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Sonny Angara slammed for “troll farms” by netizens amid TRAIN Law criticisms

Sonny Angara slammed for “troll farms” by netizens amid TRAIN Law criticisms

  • Reelectionist Sonny Angara is accused of having a “troll army,” netizen provided proof by reverse-image searching his supporters
  • Sonny Angara responded to online critics with the hashtag ‘troll intelligently’
  • Angara referenced last year as ‘Perfect Storm’ with the rise of the country’s inflation rates and turmoil in world economy that overshadowed the TRAIN law’s commencement

A digital exploration was done online, uncovering an alleged “troll farm” for reelectionist Senator Juan Edgardo “Sonny” Angara; after the lawmaker snidely answered a netizen’s inquiry of higher excise tax on fuel, mentioning the hashtag “trollintelligently.”

It all started when one Twitter user expressed his opinion that the public should remind Angara that he was the one who sponsored the government’s Tax Reform Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) Law, as he reminded that the senator is in the business of forgetting it. This is in reference to the absence of the bill in his commercial ads.

The post was then quote-retweeted by his friend and tagged the senator’s Twitter handle to start an online discussion. When the conversation turned to Angara’s appearance on CNN Philippines’ The Source, another netizen pointed out that Angara has seemingly settled the TRAIN Law issue as the price of gas would increase base on the status of the world market.

“That’s the best he could do? Then why isn’t he as proud of its effects on all of us if that were the case? World market, my foot. Matagal nang dictated ng world market ang crudo. Pero dahil sa kanya, mas itong nagmahal dahil sa tax. Was it an extra P8-10/litre?”

And to this, the legislator finally replied to the thread with, “P2.50. #trollintelligently.”

Friends of the user came to her defense, denying that she was far from trolling and then proceeded to pull up receipts of the senator’s troll network: “Troll agad?? I know her personally and she’s far from trolling. Alam mo kung ano ang troll?? Yung troll farm mo. Daming pondo ser ha??”

“Antaray may troll network din si Train Law Mastermind @sonnyangara ha?? Accounts with just a few tweets and virtually all of them — you guessed it — defending Sonny Angara. At nilalike din nila ang isa’t isa. Iba po talaga epekto ng Train Law, kung anu-anong trabaho na pinapasok.”

Last February, a netizen did a reverse image search on Angara’s supporters and supposedly uncovered his troll army: “If you’re ever feeling down about yourself, just scroll through Sonny Angara’s troll army and look for some uplifting quotes.”

“As you can tell by their follower count, there are about a 120 quotes to choose from. Enjoy and feel better about yourself. At least you are not a paid hack ✨”

One of the front runners of the 2019 senatorial race, Angara was interviewed by CNN host Pinky Webb Tuesday night.

A legislator for 14 years, he has pushed for passage of more than 80 laws, one of which is the TRAIN Law he shepherded in the 17th Congress, and for which the lawmaker has been under attack by the opposition party and netizens alike.

The controversial bill was passed in 2017 and took effect last January 2018. Under it, additional taxes were imposed on drinks with sugar and oil products to fund the administration’s infrastructure program. An excise tax of P2.50 was placed on oil products in 2018, while another P2.00 was added this year.

Asked by Webb if Angara has any regrets about passing the said bill, he answered, “Maybe the amount, maybe we could have spread it out over 4 or 5 years. Having said that, the original proposal of the DOF (Department of Finance) was 6 pesos tax and I think the intention of the Congress was very good in the sense that they want to spread out the pain. But looking back at 2018, it was like a ‘Perfect Storm’… No one predicted that the oil would hit a hundred dollars. No one predicted that the US would threaten Syria, that the trade war between US and China would happen.”

“We have to live with what we did,” added Angara.

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Ramon Tulfo claims that Chinese workers are better than Filipino laborers

Ramon Tulfo claims that Chinese workers are better than Filipino laborers

  • Special Envoy to China Ramon Tulfo Jr. defends influx of Chinese workers to PH
  • According to Tulfo, Chinese employees are better and more efficient than Filipino workers
  • Partido Manggagawa called out Tulfo to provide a study to back up his claims

Amid the influx of foreign workers in the country, Special Envoy to China Ramon “Mon” Tulfo Jr. supported the influx of Chinese laborers, even elevating them as “better” than their Filipino counterparts.

Speaking in CNN Philippines’ On The Record, Tulfo stated: “Alam mo bakit nila preferred, ‘yung mga developers, ‘yung mga Chinese workers? Masipag. ‘Yung mga Pinoy workers, mawalang galang na, ‘pag pupunta sa job site tsaka lang dun magpe-prepare ng kanilang tools, whereas ‘yung mga Chinese preparado na.”

Chinese workers get the job done faster than the Filipinos according to Tulfo as they do not talk when on the job. “‘Yung mga Pinoy they take time, they sweep time, pupunta sa CR, iinom ng tubig, iihi… May nagsabi pa nga sa akin, what takes Chinese workers eight months to finish a certain project, sila, ang mga Pinoy, isang taon,” he added.

The former broadcaster and newspaper columnist also pointed out that some contractors are even complaining that Filipino workers are noisy at work and slow. “Ang nalalaman ko umaangal ‘yung mga developer, ‘yung mga foreman inaamin nila na ‘yung mga Chinese workers kapag nagtatrabaho, trabaho. Itong mga Pinoy salita nang salita, maingay pa, tapos mabagal.”

As a response to this, Partido Manggagawa, which is a labor group and a political party, told in an online exchange that they want to challenge Tulfo to “provide a comparative measure of productivity or a time-and-motion study” to back up his claims.

Partido Manggagawa suggests that Tulfo “is just an apologist for Duterte’s pro-China policy and for Chinese interests.”

There has been a significant increase in the number of Chinese nationals flying to the country since President Rodrigo Duterte assumed office in 2016. The president had established stronger ties with the economy-giant, which provided funds and loans for several projects under the administration’s “build, build, build” program.

Bureau of Local Employment Director Dominique Tutay said from 2015 to 2018, there were 169,893 foreign nationals working in the country—about 51 percent of them are Chinese. Citing data from the Immigration Bureau, Tutay said in 2018 alone 185,000 foreign nationals were given special work permits by the agency, and 127,033 of the applicants for such permit were Chinese.

Presidential spokesperson Salvador Panelo explained back in January the reason of the influx, “We lack so many construction workers that is why many Chinese workers are being hired because there are no more Filipinos. Many Filipinos are unemployed and yet they lack the skill so we need to teach them.”

READ: Chinese versus Filipinos: Who work harder?

Tutay, however, disputed this saying that a large portion of Chinese workers in the country are employed in the gaming industry. Meanwhile, only half of the about 10,000 foreign nationals with alien employment permit under the construction sector are Chinese.

“Dumagasa po ang Chinese nationals when it comes to online gaming. Medyo mababa lang naman ang bilang ng Chinese nationals in the construction sector,” she said.

On the other hand, Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello III said he “violently disagrees” with Tulfo’s statement on Filipino workers in a follow-up report on CNN Philippines.

Bello III claimed in a televised report, “He should know that the most sought after workers in the world are the Filipinos. You go anywhere, in any other country, and they always give preference to Filipinos because Filipinos are very industrious, very efficient and they are very good workers.”

Filipino workers VS Chinese workersFilipino workers are indeed harworking.. no doubt about it.. they will be seen all…

Posted by Tatangz on Saturday, December 1, 2018

He added that an inter-agency taskforce that includes the Department of Labor and Employment, Department of Justice, Department of Trade and Industry, Bureau of Immigration, Bureau of Internal Revenue, and the Philippine Amusements and Gaming Corp. has already met to address the issue.

Still, for Tulfo, the inflow of Chinese workers will benefit the country in the long run. “Our country has become a good place to invest in. We’ve opened our doors to China kaya dumami sila… We have everything to gain, ang laki laki ng investments na dumadating,” said.

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GMA News TV to convert into a Digital Platform?

GMA News TV to convert into a Digital Platform?

  • GMA News TV to become a digital channel.
  • The Kapuso network is also planning to release a DTT device next year. 

GMA Network Incorporated is set to convert GMA News TV into a digital channel by next year.

It started 13 years ago as QTV, which was primarily featured international dramas and lifestyle programs that aimed towards women. It has become a part of the partnership between GMA Network and religious broadcaster, ZOE Broadcasting Network.

On March 18, 2007, QTV introduced a new logo which brands the network simply as Q.

It was discontinued in February 2011 in preparation for the launch of GMA News TV. Its programming now consists of news, public affairs and sports programming produced by GMA News and Public Affairs. Entertainment, lifestyle, cooking shows, talk shows, local and foreign dramas, travel, and foreign animated series were part of the lineup as well.

As soon as the network is turned into a digital channel, it is said that a big part of the news programs, produced by GMA News TV will transfer to online platforms.

As all analog channels will be switched off by 2023, channels are starting to convert to the digital platform, which includes ABS-CBN, GMA Network, UNTV, PTV, TV5, CNN Philippines, and Light Network, among others.

GMA Digital TV Device.

It has been going around that the Kapuso network is planning to release their own Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) device sometime next year. The said DTT is currently under “final testing” and is targeted to be launched at the first quarter of 2019.

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“Ang tawag dito – arrogant ignorance.” Maria Ressa answers Rappler hater

“Ang tawag dito – arrogant ignorance.” Maria Ressa answers Rappler hater

  • Maria Ressa fired back at Rappler hater implying that they’re covering the Liberal Party’s early campaigning.
  • She explained that every party gets coverage whenever they announce their political line-up.

Rappler Chief Executive Officer Maria Ressa answered a netizen on Twitter.

Twitter user named Zephan Jade Yaru accused the Liberal Party of early campaigning. The netizen was implying that the media have been accusing the Duterte administration of early campaigning but proceeded to report about the other parties.

Hay Naku RAPPLER @mariaressa @piaranada ehh ano ang tawag nyo sa ginagawa ng LP ngayon?! diba yun “EARLY CAMPAIGNING” . Tama na Halata na masyado! @ABSCBNNews @gmanews @PTVph @cnnphilippines @GMA_NEWStv @News5AKSYON

Ressa clapped back, saying that the tweet is a sample of “arrogant ignorance” as every party gets coverage whenever it unveils its political slate.

Hindi. Ang tawag dito – arrogant ignorance. Every party gets coverage when it unveils its political slate. If you follow earlier, we all covered the admin slate. Just remember the saying: what you post often tells the world exactly how much … or how LITTLE … you actually know

Other Twitter users backed Ressa, saying that Rappler also had coverage for Duterte last election.

Noong last election nga nakarami ng coverage si Duterte kay Rappler, isa rin sila nagpanalo kay Digong after ng election galit na si Pdutz lalo na DDS 

Na- erased sa FB ang mga DDS dito naman sa tweeter gustong mag fake news


Early campaigning? I have two words for you: bong go. And don’t make me raise my middle finger.

I know this to be true – since the start of the current administration undoing a lot of misconceptions and miseducation has been the norm here on Twitter. Andami kasi talagang wala nang kwentang mag-isip, bastos to the hilt pa.

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Ethel Booba suggests equality of Metro Manila and provincial rates

Ethel Booba suggests equality of Metro Manila and provincial rates

  • Ethel Booba reacted to the Metro Manila minimum wage increase proposal.
  • She said that the minimum wage in Manila and in provincial areas should be the same.

Ethel Booba is at it again!

She’s used to expressing her opinions regarding pretty much everything under the sun. From showbiz to politics, you can be sure that she has something to say about it.

Recently, she decided to suggest something that would favor those living in the provinces. She quote tweeted CNN Philippines‘ report regarding the proposal of the ₱334 increase for the minimum wage in Metro Manila.

₱334 na dagdag sa minimum wage sa Metro Manila, isinusulong

There have been netizens saying that this is the exact reason why Manila is getting over-crowded, aside from there are more opportunities, the salary rate is actually higher.

Ethel then suggested the cancellation of the difference between provincial rates and Metro Manila rates.

Dapat wala ng provincial rate, lahat ng minimum wage pantay pantay sa buong Pilipinas dahil kapag taas presyo lahat naman apektado. Charot!

A netizen replied that the reason why the minimum wage in Manila is higher is because the prices of goods in the province are actually lower. Others immediately disagreed with the comment.

Mas mura kase basic goods sa probinsya at mas mahina ang kitaan ng business. kaya tama lang ang ginagawa ng wage board.

Hindi din. I live in Pampanga and used to work in Manila. Pareho lang, minsan mas mahal pa dahil galing Manila pa ang products.

I lived in Baguio for 3 years. Except for veggies, mas mahal pa ang meat, groceries and utilities. Kahit iyong rent, lumalaban na rin sa NCR.

It will also help decongest Metro Manila since people from the province won’t have to travel just to receive the same amount of salary.

Agree. And it will decongest metro manila kasi hindi na hahangarin ng mga nasa province magpunta dito like me dahil mas mataas ang sahod.

Kaya nga nag fo flock ang mga tao sa major cities dahil sa provincial rate na yan. If papantayin edi sana di na macocongest yang major cities. Di mo na kailangang lumayo pra kumita ng mas malaki ng konti.

Someone even questioned Department of Labor and Employment and National Wage Productivity Commission‘s awareness about the prices of necessities in the rural areas.

Ewan lang kung alam ng DOLE at National Wage Productivity Commission na mataas ang bilihin sa malayong lalawigan. Halimbawa, dito sa Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, ang gasolina ay mataas ng P6 2 P8 kada litro kumpara sa Manila. Sana pako na lang sila, babaon pag pinukpok sa ulo


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Pres. Rodrigo Duterte attacks ABS-CBN for violating anticontractualization laws; Media group adds GMA Network, CNN Philippines, TV5, PTV

Pres. Rodrigo Duterte attacks ABS-CBN for violating anticontractualization laws; Media group adds GMA Network, CNN Philippines, TV5, PTV

  • President Rodrigo Duterte slams ABS-CBN regarding said violation of anticontractualization laws
  • Buhay Media Facebook page reacts: “hindi lang po ABS-CBN ang may illegal contractualization.”

President Rodrigo Duterte once again reprimanded ABS-CBN for allegedly engaging in contractualization and claiming some employees do not have job security despite working for the network for 10 years or more.

In a speech in Cebu last June 7, he stated “ [ABS-CBN] keeps on criticizing contractualization but their workers are all talent fee based. In some cases, it lasts as long as 10 years,

They keep on criticizing but they are apparently number one in doing it. But what can they criticize about me? Not my signature, not in a million years,”

On the other hand, Buhay Media, a Facebook page made by a group of media practitioners, responded that the illegal contractualization doesn’t only happen in the said network, but others as well such as GMA Network, CNN Philippines, TV5, and even PTV, which is a government owend television network.

“Mr. President, hindi lang po ABS-CBN ang may illegal contractualization. Pati GMA Network, CNN Philippines, TV5– maski PTV.

‘Yung iba diyan iniba lang ang tawag. From “talents” ginawang “project employees” to make it sound that they are employees when in fact, they are not.

#BuhayMedia #EndContractualization”

Aside from not having job security, among the benefits that “talents” do not enjoy are health insurance coverage and 13th month pay.

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WATCH: Nazareno devotees barge into a private gathering where a catering is on going

WATCH: Nazareno devotees barge into a private gathering where a catering is on going

  • Nazareno devotees gate crashed at a private event
  • Black Nazarene devotees rummaged through an enclosed private gathering trying to get food and water

Rex Remitio shared an alarming video online about a bulk of Black Nazarene devotees barging into a private property ‘where a catering event was ongoing’ in Castillejos Street, Quiapo.


The scene got out of hand when most of them tried to get food and water while some falling onto the catering tables. The owners weren’t able to do much as the devotees kept on coming.

CNN Philippines shared the said video with a caption,

“Black Nazarene devotees swell into a private property where a catering event was ongoing on Castillejos Street in Quiapo, Manila. Some tried to get food and water, while others almost fell into the catering tables during the commotion. The owners then were forced to push them out of the gate.”

The video has already more than 500,000 views, and 8,000 shares. Watch the video below.

Netizens react

Netizens were angered by this aggressive gesture of the devotees, and here are some of their reactions.

“Deboto ako pero hinde na tama to… eto ying mga skalawag ng deboto. Kung gutom at pagod na umuwe na… hinde na kailangan magpasikat na buong araw n mkiki paligsahan sa paghatak ng tali at pag akyat sa andas… eto yumg mga tao kung bakit magulo na ang prusisyon… mga banal-banalan kuno… umpisahan nyo sa sarile nyo kptid at saka kayo humingi ng tawad sa poong nazareno,” said Jayvee Urcia on Facebook.

“Makadiyos. Pero tignan ninyo ang pinaggagawa. Parang iyong kapit bahay ko na every Sunday nangunguna sa simbahan pero paguwi nangunguna sa tsismisan, awayan at murahan,” saind Romeo Zinca on Facebook.

“This clearly shows that having a religion doesn’t make you a good person.. Seems that having a better education and respect to others is a better choice,” said Andrew De Guzman on Facebook.

“Lumalabas talaga kulay banalbanalan pero mga asal demonyo mahiya kyo ginagamit nyo ang nazareno bka bumaba yan at ihambalos sa mga pagmumukha nyo ang krus! Kakahiya kyo paging mga pari tignan nyo mga kampon nyo mana mana sa inyo,” said Nilo Baes on Facebook.

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Missed The Pilot Episode of “Hungry With Chef JP”? It’s Never Too Late To Catch Up

Missed The Pilot Episode of “Hungry With Chef JP”? It’s Never Too Late To Catch Up


With the premiere of Hungry With Chef JP: Season 2 last Saturday, May 20, many were asking how can they catch up. Showed on CNN Philippines’ Free TV Channel 9, the first installment of the documentary series aired with flying colors.

Catch Up Hungry With Chef JP
Chef JP Anglo gracing everyone with this charm and talent in traveling and cooking

Receiving good reviews from the audience, Hungry With Chef JP is set to amaze everyone even more.

Epic Episode 1

While some of us weren’t able to get a glimpse of the pilot episode, it is about Chef JP Anglo‘s exploration to the surf town, Real in Quezon Province. It tackled the waves and he even cooked up a feast for the locals. And yes, we will stop here because we do not want to spoil you. We are sure you don’t want that either.

Catch Up Hungry With Chef JP
Exploring the Surf town Real, Quezon

What to expect in the succeeding episodes

Instead of spoiling you, we will just give you a sneak peek of what’s to come. From Real, Quezon, Chef JP will roam around the country and develop a good relationship with the people he will meet–all for the love of food and surfing.

As the season progresses, you would know that the sequel to the successful first season boils down on local artisans and individuals with one-of-a-kind tradition and lifestyles.

Surely, this program’s second season is something you should watch out for.

And to unintentionally make you drool, here’s some of the dishes Chef JP will cook in the coming episodes.

Catch Up Hungry With Chef JPCatch Up Hungry With Chef JPCatch Up Hungry With Chef JPCatch Up Hungry With Chef JPCatch Up Hungry With Chef JP

Yummy, right? Never miss an episode as it airs every Saturday, 7:30 pm at CNN Philippines Free TV Channel 9. You can also watch it via livestream at

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CNN Philippines Brings You A Fresh 2nd Season of “Hungry With Chef JP”

CNN Philippines Brings You A Fresh 2nd Season of “Hungry With Chef JP”


CNN Philippines, known for being the most respected news channel in the country, gives you the second season of Hungry With Chef JP–a documentary series that combines travel and food.

Filipino’s leisure

CNN Philippines Brings 2nd Season of "Hungry With Chef JP"
CNN Philippines is set to air the second season of Hungry With Chef JP

Cooking, eating, and the beach–three of the most common leisure activities we Filipinos do. To help us, Chef JP Anglo goes around the country in search of the best surf spots while whipping up unique local dishes along the way.

CNN Philippines Brings 2nd Season of "Hungry With Chef JP"
Chef JP Anglo taking a pose for his show | Photo from his instagram account

Originally from Bacolod, chef JP came from a rich heritage of great cooks, his family. His culinary achievements served as a frame to his deep passion for cooking, and through his recipes, he was able to develop successful ventures in Manila. Some of the restaurants he own are Sarsa, known for its delicious local cuisine and Liberation Shawarma, a concept stall that is considered as one of  the hippest and most-visited food halls in the metro.

CNN Philippines Brings 2nd Season of "Hungry With Chef JP"
Different kinds of food was served
CNN Philippines Brings 2nd Season of "Hungry With Chef JP"
All prepared by chef JP himself

What to expect

CNN Philippines Brings 2nd Season of "Hungry With Chef JP"
Catch the season 2 of Hungry with Chef JP every Saturday at 7:30 pm starting on May 20!

From this fresher take to travelling and food, chef JP roams around the Philippines, developing friendships with the people he meets–all for the love of food and new experiences. This season focuses on local artisans and personalities who have one-of-a-kind lifestyles. This is surely worth the wait… and the second shot.

Catch the season 2 of Hungry with Chef JP every Saturday at 7:30 pm starting May 20 on CNN Philippines Free TV Channel 9 or livestream it via

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Jessica Zafra And Pepe Diokno Teamed For New CNN Philippines Show, “Trippies”

Jessica Zafra And Pepe Diokno Teamed For New CNN Philippines Show, “Trippies”



The Trippy Logo of Trippies

CNN Philippines had launched their new travel show, Trippies, which premiered last March 12. A well-known writer and an up and coming filmmaker-editor catered you a travel show like no other. The show will take you around Asia and its neighboring countries, from culture to music, and to food, Trippies will satiate your curiosity.

Writer Meets Director

What happens if a seasoned writer and a promising director worked together? Let’s find out!

Join Jessica Zafra and Pepe Diokno as they tour you around the world through a cultural lens. The award-winning duo is set to explore the unexplorable every Sunday, 7:30 in the evening on CNN Philippines.

The award-winning duo, Jessica Zafra and Pepe Diokno

The show is all about traveling sidelined by candid conversations that are even more interesting than the view. Trippies is a 30-minute show that offers Asia as its whole, having the oldest and busiest cities.

At the show, we lend our eyes and ears, listen to their unbelievably smart yet ultimately catchy approach in traveling. It is not a show of glitz and glamour, but witness the unfolding of beauty and madness of each country.

Brought to you by Philippine Star and CNN Philippines, catch all of its episodes every Sunday on CNN Philippines Free TV Channel 9 at 7:30 pm. It would also have its livestream on

Every Sunday, 7:30 pm on CNN Philippines

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