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ACG initiates investigation into Rendon Labador for livestreaming Police Raid

It also underscores the need to balance the right to information with privacy and legal considerations in such situations.

The Philippine police’s Anti-Cybercrime Group (ACG) has launched an investigation into vlogger Rendon Labador’s live broadcast of a raid conducted on an online lending company in Makati City on October 20.

The operation, which was conducted with a court-authorized warrant, was a collaborative effort between the ACG and the Philippine Anti-Organized Crime Commission.

According to a statement from the ACG, the agency allowed access to members of the media, including vloggers, during the raid on the office of Golden Koi Lending Co. Inc. This operation resulted in the apprehension of 247 employees on allegations of harassing clients who failed to repay their loans promptly.

During the operation, Rendon Labador was present and documented the raid through a Facebook Live video. The caption on his video suggested that the employees featured were “caught in the act.”

The ACG reported concerns raised by the relatives of some employees shown in the video who believed the caption implied their guilt.

The ACG clarified that media and vlogger Rendon were granted access to the operation only after it had been executed. It emphasized that the partnership with Labador was not connected to the operation but rather aimed at advocating for the rights of ordinary individuals.

Addressing concerns regarding potential privacy violations by Labador, the ACG promised a comprehensive investigation into the incident. The agency stated that, if any violations were confirmed, appropriate corrective measures would be taken.

The ACG’s investigation highlights the growing impact of digital influencers and vloggers in documenting and sharing live events.

Written by Mc Richard Paglicawan

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