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Mayor Isko Moreno accused of racism after referring to the Chinese as ‘chekwa’

The word “checkwa” not only applies to Chinese nationals but also to those who belong to the Filipino-Chinese community

Netizens went after Manila Mayor Isko Moreno after using “chekwa” to refer to Chinese nationals.

During his visit to the village of Puerto Rivas Ibaba in Balanga, Bataan, Moreno promised fishermen that he’d send the Chinese back to their homeland, who have been harassing them for the longest time.

However, he used a derogatory term which many did not like since he is running for president.

The word “checkwa” applies to Chinese nationals and those who belong to the Filipino-Chinese community.

Moreno’s running mate Dr. Willie Ong is also of Chinese descent, so his choice to use the word was baffling to many.

Filipinos’ perception towards China has mostly been hostile under the Duterte administration because of blatant exploitation by Beijing, but that isn’t an excuse to discriminate against the Chinese.

Despite criticism left and right, Moreno remains a strong candidate in the 2022 polls.

Written by Charles Teves

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