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Woman pours hot soup on 11-month-old baby for being noisy

Woman pours hot soup on 11-month-old baby for being noisy

  • A Chinese woman was in a bad mood as she had an argument with her husband
  • She also got into an argument with the mother of the victim
  • She retaliated by pouring hot soup on the woman’s child

A woman in Xiang Cheng, China has been given a 15-day detention and a 500-yuan fine for throwing hot soup on an 11-month-old baby. The 28-year-old suspect, who was identified only as Ren, got into an argument with her husband before the incident which got her in her bad mood.

She also reportedly got into a heated argument with the 11-month-old girl’s mother, Yang.

Ren’s husband then said that both of them should leave to avoid any unwanted actions from occurring.

The couple left but Ren came back to pour hot soup on Yang’s baby girl.

Ren’s reason was that the baby was noisy, hitting the table with a spoon when they were dining.

Ren had to pay the medical bills of the child and further investigation is still ongoing.

She will not be serving her sentence since she is pregnant

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Bubble tea causes girl to be constipated for 5 days

Bubble tea causes girl to be constipated for 5 days

  • A 14-year-old Chinese girl became constipated after drinking bubble tea
  • Tapioca pearls are the reason why
  • Tapioca pearls are dangerous to the body

Bubble tea originated in Taiwan back in the 1980s. It is usually made up of a certain kind of tea, mixed with a variety of milk and flavorings, and finally sugar.

The tea is topped with tapioca balls, popping boba, fruit jelly, grass jelly, agar jelly, and puddings.

The drink is so popular that people, specifically millennials, consume it on a regular basis.

Recent news suggest that bubble tea might sound delicious but it has its side effects.

A 14-year-old Chinese girl was sent to the hospital on May 28 because she could not empty her bowels properly. Stomach ache was her chief complaint, plus she couldn’t make herself eat for days.

Health experts found it hard to dissect the root of the problem, so they performed a CT scan. They found that there were unusual dark particles in the girl’s body.

It was then revealed to be a hundred tapioca pearls that she consumed.

The girl said that she only drank one cup of bubble tea before everything happened, but based on the findings, it is obvious that she consumed more than that.

The girl was then prescribed with laxatives to help ease her situation.

There have been studies done on the side effects of consuming bubble teas.

Tapioca pearls are made from a starch extract from the cassava root, which are filled with bad carbohydrates. The body finds it hard to digest these, as said by one doctor.

The average bubble tea cup consists of 400 calories, mainly because the tapioca pearls are cooked in hot water while being mixed with a great amount of sugar.

Plus the additional syrup and other ingredients play a big role.

A study done by German researchers back in 2012 suggests that bubble teas can significantly reduce a consumer’s lifespan.

They found that these tapioca balls contain cancer-causing chemicals called polychlorinated biphenyls, or PCB.

These chemicals affect the immune, gastrointestinal, reproductive, nervous, and endocrine systems.

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Stuff of nightmares! Spider spins web inside a man’s ear

Stuff of nightmares! Spider spins web inside a man’s ear

  • Weird “crawling sensation” inside man’s head turns out to be a spider spinning a web in his ear
  • A doctor in eastern China’s Jiangsu province flushed out a tiny live spider nesting in a man’s ear, after he complained of discomfort
  • Doctors investigated but didn’t find what turned out to be a spider with standard equipment

A patient from China’s Jiangsu Province went to the Hospital of Yangzhou University and consulted an Otorhinolaryngologist as he developed an “excruciating pain” inside his ear.

According to local reports, the man told the doctor he suspected an insect might have crawled into his ear and after hours of trying to remove it himself, the insect remained firmly inside.

ENT Specialist Dr. Zhang Pan mentioned that when he was inspecting the man’s ear he did not notice something with his naked eye. However, using a scope he discovered an eight-legged arachnid inside the man’s ear canal which was lodged way too far for him to remove using an instrument.

Fortunately, the doctor managed to flush out the spider using saline water and there were no injuries to the man’s ear canal.

Dr. Zhang advised that if an insect enters your ear, do not try to remove it forcefully as it will potentially damage your ear canal.

The person should try pouring a tiny amount of mineral oil into the ear while gently pulling the earlobe backward and upward so that the insect will float out with the oil.

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Jamba Juice promotes a #BetterBlended lifestyle with Whirl’d Cup 2019

Jamba Juice promotes a #BetterBlended lifestyle with Whirl’d Cup 2019

  • Jamba Juice encourages Filipinos a beautiful lifestyle
  • JMJ Sports Training Services in partnership with the Philippine Flying Disc Association organized an Ultimate Frisbee tournament as Jamba Juice hosted the second edition of Whirl’d Cup
  • A portion of the sales from the Jamba Juice food truck, the Fender Blender, will support Pilipinas Ultimate, the national Ultimate team, as they take part in tournaments in Japan and China

While summer calls to mind a long, relaxing vacation, most Filipinos see the season as a great time to make plans with their friends or even a good time to get active and enjoy the outdoors.

For Jamba Juice, summer is not just a good time to start enjoying a healthful and active routine, but to also blend this passion with finding and bonding with a community.

To encourage more Filipinos to embrace and enjoy a healthful lifestyle, Jamba Juice hosted the second edition of Whirl’d Cup, a two-day mixed (read: co-ed) Ultimate Frisbee tournament organized with JMJ Sports Training Services, in partnership with the Philippine Flying Disc Association.

Whirl’d Cup 2019 happened last May 11-12, 2019, at the Ayala Alabang Country Club. Over 550 players and 27 teams participated in the tournament, which was open to first-timers, regulars, and veteran players, with no age limits or other requirements.

Aside from the matches, Ultimate regulars and newer players alike also tested their athletic prowess and worked up a sweat at the Whirl’d Cup Skills Challenge Games.

“At Jamba, we believe in blending goodness into every moment. In our stores, we use real whole fruits blended with our juices to create our smoothies, juices, and bowls—whether the combination is unusual or expected—the experience and taste is still great,” shared Jamba Juice Marketing Manager Steph Elumba. “When we looked at Ultimate Frisbee, we saw how the community blended each individual player into one big family. From ages 15 to 50, men and women blended together for a weekend of Ultimate fun and Jamba Juice smoothies.”

The Whirl’d Cup also served as a great introduction to Ultimate, a fast-paced, no-contact sport requiring only a disc and a well-lit space to play. The sport has rapidly grown since it was first introduced in the Philippines in the early 2000s, making the local Ultimate community one of the fastest-growing in Asia.

“For us, Ultimate is the sport that best encapsulates our values and our vision for how anyone can live a Better Blended life,” added Elumba. “Ultimate is a great way to blend people of different ages, sexes, professions, and backgrounds in one space, as the sport’s inclusive nature makes it easier for people who share a passion for sports, fitness, and good food and drink to come together.”

Beyond introducing more Filipinos to Ultimate, Jamba Juice also provided players with an opportunity to support the sport’s growing community. A portion of the sales from the Jamba Juice food truck, the Fender Blender, will support Pilipinas Ultimate, the national Ultimate team, as they take part in tournaments in Japan and China.

“Just as it’s important to nourish our bodies with delicious and nutritious food, we believe that it is important for more Filipinos to enjoy a more inclusive experience of sports. A better you starts with better food (in this case, our smoothies), and when you can tap into the better you, you can help create a better world,” said Elumba. “We hope that more people will be inspired by the Whirl’d Cup, start creating their vision of a healthful life, and get blended into Ultimate’s exciting and fun scene.”

To catch up on the highlights of the Whirl’d Cup, check out .

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Chinese guy might have caused the burning of a Parañaque condominium

Chinese guy might have caused the burning of a Parañaque condominium


On April 29, the First Pacific Coast Plaza condominium in Paranáque caught fire that killed an old woman, who was a resident therein, and injuring five others.

The fire was so big that the building needed more than a hundred firefighters to water it down.

The theory here was that the fire started in the garbage chute that connects all the floors up from the ground floor. But at that time, no one knew what caused it.

One thing of note here is that Chinese people, in recent years, have moved into this building.

The BFP has already done some investigating and came up with a plausible theory. There was a CCTV footage that may prove their theory possible, as stated by the city’s fire marshal, Supt. Robert Pacis.

The video shows four Chinese men in a hallway, one of them smoking. The smoker then threw his cigarette butt on the floor of the balcony.

Several minutes later, the balcony became redder in color, which indicated that something was burning. A Chinese guy goes to the hallway and apparently looks at the fire for a moment but did not do anything.

They were able to identify the owner of the unit where the fire started and any coordination from the owner could be of big help.

“I am asking the building administrator to coordinate with the unit owner and [for] the tenants to come out in the open and shed light on the incident,” Pacis said.

The fire went from the 18th to the 23rd floor. They are still investigating the real cause of the fire, but the cigarette might be the best possible theory.

“Our investigation is still in progress but we are considering that the thrown cigarette is the cause of the fire,” Pacis said.

And of course, netizens had something to say about all this.

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“Saan ba sila nagbabayad ng buwis?” Teddy Locsin Jr. fails to answer the question

“Saan ba sila nagbabayad ng buwis?” Teddy Locsin Jr. fails to answer the question


A Chinese related issue again? Nothing new.

A documentary photographer, Ezra Acayan, posted on his Facebook account saying that he ate at a Chinese restaurant in Paranáque but received a receipt written in Chinese.

“Throwback to when I dined at one of the new Chinese owned restaurants that popped up here at Multinational Village here in Parañaque. The food was great, but I wonder why the receipt was in Chinese? Saan ba sila nagbabayad ng buwis, sa Pinas ba o sa China?”.

The main question following the post is whether or not these Chinese businesses that they are referring to are paying their taxes to the BIR?

Teddy Locsin Jr., a renowned politician and the current secretary of foreign affairs, retweeted the post, and the way netizens see it, appears that he defended the Chinese side of the story.

“Most of their customers are Chinese here for the jobs no Filipino can take unless she/he is fluent in Mandarin—online gaming. C’mon, are we so weak a race and culture that we can’t have strangers speaking in strange tongues in our midst—like New York at the turn of the century?” Locsin said.

It sounds like he tried to ignore the question of whether the Chinese restaurant was paying taxes.

Netizens had a lot to say about his response.

But according to one twitter user, the same situations was found in the US, and Americans don’t even complain.

There is still no answer to whether or not the restaurant pays to the BIR.

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CSC chief Aileen Lizada calls attention on Chinese who skipped lines at NAIA Terminal 3

CSC chief Aileen Lizada calls attention on Chinese who skipped lines at NAIA Terminal 3


There has been tension between China and the Philippines in recent years. This is mostly regarding territorial and economical issues. These days, it is safe to say that the tension has gone to a smaller scale. There have been reports or stories that say Filipinos are getting pushed around by the Chinese in their own country.

While at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA)  Terminal 3 pre-departure area, Aileen Lizada, commisioner of the Civil Service Commission, saw that four to five chinky-eyed people, who appeared to be Chinese nationals, walked past the people who were standing in line.

Lizada said, “Papasok po ako sa pre-departure na area, lahat po ng mga Pilipino ay properly pong naka-pila, pati po ako naka-pila po ako. Out of nowhere, four to five what appeared to be mga Chinese nationals, sumuong po sa ilalim no’ng parang barrier.”

Lizada also said that the Chinese were laughing at the people who were standing in line and headed straight to the x-ray machines.

“It does not look good on us that’s why sinabi ko ho sa Office of Transportation Security (OTS), and the office immediately took action.

“‘Yon lang ho ang point ko dito is we have our laws, na pinapasunod ho natin sa lahat na ho ng mga Filipino citizens, they (foreigners) are not above the laws.

“Kasi mukhang hindi ho maganda na tayong mga Pilipino sumusunod sa ating batas and we just allow ‘yong mga foreigners na kagaya ho no’ng gano’n na hindi sundin ‘yong ating mga patakaran,” she added.  “Nakita ko ho how blatantly and how happy pa sila at proud na hindi sila sumunod, na hindi sila pumila.”

When in Rome, do as the Romans do is basically what Lizada is saying.

There have also been other incidents where Filipinos felt disrespected by Chinese.

One incident back in February at MRT-3, a Chinese woman threw her taho at a policeman because he would not let her enter since liquids are prohibited inside the station. She was then brought to a police precinct.

Another disrespectful incident happened in a mall elevator where a Chinese woman pushed the wheelchair of her son against another person so they would move. There are many more incidents of queue jumping by Chinese nationals shared on social media.

Pinoys have aired their frustration through social media about the whole NAIA incident.

Rude Chinese tourists are not new. They have been around for a long time but since there is still tension between the two countries, attention on these incidents has been increased. Let’s just hope that Pinoys will not tolerate further disrespect.

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“Di ba sila yung dayuhan sa bansa natin?” Netizen rants over the Chinese in having no respect for Filipinos

“Di ba sila yung dayuhan sa bansa natin?” Netizen rants over the Chinese in having no respect for Filipinos

  • A Filipino customer rants on social media about Chinese merchants who choose to speak in their own language
  • Her brother even told her that the management didn’t take their side and even cursed them
  • This made her conclude that they have no respect for Filipinos

China is one of the most populated countries in the world and some of them choose to stay in other countries, and one of those countries is the Philippines. Chinese in the Philippines are known for business, owning big to small establishments with Filipinos as their main customers.

A Filipino customer rants on social media about these Chinese who choose to speak in their own language while doing business.

A Facebook user named Patricia Maliksi shared her experience while buying at Gong Cha where a Chinese customer was pointing out their order and the employee would answer them in Yes/No in Mandarin. With that scene, it made her realized why we Filipinos were the ones to adjust, instead of these foreign people in our country.

“At the Gong Cha counter, A Chinese girl and guy were ordering, pointing at the menu, the employee answering in Yes/No but in Mandarin. So tell me again, ba’t tayo yung naga-adjust para sa kanila? Di ba sila yung dayuhan sa bansa natin?”

With these questions on her mind, she decides to confront the girl who’s holding the line and said: “SPEAK ENGLISH, YOU’RE IN THE PHILIPPINES, and SHE SAID, “NO!”

This made her conclude that they have no respect for Filipinos. Her brother even told her that the management didn’t take their side and even cursed them.


Why would I give my respect to them when they don’t respect (us) and treat us like slaves in our own country?

Filipino netizens have agreed with her post and shared their similar personal experiences

Truth! Kakagigil nga. Minsan hindi sila maayos pumila sa terminal or any store. Nakikita ko nag sisiga-sigaan pa sa mga kapwa pinoy natin itong mga chinese na to. 😠”

Actually totoo yan, sa building din namin sa work ko ang daming Chinese nationals at wala din silang respect sa kapwa. They dont have some good manners, best example is by simply using the elevators, aside sa puro scratches ang ginawa nila sa bawat sides ng elevator na hindi namin gets kung bakit nila ginagawa ang ganon, eh hindi din sila marunong rumespeto sa mga sumasakay din sa elevator kase sasakay ka palang isasara na nila ung pinto at wala sila pakialam kung may maipit….And not only that, ang worst... Ang bababoy nila. Hindi sila marunong gumamit ng toilet ng maayos at ang babaho pa nila as in literally mabaho sila. Di sila naliligo at di sila nagamit ng deodorant or perfume at all. Delikado ang makatabi sila kase kung hindi matibay sikmura ng tatabi sa kanila lagot na. Hindi din nila alam ang proper hygiene. 😪😪😪”

Yesterday, we went out to buy Gong Cha, and they are multiplying everyday, every street, every corner is full of…

Posted by Patricia Maliksi on Monday, April 22, 2019

A netizen commented and took sides with the Chinese people emphasizing that most of them didn’t have the chance to study English and she hopes that people would understand them.

“Please know most Chinese didn’t have the chance to study English like how we are privileged here in  the Philippines. Also, in the field of service, adjusting for a customer is expected. Hope you guys try both sympathy and empathy for someone foreign and frustrated. Look in the bright side as well and study the language! Studying Mandarin would be helpful. We, Filipinos are known to be hospitable, show some hospitality and earn money after by studying the language.”

Another netizen responded that it is good learning their language but disagree that Filipinos are the one who needed to adjust to understand them with Maliksi agreeing with the statement.

“Naiintindihan naman po namin na maganda din matutunan yung lengwahe nila pero ang mali po kung nandito po tayo sa sariling bansa natin pero tayo ang nag a-adjust para maintindihan sila. Nasa Pinas po tayo at di natin pwedeng pilitin na mag-aral ang mga pinoy ng lengwahe ng ibang bansa para lang maintindihan natin sila sa lugar natin.”

Another comment also agrees with Maliksi’s point of view as she also has a similar experience with a Chinese employer. She also defended Maliksi from comments on being a racist because she was only being true, based on her experience dealing with them.

“Okay lang naman na ipagtanggol ang Chinese na mga yan sa post mo na ito pero kung sakaling sila ang naka-experience ng kabalahuraan at kawalan ng respeto ng mga chinese na yan na na-experience mo at everyday ko din nae-experience pag papasok ako sa work ko, eh masasabi pa kaya nila ang mga words na yan like ung Hospitality, Respect, Sympathy, Empathy, etc?
Tayo nga di nila nirerespeto eh diba. And i don’t think you’re being racist sa post mo na yan, you’re just telling the truth and telling the truth is very much different from being racist. At wala masama sa pagsabi ng totoo kase based yan sa experience mo din sa kanila eh.”

Maliksi expressed her gratitude to the people who get her point of view and shared their personal experiences.

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Identical Twins, spotted ‘fighting’ in their mother’s womb

Identical Twins, spotted ‘fighting’ in their mother’s womb


Sibling rivalries, fights, and quarrels all start out at an early age, but what would your reaction be if you found out something like that could happen even before the babies are born?!

That’s exactly what happened with a couple of unborn twin sisters in Yinchuan, China, who were 4 months old at the time. But their mother already gave birth to them back on the 8th of April.

The father of the twins shared the video of the ultrasound and has since garnered nearly 3 million views. The adorable video showed the twins ‘punching’ and ‘kicking’ each other.

The twins were nicknamed Cherry and Strawberry, after their mother’s favorite fruits and were reported to be born healthy. Cherry and Strawberry are considered a rare set of twins, also referred to as Mo-Mo twins.

The hospital that take took care of them reported that they are the first Mo-Mo twins that they have successfully delivered. People are still intrigued with their video as it is still creating headlines today.

Netizens are even saying this fighting they had will bring them closer together. But of course there are some people who just have to ruin the party by saying that the unborn twins are just moving around because they have such little space and are not even touching each other.

However you look at it, it will always be better to think that the twins fought because it is cuter to think that way!

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10 Banned International Celebrities in Certain Countries You Should Know

10 Banned International Celebrities in Certain Countries You Should Know

  • Celebrities have been banned in the Philippines as well as other countries due to conflicts and issues.
  • Here are 10 international stars that are not allowed to enter one country or more.

After the Tony Labrusca incident at the immigration office of Ninoy Aquino International Airport, the Bureau of Immigration has been keeping an eye on celebrities with foreign passports to find out if they actually do have a valid working permit.

One of the most powerful agencies in a country is the immigration office as they can deport or even ban someone, a foreigner coming into one country.

Foreigners working in the Philippines are not the only ones at risk as there have been cases of international celebrities prohibited on entering a specific place.

Here is a list of celebrities who were banned in certain places.

The Beatles

“We were the first working-class singers that stayed working-class and pronounced it and didn’t try and change our…

Posted by The Beatles on Wednesday, January 2, 2019

The legendary band have been banned to enter the country in 1966. It was said to be the result of them declining then first lady Imelda Marcos at the Malacañang.

Alec Baldwin

Posted by The Alec Baldwin Show on Sunday, October 14, 2018

In 2009, Baldwin was prohibited to enter the country after he has joked about the sex trafficking in the Philippines.

Snoop Dogg

He has been banned in three countries: first, in the United Kingdom after vandalizing one Duty-Free shop in 2006; in Netherlands he was also denied entry since the law enforcement insisted and requested to find a replacement for him because he was already banned in the country; and in Norway when he was caught with 8 grams of Marijuana.

Justin Bieber

Bieber was banned in China after he had posted photos at the Great Wall of China that offended the government. Adding to that, he was also reportedly seen skateboarding recklessly in Beijing.

Lady Gaga

Muslim countries are usually not keen on having this Pop star in their country as they say that she spreads satanic faith. In 2012, Gaga was banned in Indonesia as they claimed that she has a vulgar style and indecent clothes that affect the kids’ sense of morality.


The Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party had stated that they were offended by her choreography, resulting to her getting banned from the country in 2007.

Miley Cyrus

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After a photo of Cyrus imitating Asian eyes, the Chinese foreign minister said that she pollutes the minds of children with her American ignorance.

In 2014, she also got banned in Dominican Republic after they stated that she did things that were punishable by the Dominican Law.

Brad Pitt

Pitt has been banned in China for over 15 years because of his movie, Seven Years in Tibet, that was released in 1997.

Paris Hilton

After having two misdemeanor charges in relation to cocaine possession in Las Vegas, Japan has decided to ban the socialite.

Katy Perry

In 2017, Perry got banned in China after supported the Taiwanese independence in 2015 by wearing a sunflower dress in Taipei. It was in line with the Sunflower Student Movement that protested against the Cross-Strait Service Trade Agreement.

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