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Photo of badly designed billboard in Batangas goes viral

A government project billboard in Mataas na Kahoy, Batangas became the butt of jokes of netizens after a photo of it went viral on social media.

Netizen JB Angeles, who apparently spotted the badly designed billboard, posted the photo on Facebook on Monday, December 14. The photo quickly spread like wildfire on the social network getting more than 900 shares as of this writing.

So what exactly made this billboard stand out from a sea of other government project billboards?

PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/JB Angeles
PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/JB Angeles

It appears that the layout artist was misguided when he placed the words “this is where our taxes go” with an arrow pointing to Mayor Jay Manalo Ilagan’s photo. The billboard announcing that Mataas na Kahoy municipality was able to puchase a lot for its market site went viral for the wrong reason.

When asked to comment about the billboard, Mayor Ilagan told Coconuts Manila he wasn’t able to see the final layout prior to its printing. Nevertheless, he believes it was just an honest mistake committed by their long-time supplier.

Wala kaming naisip na masama about it, because we simply wanted to point to the direction of the market site,” he said.

(We didn’t have negative thoughts about it, because we simply wanted to point to the direction of the market site.)

Mayor Manalo is confident that the billboard did not harm his reputation.

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