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More rice intake suggests protection from obesity according to a study

More rice intake suggests protection from obesity according to a study

  • Countries that consume high amounts of rice have a lower obesity rate than those countries that have a low average of rice intake.
  • Tomoko Imai the lead researcher made a recommendation that in order to protect against obesity in Western countries, they should eat more rice.
  • It is possible that rice that contain fibre, nutrients and plant compound may increase the feelings of fullness and prevent overeating.

People already had in mind that rice should not be eaten if a person is aiming to lose weight. However, a study showed that eating rice more could help people against obesity.

Based on recent finding, countries that consume high amounts of rice have lower obesity rate than those countries that have low average of rice intake.

During the European Congress on Obesity meeting, Tomoko Imai, the lead researcher recommended that in order to protect Western countries from obesity, eating more rice is advisable. This is based on the observation of countries that eat rice as staple food turned in low rates of obesity.

“The observed associations suggest that the obesity rate is low in countries that eat rice as a staple food. Therefore, Japanese food or an Asian-food-style diet based on rice may help prevent obesity. Given the rising levels of obesity worldwide, eating more rice should be recommended to protect against obesity even in western countries,” said Tomoko Imai.

Also, a  discovery on people who have more dietary fibre and whole grains have lower body weight and cholesterol and also have lower rates of non-communicable diseases compared to those who eat less rice.

However, it is still unclear what the effect of rice consumption on obesity.

Imai and colleagues have conducted experimentation to better understand the link between obesity and rice. Thus, they examine all rice products based on relative consumption and energy consumption in the diets of 136 countries with more than a million population and the data used was from the UN Food and Agriculture Organizations.

On their analysis, that countries that consume high levels of rice are Bangladesh, Lao, Cambodia, Vietnam and Indonesia. The countries that have lower rice intake included France, UK, USA, Spain, Canada and Australia.

Researchers have been taking account and adjusting the known risk factor but there was an inverse association between rice consumption and rates of obesity. It led the study to suggest that having higher intake of rice could provide protection against obesity.

They also said that it is possible that rice that contains fibre, nutrients and plant compound may increase the feeling of fullness and prevent overeating. It can result to protect against weight gain.

“Rice is also low in fat and has a relatively low postprandial blood glucose level which suppresses insulin secretion. However, there are also reports that people who overeat rice are more likely to develop metabolic syndrome and diabetes. Therefore, an appropriate amount of rice intake may prevent obesity,” said Imai.

But researchers say that this study should be investigated further.

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10 Banned International Celebrities in Certain Countries You Should Know

10 Banned International Celebrities in Certain Countries You Should Know

  • Celebrities have been banned in the Philippines as well as other countries due to conflicts and issues.
  • Here are 10 international stars that are not allowed to enter one country or more.

After the Tony Labrusca incident at the immigration office of Ninoy Aquino International Airport, the Bureau of Immigration has been keeping an eye on celebrities with foreign passports to find out if they actually do have a valid working permit.

One of the most powerful agencies in a country is the immigration office as they can deport or even ban someone, a foreigner coming into one country.

Foreigners working in the Philippines are not the only ones at risk as there have been cases of international celebrities prohibited on entering a specific place.

Here is a list of celebrities who were banned in certain places.

The Beatles

“We were the first working-class singers that stayed working-class and pronounced it and didn’t try and change our…

Posted by The Beatles on Wednesday, January 2, 2019

The legendary band have been banned to enter the country in 1966. It was said to be the result of them declining then first lady Imelda Marcos at the Malacañang.

Alec Baldwin

Posted by The Alec Baldwin Show on Sunday, October 14, 2018

In 2009, Baldwin was prohibited to enter the country after he has joked about the sex trafficking in the Philippines.

Snoop Dogg

He has been banned in three countries: first, in the United Kingdom after vandalizing one Duty-Free shop in 2006; in Netherlands he was also denied entry since the law enforcement insisted and requested to find a replacement for him because he was already banned in the country; and in Norway when he was caught with 8 grams of Marijuana.

Justin Bieber

Bieber was banned in China after he had posted photos at the Great Wall of China that offended the government. Adding to that, he was also reportedly seen skateboarding recklessly in Beijing.

Lady Gaga

Muslim countries are usually not keen on having this Pop star in their country as they say that she spreads satanic faith. In 2012, Gaga was banned in Indonesia as they claimed that she has a vulgar style and indecent clothes that affect the kids’ sense of morality.


The Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party had stated that they were offended by her choreography, resulting to her getting banned from the country in 2007.

Miley Cyrus

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After a photo of Cyrus imitating Asian eyes, the Chinese foreign minister said that she pollutes the minds of children with her American ignorance.

In 2014, she also got banned in Dominican Republic after they stated that she did things that were punishable by the Dominican Law.

Brad Pitt

Pitt has been banned in China for over 15 years because of his movie, Seven Years in Tibet, that was released in 1997.

Paris Hilton

After having two misdemeanor charges in relation to cocaine possession in Las Vegas, Japan has decided to ban the socialite.

Katy Perry

In 2017, Perry got banned in China after supported the Taiwanese independence in 2015 by wearing a sunflower dress in Taipei. It was in line with the Sunflower Student Movement that protested against the Cross-Strait Service Trade Agreement.

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Leo Consul shares secret to success: Patience and perseverance

Leo Consul shares secret to success: Patience and perseverance

  • Leo Consul is so proud and happy of his achievement with his career, as he remembers all the trials and challenges he has encountered
  • At the end of the day, he brought nothing but questions; doubting his capabilities
  • There are people who would pull you down and tear down your self-confidence, but the one who survives, are the ones who never stopped

Leo Consul, one of the hosts of the popular TV show “It’s Showtime” Indonesia, is so proud and happy of his achievement, when he remembers all the trials and challenges he has encountered as he shared it on Facebook.

The host had recalled how he started in reaching his dreams, patiently waiting outside ABS-CBN with other participants, who all wanted to audition for Pinoy Big Brother and Pinoy Dream Academy.

Naalala ko yong pila noon sa labas ng ABS-CBN for Pinoy Big Brother and Pinoy Dream Academy. Gutom, uhaw, kaba, takot at lahat-lahat na ng pwedeng maramdaman ng isang taong may matinding pagnanasang makamit angkanyang mga pangarap na buong tapang kong hinarap para lamang matupad ang higante kong mga pangarap.”

Leo sacrificed waking up early. At dawn, he was already lining up, with other participants, with all his hopes. But at the end of the day, he brought nothing but questions, doubting his capabilities.

“Pumila ako ng madaling araw bitbit ang isang libong pag-asa at umuwi ng walang dala maliban sa mabigat na balikat at butas na bulsa. Maraming mga tanong sa isipan ko: Anong kulang? Bakit sila at hindi ako? Hindi ba ako magaling? Kulang ba talento ko? Name it.

And now, he finally found the answer to all his questions and doubts, as he wanted to tell it to all aspiring individuals who are having the same dream. Leo believed that there is always a right time for everything.

“But I tell you what, hindi dahil hindi ka magaling or kulang ka or mas magaling sila kaya hindi ka nagtagumpay. Ang totoo nyan, HINDI PA IYON ANG PANAHON MO. Lahat may tamang oras. Lahat may tamang tiyempo.”

While waiting for the right time of having a big break, a person should persevere and never give up. With his experience, he could say that there were people who would pull you down and tear down your self-confidence but the one who survives are the ones who never stopped.

Naalala ko yong pila noon sa labas ng ABS-CBN for Pinoy Big Brother and Pinoy Dream Academy. Gutom, uhaw, kaba, takot at…

Posted by Leo J. Consul on Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Kelangan mo lang magpursige habang mataimtim kang naghihintay sa tamang panahon na nakalaan para sayo. In time, everything will make sense. Huwag kang panghinaan ng loob. May mga taong manghihila sayo pababa at lalamunin lahat ng kumpiyansa mo sa iyong sarili pero tandaan mo, tanging ang mga taong hindi humihinto sa pag-abot ng kanilang mga pangarap ang nakakarating sa dulo ng tagumpay. Tuloy-tuloy ka lang. 🙌🏻”

And Leo leaves a final message:

“And I’ll say it again: Dream Big! The size of your dreams must always exceed your current capacity to achieve them. If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough.”

Leo perseverance and hard work paid off, though not in the Philippines but bringing the name as a representative of the Philippines in hosting a franchise local show like Showtime in Indonesia is really a big break for him.

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Love knows no boundaries: A lovely couple inspires the LGBTQ community with their story

Love knows no boundaries: A lovely couple inspires the LGBTQ community with their story

  • They are an unusual couple but their love is pure
  • Spending five days in Bali together made their love grow stronger
  • His boyfriend Chris visited him in the Philippines and asked him for marriage

An amazing couple has just proven that love has no boundaries, despite the differences. They chose to accept each other wholeheartedly and are soon getting married. Jerick Laguador and Christopher Hussey-Smith are an unusual couple but their love is pure.

They have both inspired the LGBTQ community, proudly, with no hesitation in showing their love for each other. And to know them better, Dailypedia was given a chance to interview Jerick and share their love story.

Jerick and Chris was not in a long relationship.

They have known each other through Facebook, and they both started to chat on messenger before deciding to meet in Bali, Indonesia. When Jerick first saw Chris, he knew that he already found his one true love. Spending five days in Bali, together, made their love grow stronger.

He almost gave up searching for his one true love.

At times, others would make him feel loved but in the end, all was a big lie. He doesn’t even trust anyone who would court him, and wants to be part of his life because, mostly, they would make him feel being loved yet in the end, they all leave him alone and heartbroken.

He even told himself that he doesn’t want a foreigner for a lover because most of them were not serious when it comes to this kind of relationship. But just like what others would say, “Kung ano pa ang ayaw mo, yun pa mapupunta sayo,” Jerick said.

Jerick had never imagined that the moment would come when his boyfriend Chris would visit him in the Philippines and asked him for his hand in marriage, last January.

At that moment, Jerick was the happiest person in the world. But before he said “YES” to the marriage proposal, they agreed to share their own secrets to know if both of them would accept their past.

Honesty is the secret to a long-lasting relationship.

He said, “Chris is a very good guy, understanding, and loving person.” He loves me even with what I choose to wear and his love never changes, not only in words but also in deeds. For some who were in doubt, they even said that their relationship was way too fast but for the couple “life is too short.”

It is such perfect timing that they really love each other. Jerick discovered that both of them were weirdos and funny. Now, because of the pure intention and love that he made him feel, finally, Jerick restored his trust for loving someone again.

Trials are part of having a relationship, and it is very hard for the couple to have a “long distance relationship.” Originally, Chris came from Australia while Jerick was born and raised in the Philippines.

But even if they were miles away from each other, they always see to it that they communicate with each other through “Viber” and never fail to remind how much they love each other. And most importantly, he loves my family and they love Chris, too.

With all the love Jerick has been receiving, he had nothing to wish for. He doesn’t care what other people would say about them. The important thing is they love each other so much. Jerick also said that love isn’t measured by your status in life, the race where you belong to, and most of all, your face to be loved by somebody.

Both of them agree to the quote “Life is too short!” That way, they put their relationship to move forward through marriage. Chris plans of marriage at the age of 39, and Jerick is turning 27 on September 16.

Finally, they were already done with their pre-nup and Jerick shared to us their wedding dates as it would not happen once but twice, on September 15, 2019 in Australia, and on February 16, 2020, here in the Philippines.

And his advice for everyone, “Never stop loving, may nakatakda para sayo sa tamang panahon.”

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KathNiel reaches New Heights in the Past Year

KathNiel reaches New Heights in the Past Year

  • Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla’s achieved milestones in 2018.
  • They have broken records via their movie The Hows of Us and had projects that made impact overseas. 

There were 125 films shown last year. And most of them were from film festivals like Sinag Maynila, Cine Filipino, Cinemalaya, Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino, TOFARM Film Festival, Cinema One Originals, QCinema, and the recently concluded Metro Manila Film Festival.

Despite a number of film festivals, Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo‘s The Hows of Us topped the highest grossing film in 2018.

In fact, It was the only Filipino movie that has reached the eight hundred million mark in the Philippine box-office which beaten the previous holder of the top spot, John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo‘s A Second Chance.

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The movie also held premieres in Indonesia and Vietnam. It was Star Cinema‘s first time to do so in Jakarta.

KathNiel were not just rocking the box-office but the world of fashion as well. They were the cover of METRO Magazine‘s August 2018 issue.

They have been part of ABS-CBN’s line of representatives in the Thailand Network Trade Launch, which is the country’s largest media event. They attended the trade show with Maja Salvador and Jericho Rosales.

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The couple has also won the Favorite Foreign TV Actor and Actress award in the Face of the Year Awards in Vietnam.

La Luna Sangre was acquired by MKCS Global became the platform for the show to be aired in Myanmar. She’s Dating the Gangster was also acquired by a Spanish movie channel called Cinelatino.

Last but not the least, aside from the success of their careers, 2018 has also been the mark of the confirmation of Bernardo and Padilla’s real-life romance of more than five years.

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Surfing instructor and English girl’s wedding goes viral

Surfing instructor and English girl’s wedding goes viral

  • An Indonesian man and an English girl’s wedding photos go viral on Facebook.
  • The two met in Indonesia one year ago and decided to wed on December 16.

A set of wedding photos went viral on Facebook.

The photos that Polly Robinson uploaded was shared like crazy after people saw an unusual couple. An Indonesian man married an English girl.

Robinson met Karna Radheya in Bali, Indonesia in August 2017. From then on, they constantly see each other during her stay in the country and admitted to have fallen in love.

Posted by Polly Alexandria Robinson on Tuesday, December 18, 2018

As she went back to her home in Manchester, England, the lovebirds kept in touch and decided to enter a long distance relationship.

Posted by Polly Alexandria Robinson on Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Posted by Polly Alexandria Robinson on Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Robinson then converted to Islam so that she could marry Radheya in his hometown in Magelang, Indonesia.

They had a traditional Muslim ceremony on December 16. The wedding was attended by the groom’s family and friends. And despite the absence of her family, the bride was happy to have married the restaurant owner and certified surfing instructor.

Posted by Polly Alexandria Robinson on Tuesday, December 18, 2018

They didn’t let the distance bring out the worse in them and decided to take their relationship further.

“My only intention is to make our relationship halal. But since our story has already gone viral, I hope it will be an inspirational tale for netizens,” Robinson stated.

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High school teacher marries former student after 7 years of being together

High school teacher marries former student after 7 years of being together

  • Student and teacher married each other after dating for seven years.
  • When they started being together, she was 13 and he was 27.

Relationships between people with big age gaps are not viewed positively. But this never stopped a 13-year-old Indonesian high school student from falling in love with her then 27-year-old teacher.

Vinida Virginia got into a relationship with her teacher Erwin Pangalia during her secondary days, and now that she finally hit the age of 20, they decided to tie the knot.

Their love story started in SMP Negeri 2 Tenga in Jakarta when Vinida noticed Erwin while writing on the blackboard of another class. She said that his broad shoulders got her attention.

She bumped into him again during her extra curricular activity while he was engrossed with his work. Seeing him working hard made her decide to pursue him because of her fondness on him.

It was like Vinida’s prayers were answered when Erwin got assigned to teach the class she’s in. But she had competition as it turned out that she was not the only one that had a crush on the male instructor.

In order to stand out, she often stayed late in school and attended Q&A sessions with him and after a while, he finally felt the same toward his student. They started dating in 2011.

They admitted that they did get a lot of negative comments, criticizing their 14-year age gap. Others said that it was highly immoral for a teacher to fall in love with his student.

The couple proved that their love isn’t shallow as after seven years, they finally got married!

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Maine Mendoza expresses happiness, “So much happier now than I’ve ever been.”

Maine Mendoza expresses happiness, “So much happier now than I’ve ever been.”

  • Maine Mendoza shared her happiness on Twitter.
  • The television personality has been recently linked with actor Arjo Atayde.

Maine Mendoza expressed her happiness in a single tweet that became the source of her fans’ joy.

In a tweet posted on November 25, she said “So much happier now than I’ve ever been and so so grateful for that.”

As the message had no details, others assumed that it is linked to the dating rumors between the TV personality and actor Arjo Atayde.

They have been spotted together in several occasions including a dinner at a restaurant in Makati City and at a bar in Bonifacio Global City.

A few weeks ago, Mendoza and Atayde were once again rumored to have spent a trip in Bali, Indonesia together. They were also seen watching a concert in Quezon City a few days after the said vacation.

In an interview last November 15, Atayde said that he is happy with the current state of his love life, but the actor didn’t disclose more details regarding such.

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Virginity Test: A Qualification for Indonesian Policewomen?

Virginity Test: A Qualification for Indonesian Policewomen?

  • Reports say that Indonesian women are subject to two-finger virginity test in order to officially join the police force.
  • Another requirement is that policewomen are supposed to be good-looking. 

According to reports, Indonesian women hoping to join the police force are subject to a ‘two-finger’ virginity test. It is to prove that they are ‘good girls’.

The test is said to involve the insertion of two fingers into an applicant’s vagina and will determine whether or not the hymen is still intact.

The activity was actually a method that has been long proven to be inaccurate to indicate or verify if a woman is still a virgin.

According to a woman named Zakia, the insertion of fingers do not only happen in the vagina.

“They didn’t just insert their fi‌ngers into my va‌gi‌na, but also into my a‌nu‌s. They kept probing … it was extremely pai‌nf‌ul.

“Every time I remember what happened, I cry … I feel like I don’t want to live anymore.”

When she insisted that she’s a virgin, the police intimidated her and told her to ‘come clean’. This resulted to her failing the second round of the application process.

Indonesian p‌ol‌ice‌ believe that society cannot accept a female officer who used to be a s‌e‌x worker or even has an active s‌e‌x life, according to Human Rights Watch researcher Andreas Harsono.

“Many military generals believe that the hymen is like a clock, if the h‌ym‌e‌n is torn between 11:00 am to 2:00 pm it’s mostly because of physical activities … but if the hymen is torn at 6:00 pm it means the woman has a se‌xu‌al life.”

The country was said to have banned the virginity testing, but according to a study from the Auckland University of Technology (AUT) written by Dr Sharyn Graham Davies , the practice still remains as a key part of the police recruitment.

In addition, applicants are actually required to be good-looking, have excellent physical health, and possess a strong religious belief.

Dr. Sharyn Davies added, “As Indonesia’s po‌li‌c‌e force consistently rates as one of the world’s most corrupt, brutal and ineffective, any strategy resulting in an increase in public confidence in po‌l‌ic‌e must have some merit.

“Furthermore, the celebrity status achieved by p‌ol‌ic‌ewomen has inspired girls to consider a p‌oli‌ce career, an inspiration that too must have some merit.”

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KathNiel attends Star Cinema’s first ever movie premiere in Indonesia

KathNiel attends Star Cinema’s first ever movie premiere in Indonesia

  • KathNiel attended the premiere of ‘The Hows of Us’ in Indonesia and Vietnam.
  • It was the first time that a Star Cinema film held a premiere in Indonesia.

Fans recently welcomed real-life couple Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla at the premiere of the intenational screening of their box office hit The Hows of Us.

They visited Indonesia and also held a premiere in Vietnam.

This was the first time that a Star Cinema film held a premiere in Indonesia so it was a huge honor for the two Kapamilya stars.

Aside from the red carpet screening of their movie, Kathryn and Daniel also held a meet and greet session for their growing fanbase in the said countries.

Their schedules are jampacked as it was also revealed that right after the international screenings of The Hows of Us, Daniel will head over to his solo concert rehearsals, and Kathryn will be filming with Sharon Cuneta and Richard Gomez for an upcoming movie.

“Sa mga Filipino and non-Filipino fans namin sa Jakarta and Vietnam, pupunta na kami diyan so sana ma-enjoy niyo ang movie.”

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