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Nikki Valdez blasts Eric Yap’s statement on ‘killing’ ABS-CBN franchise

Nikki Valdez expressed her disappointment regarding Eric Yap’s stand on the rejected ABS-CBN franchise.

  • Eric Yap is one of the 70 lawmakers who voted yes to reject the network’s application.
  • Yap said that he think’s it’s “fate” and that it’s needed to teach them a “lesson.”

Nikki Valdez called out House Committee on Appropriations head Eric Yap for answers in his recent ANC interview.

In one of her tweets, Valdez compared Yap’s answers to a child that is complaining about how he was raised and that he was making it a problem of many. She added that just because he’s hurt doesn’t mean that he has the right to hurt others as well.

“Kung may problema ka po sa pagpapalaki sa’yo ng magulang mo, hindi na problema ng iba yun. Nasaktan ka kaya nanakit ka rin ng libo-libong empleyadong nagtatrabaho ng maayos para sa pamilya nila?” she wrote.

“Paulit-ulit kong pinanood pero sorry you didn’t make any sense at all!”

In his ANC interview, Matters of Fact host Christian Esguerra asked Yap if he’s proud of his vote to reject ABS-CBN’s appeal for a fresh 25-year franchise given the current shift in the House of Representatives’ leadership.

Yap then answered that he did not regret his vote, but he’s not also proud of it. He justified his vote by saying that sometimes people need to experience challenges and hardships to learn their lesson.

“I don’t have regret, I’m not proud pero I don’t regret, because why? I think it will be better for the Filipino people na kung macocorrect nila yung konting konting flaws nyo sa news it will be better for the Filipino people,” said Yap.

“Sometimes you have to do what you don’t have to do just to teach them a lesson eh. I’m not saying na tama ito but I think it’s fate diba,” he added.

Kapamilya star Enchong Dee also expressed his disgust with Yap’s answer.

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