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Stranger gives couple 1,500 pesos for their hospital bill

Stranger gives couple 1,500 pesos for their hospital bill

  • An unknown man handed a couple 1,500 pesos for their hospital needs
  • He even offered to help them further and gave them his cellphone number

Netizen Khen Pili shared a story that happened back on June 28 when a guy helped out a pregnant lady.

Khen was on a jeepney and noticed that there was a couple with their little girl.

The little girl was crying so a man gave her 500 pesos for food.

“Iyak na iyak ang anak nung babae na buntis at napansin ito ni kuya, binigyan nya yung bata ng 500 pesos pang kain daw.“

The passengers also noticed that the lady was pregnant and was showing signs of pain. They knew immediately that she was about to give birth.

“Tapos napansin namin na parang iba na yung lagay nung buntis. Nalaman namin na manganganak na pala ito at dadalhin pala sa paanakan sa Lipa.”

The couple took the jeepney because they didn’t have a transportation of their own.

“Wala sila sasakyan kaya nagbyahe na lang sila.”

The man, who was kind enough to give out 500 pesos, gave them 1,000 pesos more. He even said that if they ever need help, they could call him.

“then dinagdagan pa ni kuya ng 1k yung una nyang binigay na 500 nung nalaman na aanak na pala yung babae, ibinigay din nya ang number nya sa mag asawa at tawagan daw sya kung sakaling kailangan ng tulong at tutulong daw sya..”

Netizens were amazed with his gesture.

“Hulog ka ng langet sa pamilya n tinulungan mo kung cno ka nmn ur a hero goodlck and GOD BLESS U”

“Aba, kita mo nga naman ugali ng lalaking yan.. Nag bigay n ng 500 dinagdagan p ng 1k.. Saludo ko sau boss”

“At tingnan nyo po di keypad gamit nya. Simple man with a good heart”

“ang bait nman ni kuya…god bless po…more blessings pa ang matatanggap buhay mo .”

“lodi to simple lang di nya na kaylangan isigaw o pumik o sumelfie di katulad ng iba dyan tutulong sabay post pota”

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Batangas school gets brand new library from ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya

Batangas school gets brand new library from ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya

  • ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation Inc.’s (ALKFI) Programa Genio and partner organizations built a new library for students of Looc Elementary School
  • ALKFI’s educational arm Programa Genio, gives more students access to quality education, which is part of ABS-CBN’s commitment to help Filipinos nationwide have access to more learning opportunities. 
  • The library and teacher training program gives children a safe space and resources so they can learn to love reading and eventually become better students

Students and teachers in Looc, Batangas, will now have access to more learning and educational resources with a brand new library recently turned over to the Looc Elementary School by ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation Inc.’s (ALKFI) Programa Genio and partner organizations.

Gina Burgos, a fisherwoman from the remote town along Taal Lake, dreams of a better life for her two children. She says a new library for her children and their schoolmates can inspire them to make the most of their education and pursue their dreams.


“Even though we don’t earn much, my husband and I work very hard so that our children can go to school and have a chance to have a better life,” said Gina, who heads the parents’ association in the school. “I can already see how much joy this new library brings to my children, while also motivating them to keep learning and keep dreaming big.”

Meanwhile, according to Donalyn Maya, officer-in-charge of Looc Elementary School and the chairman of the Looc-Balete Development Association, the new library benefits both students and teachers, who have difficulty getting hold of learning materials and resources.

“This new library and the supplies in it are a huge help not just to the students but to us teachers, too,” said Donalyn. “We now have easy access to reference books that are usually found in bigger city libraries, while the children can foster a love for reading and learning with these new books.”

ALKFI’s educational arm Programa Genio, which works with public schools and communities to give more students access to quality education, spearheaded the project, which is part of ABS-CBN’s commitment to help Filipinos nationwide have access to more learning opportunities. The library was built with donations from the Filipino American Cultural Organization (FACO) and is in line with the Department of Education’s (DepEd) Every Child a Reader program that aims to equip elementary pupils with strategic reading and writing skills to help them with reading comprehension.

According to Maricar Estole, program director of Programa Genio, the library and teacher training program gives children a safe space and resources so they can learn to love reading and eventually become better students, while assisting the teachers in giving their students the best education possible.

The library is just one of many projects spearheaded by ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya to help the residents in the remote, lakeside town of Looc have access to education, healthcare, and livelihood opportunities. Home to about 4,000 residents who rely mostly on seasonal farming, fishing, and construction work for their livelihood, Looc has been one of ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya’s beneficiaries or “adopted communities” since 2016. ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya also led in the construction of a barangay health center, a community pharmacy, the NutriPan project- a school based bakery that sells nutritious, affordable bread to the students, and the rehabilitation of the Looc Elementary School gymnasium, which serves as the evacuation center for Looc and other neighboring barangays in times of calamity.


For updates on the projects of ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya, follow its official Facebook account (@abscbnfoundationkapamilya) or visit the website at For updates follow @abscbnpr on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter or go to

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Chapel refuses to hold a wake because family has no money

Chapel refuses to hold a wake because family has no money

  • A photo of an outdoor wake held at a basketball court outside a chapel is going viral on social media
  • The chapel refused to handle hold the wake because the family had no money
  • The photo caught the attention of many and the family was given support for a proper burial of their deceased

A man named Rolando Gonzales died of severe stomach pain. His family did not have enough money for his treatment and later on, his wake.

The family had wanted to hold the wake at a chapel but they were denied because they did not have any money. They were forced to hold the wake at a basketball court in outside the chapel in Brgy. Sambat in San Pascual, Batangas.

A photo of the wake and an explanation of the circumstances soon went viral on social media, drawing the anger of netizens because the chapel would not allow the wake.

The photo caught the attention of a councilor who was kind enough to lend them tents and chairs. People also passed by to pay their respects to the deceased.

The family was then fortunate enough to get help and Gonzales was then given a proper wake and later, burial at Bauan Catholic Cemetery.

The photo can be seen on John Carlos Acob’s Facebook account.

“Nowadays, People respect money not Humanity. So sad”

“Kung hindi pa nag viral sa FB di pa matutulungan. Tsk tsk”

“Isa sa nakakainis na pangyayari bakit hindi tulungan sa brgy. at simbahan ma dun muna ilagak haist hirap tlga pag mahirap ka lang!”

“nakakaawa yung mga bata jusko sana may kumupkop o tumulong sa kanila please”

“Putangina. Hindi makatao yung lugar dyan. Puro hayup ata nasa paligid. Wala man lang nais tumulong. Fuck!”

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Transwoman skips pageant to rush her boyfriend to the hospital

Transwoman skips pageant to rush her boyfriend to the hospital

  • A transwoman chose love over the crown to save the life of her boyfriend
  • Her boyfriend experienced a sudden numbness throughout his body
  • Lars Pacheco apologized to the organizer and to all her supporters whom she had kept them waiting

Lars Pacheco was the 2nd runner-up of ‘Miss Q and A’ of ABS-CBN noontime show ‘It’s Showtime.’ Her Facebook post went viral because of the sacrifice she did for her boyfriend who needed to be rushed to the hospital while they supposed to be going to a pageant in Mabini, Batangas.


It all started on May 28 when Pacheco and her boyfriend Clyde were going to Batangas after attending an event in Quezon City around five in the afternoon. Knowing that she was going to be late for the pageant, Pacheco decided to do all her preparations inside the car so that she would be ready once they arrived for the pageant.

“Like around mga 8:40 pm tumatawag yung organizer na mag iistart na sila, pero yung byahe namin is 20 mins pa. So nakikiusap ako na baka pwedeng hintayin na kami kasi nakamake up nako at naka suot ng costume pag baba ng sasakyan aakyat na lang ng stage, but they said mag start na talaga,” she said.

When they were already near the venue, her boyfriend Clyde felt numb throughout his entire body. His hand was cold to the touch so she decided to rush him immediately to the hospital.

“Sabi naman nya hindi sya mag jojoke hanggang sa nahawakan ko na yung kamay nya ang lamig lamig na and naninigas na rin. Nahilo siguro sa byahe. Di ko alam gagawin ko, ang alam ko lang kailangan ko syang madala agad sa hospital.”

Pacheco apologized to the organizer and to all her supporters whom she had kept them waiting.

“Kaya sa mga organizers po ng kontes sa mabini batangas sorry to keep you waiting.”

His viral post has already garnered 58,000 reactions at 19,000 shares.

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Netizen pleads to help homeless tricycle driver after hearing his sad life story

Netizen pleads to help homeless tricycle driver after hearing his sad life story

  • A netizen shares her experience riding a tricycle in Batangas with a driver who looks like a drunk
  • All his children left him alone after letting them finish their studies
  • His lump always makes him suffer but then he continuously works to earn for a living

There are times that we judge a person on how they look, without knowing the story behind. Like a tricycle driver who shares his sad life story with his passengers that went viral on Facebook.

A Facebook user Tpc Roda Bonghanoy posted her experience riding a tricycle in Batangas with a driver who looks like a drunk. She felt sorry while riding the tricycle when the old driver suddenly talked to her and told her that he couldn’t see his left tire, thinking he’s having a flat tire but then his tire was only bulging.

The old driver opened up his life story when Roda suddenly asked about his children. Unluckily, all his children left him alone after letting them finish their studies and her wife went back home to Bicol and never came back for him. Therefore, the old driver was living on his own.

To clarify her thoughts about him, she personally asked him if he was drunk because he was consistently bowed down while driving. The driver immediately gave his honest answer that he doesn’t drink alcohol but it’s because of the lump on his back.

Their conversation continued and even went deeper, about his life.

The 58-year–old tricycle driver is having a lump on his back which causes him to bow every time he drives his tricycle. His lump always makes him suffer but then he continuously works to earn for a living. Even if his wife left him, he still continues to live his life.

Suddenly, she was shocked when he praised her husband for his kindness, even if he doesn’t know her husband. Because he was driving so slow, she asked again if he can still see clearly and he answered that his vision is still clear but due to the lump on his back, he always looks downward.

Grabe subrang awa KO kay tatay pagsakay KO ng batangas Sia nasakyan KO una Kala KO lasing lang Sia sobrang bagal ng…

Posted by Tpc Roda Bonghanoy on Saturday, March 9, 2019

What is more depressing to know, because he doesn’t have a family, is he also doesn’t have his own house so he sleeps on his tricycle.
Upon reaching the destination, he asked for a 40 pesos for his service but she gave him a hundred peso bill.

Now, she is appealing to netizens, through social media, to help the homeless driver.

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Netizen shares burden of South commuters at PITX

Netizen shares burden of South commuters at PITX

  • A Netizen posted about the daily struggles of South commuters.
  • She also posted the current problems of Parañaque Integrated Terminal Exchange.

On November 26, passengers were stranded at the Parañaque Integrated Terminal Exchange (PITX) as a number of Public Utility Vehicles (PUVs) were stuck in heavy jam.

As citizens piled up at the terminal, a Netizen couldn’t help but post about the daily situation of the commuters from the south.

In Jackie Salustiano‘s Facebook post, she explained that all buses from Cavite are required to stop by the terminal, however, there are no vehicles to Baclaran.

“Lahat ng bus mula Cavite ay required dumaan dito. Wala ng byaheng Baclaran dahil lahat ay dito na magbababa. Mas kumonti na ang bus na bumabyahe dahil hindi daw lahat kayang magbayad dito, pero patuloy ang pagbuhos ng pasahero.”

Then she farther stated more problems that they have been encountering at PITX like the lack of entrances, and the slow bag check, among others.

“Pagdating sa PITX, bumubuhos ang mga pasaherong ibinababa ng mga bus mula sa ibat-ibang lugar. Iisa lamang ang entrance. May bag check. Ang mga pasahero lahat nagmamadali. Pagpasok, either aakyat ka or bababa depende kung saan ang byahe mo. Well, pagbaba ko kanina, eto ang daming pasahero pero walang sasakyan.”

Another burden for commuters from the South. Lahat ng bus mula Cavite ay required dumaan dito. Wala ng byaheng…

Posted by Jackie Salustiano on Sunday, November 25, 2018

The PITX opened on November 10 and it was assigned that all bus routes not covered by the Department Order (DO) No. 2018-025, including Batangas (Nasugbu, Calatagan, and Balayan) and long-haul Cavite routes, are required to terminate their routes at the terminal.

City buses operating within Metro Manila are also required to pass by PITX and pick up passengers.

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#FindingCharlie: Diver discovers a certain ‘Charlie’ vandalized coral

#FindingCharlie: Diver discovers a certain ‘Charlie’ vandalized coral

  • ‘Charlie’ vandalized a coral in Batangas.
  • Diver’s post about the incident went viral as people expressed their anger.

People are now on the look-out for a certain Charlie after a diver discovered the name written on one of the corals at the house reef of Bauan Divers Sanctuary in Batangas.

The photos were shared by a diver named Vince Tenchavez. He said that it was done in the area where his team is working hard to protect the coral life.

Charlie, whoever you are, take that stick, banger, or whatever you used to write on these beautiful corals – and shove it up your…

We found these on September 23, 2018 at around 40ft depth at the house reef of Bauan Divers Sanctuary – in an area where my group and the BDS staff are working hard to propagate coral life by building coral propagation units.

He added that he’s also calling out those who are with Charlie when he was vandalizing the corals.

Vince reminded everyone that the coral took decades or hundreds of years to grow, so damaging them is certainly not a joke.

And some idiot comes along and does this. Can’t believe a scuba diver has that low of an EQ and an absence of concern for marine life to do this. We believe this was done either September 22 or 23.

And to Charlie’s dive buddies who witnessed him do this but did nothing to stop him, shame on you as well. You all should know better.

To all my non-diver friends who can see this post, you might think this is cool or cute, but it totally isn’t. Doing this stupid thing kills the coral which took decades, even hundreds of years, to grow. So please don’t even think about doing this.


He added that they have checked the guest book of Bauan Divers Sanctuary and found no ‘Charlie’ there. They believe that it is a deed of a diver from another resort in the area.

“Just to add – A lot of people have been asking me to check the guest list of Bauan Divers Sanctuary, which we already did. And no one named Charlie was checked in last weekend when we were doing our clean up dives with the resort.

“So we believe this person might be a diver from another resort doing a boat dive at the house reef of BDS. There were several boats with several divers diving there over those 2 days. So it’s actually very difficult to find out who this person is.

“If this person posted his masterpiece on social media, someone should have noticed it by now. But as of today, no one has reported yet.”

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Sen. Richard Gordon suggests 9th ray in the Philippine flag’s sun

Sen. Richard Gordon suggests 9th ray in the Philippine flag’s sun

  • Senator Richard Gordon suggested the addition of a 9th ray in the Philippine flag’s sun.
  • Historian argued against the recommendation, saying that it will destroy the historical context of the flag. 

On Tuesday, September 18, senators discussed Senator Richard Gordon‘s proposal of having a ninth ray in the Philippine flag’s sun.

Gordon is the sponsor of Senate Bill 102 which states the need to increase the rays of the sun to represent the Muslims who fought against the Spaniards.

“I think inclusion should be the policy. To include our Muslim brothers.”

On the other hand, Senator Franklin Drilon suggested a 10th ray for the people of the Cordilleras, which Gordon replied that one added ray can symbolize all the groups that are not a part of the original eight rays.

“The more important thing is when we replace the rays of the sun there will be discussions in our country’s schools…reminding our people that we have a rich past.”

Historian Xiao Chua contradicted the bill saying that an added ray would destroy the historical contect of the symbolism of the sun.

It is believed that the rays represent the first eight provinces that joined the fight for the Philippines’ freedom, namely Batangas, Bulacan, Cavite, Laguna, Manila, Nueva Ecija, Pampanga, and Tarlac. Chua said that it’s not the case.

“These were just the 8 provinces in which the Spaniards suspected that there are members of the Katipunan. To add the ninth ray to it would destroy the historical context. It is something that is not correct should we say it.”

Adding to the suggestion to add a ninth ray, Senate President Vicente “Tito” Sotto III also urged a slight revision of Lupang Hinirang‘s lyrics. He wants to change “Aming ligaya, na pag may mang-aapi, ang mamatay nang dahil sa iyo” to “Aming ligaya na pag may nang-aapi, ang ipaglaban kalayaan mo” as the original one “sounds defeatist.”

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DISRESPECTFUL BUNCH: 34 arrested for not standing up during the playing of the National Anthem

DISRESPECTFUL BUNCH: 34 arrested for not standing up during the playing of the National Anthem

  • Police arrested 34 moviegoers in Batangas for not standing up during the playing of Lupang Hinirang.
  • They will face charges for violating the Flag and Heraldic Code of the Philippines.

Local police arrested 34 moviegoers for not standing up during the Philippine national anthem during a film screening in Batangas on Wednesday, September 5.

According to a police report, the 34 were about to watch The Hows of Us starring Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla in a local mall when Lupang Hinirang was played before the film was to start.

Authorities stated that the viewers showed disrespect to the national anthem by not standing up.

The 34 citizens will be facing charges for violating the Republic Act No. 8491 or the Flag and Heraldic Code of the Philippines. They were detained at the Lemery police station while appropriate charges were prepared for filing in court.

Under Section 38 of the RA 9831, it says that “When the National Anthem is played at a public gathering, whether by a band or by singing or both, or reproduced by any means, the attending public shall sing the anthem. The singing must be done with fervor.

“As a sign of respect, all persons shall stand at attention and face the Philippine flag, if there is one displayed, and if there is none, they shall face the band or the conductor.”

The violation is punishable by a fine of ₱5,000 to ₱20,000 and/or by serving up to a year in prison.

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Woman displays arrogant behavior when paying environmental fee; claims that she’s a municipal employee

Woman displays arrogant behavior when paying environmental fee; claims that she’s a municipal employee

  • Government employee went viral for the wrong reasons as she attempted to make environmental fee payment look like extortion.
  • Netizens called out her lack of knowledge when it comes to the municipal ordinance, considering that she works for the local municipality of Tingloy.

It seems like viral videos of people who refuse to follow rules and regulations are what’s “in” these days.

An alleged municipal employee of Tingloy, Batangas insisted to be recorded as she and her companion were asked to pay for the environmental fee of the place.

During a conversation with the attendant, the woman, who was identified as Dada Atienza, instructed the man she’s with to take a video of the incident.

The attendant explained that if you’re a resident of the area, you won’t be charged with the environmental fee of ₱50, however, Atienza did not mention that she lives in Batangas.

Another officer approached them and explained to her that tourists would have to pay the environmental fee as it is a municipal ordinance.

The woman then told her companion to include her in the video as she reaches for her “barya” in her bag. It didn’t turn out to be coins because she pulled out a ₱500 and an ID to hand over to the attendant.

In the end, she finally revealed that she’s from the area and works at Tingloy Municipal Hall which made the attendant and officer return her money.

Magbabayad lang ng environmental fee. See full →

Posted by Filipino Community on Monday, August 20, 2018

Netizens were not amused by her behavior as they noticed that she wants to make it look like she was being extorted.

Sheila Salonga Dela Cruz called her out for her arrogance.

Vinideo pa nila yung kayabangan nila. Taga munisipyo pero walang ID. Nuknukan na ng yabang, nuknukan pa ng kupal. Yung asawa naman suportado pa yung kahambugan ng misis nya. Ano yan, in-upload nila yung video nila para ma-bash? Kung hindi ba naman mga tanga tong mga ‘to!

A Facebook user questioned Atienza’s intentions in recording the whole thing.

Ric Magpayo mentioned that the woman shouldn’t have used her job as an excuse to follow the regulations.

Hindi po lisensya ang pagtatrabaho sa munisipyo para hindi sumunod sa rules and regulations ng bawat lugar na pupuntahan nyo. Gusto lng yarta sumikat nito. Dapat disiplinahin ng mayor nila yan.

A netizen said that as an employee of the municipal hall, she should’ve known that there was an environmental fee for tourists.

And that makes her look very funny and unaware.
Since you are working in municapal hall in the said place alam mo na dapat yan.
Tama si kuya, kaya nga tinatanong ka nila kung taga saan kba? Kung residente kaba ng lugar na yun et al.
You make yourself look stupid.

Ian Kuh mentioned about the sense of entitlement that Filipinos have just because of their job titles.

Yan ang hirap sa mentality ng karamihan natin mga pinoy eh. Gusto lang natin maging big time, abogado, doctor, police, military officials, government officials, politician, celebrity and blah blah blah para lang maging untouchable, mam bully, magyabang, mag samantala at mag abuso. Lahat na lang sa atin everything is a competition at gusto lagi magpataasan ng ihi. T*ngina this!

On the other hand, Grace Feleo Antocan found nothing wrong with Atienza’s actions.

she’s trying to verify if the transaction from those people are legit. there is nothing wrong, just casual.

Francisco Usa explained the importance of the environmental fees for the maintenance and upkeeping of their place.

Environment fee ay ordinansa na ipinapatupad talaga yan ng munisipyo sa mga dumadayo upang maligo sa public beach na kanilang nasasakupan. Pondo yan na nalilikom upang gamitin din sa pag maintain ng kaayusan at kalinisan ng beach. Hindi naman kalakihan kaya hwag na makipagtalo. Tumulong na lang para na rin sa kaunlaran ng lugar.


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