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Francis Magalona’s regret and personal struggles in his relationship with Pia Magalona revealed

These revelations have provided a deeper perspective on the complexities of Francis Magalona’s personal life and the struggles he faced in his past relationships.

Showbiz personality Robby Tarroza recently shared insights from his interactions with the late Francis Magalona, shedding light on the rapper’s personal struggles in his relationship with Pia Magalona.

These revelations have stirred discussions among netizens.

In a Facebook post, Robby expressed criticism towards Pia Magalona, urging her to stop portraying herself as the victim following Abegail Rait’s revelations about her past relationship with Francis.

Robby recounted that he had the opportunity to meet Francis on several occasions and even produced concerts featuring the Master Rapper.

In 2007, Francis candidly confided in Robby about his tumultuous relationship with Pia, revealing deep regrets about their union.

Francis reportedly shared with Robby that the toxic dynamics of his relationship with Pia had taken a toll on him. He disclosed that he had chosen to leave Pia, citing their constant conflicts and violent disputes.

According to Francis, Pia’s behavior had negatively impacted his mental well-being, and he was seeking peace and happiness.

Furthermore, Francis disclosed that he had begun living with another woman after ending his relationship with Pia. He highlighted the stark contrast in their personalities and emphasized the joy he had found in what he described as “real love.”

Robby, who believed that Francis was keen to share his true circumstances, attested to having witnessed firsthand the contentious nature of the couple’s disputes. He characterized their relationship as “destructive” and “dysfunctional” and noted that Francis was content after leaving Pia.

Robby asserted that, contrary to the judgments made by those unaware of the real story, Francis and Pia had already separated before Francis entered a new and meaningful relationship. In closing, he emphasized that Francis deserved the experience of genuine love at least once in his lifetime.

Written by Mich Vaughn

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