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Mayor Isko Moreno reacts to his name being included in the 2022 Presidential Bets

He said that more than political growth, he’s currently focused on Manila and the ongoing pandemic.

Pulse Asia‘s top Presidential Bets for the Upcoming 2022 elections included Manila Mayor Isko Moreno’s name

Even if he is one of the early picks as Presidentiables, he stated that he has no plans to run for the seat.

According to an interview in January, Moreno was “grateful” for the recognition, which resulted in his inclusion on the list, however, he said that he’s still focused on the current challenge of the country–the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Thank you very much sa inyo dahil sinasama niyo ako. It’s an honor,” the Manila mayor said in an interview with CNN Philippines.

“But let us just go back to reality. Reality is there’s [still a] pandemic.”

He added that he doesn’t entertain the idea of political growth as he is very much focused in Manila and its Coronavirus relief.

“More than political growth or career growth no… Hindi ko talaga siya ine-entertain. I would rather focus on Manila, and focus on the pandemic. If we can offer a lot of things to ease the burden, the effects of this pandemic to the lives of every family in the city of Manila, I will do so.”

He reminded the other individuals in the list to focus on the things that essential. These are the vaccines, among others.

“We, those names who were included in that survey should continue to focus on the pandemic. I think the most important thing nowadays is what are we going to do today, and what are we going to do in the next first quarter in the incoming vaccine,” he said.

The Pulse Asia survey also included Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte, former Senator Bongbong Marcos, Senator Grace Poe, and Vice President Leni Robredo. Moreno also placed first in Pulse Asia’s 2022 Vice Presidential bets.

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