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Pia Wurtzbach’s cheating ex posts regret on Facebook

On December 22, a person who only identified himself as “Guy with Regrets 2007 AB” posted on the UST Files Facebook page about how he regrets cheating on current Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach when they were still both in college.

As posted by "Guy with Regrets" on The UST Files' FB page.
As posted by “Guy with Regrets” on The UST Files’ FB page.

He first recounted how they met at the LRT’s V. Mapa station back in 2007. Though they were attending different colleges, he was an AB Economics student at the UST (University of Santo Tomas) while she was attending classes at the Center for Asian Culinary Studies in San Juan, he nevertheless started courting Wurtzbach.

Even then, Wurtzbach dreamt of becoming Miss Universe, but Guy with Regrets never took her ambition seriously. “Lagi niyang sinasabi na magiging Miss Universe daw siya someday. Sasang-ayon na lang ako at makikiride. ‘Sure.’ Pero ‘di talaga ko naniwala. Akala ko talaga, pang-university lang ang ganda niya. Never kong inexpect na aabot siya ng international.” (“She would always say that she would be Miss Universe someday. I’d just humor her and say, ‘sure.’ I never believed her. I thought her beauty was only for university pageants, I never thought she’d make it internationally.”)

He then confessed to taking the future Miss U for granted and he eventually cheated on her. “Aaminin ko. Gago ako noonNung outing namin ng block, ginawa ko ang pinakainsensitive at heartless na pagkakamali. Nagkafling ako with my blockmate na kaclose ko.” (I admit I was a jerk then. When our block went on an outing, I did the most insensitive and heartless act. I had a fling with a blockmate whom I was close with.)

Guy with Regrets muses that karma paid him back when the girl he had a relationship with after Wurtzbach took him for granted in return. Because of this, he advised others not to fool around. And that if you do fool around, the girl will find a way to prove her beauty, a beauty worthy of respect and of being Miss Universe. (“…pag ginago mo ang babae, gagawa at gagawa ng paraan yan para patunayan sayo na maganda siya. Na dapat respetuhin mo siya. Na dapat tratuhin mo siya na Miss Universe.”)

To date, the post has generated 104,000 (mixed) reactions and 9,663 ranging from the encouraging to the incredulous and the downright rude.

Kuya may kasabihan nga na. ‘You forget the past but dont forget the lesson you learn,'” (“Bro, there’s a saying, ‘You forget the past but don’t forget the lesson you learn,'”) said Ulysses Varca, “kaya next time pagbumalik ka sa yellow line tapos may nakilala ka ulit mahalin mo baka maging next miss universe un.” (So when you go back to that yellow line the next time and you meet another girl, make sure to truly love her because she just might be the next Miss Universe.)

But with the so-called confession having been posted two days after Wurtzbach was crowned, a majority of commenters were of the opinion that the only reason for the sudden tell-all was because of the current popularity Wurtzbach is enjoying. “Miss universe na kasi kaya nagconfess ka na.” (You confessed only because she is Miss Universe now.) Said Patrice Ann. “Hampasin kita ng korona jan eh.” (I’d hit you with a crown.)

“If this is true then it’s your loss,” stated Joanna De Guzman. “You’ve missed out a girl [sic] made her dreams in front of everyone in this world… Maganda siya inside and out di niya deserve ma-take for granted. (She is beautiful inside and out and doesn’t deserve to be taken for granted.)”

FB user Anne Maneja, on the other hand, does not mince words in pointing out Guy with Regrets’ apparent self-centeredness. “Correction, hindi sa panggagago mo kaya ‘gagawa at gagawa ng paraan (yan) para patunayan (sayo) na maganda siya’ o maging kaya ang pagsusumikap niya ng tatlong beses para maging Ms. Universe. Feeling mo. Nothing is about you. Maganda siya period at GAGO ka, yun lang yon.” (Correction, your cheating on her is not the reason why she is proving how beautiful she is or why she worked hard through three disappointments before becoming Miss Universe. You’re full of yourself. Nothing is about you. She is pretty and you’re a jerk and that’s all it is.)

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