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ABS-CBN’s Tulong Center helped an OFW from her abusive employer

ABS-CBN’s Tulong Center helped an OFW from her abusive employer

  • Lilian Abenoja, an OFW in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia made it home with the help of ABS-CBN’s Tulong Center
  • ABS-CBN’s Tulong Center offers free legal and medical assistance to Filipinos in need
  • During her visit at the Tulong Center, Lilian shared her bad experiences with her employer

An overseas Filipino worker (OFW) who was recently in danger made it home safely to her husband and children thanks to the quick action of the ABS-CBN Tulong Center, the “ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya sa DZMM” radio program, and government agencies.

Lilian Abenoja, who worked as a helper in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, alerted her husband Renato Rimando after repeatedly suffering various forms of abuse in the hands of her employer. Renato rushed to the Tulong Center in Quezon City frantic for help upon getting a call from his wife, who feared that her employer would rape her or worse, at any moment.

The center, which provides Filipinos with free legal and medical assistance through connecting them to appropriate organizations and agencies, immediately gave him with an endorsement letter to the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) and endorsed Lilian’s case to the“ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya sa DZMM” radio program with Julius Babao and Bernadette Sembrano-Aguinaldo. They featured Renato and Lilian’s situation on air and connected them to OWWA’s Repatriation Assistance Unit, making immediate action on it possible. They got the agency’s commitment to tap other concerned government agencies here and in Riyadh to rescue Lilian.

Within a month, she was back home with her family.

During a recent visit to the Tulong Center, Lilian shared how her male employer tried to intimidate her into giving him sexual favors, while her female employer accused her of seducing her husband and retaliated by withholding her wages, food, and basic needs. Moreover, even the children she cared for were hurting and mistreating her too.

“We are so grateful for the help extended to us,” said Renato. “We know about others who’ve had to wait for months to be rescued, and the horror stories of starvation, rape, and worse. But thanks to ABS-CBN, who alerted the authorities on our situation attention and acted quickly, my wife was saved from further harm,” he added.

Launched in February 2014, the Tulong Center aims to serve Kapamilyas in need of legal, medical and other forms of assistance and has served more than 40,000 individuals and counting since then. While it doesn’t provide direct financial assistance like cash, it works with various groups, including hospitals, pharmacies and government agencies to respond to the needs of Kapamilyas who need help. The Tulong Center also connects the clients with DZMM TeleRadyo’s “Lingkod Kapamilya” program who air their stories and pleas for help to alert the organizations and government agencies to take action immediately.

The Tulong Center is located along Eugenio Lopez Drive at the ABS-CBN Compound in Quezon City every weekday from 8 am to 5 pm. They can also call the hotline at 4141296 or 4145431, or get in touch via Facebook at facebook.com/abscbnfoundationkapamilya. Pleas for help sent via phone, email, social media, or referrals are acted upon within 24 hours. Volunteers and interested donors and partners can call the same hotline to join the Tulong Centers efforts.

For more information, go tofacebook.com/abscbnfoundationkapamilya. For updates, follow @abscbnpr on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or go abscbnpr.com.

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5 Facts You Should Know About “Kuya Escort” Ion Perez

5 Facts You Should Know About “Kuya Escort” Ion Perez

  • Ion Perez admits on GGV’s latest episode that Vice Ganda is special to him
  • No direct and further confirmation has been divulged about the real score of their relationship
  • Before Perez met Vice Ganda, he made a mark in the male pageant scene, being crowned as 2018 Mr. Universe Tourism

Ion Perez, also known as “Kuya Escort” in the noontime variety show “It’s Showtime,” made a surprise guest appearance on Vice Ganda’s “Gandang Gabi Vice” that aired on March 31.

The model admitted then that the comedian-host is “special” to him.

Both Vice Ganda and Ion Perez have been teased repeatedly by their co-hosts in the variety show about their supposed romantic relationship, but no direct confirmation has ever been uttered by the two.

But what was Ion Perez’s life before he met his “special” person Vice Ganda?


Below are some facts about the heartthrob:

1. Perez was born in Concepcion, Tarlac on November 27, 1990 and is the 11th among 15 siblings

2. His late father was a jeepney driver while his mother worked for a time as a kakanin vendor

3. He was among the winners of the 2017 Misters of Filipinas pageant

4. A year later, he was crowned Mister Universe Tourism where it opened a door for him in the modeling industry

5. He is part of the bachelor list of Cosmopolitan Philippines

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Public has natural tendency to look for scandals of famous personalities, experts say

Public has natural tendency to look for scandals of famous personalities, experts say

  • Kapamilya star Loisa Andalio became the subject of Internet’s watchful eye due to a lewd video being linked to her
  • Fans and other celebrities defended the star and one psychologist explained that people have a natural tendency to look for scandals of celebrities
  • The general public lives vicariously through public figures so they feel superior or feel pity over their actions

Scandals have been part of our society since ancient times—they present a dishonest action or unethical behavior usually by a public figure that is deemed unacceptable by the community. Furthermore, scandals can be found in almost every aspect of society: entertainment industry, government, academia, and at work.

And because of their shocking and immoral nature, they raise different, extreme feelings and reactions amongst people – one is for the purpose of helping solve the issue found in the scandal, but most often, results in other people perpetuating the same problem.

This paradox is better seen in video scandals. While some call for respecting one’s privacy, others would rather spread the video to scrutinize and discern whether the alleged subject in the video is real and not a case of mistaken identity— like the incident Kapamilya star Loisa Andalio found herself in, when a lewd video of a young woman circulated online since March 22 and was said to be her.

The original clip, uncertain where it had originated, had since been deleted but many Filipinos were able to spread copies of it on various social media platforms.

Some opposed the spread of the video, which was thought to be defamatory for the young actress, even though it has not been confirmed or verified that it was indeed her appearing on it. While others condemned those who are requesting for copies of the recording as phonies.

As stated, a scandal is therefore a problem generated in society which becomes a concern and issue for a larger section of the collective.

Dr. Susan Kolod of Psychology Today, as reported on Interaksyon, said that fans and critics crave to know the goings-on in the lives of celebrity people, and that they naturally have the tendency to look for scandals.

“What makes scandals so interesting? A good scandal can be titillating, outrageous, entertaining, satisfying and edifying—it allows us to feel superior, to pity or despise the transgressor and to get vicarious pleasure, all at the same time,” said Kolod.

She also explained that scandals allow a person to determine whether they live “far better” than those who have committed scandalous things. “Scandals allow us, through fantasy, to vicariously experience ‘another’ life, while leaving us reassured that we are better off in our ordinary, non-scandalous existence.”

They also help distract individuals from the banality of everyday life.

“Not only does it take our minds off our problems, it also assures us that our problems are small and manageable in comparison,” Kolod added.

The Guardian, on the other hand, reported that the use of social media helped in providing people easier access to information related to scandals.

Aleks Krotoski wrote: “It’s because the web works outside the consent of the business. The audience is in charge, armed with a smart phone and a Wi-Fi connection. This makes us potentially more dangerous to the celebrity than ever before.”

Andalio was first seen on Philippine TV in April 2014 as a housemate of the fifth regular season of Pinoy Big Brother, Pinoy Big Brother: All In, where she was dubbed as the “Talented Darling ng Parañaque.” She has yet to issue a statement on the matter as no other official details have been disclosed.

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Amy Perez clarifies she’s not part of ‘Paysbook’ after photo linking her to it appears on social media

Amy Perez clarifies she’s not part of ‘Paysbook’ after photo linking her to it appears on social media

  • Amy Perez denies connection to Paysbook amid photos of her and posts on social media linking her to the firm
  • Securities and Exchange Commission has informed the public that Paysbook is not permitted to operate as an online investment firm in the country
  • People found doing unregistered investment schemes may be prosecuted and held criminally liable

Filipino television show host Amy Perez denied yesterday her connection to an online investment firm, when her photo with a man working under the company circulated online.

The noontime show host of It’s Showtime wrote on her Twitter account, “FYI IM NOT CONNECTED OR EVEN PART OF THIS “PAYSBOOK” THING. MY HUSBAND AND I WENT TO HK TO CELEBRATE OUR ANNIVERSARY.  That guy in the picture asked me if pwede mag picture kami and i said ok but boy yung caption mo ay iba na!”

The photo displays the actress-show host smiling with a man in an airplane bound for Hong Kong. The caption of the post insinuated that she is part of the Paysbook qualifiers who got a trip to Hong Kong.

In a report from BusinessWorld in January this year, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has warned investors from a firm called Paysbook E-Commerce System Corp. that recently registered with the agency as an electronic commerce system provider, same as the dissolved Paysbook E-Commerce System Co. Ltd.

Paysbook allegedly sells account activation codes to the public in return for profits simply by just logging in and out of its website, and recruiting people to join the scheme.

“The department has also received information that members and affiliates of Paysbook have circulated on popular social media website numerous photos of its officers appearing before this department, implying [that] all the company’s issues with the Commission have already been settled,” SEC issued.

According to the Commission, Paysbook is not permitted to operate as an online investment firm in the Philippines. “Since the operation of the corporation, despite having a separate and distinct juridical personality, is a mere continuation and extension of the actual operations of the dissolved partnership. The advisory is hereby extended to apply to Paysbook E-Commerce System Corp.,” it said.

Althor R. Sandigan, the man believed to be in the photo with Perez, replied to the TV personality’s Twitter post, explaining his side of things:

“I want to explain my side, Hope mabasa ni ma’am Amy Perez ito. Intindihin ng mabuti ung original caption ko. . At wala pong sinabi na member cxa ni paysbook. May iba kc na gumawa ng sari sariling caption about this post at naging Fake info ang nangyari.”

The commission also cautioned the public that employees acting as brokers or salesmen and recruiting others in any unregistered investment scheme may be indicted and held criminally liable, and if found guilty, may be jailed for up  to 21 years, and pay a maximum of P5 million or both.

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‘Kuya Escort’ Ion Perez reacts to rumored relationship with Vice Ganda

‘Kuya Escort’ Ion Perez reacts to rumored relationship with Vice Ganda

  • Vice Ganda and Ion Perez’s confession of ‘status’ in GGV taping has set social media abuzz
  • Charo Santos and Bea Alonzo grilled Ion Perez on ‘the real score’ with Vice Ganda
  • Showtime hosts Vice and Ion shared an intimate moment that was caught on cam in the past

Kapamilya noontime show mainstays Vice Ganda and “Kuya Escort” Ion Perez have been the subject of “rumored relationship” in past gossip columns, but now the rumor seems to be true after netizens posted stories on social media that the two allegedly admitted to being a couple during a taping session for ‘Gandang Gabi Vice’ (GGV).

Photos of them hugging each other circulated online, and netizen JS Espejon Sanchez said that the pictures were taken during the March 12 GGV taping. He then proceeded to explain what happened on the set.

According to the Sanchez, Charo Santos and Bea Alonzo were the guests on GGV to promote their upcoming movie Eerie. The two wanted to do a prank on Vice where Ion and Jacky were dressed as nuns.


After the prank, Bea asked Kuya Escort what the real score is between him and the comedian-host. Charo Santos also had a follow-up question, and that was when Perez finally revealed that heand Vice are already couple.

“Totoo man o hindi ang mga bali-balita, abangan n’yo nalang po para malaman ang katotohanan ♥ ^O^,” cryptically posted Perez recently on his Twitter account.

Ion also shared, “Walang mangyayari sa buhay natin kung paiiralin ang hiya at takot sa paggawa ng mga bagay na kaya naman nating gawin.”

The viral tweet of Vice Ganda saying: “Please allow me to be happy. Siguro deserve ko din naman magmalaki at ipagmalaki ng taong mahal ko at mahal ako. 😍😍😍 I love you daddiii ❤️ #inarelatIONship” is apparently just made by a fan and was not posted to Vice’s Twitter account.

In a previous report, the two were spotted together in an event sharing an intimate moment which was caught on cam and Jhong Hilario, their co-host, even showed proof.

The rumor was fueled further when Ion called Vice “Lab” on ‘It’s Showtime’s’ live program last month.

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Winnie Cordero’s Freudian slip during Chokoleit tribute makes netizens laugh

Winnie Cordero’s Freudian slip during Chokoleit tribute makes netizens laugh

  • Umagang Kay Ganda paid a homage to Kapamilya comedian Chokoleit
  • K Brosas led the emotional UKG tribute when Winnie Cordero made an error and ended up making the comedienne laugh heartily
  • During the tribute, Cordero asked Brosas to send a message, but to a different comedian, Pooh

In the very spirit of the late comedian Chokoleit, his good friend K Brosas bursts into laughter when an Umagang Kay Ganda host made a funny slip of the tongue during an interview.

The clip was featured in a now-viral video tweet.

ABS-CBN program ‘Umagang Kay Ganda’ (UKG) gave Jonathan Aguilar Garcia, better known by his stage name Chokoleit, a tribute on national television.

His close friend, K Brosas, led the homage. While the comedienne was deep in tears talking about her friend, UKG co-host Winnie Cordero made an error by asking: “Anong gustong mong sabihin? Naririnig ka ni Pooh ngayon.”

Pooh, who is still alive and kicking, is a friend of both Brosas and the late Chokoleit. Due to this, the comedienne could not help but laugh at Cordero’s mistake.

Teka lang buhay pa yung isang kaibigan ko. Tita Winnie, huwag naman lahat sila! Pooh, pasensya na! Buhay pa siya,” Brosas remarked.

When Brosas tried to state her message for Chokoleit, she once again broke into laughter. In the end, she was able to gather herself and proceed to expressing her message for her deceased friend.

Netizens’ hilarious reactions






Chokoleit was a Filipino comedian, actor, and TV host. He was best known for his role as Pearly Shell in the Philippine television series Marina. He passed away last Saturday after a performance in Abra, succumbing to heart attack.

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23 Kapamilya Stars Who You Probably Didn’t Know Were Once a Kapuso

23 Kapamilya Stars Who You Probably Didn’t Know Were Once a Kapuso

  • Kapamilya stars who were once a Kapuso artist
  • Celebrity artists who originally came from Kapuso then made the big switch to the Kapamilya network

You may not know this but some of the brightest stars in ABS-CBN actually started as an artist in its competing network, GMA Network. Let’s have a rundown of all the Kapamilya stars who were once a Kapuso.

After all, it’s also important to look back from where you originally come from.

1. Toni Gonzaga

It is not known to many that Toni Gonzaga is originally a Kapuso. She was once a host in the noontime show “Eat Bulaga” and was a GMA Network artist for seven years until she went full-on Kapamilya in 2005.

2. Anne Curtis

“It’s Showtime” host, Anne Curtis was a Kapuso for six years until she transferred in 2003. Some of her projects in the Kapuso network include “Anna Karenina” and “TGIS.”

3. Angel Locsin

Angel became a prominent star when she starred as Alwina in the hit GMA Network teleserye, “Mulawin” and as “Darna.”

Now, she has done a lot of series and movies with ABS CBN, including being a judge in the Kapamilya talent show, “Pilipinas Got Talent”.

4. Yassi Pressman

The “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano” leading lady was once a Kapuso and also a TV5 network artist. She appeared in various noontime Sunday shows in both GMA 7 and TV 5.

5. Paulo Avelino

With his new movie with Star Cinema, co-starring Bea Alonzo and Derek Ramsay entitled, “Kasal,” it is not known to many that Paulo Avelino is actually an alumnus of GMA Network’s artist search, “Starstruck.”

6. Cristine Reyes

A Kapamilya artist since 2008, Christine also is a product of Kapuso talent search “StarStruck” just like Paulo Avelino.

7. Ellen Adarna

Ellen Adarna appeared in several GMA Network shows including “Bubble Gang” and “Captain Barbell” before she transferred to ABS CBN to be a Kapamilya in 2013.

8. Isabelle Daza

Originally an “Eat Bulaga” host like Toni Gonzaga, Isabelle signed a contract with ABS CBN in 2014 and has since starred in dramas like “Nathaniel” and movies like “It Takes a Man and a Woman.”

9. Karylle

Before she became an “It’s Showtime” host alongside Anne Curtis, Karylle was also once a Kapuso. She became famous in the GMA Network fantaserye, “Encantadia” and she transferred to become a Kapamilya in 2008.

10. Iza Calzado

Iza transferred to ABS CBN in 2012 after her 10 years of being a Kapuso network artist where she starred in several dramas like “Encantadia” and “Impostora.”

11. Jake Cuenca

Jake has been a Kapuso for three years before he went to be a Kapamilya star. Since then, he starred in a lot of teleseryes like “Tayong Dalawa,” “Maria Mercedes” and the most recent, “Ikaw lang and Iibigin.”

12. JC De Vera

Before he transferred to ABS-CBN, he was with GMA Network first for six years and then transferred to TV 5 and stayed there for three years. Now, JC stars in the new Kapamilya teleserye, “Since I Found You,” alongside Piolo Pascual and Arci Munoz.

13. Maxene Magalona

Maxene was with GMA Network for nine years until she decided to be a Kapamilya in 2013. Some of her shows as a Kapamilya were “Doble Kara,” and “Dream Dad”.

14. Elmo Magalona

Brother of Maxene Magalona, Elmo has been a Kapamilya since 2015 where he was paired up with Janella Salvador in the teleserye, “Born for You” and the movie, “Bloody Crayons”.

15. Jona

Jona rose to fame when she won the GMA Network singing contest, “Pinoy Pop Superstar.” Now, Jona is one of the most promising singers in ABS CBN.

16. Jaya

Jaya was once a mainstay singer in the then-GMA Network Sunday show, “SOP.” Now, she’s a Kapamilya artist who sometimes judges in the ABS-CBN noontime show, “It’s Showtime.”

17. Ogie Alcasid

Ogie is now a Kapamilya appearing in several shows including “Your Face Sounds Familiar” where he is a resident judge. But before the switch, he was a Kapuso artist and has been a “Bubble Gang” member way back.

18. Kyla

A Kapuso artist for at least 15 years, Kyla transferred network in 2015 where she sang the theme song of JaDine’s hit teleserye, “On the Wings of Love.”

19. Jay R

The R&B was a Kapuso singer for 10 years before he made the switch to become a Kapamilya. Currently, Jay R appears in shows like “ASAP.”

20. Aljur Abrenica

Aljur also rose to fame when he joined the GMA Network’s “StarStruck” in 2006. He just transferred network in August, 2017 after his contract as a Kapuso ended.

21. Louise de los Reyes

Louise also just recently became a Kapamilya in 2017. But before the switch, she was a TV 5 and GMA Network artist where she starred in several seryes like “Alakdana” and “My Beloved”.

22. Richard Gutierrez

Well, it already seems like everyone knows that Richard was once a Kapuso leading man but he’s included in this list because why not? So before he became Sandrino in ABS-CBN’s “La Luna Sangre,” he was first the leading man of Angel Locsin, who was also a then-Kapuso, in the GMA Network fantaserye, “Mulawin”.

23. Ryza Cenon

Just last April 2018, Ryza was welcomed by ABS CBN’s big bosses into the Kapamilya network. “Ang Probinsyano” is just one of the projects lined up for her after her switch.

All of these artists were once a Kapuso at heart and then transferred to ABS CBN to become a Kapamilya where luckily, their starts turned out to shine the brightest.

What do you think about this? Share your thoughts!

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