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Pinoys slam fellow Pinoys who joined the Trump rally

Netizens claim that Filipinos who are Trump supporters are most likely Duterte supporters also.

  • Philippine Ambassador to the US reported that there were several Filipinos who joined the violent Trump rally in Washington, DC.
  • He assured people that the embassy was not affected by the rally but they still took extra precautions.
  • Netizens called out said Filipinos in disdain and disappointment.

Pinoy netizens called out Filipinos in the US who joined the recent Trump rally. According to Philippine Ambassador to the US Jose Manuel Romualdez, a number of Filipinos were among the thousands of protesters who stormed the US Capitol on January 6 (US Time).

They were aiming to force Congress to undo current President Donald Trump’s election loss against president-elect Joe Biden.

Romualdez said that the Filipino Trump supporters even traveled from different states to join the rally.

One of which is a person in the rally, presumably Filipino, holding what seems to be a walis tambo.

The shield at the top of the walis contains the words “Pandemic hoax” which seems to claim that the COVID-19 is fake.

Netizens also called the person “disgusting” for joining the rally.

Meanwhile, journalist Howie Severino named the walis the “most famous walis tambo in the world.” before asking several questions.

“Filipinos get a green card or citizenship and suddenly they think they’re white,” a netizen tweeted.

@AltABSCBN also said that Trump doesn’t even want the Filipinos in the US.

On the other hand, Raffy Magno said that the Philippines actually has its own version of Trump. One that has no plans, doesn’t listen to experts, likes to spread fake news, doesn’t respect women, and is scared of the media.

“Hindi lang maputi at kasing kinis, pero parehong maitim ang budhi.”

Another claimed that the Filipino Trump supporters are probably also supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte.

Despite the chaos and violence in the rally, Romualdez said that the embassy operations were not affected as it is far from the location of the protest.

“Ang ginawa namin, ibinoard up din namin [yung embassy], siyempre we’re trying to see kung mag-spillover sa may Massachusetts Avenue kung nasaan yung ating embassy at chancery.”

He then added that the situation is now “under control” by the US forces.

Written by J M

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