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Sam Morales trends after being exposed for catfishing members of the LGBTQ+ community; more victims come out

Along with the support of the LGBTQ+ Community, more and more victims of Sam came out and told their story. Some of them were those who treated Sam as their friend even before everything happened.

  • Multimedia artist Sam Morales trends after allegations of catfishing made against her went viral.
  • Several members of the LGBTQ+ community tweeted about their experience being victimized by Morales. 
  • Celebrities shared their thoughts regarding the actions of Morales. 

Multimedia artist Sam Morales trended on Twitter Philippines for the wrong reason.

Her name trended after a transwoman shared her alleged catfishing story that Sam planned as a revenge for her troubled past involving the LGBTQ+ community.

On a Twitter thread, a college student from Cebu named Jzan Vern narrated her encounter with Sam and a guy who first introduced himself as Bill Iver Reyes. Jzan and Bill first connected through the Tinder dating app.

Their supposedly casual encounter turned into a friendship then flourished into a long-distance relationship as Bill is from Manila. Jzan admitted that she had trust issues from the start as she was catfished in the past.

The couple planned to meet as Bill wanted to stay in Cebu with her.

But Jzan’s trust was shaken when their plans failed to happen as Bill suddenly disappeared and blocked her on Viber and unmatched her on Tinder. Bill’s “cousin” Sam, messaged Jzan and said that the former wasn’t able to come to Cebu because of a family emergency.

He also videocalled called her to prove his identity.

Their relationship was like a rollercoaster ride but despite several disappointments, Jzan decided to fly to Manila and meet Bill. When they finally met, she thought that it would be worth the trip but it turned out to be a nightmare. Bill left her at the airport without an explanation.

Her friends helped her track the guy and they were able to identify the man. His real name is Bilko Argana and he’s a freelance model. Heartbroken, Jzan went back to Cebu.

Bill contacted her again and apologized, saying that he only hid his identity because he thought that their relationship would be just for fun and when it started to get serious, he became afraid. He then proceeded to make her think that aside from his identity, everything was real, including his feelings.

And yet again, they patched things up and continued the relationship. After several months Jzan went to Manila to visit her friends so she asked Bill if they could meet. But he agreed only if he could come with his cousin Sam.

So they met, had lunch, and decided to go back to her hotel room to talk.

When Sam left and they were alone, Jzen was put off because Bill refused to kiss her. When she got annoyed, she proceeded to end the relationship because she lost too much already. But Bill suddenly decided to have sex with her.

After their sexual encounter, Bill finally spilled the truth and said that all those months, Sam was pretending to be Bill and was the one texting Jzan. Apparently, he was only Sam’s assistant and she just gives him freelance modeling jobs. He agreed to do it for fear of losing a job.

After Jzan went back to Cebu, she confronted Sam and asked her the reasons behind the manipulation. Sam apologized and told her that she had a traumatic experience with gay people before. In revenge, she plotted everything and made gay and trans people fall in love with a fake identity.

Jzan’s story went viral. Along with the support of the LGBTQ+ Community, more and more victims of Sam came out and told their story. Some of them were those who treated Sam as their friend even before everything happened.

The story has also reached celebrities and they began calling out Sam and cheering on Jzan as she recovers from the traumatic experience.

Sam Morales has yet to release a statement regarding the matter.

Written by J M

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