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Eddie Garcia tripped on a wire and fell, did not suffer a heart attack

Eddie Garcia tripped on a wire and fell, did not suffer a heart attack

  • Eddie Garcia tripped on a wire during his taping and fell face first
  • GMA claimed that the actor suffered a heart attack, but results say otherwise
  • Garcia is in a coma

Eddie Garcia was supposed to have suffered a heart attack and collapsed on the set of his upcoming show Rosang Agimat, but latest reports and CCTV footage say otherwise.

Writer Isidra Reyes shared the story on what really happened to the actor on her Facebook account.

She said that the reason why Eddie is still doing what he’s doing is because he loves it, even at the age of 90.

“People have commented on why he is still working hard as an actor at the ripe age of ninety. Simple, it is something he loves to do.”

Apparently, Garcia left his house at around 6:30 am, heading towards the filming of his latest teleserye. He was his usual self, ready to deliver and entertain his fans.

“For a man his age, he was physically fit and does not hesitate to accept roles with action scenes fit for actors less than half his age.”

When he got to the set, GMA Network reported that Garcia suffered a heart attack, which led to him falling and hitting his head on the floor. But the truth is he tripped on a wire and hit his face hard on the street.

There are video footages of this, plus medical tests that were done prove that he does not have any problems with his heart or brain, so he couldn’t have suffered a heart attack or stroke, which means the whole incident was entirely trauma-related.

“Video footages and the results of medical tests done on him indicate that he did not suffer a heart attack. He tripped on a wire and landed face-flat on the street, an unfortunate accident that was totally avoidable were it not for the crew’s negligence.”

Garcia’s family also said that the set did not even have a single medic on standby, nor there was an available vehicle for emergency purposes.

Thirty minutes had to go by before the actor was transported to Mary Johnston hospital by taxi.

“GMA-7 had no available medic nor even a service vehicle to take Eddie immediately to the hospital and had to wait thirty precious minutes to get a taxi to bring him to the nearby Mary Johnston Hospital in Tondo.”

Garcia is presently in a coma because his cervical spine suffered multiple injuries.

“What he suffered was a whiplash injury from the impact of his fall, severely fracturing his C-1 and C-2 cervical spine and injuring his brain stem, causing him to slip into a deep coma. He is being kept alive only by machines and medications.”

Reyes said that it was hard to see Garcia in the state that he is in. She urges the people to pray for the actor’s recovery and hopes that this will be avoided in future tapings.

“Let us continue praying for his recovery though prognosis by his doctors is not very encouraging. Let us trust in God’s will, hope and pray that this unfortunate incident will not occur again in the future and those concerned take responsibility for their negligence.”

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Stranger than fiction: Netizen ‘files a complaint’ with DepEd over the ‘Sahaya issue’ which had netizens laughing

Stranger than fiction: Netizen ‘files a complaint’ with DepEd over the ‘Sahaya issue’ which had netizens laughing

  • One Facebook user poked fun at the valedictorian controversy in the Sahaya series and files a complaint on the DepEd page
  • Netizens who read his post and screenshots of the complaint expressed their amusement and joined in on the fun by calling on Tulfo
  • The humorous post has now gone viral with over 10 thousand reactions on FB

One invested viewer of the primetime series Sahaya took to Facebook and shared his private message to the Department of Education (DepEd)’s page, complaining about the controversy surrounding the valedictorian award between fictional characters Sahaya and Farida.

Netizen Kevin Beethoven posted screenshots of his messages to DepEd where he explained how the principal and Farida were in cahoots with each other and how Sahaya deserved to receive the valedictorian award.

Aired on April 3, the 12th episode of the series titled Sahaya: Apela ng tunay na Valedictorian showed that both Sahaya and Farida got perfect scores on a quiz bee. Mayor Dante made a tiebreaker question to determine the victor. Sahaya’s answer was chosen by the mayor, which caused her to be picked as the school’s valedictorian.

The Facebook user’s post went viral with over ten thousand reactions and netizens commenting on his post and how they found it funny and surreal.

One social media user even commented on how he was waiting for DepEd to reply to the original poster’s ‘complaint.’

IpaTulfo mo rin para mapagalitan yang mga yan,” another netizen joked.

Sahaya is currently being broadcast by GMA Network and stars Bianca Umali in the titular role. It is directed by Zig Dulay and has a premise of a disgraced Badjao, Manisan, fleeing to Zamboanga upon learning her pregnancy to another man.


Posted by Kevin Beethoven on Wednesday, April 3, 2019

She will give birth to Sahaya, the drama’s heroine, who develops a strong connection with water, later on in the series.

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Filipino scientists found a way to make ‘cheap’ invisibility cloaks out of old office equipment

Filipino scientists found a way to make ‘cheap’ invisibility cloaks out of old office equipment

  • UP scientists created affordable “cloaking device” fit for classroom use
  • The Pinoy researchers further developed the existing science behind the ‘Rochester Cloak’ to make things invisible out of old office equipment
  • Due to its easy and cheap setup, the researchers believe it could help bring interest to science and be beneficial to learning

The University of the Philippines’ researchers recently built on top of what US scientists have developed in the past: to create an affordable “cloaking device.”

Scientists Miguel Revilla, JC Lorenzo, and Nathaniel Hermosa from the UP National Institute of Physics (NIP) discovered a way to make an invisibility cloak out of readily available parts, together with optics salvaged from old office equipment.

In an interview with GMA News, Hermosa said “Our first experiments on cloaking with different focal lengths were with lenses which came from old overhead projectors and telescopes.”

The researchers showed in a demonstration video how a metal bar inserted in the middle of the apparatus disappeared completely from view, allowing the NIP logo in the background to be clearly seen.

To become invisible, according to MIT Technology Review, an object must do two things: (1) it has to be able to bend light around itself so that it casts no shadow, and (2) it must produce no reflection.

Back in 2014, graduate student Joseph Choi and professor of physics John Howell at the University of Rochester in New York, USA developed the “Rochester Cloak.” It is a cloaking device which can be built using inexpensive, everyday materials. It features four standard lenses that allows an object to appear invisible as the viewer moves several degrees away from the optimal viewing positions.

The problem with the said cloak, however, is that there are limits to the kinds of lenses that can be used, as well as the size of the setup.

For many years, scientists have proposed, developed and mounted different optical systems to achieve the effect of…

Posted by UP Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs on Monday, February 25, 2019

Pinoy physicists Revilla, Lorenzo, and Hermosa, on the other hand, were able to simplify the Rochester Cloak by making it more compact and fiddling with different lens combinations and various focal lengths as opposed to the original setup of the Rochester Cloak.

As a result, their version of the invisibility cloak is much easier and cheaper to put together, which can then be used for classroom optics experiments.

“Schools lacking sets of lenses can benefit from this as well. They may have old or broken overhead projectors where they can get the lenses from,” said Revilla.

He then went on to explain how far they are from perfecting the invisibility cloak same as that from the Harry Potter movie, where factors such as a wide range of light and angles need to considered to be able to make large objects disappear when viewed at any given point. “Research in invisibility is continuous and new technologies and materials are being developed and fabricated yearly… Probably the difficult part of making the cloak is developing the material itself,” he said.

Nevertheless, his research-partner Hermosa believes that their existing work, and its easy setup, could help bring huge interest to kids who may one day pursue scientific careers, or for college undergraduates to better understand its underlying equations and concepts.

“I want something that will benefit physics education. My gut feel is our research will have a much heavier impact in the education community,” Hermosa remarked.

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Atty. Felipe Gozon sings his praises to Jessica Soho, who marks her 34th year in GMA Network

Atty. Felipe Gozon sings his praises to Jessica Soho, who marks her 34th year in GMA Network

  • Jessica Soho celebrates her 34th career high in TV by inking a new deal with GMA-7
  • GMA Network Chairman & CEO Atty. Felipe Gozon is all praises to the seasoned broadcaster
  • Soho admits there is always pressure to deliver a sensible topic where the young ones could learn a lesson

Jessica Soho, renowned broadcast journalist and considered to be GMA News and Public Affairs’s pillar, has celebrated her 34th year being a Kapuso member by inking a new contract with the said radio and television giant this Wednesday.

Her contract signing was joined by the ‘goliaths’ of the network: GMA Network Chairman and CEO Atty. Felipe Gozon, President and COO Gilberto Duavit, Executive Vice President and CFO Felipe Yalong, and GMA News and Public Affairs SVP Marissa Flores.

Tayo ay talagang nagagalak sapagkat ang programa ni Jessica ang number one program sa lahat ng program ng GMA at ng lahat ng mga kalaban nito. Kaya’t ganu’n kahalaga si Jessica sa GMA. Kaya talagang galak na galak kami na ipagpapatuloy natin ang kaniyang more than 34 years sa GMA,” Atty. Gozon remarked, a rewarding praise in the industry coming from the man who propelled the success of the Kapuso Network.

Mapalad tayo na magpapatuloy siya na magiging kasamahan natin at… kaya nasisihayan tayong lahat na magpapatuloy pa sa hinaharap na panahon ang ating pagsasama sa kasamahan nating si Jessica, we are all very happy and very proud,” Duavit added.

The broadcaster was equally thankful of the trust given to her by the network, and to the public who continues to support her TV magazine show ‘Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho’ which debuted on November 7, 2004.

Thirty-four years na po akong Kapuso. Maraming salamat sa aking mga kasama sa trabaho at siyempre, sa mga namumuno po ng GMA Network. At of course, sa inyo pong aming mga manonood. Maraming salamat po sa inyong pagtitiwala, marami pa ho tayong mga pagkukuwentuhan at marami pa ho tayong mga pag-uusapan. Salamat pong muli,” she said.

She also mentioned that with the honour she’s been given, comes the pressure of being the host of the program. She reads up to stay updated as they represent the “pop-culture” of post-modern times, and to always rightly deliver their tagline: “makabuluhang kuwentuhan”.

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13 Kapuso Singers who chose to be Loyal with GMA Network through the years

13 Kapuso Singers who chose to be Loyal with GMA Network through the years

  • Singers who are currently signed up with GMA Network.
  • As the Kapuso network’s well known singers recently made a network switch, here are some who are currently under GMA.

GMA Network has lost some of its legendary singers when they transferred to the network’s rival station, ABS-CBN. The said singers include Janno Gibbs, Jaya, Lani Misalucha, Ogie Alcasid, and the recently signed Kapamilya artist, Regine Velasquez.

This got people asking if the Kapuso network still has impressive vocalists under its wing. The answer is yes.

Here are just some of the singers who remain with the Kapuso network.

1. Julie Anne San Jose

Julie Anne became a part of the GMA Artist Center in 2005 when she became a part of Sugarpop.

She now has three studio albums under GMA Records.

2. Rita Daniela

Rita Daniela, who is also known as Rita Iringan, started her career when she won QTV’s Popstar Kids.

Since she has won the contest, she has made numerous appearances in different GMA shows.

3. Christian Bautista

After being with ABS-CBN for 10 years, Christian transferred to GMA-7 in 2013.

He became a judge in the singing competition The Clash and is a part of Pamilya Roces.

4. Glaiza de Castro

Glaiza de Castro was born to a family of singers and an actor. Her parents were musicians who toured Asia while her uncle is the Filipino actor Dan Alvaro. Glaiza acted and sang simultaneously. Her acting career started in 2001 when she landed a role in the television series Ikaw lang ang Mamahalin. She was 13. During the same year, her first album, Magbalik Ka, was released.

Since then, Glaiza has been juggling acting and singing. Despite having regular TV shows when her acting career took off in the mid-2000s, she didn’t put music on the back burner. She continued to star in hit TV series as well as the big screen and release music albums in 2006 and 2015. She launched her third album titled Synthesis in 2015, Glaiza realized how she can use music to express herself. Two years later, Glaiza is back on track to take over the Filipino music scene with her latest album, Magandang Simulain. Released May last year, Magandang Simulain features original composition as well as revivals of classic Original Pinoy Music (OPM) songs.

5. Mark Bautista

In 2010, he signed an exclusive contract with the Kapuso network.

He is currently one of the performers of the new musical variety show, Studio 7.

6. Aicelle Santos

Aicelle is known as the “First Undefeated Pinoy Pop Superstar” as she has achieved eight straight wins in GMA’s Pinoy Pop Superstar.

She has signed a record deal and an exclusive contract with GMA Artist Center.

7. Maricris Garcia

She has been with the Kapuso network ever since the third year of Pinoy Pop Superstar in 2007.

8. Rachelle Ann Go

In 2004, she was declared as the champion of GMA’s Search for a Star, though after the contest, she transferred to ABS-CBN.

Six years later, she went back and signed an exclusive contract with GMA-7.

9. Nar Cabico

He was the 2016 champion of Superstar Duets and has stayed with the network ever since.

10. Kyline Alcantara

This 16-year-old artist is a girl of many talents.

She has released her first album on September 19, 2018.

11. Kristoffer Martin

Kristoffer Martin started in showbiz via reality-talent search “Little Big Star” in ABS-CBN. He was able to perform in several shows when he transferred to GMA Network.

12. Hannah Precillas

Hannah is the winner of GMA’s reality talent show, Bet ng Bayan.

13. Golden Cañedo

She is the first grand winner of The Clash and is now a part of Studio 7.

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“Kailangan burahin ang lahi nila.” Larry Gadon vetoes past statements that he would kill all MILF

“Kailangan burahin ang lahi nila.” Larry Gadon vetoes past statements that he would kill all MILF

  • Larry Gadon caught vetoing his past statements.
  • In a 2016 interview, he said that he will kill all members of the MILF, however, in a recent press briefing, he uttered that he never said such words. 

A Facebook page named Kilusan Kontra Katiwalian uploaded a video showing how controversial lawyer and  senatorial aspirant Larry Gadon denied his past statement about the members of the MILF.

In a media conference, a member of the press asked him about the issue regarding his answer during the 2016 elections.

“During the 2016 elections, you drew criticisms because of what you said on TV that the MILF should be killed. Do you still maintain the same [opinions]?”

He expressed that he only referred to the terrorists and never said that he will kill everyone.

“No. Let me explain. In that interview, I said that I’m referring only to the terrorists. And only after 10x of maninikluhod ako sa kanila, makikiusap, luluha ako ng bato, and everything. And hindi ko sinabi, even if you will watch the video again, hindi ko sinabing papatayin ko lahat. Ang sinabi ko lang dun yung mga terorista.”

The video then showed the interview with GMA 7, wherein Gadon said how he would kill all the members of the MILF.

“Lulusubin ko sila roon, dadalhin ko ang buong pwersa ng sandatahang Pilipinas at papatayin ko silang lahat. Susunugin ko yang mga bahay nila. Papatayin ko pati mga ipis at daga.”

The interviewer, Kara David, even asked if he will kill everyone, even children. He immediately answered, “Lahat. Kailangan burahin ang lahi nila. Kahit masunog ang kaluluwa ko sa impyerno, gagawin ko yan.”

When David said that the kids and mothers are harmless, he repeated his answer.

“Kailangan burahin mo yung lahi.”

Gadon also recently made headlines as he supposedly didn’t have enough photos for the filing of his Certificate of Candidacy and even submitted the wrong form.

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Two levels higher? Netizens poke fun at GMA Network’s visual effects

Two levels higher? Netizens poke fun at GMA Network’s visual effects

  • Netizen shared a scene in ‘Victor Magtanggol’ that he found funny.
  • Twitter users slam the GMA show’s special effects.

Prior to GMA Network fantaserye Victor Magtanggol‘s premiere, one of the factors that was looked forward to are the “improved visual effects.” The Kapuso network has showcased better visual presentation through the years.

According to Alden Richards last July, he has really seen upgraded effects in the scenes which made the fans excited about the things they were about to see in the series.

“Parang two levels higher than sa mga nakita kong effects, so this is really something to look forward to.”

A decade ago, “Encatadia” was fresh and GMA Network was known for giving its viewers visually appealing until last week…

But you just can’t please everybody as a netizen named Zacc Tyler Shawn shared a scene in “Daig Kayo Ng Lola Ko” that he found hilarious. It was the transformation of the snake, from having the reptile’s head to having a human head.

buwisit nmn tlga oh nag effort nakong balikan yung channel at picturan para sa mas mgndang quality ng #GMAeffects

Other netizens also poked fun at the specific scene.

Twitter user Vause even asked the winners of lotto to donate some cash to GMA for the improvement of the show’s effects.

Dun po sa nanalo sa lotto nakikiusap po ako mag donate naman kayo sa GMA ng konti para naman magkabudget ang Victor Magtanggol sa effects nakakaiyak yung effects eh.

Sophie Connelly even said that a YouTuber’s effects are even better than Victor Magtanggol’s.

Baka mas maganda pa effects ng superfilm ni @TheCongTV kesa sa victor magtanggol ah?

Nhyl Bagamasbad admitted that he actually looks forward to the show’s special effects.

Kaya… gustong gusto kong tutukan yung visual effects sa Victor Magtanggol eh.

Facebook user Gillian Montefalco shared a visual effects video uploaded by another netizen named Jomar Aranilla Jaspio, saying that it’s even more realistic than Victor Magtanggol’s editing.

Ganito dapat yung kinukuhang artist ng gma walanjo mas realistic pa effects neto kesa victor magtanggol HAHAHAHAHAHA

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“Ang pinakaultimate goal ko: ang mawala ang network contract.” Michael V. explains his take on network transfers and his “Eat Bulaga” farewell

“Ang pinakaultimate goal ko: ang mawala ang network contract.” Michael V. explains his take on network transfers and his “Eat Bulaga” farewell

  • Michael V said that he would like network contracts to disappear.
  • He also explained the reason behind his farewell on ‘Eat Bulaga.’

Comedian and actor Michael V recently conducted a question and answer segment in his vlog titled ‘#BitoyStory 11: “3-in-1”‘.

In one part of the video, he shared his thoughts regarding transferring networks and his goodbye as a regular host of noontime show, Eat Bulaga.

He said that his ultimate goal is actually for exclusive network contracts to disappear so that artists can work and share their craft without limitations.

“Ang pinakaultimate goal ko: ang mawala ang network contract. Hindi sa sinasabi kong hindi maganda yun. Pero mas hindi nalilimitahan yung kakayahan mo pag mayroon kang laya o freedom na gumawa ng project sa kahit anong network. Para ma-expose ka sa ibang style o talent.

“Ultimately, lahat ng artista yun ang gustong mangyari.”

He also explained why he has been out of ‘Eat Bulaga’ after being a regular host for 12 years. Bitoy  said that his busy schedule has been one of the main factors for his decision to leave the show.

“Nami-miss ko rin sila siyempre. Mayroong point in my life na sobrang kailangan kong gawin na dati Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays ako, naging Fridays and Saturdays na lang. Naging Saturday na lang, so parang medyo nahihiya na ako.

“Napakaliit na oras na lang ang mailalaan ko for them, nakakahiya namang magtrabaho nang ganun. And besides that time talagang kaputukan nung AlDub.

“I think that was the perfect time for me to do something else, yung mga kailangan kong gawin para hindi nakakahiyang medyo hindi muna pumasok sa Bulaga.”

Michael V clarified that there’s no bad blood between him and ‘Eat Bulaga’ as they do occasionally ask him to host; however, it doesn’t match his schedule most of the time.

“From time to time tinatawagan pa rin ako ng Bulaga to host, it just happens na hindi lang talaga nagtutugma yung schedule, medyo busy pa rin. Pero open yung line namin ng Bulaga, so no problem dun sa part na yun.”


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Jasmine Curtis-Smith explains why she chose GMA Network over ABS-CBN

Jasmine Curtis-Smith explains why she chose GMA Network over ABS-CBN

  • Jasmine Curtis-Smith talks about her network transfer.
  • She said that she has heard good things from GMA artists which solidified her decision to be a certified Kapuso.

In an exclusive interview with, Jasmine Curtis-Smith revealed the reason why she chose to be with the Kapuso network instead of going to ABS-CBN where her sister is currently working for.

On April 17, 2018, the 24-year-old star signed a two-year contract with GMA Network. This came about after being with TV5 for five years.

She stated that she got to know more about her current network after working with Tom Rodriguez for Maledicto.

“Paano ba ang network? Paano ba ako makikihalubilo diyan?

“Siyempre, may culture na papasukan ko. At least, nakapag-research ako through Tom.”

Jasmine shared that she learned all the good things from not just Tom, but also Lauren Young, who told her more about the Kapuso culture.

“Good lahat. Nag-research rin ako through Lauren Young. Tinanong ko rin siya kasi matagal na rin since lumipat siya from her previous network.

“Gusto ko rin malaman kung ano yung culture na na-experience niya. Isa na rin siya ang nag-kuwento sa kung paano.”

Now that she has signed up with GMA, Jasmine said that things are so far running smoothly.

“True enough, mababait ang mga tao, very accommodating, wala pa naman akong na-encounter to feel worried about…I hope wala naman.

“Trabaho lang naman ‘yan. Network lang naman ‘yan. Kumbaga, ang real work ay yung nasa taping na kami. Kapag nagpo-promo na kami.”

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How will GMA Network manage without Marian Rivera and Regine Velasquez?

How will GMA Network manage without Marian Rivera and Regine Velasquez?

  • Regine Velasquez and Marian Rivera figure in separate rumors. 
  • Both personalities have contributed to a number of GMA’s high rated shows in the span of their careers.

There are two big rumors hounding the Kapuso network recently.

One is Regine Velasquez‘s rumored transfer to ABS-CBN, and the other is the speculation that Marian Rivera is pregnant with her and actor Dingdong Dantes‘ second child.

If both rumors are true, it is possible that Marian will go on a hiatus right after Regine’s farewell to GMA 7. Will the network be affected by these developments?

Regine and Marian have starred in a number of hit shows for GMA.

Asia’s Songbird has proven that not only can she sing, but she can also host a lifestyle show.

Aside from her music career, Regine has contributed a lot to the Kapuso network’s long list of top rated shows. She was a part of S.O.P, GMA’s former Sunday noontime show. The singer also hosted a number of singing competitions like Star for a Night, which discovered some of today’s well-known singers such as Sarah Geronimo and Mark Bautista.

Regine has also hosted Pinoy Pop Superstar and the Philippine edition of Celebrity Duets. Aside from hosting, she showcased her acting skills in Ako Si Kim Samsoon, Totoy Bato, Poor Señorita, and Mulawin vs. Ravena.

Her recent projects with the network includes Sarap Diva and The Clash.

On the other hand, Marian Rivera has starred in several popular teleseryes.

The list includes the network’s adaptation of the Mexican show, Marimar, which became the highest-rated primetime drama show on Philippine television.

Marian has also played the lead role in the fantasy series Dyesebel, her second time starring opposite her now husband, Dingdong.

She has also played as Amaya in the award-winning show of the same title.

The actress is currently a host of Sunday PinaSaya.

So the questions is: Will the absence of both greatly affect GMA’s standing as a network?

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