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PNP might break agreement with ‘FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano’ due to rape scene of female cop

PNP might break agreement with ‘FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano’ due to rape scene of female cop

  • FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano showed a female cop being raped by two suspects
  • PNP warns the show of their possible  on their agreement

FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano is one of the most-watched television series in the country. While the show is phenomenally popular, it is not without its controversies. The series is all about the life of a policeman and digs deep into corrupt cops.

Chief Oscar Albayalde of the Philippine National Police has criticized the show before, saying that Soliman Cruz’s character, General and PNP Chief Terante, was filled with ambitions of power and uses corruption to get what he wants.

The PNP also warned the show of the “illegal” use of police uniforms and vehicles.

Senator Panfilo Lacson on the other hand said that Terante was not fit enough to be the chief because of how out of shape he was.

Both DILG secretary Eduardo Año and DILG assistant secretary Jonathan Malaya once planned on filing legal actions against the show because they felt that the PNP was getting demoralized.

In November 2018, the PNP signed a  Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with ABS-CBN which gives the network permission to use police uniforms, facilities, and equipment in the production of FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano.

Now, the PNP is considering withdrawing their side of the agreement.

FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano is in hot water again for their recent episodes.

The episode showed Bungo, played by Baron Geisler, leading his goons to restrain a policewoman while he sexually assaults her. In another scene, Bungo is also shown raping a second policewoman.

The women were then rescued by Coco Martin.

PNP Deputy Spokesperson PLTCOL Kimberly Molitas said that they are taking the situation seriously and will consider pulling back, as this is not the first time the show has offended the PNP.

“We will talk to the Production Staff of ABS CBN and look at possible violation of our existing Memorandum of Understanding. Depending on the extent of the violation we may warn them or rescind the said MOU.”

The latest episode showed Cardo getting stabbed and shot. Netizens are speculating whether the show will end soon, or if the scene is just another dream sequence.

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Xian Gaza’s viral ‘catch-me-if-you-can’ stunt at airport is a ‘mockery for attention’ says Immigration bureau

Xian Gaza’s viral ‘catch-me-if-you-can’ stunt at airport is a ‘mockery for attention’ says Immigration bureau

  • Alleged scammer Xian Gaza shared, on a now viral FB post, his supposed evasion from the police and fleeing the country by using ‘decoy’ flights
  • Bureau of Immigration slams Gaza’s actions and calls his story ‘preposterous’ and a ‘security risk’ in order to stay relevant
  • Gaza posted an apology video where he stated that it was not his intention to mar BI’s reputation and credibility

Xian Gaza, an alleged scammer who first came to the public’s attention by inviting actress Erich Gonzales on a date through a billboard signage, posted last April 7 on his Facebook account a tale of sneaking out of the country last year, despite having three warrants of arrest and being found guilty for using a bouncing check.

Through a series of photos, Gaza narrated how he prepared “decoy” flights booked for Singapore and Taipei, in order to bypass immigration, and successfully made it from the check-in counter of the terminal up to his plane seat bound for his set destination, Hong Kong.

In his now viral-post, which received over 17 thousand reactions and 29 thousand shares online, the incident happened on September 30, 2018 where Gaza waited for check-in counters to close before boarding his flight, risking being left behind by the aircraft.

He claimed passing through immigration officials after a confrontation, where he removed his face mask and showed his passport and boarding pass; the immigration officer told him that his name had “red flags” which referred to his warrants of arrest and execution of sentence.


Posted by Xian S. Gaza on Saturday, April 6, 2019

Upon his insistence that there was no hold departure order issued against him, he boarded his flight but not before the immigration officer said she would immediately contact the Philippine National Police and airport police due to protocol.

Gaza claimed that he hid in the plane’s restroom to evade the airport police who searched for him.

“Last month, I made a very big decision sa buhay ko. Kailangan kong mamili kung tatanggapin ko ba ang conditional pardon deal kapalit ng serbisyo ko sa NBI Anti-Fraud Division for 5 years with watch list and hold departure order or simulan ko na ang citizenship application ko, with the help of my Singaporean boss, sa isang bansa sa Latin Americas at tuluyan ng iwan sa aking nakaraan ang bansang Pilipinas. I chose the latter. New identity, new citizenship, new passport, new life. Thank you for the 25 years of memories my dear beloved Philippines,” he said in the last photo of his post.

Gaza also made a follow-up story about what the Bureau of Immigration (BI) and the Department of Justice (DOJ) could do over his alleged escape and in the comments sections he revealed a “plot twist” that he was only in Tondo, Manila.

So ganito ang mangyayari diyan ha, maglaan ka ng 5 minutes kung talagang interesado ka. Bukas eh tatawag ang DOJ sa BI…

Posted by Xian S. Gaza on Sunday, April 7, 2019

In a report by ABS-CBN News, the BI is studying a possible legal action against Gaza for supposedly peddling “fake news” about evading arrest and fleeing the country.

BI Spokesperson Dana Sandoval said in a statement, “His story sounds like it was taken straight out of an action movie. He said it so himself, his story is based on what happened, but sadly it’s not what actually happened.”

Sandoval explained that a person who has a hit in BI’s database, due to an existing Hold Departure Order or warrant of arrest will immediately be barred from flying out of the Philippines, but Gaza had none of it under his name.

Sasagutin ko na po once and for all isang bagsakan para matapos na. Tutal open book naman sa publiko ang buhay ko so…

Posted by Xian S. Gaza on Tuesday, April 9, 2019

“Since he had no derogatory record when he left, he was cleared for departure. It was quite uneventful and ordinary, really. No Hollywood-level storyline, just regular immigration clearance.”

The alleged conversation between Gaza and an immigration officer did not also happen, according to Sandoval.

“The story is preposterous, similar to other claims he made in the past. If you know regular airport procedures, his story sounds silly. Ang daming loopholes… Booking numerous flights will not help evade police. Everything is recorded in our systems, with one click you’ll know which flight a person really took,” she added.

Sandoval also claimed that Gaza’s viral post is a “cause for concern” saying “stunts like this using the Bureau to gain fame and stay relevant are a security risk. He is making a mockery of our airport procedures for attention.”

Gaza recently posted an apology video where he stated that it was not his intention to mar BI’s reputation and credibility. He hoped that he would not be given any sanction and punishment for his actions.

Kagabi pagkalapag ng eroplano eh sumakay ako ng bus papuntang rural area sa safe house ko. Siya yung nakatabi ko yung…

Posted by Xian S. Gaza on Wednesday, April 10, 2019

In June 2018, Gaza was found guilty of violating the Anti-Bouncing Check Law and was sentenced with five and a half years of imprisonment by the Malabon Metropolitan Trial Court. He was released on bail a day later.

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Moved by the episodes of ‘Kadenang Ginto,’ netizen reports the show’s antagonist to PNP

Moved by the episodes of ‘Kadenang Ginto,’ netizen reports the show’s antagonist to PNP

  • Netizen sought help from PNP by posting a message on Twitter
  • There are a lot of people who need true and honest services so we should know how to respect
  • The police officer explained its reason by telling that the PNP is ready to help in case a woman is in need of their service

“Kadenang Ginto,” a noontime teleserye of ABS-CBN network had been hooking up viewers with their latest revelations. The show is also a major hit online as it consistently garnered millions of views on YouTube and other social media platforms like Twitter.

Because of an intense episode, a netizen sought help from the PNP by posting a message on Twitter.

Because of the unexpected disappearance of Robert (Albert Martinez) due to a helicopter accident, there will be big changes that would happen in the life of Cassie (Francine Diaz) and Romina (Beauty Gonzales). But for Daniela (Dimples Romana), Robert’s loss is a good opportunity to retrieve all their wealth and getting Marga (Andrea Brillates) to the throne as Mondragon’s family princess.

Though Romina is blamed by everybody for Robert loss, she is still not giving up to prove her innocence. And Cassie would tolerate all of Daniela’s cruelty, until they find justice and get Romina out of the jail.

With this scenario, a netizen AC‏ @ItsACsLife tagged the Philippine National Police (PNP) Twitter hotline pleading to help cast members Romina and Cassie of Kadenang Ginto.

The PNP Twitter hotline replied in a decent manner asking what help they could offer and have suggested to refer it to the Women’s desk, which is available in all police stations.

And the netizen laughingly replied that the PNP had entertained such post knowing that Cassie and Romina are just cast members of the noontime show ‘Kadenang Ginto,’ and that the help he was asking wasn’t a real life scenario.

But then, the police explained its reason by telling the netizen that the PNP is ready to help in case a woman is in need of their service.

This thread on twitter made Pinoy‏ @PinoynUK react by pointing out to the netizens that we should not send jokes to the PNP hotline because there are a lot of people who need their true and honest services.

Sometimes, we blame the PNP for not doing their job if an incident happened in our place.

But this week, the netizens were excited of Romina’s comeback, which was the reason why many have been hooked up with ‘Kadenang Ginto.’

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Police shows an act of generosity by paying a patient’s balance of the hospital bill

Police shows an act of generosity by paying a patient’s balance of the hospital bill

  • He has been admired by netizens because of his generosity in paying the hospital bill of a patient
  • While a patient was trying to negotiate with the nurse if he could only pay 500 pesos, one police officer came willingly to help the patient with his bill
  • This act of kindness drew the attention of the netizens on social media
  • The generosity that the police officer has shown is a heroic act yet some reacted negatively by not agreeing with his gesture

A police officer in Santiago, Ilocos Sur has been admired by netizens because of his generosity in paying the remaining hospital bill of a patient.

In a Facebook post of Anna Lodevico, she retold the story of the conversation between the patient and the nurse about his hospital bill worth 880 pesos.

“Overheard while in the ER of CGH:

Nurse: 880 pesos po lahat babayaran niyo ‘tay.
Tatay: Ma’am baka pwede pong bawasan kasi dayo po kami dito.
Nurse: Wala po tayo magagawa, ‘tay.
Tatay: 500 lang po kasi pera ko, ma’am.
Pulis: Magkano pa ba kulang ma’am?
Nurse: 300+ pa, sir.
Pulis: Sige, ako na po magbabayad.
Tatay: Thank you, sir. Thank you talaga. Kahit magtrabaho na lang po ako inyo ng isang linggo para makabayad ako.
Pulis: Kahit wag na po, ‘tay.

The world is indeed filled with kind people. God Bless this police officer!”

It happened that the patient did not have enough money on hand to pay his bill in full – as he only had a 500 peso bill. While he was trying to negotiate with the nurse if he could only pay 500 pesos, a police officer came willingly to help the patient with his bill.

He is Police Officer 1 Edward Mina, the cop who heartily helped the patient by paying the balance amount of 330 to fully pay the hospital bill of the guy.

It was a great help for the patient’s release from the hospital because of his help.

Overheard while in the ER of CGH:(Non-verbatim) Nurse: 880 pesos po lahat babayaran niyo 'tay. Tatay: Ma'am baka…

Posted by Anna Marjorie Natividad Lodevico on Sunday, February 10, 2019

This act of kindness drew the attention of netizens on social media. The generosity that the police officer has show is a heroic act but some reacted negatively by not agreeing with his gesture.

Despite of the negative reactions, there were more positive reactions received. It only shows that a simple act of kindness can be heroic act to those in need.

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Authorities continue to search for beau, friend as reasons for death of a teenager at Sinulog 2019 celebration

Authorities continue to search for beau, friend as reasons for death of a teenager at Sinulog 2019 celebration

  • Teenager died after attending a concert on the eve of Sinulog Festival
  • Teen dies after alleged drug overdose during Sinulog Festival
  • She was said to have suffered from drug overdose
  • The girl’s boyfriend and friends have been named persons of interest regarding the case

The boyfriend, and friends, of the teenager who died during the Sinulog Festival eve concert are now named as “persons of interest” in a pending case according to ABS-CBN News.

Ashley Abad, allegedly, passed away because of a drug overdose during a concert at the night before the actual Sinulog celebration.

According to Philippine National Police Region 7 director Chief Superintendent Debold Sinas, they are currently searching for the boyfriend, as well as the friends, of the deceased 19-year-old girl.

The death certificate of Abad states that she died because of drug overdose, however the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) suggested to have her body undergo an autopsy.

PDEA Region 7 director Wardley Getalia said that the autopsy helps to show the true cause of death and whether it is really linked to drugs, and if so, the type of drug that was used.

“Marami kasing klase ang tinatawag nating party drugs. Ecstasy ba? Usually ang trend nga ay hinahalo-halo pa iyan sa ibang klase ng drugs.”

On January 19, Abad was said to have collapsed after she attended a concert on the night before Sinulog Festival. She was rushed to the hospital but died immediately.

The uncle of the victim said that his niece’s drink may have been mixed with a party drug.

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“Ganu’n ba tayo kababaw na?” Robin Padilla expresses annoyance over Director Lore Reyes’ post

“Ganu’n ba tayo kababaw na?” Robin Padilla expresses annoyance over Director Lore Reyes’ post

  • Robin Padilla dismayed over Director Lore Reyes’ post regarding his movie
  • He said that he found the post shallow as any candidate running for a political office have the right to have a movie based on their lives

Robin Padilla was saddened by an accusation hurled against his upcoming film, Bato: The Gen. Ronald dela Rosa Story, which is based on the story of former Philippine National Police director general Ronald dela Rosa.

At the press conference of the movie last Thursday, January 24, the actor stated that candidates running for an elective office have the right to have a movie about themselves as it has been done since the Marcos administration.

View this post on Instagram

Ang Bato sa Buhangin

A post shared by robin padilla (@robinhoodpadilla) on

“Kasi, alam mo, karapatan ng kahit na sinong kandidato ang gumawa ng buhay mo, noon pa ‘to, panahon pa nila Marcos, gumagawa na (ng bioflick), kahit nga si Joma, gumawa ng pelikula niya.”

View this post on Instagram

Bato Bato sa Langit ang Tamaan wag Magalit!

A post shared by robin padilla (@robinhoodpadilla) on

He admitted that what disappointed him the most was that it came from a colleague in the industry.

“Parang ano naman itong mga taong ito, eh artista kami.”

This was the reaction of Padilla after Director Lore Reyes posted on Facebook, saying that he will block those who are promoting the movie.

“Iboy-boycott n’yo ang mga kasama n’yo sa pelikulang Pilipino dahil sa ganu’ng klaseng politika? Ganu’n ba tayo kababaw na?”

View this post on Instagram

Nakikilala mo ba si mayor duterte sa picture na ito

A post shared by robin padilla (@robinhoodpadilla) on

He added that even though he hasn’t had the chance to work with the director, he respects his status.

“Minsan, alam ninyo, ang pag-iintindi natin sa isang bagay, dapat malawak. Ang politika sa buhay natin, dapat parte lang. Hindi ‘yan ang ibubuhay mo, araw-araw. Paggising mo pa lang, politika na agad. F*** that, man! Mayroon tayong mga trabaho sa buhay natin. Artista tayo, direktor sila.”

Bato: The Gen. Ronald dela Rosa Story will be shown in cinemas starting January 30.

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Girl calls out man who whipped his penis out in a bus

Girl calls out man who whipped his penis out in a bus

  • A video of a woman confronting a passenger on the bus went viral.
  • The guy was caught with his penis out while in front of the seated girl. 

A video of a fuming passenger made rounds on social media. It was not because her anger is unreasonable, but because the reason of her anger is shocking.

A man, who was standing next to her seat in the bus, apparently opened his zipper and whipped out his penis. The netizen immediately took her phone out and began filming, while expressing her disgust.

As soon as the passenger started ranting and filming, the man quickly covered his crotch with his bag and closed his zipper.

The guy began to panic when the woman started cussing and yelling. The video was reposted by Joshua Paciben II on Twitter as it was deleted by the original uploader.

Netizens also expressed their disgust upon watching the incident. A Twitter user even shared an experienced she had in a tricycle before.

Others also got annoyed by the man’s request for the woman to stay quiet as it is Christmas season.

The woman in the bus also got praises as she swallowed her nervousness and was brave enough to confront the guy.

A netizen, however, noticed that despite standing up for herself, the woman still got weird stares from the other passengers instead of taking her side.

The video reached more than 1.8 million views and 16,000 shares. The incident has also been reported to the Philippine National Police.

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Gen. Bato dela Rosa’s life to land on the silver screen, soon?

Gen. Bato dela Rosa’s life to land on the silver screen, soon?

  • General Bato dela Rosa’s life is said to be showcased through a biopic.
  • Robin Padilla is rumored to be the one playing as the former PNP.

There has been a buzz going around that there will be a biographical film – or biopic – revolving around the story of former Philippine National Police (PNP) chief General Rolando “Bato” dela Rosa.

It is said to be directed by Adolf Alix Jr. and will star Robin Padilla, which is also named as one of the producers of the film.

Gen. Bato perosnally said that he eyes Padilla to play the role and if possible, Megastar Sharon Cuneta  to act as his wife because she’s a huge fan of the veteran actress.

But instead of focusing on their love story, he wanted the plot to put emphasis on his hardships and challenges before he reached where he is right now.

“Mas gusto ko kasing ma-inspire ang mga tao, lalo na ang mga kabataan na kahit galing ka sa mahirap, you could be somebody.”

It was not stated if the movie will be out before or after the 2019 midterm elections wherein he’s running for a Senatorial position.

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Real policemen to act in ‘FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano’

Real policemen to act in ‘FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano’

  • The issue between FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano, DILG and PNP is now resolved.
  • Real cops to join FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano.
  • According to Director-General Oscar Albayalde the decision is to ensure the more realistic portrayal of policemen in the program.

After all the issues between the Philippine National Police (PNP) and the ABS-CBN action-drama series Ang Probinsyano, they reached an agreement and decided to let real policemen act in the said show.

According to PNP Chief Director General Oscar Albayalde, it is one of the agreements under the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that the both the PNP and Ang Probinsyano producers signed to.

“We agreed to their request to use real cops to make police operation scenes more realistic provided that their participation won’t affect their work and affect the performance of their duties.”

They will be acting, however, Albayalde clarified that it will not affect the way they handle their work.

Also stated in the MOU, the PNP promised to support the program and the producers also promised to uphold and protect the police force’s image and reputation.

Why don’t they just leave it to the actors instead?

Albayalde explained that it is for the more realistic portrayal of the policemen. They will also assign specific cops to act as consultants during the tapings.

He added that the police will not be affecting the plot of the show and the producers and writers still have freedom to do what they want as long as it won’t ruin PNP’s reputation.

“Basically, we did not ask for any assurance kasi ayaw naman nating totally baguhin yung kanilang script kung talagang ganun. With the understanding that we had, basically, magbabago yun and we also pledged our full support to them, if they will really portray the true story about the PNP. Actually the national headquarters are open for them if they need to use the facilities if only, para mapalabas kung ano talaga yung totoong nangyayari.”

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Why did the ratings of “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano” drop last week?

Why did the ratings of “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano” drop last week?

  • Ang Probinsyano suffered a slight decrease of ratings in the past week.
  • Other ABS-CBN shows like Ngayon at Kaylanman and Halik has also been affected.

FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano is undeniably a monster when it comes to ratings as it has maintained the top spot of its timeslot.

It is consistent with its ranking, but last week, the show has dropped several points off their average ratings. So why is that?

The series has been in the hot seat recently after the Philippine National Police (PNP) Director General Oscar Albayalde has voiced out his concern regarding the image of the national police that is portrayed in the show.

The Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary Eduardo Año has also spoken up about the issue, saying that they have no problem with the drama’s plot, however, they have concerns over the usage of official logos and uniforms of the PNP as it can be a possible violation to the Revised Penal Code.

One possible reason might also be the PBA games of Brgy. Ginebra.

On November 12, November 14, and November 16, which is when the team competed against Magnolia, Ang Probinsyano and Ngayon at Kailanman has dropped a few points off their ratings. The Friday rating of Ang Probinsyano is their lowest in the season so far.

November 12

November 14

November 16

But during November 13 and 15, when the live telecast of a game between Alaska and Meralco was airing, the shows’ ratings were back to normal.

November 13

November 15

As Ginebra is already out of the PBA Finals, this week is the perfect time to analyze “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano’s” ratings. It is also a common knowledge that whenever the team has a game, the ratings of other television networks, especially ABS-CBN, gets affected.

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