were participated by startup representatives, accelerators, public and private incubators, community builders, venture capitalists, angel investors, government, and private companies. The cities were categorized based on Techstars’ 7 Stages of Startup Communities: Nascent, Foundational, Accelerating, Established, High Functioning, Progressive, and Aspirational.

“Aside from assessing the health of the startup communities in these cities, we also put together a set of recommendations after each mapping session to help them move to the next stage,” said QBO President Rene “Butch” Meily. “We’ve seen remarkable changes from 2016 to 2019 and ultimately, our goal is to promote and encourage collaboration to address the pain points experienced by startup founders and identify initiatives that will enable them to grow.”

Manila: A Place Where Startups Accelerate and Thrive

Home to most successful startup stories in the country, Manila’s landscape has improved remarkably. The 2018 Startup Ecosystem Canvas revealed Manila as having an “Accelerating Ecosystem” because of the increasing support it is getting from the government, investment groups, and other stakeholders. Recent exits from startups such as ChatbotPH, Teko, and have also contributed to the stronger awareness about startups in the city. Recent findings of the 2019 StartupBlink Report revealed the Philippines ranking 54th among 202 countries, with the strongest startup ecosystem, Manila, as its frontrunner breaching the global top 100 for the first time.

“In order for Manila to move to the next stage, we recommend verticalization of support programs that specialize in specific industries such as FinTech, HealthTech, and PropTech and creation of a density center or cluster for housing, services, and spaces to increase collaboration among startups and ramp up their productivity,” said Meily. “Corporate engagement must also be strengthened and entrepreneurs must be engaged in the development of a favorable regulatory environment that addresses concerns relevant to the tech industry.”

Cebu, Bohol, Naga, Legazpi: The Next Wave Cities for Startups?

Aside from Manila, four other cities exhibited growth potential in their respective startup economies: Cebu, Legazpi, Bohol, and Naga.

Cebu is categorized under the Foundational Ecosystem due to an increasing density of startups, considerable number of co-working spaces, and strong regional networks with connections with Manila, the rest of Southeast Asia, and Silicon Valley. The city also benefits from the strong support from the government, with local officials taking the lead in developing the local startup ecosystem. To further elevate Cebu’s ranking, recommended key actions include the establishment of local incubators with accessible mentor networks, stronger support for local businesses, as well as more dynamic engagement with universities.

Bohol’s potential to be a travel tech hub is also evident with efforts to develop the local talent and inspire Boholanos to be more involved in tech. The mapping effort revealed that these programs must be made sustainable for Bohol to reach its full potential. “Bohol has a lot of potential and this can be fully achieved by inspiring and mentoring young talents to build their own startups,” added Meily. Currently, Bohol is categorized as a Nascent Ecosystem characterized by a group of passionate people pushing to build a stronger startup community.

Visible support from local businesses and involvement of local universities is pushing Naga to be categorized as a Foundational Ecosystem. Additionally, the efforts of Naga’s local government units contribute to its fast-growing startups. Similarly, Legazpi’s startups are benefitting from programs with fund allocation and support from different government agencies. To continue this momentum, recommended actions include putting up an online information portal related to the local startup ecosystem and organizing more collaborative and networking events.

“The Philippines has a lot of potential hubs for startups—all it takes is for all stakeholders to come together and realize that great ideas can come from everywhere. To achieve our goal of advancing the Philippines’ startup ecosystem, there must be a concerted effort not just from Manila but from the countryside as well to cultivate talent and support burgeoning businesses locally” said Meily.

For inquiries on how you can map out your own city, visit or email [email protected] To learn more about the QBO’s ecosystem mapping efforts, visit

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‘Batang Baklas’ works hard to save money so he can be a lawyer someday

‘Batang Baklas’ works hard to save money so he can be a lawyer someday

  • “Batang baklas” are what kids who scavenge for discarded appliances are called
  • The job requires strength and patience
  • One batang baklas dreams of becoming a lawyer to defend the innocent who are wrongly accused

“Batang baklas” are what kids who scavenge for discarded appliances are called. They break down the appliances to get to any copper in it which they sell to junk shops.

A batang baklas named Jumong Narvez had his life story featured on GMA News TV’s ‘Front Row.’ In the documentary series, they detailed his struggles being a batang baklas which he does in order to save enough money to pursue his studies.

“Nagkakalas po, ang mga gamit ko po martilyo, lagari, kung ano-ano po. Tapos po nag-iipon po ako para sa pampa-aral ko,” he said.

Sometimes, he is called in to disassemble broken appliances. Other times, he’s the one who goes house-to-house looking for appliances to scavenge.

This isn’t an easy job for Mong because it needs strength and patience. At the age of 12, Mong is already doing this labor intensive job.

“Nakakapagod po. Sumasakit yung kamay ko tapos napapagod ako parang hinihingal,”

Mong started working when his grandmother got sick and he needed to help his father earn some money. But one of his main reasons was to save money so he could go to school to get a better life for himself and his family.

“Kailangan ko po kasi para makapagpaaral ako. Gusto rin ng magulang ko na makapagtapos ako,”

Mong was earning 50 to 500 pesos, depending on the copper, metal, and aluminum he can gather within a day.

“Tinutulungan ko po siya kahit hindi niya ako bigyan [ng pera], kasi po magulang ko po yun eh. Nilalagyan po niya ng pera [yung alkansya ko] para po makapag-aral ako.”

At the end of the program, Mong became emotional when he was asked about his mother. Mong is the one who takes care of his siblings due to the absence of their mother.

His mother is in jail for using illegal drugs which Mong believes to be untrue.

“Nakausap ko nga po siya kagabi eh. Umiyak nga po ako eh. Kasi nami-miss ko na po kasi siya. Gusto ko po sana makabalik na siya. Miss ko na siya eh. Miss ko na yung nanay ko,”

He also shared his dream for his mother and for his future.

“Pag nakapagtapos po ako. Pangarap ko nga pong maging abugado eh. Para po makatulong ako sa mga wala namang kasalanan na kinukulong nila.”

Unfortunately, Mong’s savings weren’t enough to buy the school supplies he needed.

“Kahit ano pong bag o notebook. Basta lang po makapag-aral lang ako. Gusto ko lang pong makapagtapos.”

Mong is only one of the thousands of Filipino children who want to pursue their studies but lack financial support. Here’s hoping that children like him would help soon.

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Manila Bay rehabilitation efforts uncover 200 acres of marine resources

Manila Bay rehabilitation efforts uncover 200 acres of marine resources

  • The DENR has discovered 200 acres of marine resources during the rehabilitation of Manila Bay
  • A new species of sardine, coral colonies, and other high-value fish were discovered
  • The government aims to have swimmable beaches in the bay before the year ends

Manila Bay is still a 770-square mile stretch full of garbage, but the government already has plans on to change this.

For the next three years, the government will be spending over 6 billion pesos to clean up the bay and 36 billion pesos to relocate families living along the shore.

The administration of President Rodrigo Duterte plans on making the bay ‘swimmable’.

With the ongoing rehabilitation, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) has discovered 200 acres of marine resources in the bay.

PTV4’s ‘Sentro Balita’ showed these photos during their newscast:

This means that the goal of having swimmable beaches is getting closer and closer. The different agencies involved in the rehabilitation are becoming more optimistic about saving the bay.

The rehabilitation was able to discover seagrasses, live corals, and—although limited or low in number—high-value fish like lapu-lapu in the area of Maragondon, Corregidor, and Cabalio Island.

A new sardine species was also discovered which could be sold in the market.

The bay is still filled with plastic and other kinds of garbage, which destroys coral colonies. To keep it cleaner, President Duterte has ordered establishments that dispose of their dirty water in the bay closed.

In January alone, the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) collected 45 truckloads of garbage from the bay.

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PHINMA Education and Quest Aim to Inspire Filipino Youth to Fulfill Their Dreams

PHINMA Education and Quest Aim to Inspire Filipino Youth to Fulfill Their Dreams

  • PHINMA Education has partnered with musician Jose Villanueva III, also known as Quest
  • Quest’s new song “Sasamahan Kita” talks about keeping dreams alive in the face of challenges
  • It was Quest’s passion for education and desire to pay it forward that inspired PHINMA Education to link up

PHINMA Education, a network of schools fast emerging as a leader in providing accessible quality education, has partnered with musician Jose Villanueva III, also known as Quest, for a campaign to inspire young Filipinos to pursue their education and fulfill their dreams.

PHINMA Education has launched the campaign with Quest’s new song “Sasamahan Kita,” which talks about keeping dreams alive in the face of challenges and counting on a support system to achieve a brighter future. This supports the company’s longstanding mission of “making lives better through education.”

In writing “Sasamahan Kita,” Quest took inspiration from his own childhood. Battling poverty, Quest found his first mentor in his grandmother, a teacher, who taught him the value of education and the importance of having a strong role model.

“My grandmother took care of us from the start. I placed myself in her—a teacher’s—shoes and wrote about the experience. I saw how much she dedicated her life to her profession. I saw her dedication and hard work,” shared Quest. “She inspired me to work hard and never give up.”

For Quest, his grandmother’s example led him to value education and seek people who would support him and his dreams.

“I’m a big advocate of getting an education and having the right mentors. I had to learn that I needed to surround myself with the right people,” he added. “The people in my life gave me the confidence I needed to dream and achieve, no matter how small.”

It was Quest’s passion for education and desire to pay it forward that inspired PHINMA Education to link up with the artist.

“When the opportunity to work with a passionate partner like PHINMA Education was presented, I gladly accepted. Through this anthem, we aim to raise the spirits of the Filipino youth, remind them of the value of education, and even pursue their educational opportunities with PHINMA Education,” said Quest.

“At PHINMA Education, we believe that education is key to creating a better, brighter future,” shared PHINMA Education President Chito Salazar. “We share Quest’s advocacy giving Filipino youth a strong support system. Working on ‘Sasamahan Kita’ has given us the chance to highlight how education has changed the lives of our own students and those of young Filipinos from households with limited income across the country.”

Quest’s music video for “Sasamahan Kita” features PHINMA Education institution Araullo University (Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija) and the stories of three of its students: Harry Bibat, a BS Criminology student who moonlights as a tricycle driver; Aldrin Aquino, a BS Civil Engineering student who works as a student assistant; and Erika Balaoing, a BS Civil Engineering student who makes a living as a farmer to help support her family and her studies.

With PHINMA Education, students like Harry, Aldrin, and Erika have access to an education that focuses on active learning; provides an industry-relevant, skills-oriented curriculum; and encourages them to develop their soft skills and leverage their motivations to create tangible results. They also have access to scholarship programs without a grade retention component, making it easier for students to stay in school and complete their degree programs.

To date, PHINMA Education’s network covers Araullo University (Nueva Ecija), Cagayan de Oro College (Cagayan de Oro), Southwestern University (Cebu), University of Iloilo (Iloilo), University of Pangasinan (Pangasinan), and Saint Jude College (Manila).

PHINMA Education’s structured, gritty approach to education has already started to bear fruit. More than 80% of its graduates find employment within a year of their graduation. In addition, the PHINMA Education schools have recorded a 100% passing rate for first-time examinees in 40 different board examinations, including nursing, civil engineering, accountancy, criminology, and education.

For more info on PHINMA Education, visit Stream “Sasamahan Kita” on Quest’s official Spotify channel and watch the official music video on PHINMA Education’s official Facebook page (@phinmaeducation) and YouTube channel (PHINMA Education).

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Kris Aquino says ‘Mahihimatay yata ako’ as earthquake interrupts her interview that goes viral

Kris Aquino says ‘Mahihimatay yata ako’ as earthquake interrupts her interview that goes viral

  • Kris Aquino’s interview that was interrupted by an earthquake had gone viral
  • She was very much concerned with her sons who stayed at home
  • She felt dizzy as the earthquake continued shaking, which made her feel vertigo

An earthquake shocked the people in Manila, and so with actress and TV host Kris Aquino who was in the middle of an interview, that has now gone viral online.

Aquino’s sons, Joshua and Bimby, stayed at home in Quezon City when the earthquake happened. As a mother, her first reaction was to check on her children, as she noted that their house’s location is near a faultline.

Netizens react

As seen on the uploaded YouTube video during her interview with showbiz journalist Leo Bukas, as the light flickered because of the earthquake, Aquino immediately said “Umuwi na tayo. I want to go home. My sons!”

With all her concern toward her sons, he asked the staff to call their home. Aquino managed to stay calm and joked about her luxurious bags collection.

It’s the end of the world na, I’m telling you. Buti na lang binili ko lahat ng Chanel na gusto ko bilhin. Buwisit, ang laki pa ng tax na binayaran ko!” she said.

The actress felt dizzy as the shaking continued and asked for her oral medication as said she felt “vertigo.”

“Utang na loob, mahihimatay yata ako. Ang pangit nito. At iyon na ang kuwento niyo — ni-rush sa ospital dahil nahilo. Ang chaka!” she said.

Aquino’s interview was to discuss her personal issues which include her health condition, political stance, and future projects.

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Wish granted for a young boy who chose a goat as a graduation gift from his brother

Wish granted for a young boy who chose a goat as a graduation gift from his brother

  • His brother bought a goat just as he promised him
  • Alwytz Robiniol Gaoiran is an animal lover who would prefer animal than toys or gadgets
  • With his creative mind, he created his own play station out of recycled materials
  • His brother granted his wish to motivate him to reach his dream to become a mechanical engineer in the future

Most graduating students would likely request for a new cellular phone, tablet, gadget accessories, and even money as graduation gift but here was this young boy who asked for a goat, which you would never expect.

A Facebook user, Alvin Gaoiran Robiniol, posted a photo of his graduation gift for his favorite brother, Alwytz Robiniol Gaoiran, who recently graduated from elementary schooling. As graduation gift, his brother bought a goat just as he promised him.

It is very unusual for a young boy to request an animal for a gift, but Alwytz is an animal lover who would prefer animals than toys or gadgets. With his creative mind, he created his own play station out of recycled materials.

Alwyts is from Laoag City, and is the sixth among eight siblings of Ronnie and Brigada. His father is a farmer from Buyong Village, Bacarra, Ilocos Norte while his mother works as a domestic helper in Kuwait.

Alwytz’s brother Alvin is the only college graduate in the family and currently working in Manila. Though Alwytz is kind of shy and “makulit” (annoying), his brother still granted his wish so as to motivate him to reach his dream of becoming a mechanical engineer in the future.

Tinanong kita kung anong gusto mong regalo. Akala ko cellphone, tablet, o kahit ano mang klase ng luho ang isasagot…

Posted by Alvin Gaoiran Robiniol on Wednesday, April 3, 2019

During Alwytz’s graduation at Buyong Elementary School, his brother Alvin finally granted his long-time wish. Holding his graduation certificate is a goat that he would be taking care of.

“So heto na yun. Tinotoo ko yung promise ko. Alagaan mo yan, paramihin mo. Buntis yan. Simula pa lang yan ng pagpaparami nating mga alaga.”

Alvin also congratulated his brother as he also hoped that all his siblings would also finish their studies.

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Traslacion volunteers clean up after the mess of devotees

Traslacion volunteers clean up after the mess of devotees

  • Volunteers speak up about the amount of garbage they have gathered from the path of the Black Nazarene’s Traslacion.
  • There was a total of 44 trucks of trash that were gathered from the Quirino Grandstand to Quiapo.

Thousands of devotees of the Black Nazarene has left a number of trash from Quirino Granstand to Quiapo in Manila. It totaled 44 trucks of garbage.

According to Daniel Alejandre of EcoWaste Coalition, their campaign for a trash-less Translation has “fallen on deaf ears”.

Posted by Pamilya Quiapo on Wednesday, January 9, 2019

“Many people unashamedly threw their garbage anywhere turning the parade ground fronting the Quirino Grandstand into a dumping ground.”

He added that it really could not be helped as it’s also the feast of Quiapo.

“Piyesta rin kasi ng Quiapo, so hindi natin maiiwasan ‘yung basura.”

Posted by Pamilya Quiapo on Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Among the trash gathered at the Quirino Grandstand to the Quiapo were cardboard boxes, plastic sheets, food containers, plastic boxes, and slippers. Food leftovers, plastic bottles with urine, cup noodles, instant coffee, sachets, cigarette buts, and a lot of plastic objects were also noted.

“People seem to have no qualms about littering, a prohibited act under our local and national environmental laws that is more often disregarded than enforced. Littering, especially in godly activities, is totally unacceptable. Devotion should not lead to pollution.”

Posted by Pamilya Quiapo on Wednesday, January 9, 2019

He added that the volume of trash will been lessened in future Traslacions if there will be designated dining areas near the route, with trash bins for the devotees.

“Natatakot kami na pupwedeng gamitin itong mga basurahan na ito na lagyan ng explosive.

“We hope that our people’s devotion to the Black Nazarene will also find its expression in the way we act toward our shared environment – with care and respect.”

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Cabin crew praised after making a little boy stop crying by carrying him while working

Cabin crew praised after making a little boy stop crying by carrying him while working

  • A netizen shared an adorable incident she witnessed during her flight to Manila.
  • She praised the cabin crew who helped a little boy calm down during the plane ride by carrying him while doing his duties.

A Facebook user named Jumaya Guiabar shared an adorable and heartwarming incident she witnessed during a Cebu Pacific flight from Pagadian to Manila.

The little boy was with his grandmother in the plane when he began crying as soon as the plane took off. Despite his grandmother’s efforts, the kid refused to calm down and his loud crying was beginning to disturb the other passengers.

Posted by Jumaya Guiabar on Monday, December 3, 2018

The boy cried for a while and still didn’t calm down. This is when a cabin crew, Renz, had to step in. He began to help the grandma make his grandson calm down and even offered to carry the kid.

And guess what? He actually stopped crying as soon as he got out of his seat.

Posted by Jumaya Guiabar on Monday, December 3, 2018

Renz carried the boy around the plane while he did his work.

This touched the passengers who were also relieved that the boy finally calmed down. But when the crew tried making the child sit again, he began tearing up, making the guy carry him again.

Posted by Jumaya Guiabar on Monday, December 3, 2018

The netizens said that the boy must have been scared as it may be his first flight ever. The post has now reached more than 1,200 shares on Facebook.

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“Everybody is euphoric about her win.” Catriona Gray Meets Pres. Rodrigo Duterte

“Everybody is euphoric about her win.” Catriona Gray Meets Pres. Rodrigo Duterte

  • President Rodrigo Duterte met Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Grey.
  • According to Salvador Panelo, the President has thanked Grey for bringing the crown.

Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Grey has “exchanged pleasantries” with President Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday, December 20, before she headed to New York.

Grey was in Manila for a quick visit just days after her victory in Bangkok, Thaland on Monday, December 17.

She is the 4th Filipina to win the crown and title.

The President and the beauty queen met at the Villamor Air Base around 6:20pm on Thursday as she was set to leave the country after.

According to Presidential Spokesperson and Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo, the President expressed his gratitude to Grey for winning the prestegious competition.

“They are just exchanging pleasantries. He thanked her for bringing the crown. He said everybody is euphoric about her win.”

Grey will be based in New York during her Miss Universe reign. She is scheduled to return to the Philippines early next year for a formal homecoming celebration.

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