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‘Men are trash’ says Netizen; exposes stranger’s reaction after she her refusal to go out with him

  • Twitter user posted about an encounter with a stranger on Instagram.
  • The stranger insulted and called her names after she declined his invitations for a date.

Catcalls don’t just happen in real life, but online as well.

People think that they have the right to say what they think toward others just because the account is set on public.

A female Netizen met a guy online via a dating app, Tinder.

However, her tweet went viral as she shared an inappropriate encounter she had with a stranger on Instagram.

She has attached screenshots of their conversation and captioned them off with, “In this week’s episode of ‘men are trash’ lol”

It started off with the man supposedly complementing her by saying she looked beautiful on Tinder. And when she answered his message, he proceeded to ask her if she wants to be friends with him, which she politely declined by sending in, “Haha no sorry but thank you :).”

He was persistent and kept on convincing her to go out with him to the movies, grab drinks at “starbs”, and even offered to meet her at her workplace. Requests that she, again, declined politely.

That is when the stranger started calling her names and even called her “malandi” (flirt), which is just one of many insults he threw at her just because she didn’t want to go out with a person she doesn’t know.

At the end of the conversation, he took back what he said in his first message by telling her that she’s not really pretty and he just wasted his time.

As the post got thousands of retweets, men who felt victimized by the “generalization” replied said it’s only “some” of  them that are like the one in the screenshots. A guy said that he felt hurt because posts like those are always “in general.”

And they went on and tried to correct the initial tweet.

A certain Julia questioned the Netizen about her presence on Tinder if she’s already in a relationship with someone.

A Netizen also blamed her and said that he won’t talk to her if she hasn’t been on Tinder in tzhe first place.

Vlair Kirishima dropped the bombs on the reality of this type of man that pretends to be okay with rejection but continues on insulting the woman in the end.

A Twitter user described the guy as an “incel“, which is an online group of  people who are unable to find romantic or sexual partners despite desiring to have one. It is largely populated by men who “appear to hate women and in some cases advocate rape.”

Written by J M

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