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Netizens react to alleged upcoming Christine Dacera movie

Producer Dennis Evangelista was said to have met with Christine’s mother about a possible movie about her daughter.

Netizens have urged Filipinos to just let former flight attendant Christine Dacera rest in peace after speculations about a movie about her life popped up.

Few days ago, line producer Dennis Evangelista from BG Productions International Inc. shared a photo of himself with Christine’s mother, Sharon Dacera. This fueled speculations of an ongoing movie discussion.

Twitter users then urged the public to just her soul rest in peace after her death became a hot topic in January.

Another said that a movie about Christine is only acceptable if it’s about the ugly side of the Philippine National Police (PNP).

Someone questioned the details that will be put in the movie in case it pushes through as there are still no certain facts about some rumors regarding her death.

“Miriam Defensor [nga] MMK lang pinalabas buhay tapos kay Christine Dacera may pa-movie. Bongga mo naman girl.”

It is also said that Christine’s mother wants Bianca Umali to play her daughter in the movie.

Another accused the mother of milking her daughter’s death.

On the other hand, someone questioned Christine’s right to actually have a movie made about her.

A netizen who claims to have an insider source also asked the reason why a movie was needed instead of a documentary with factual information.

Christine was a 23-year-old Philippine Airlines flight attendant who was found dead at City Garden Hotel in Makati City. This was after she spent New Year’s Eve with her friends.

Her family claims that she was drugged and sexually abused however, reports stated that she might have died due to a ruptured aortic aneurysm.

The case drew even more attention after the PNP said that it was already “case closed” as they have identified the said suspects but the Makati City Prosecutor’s Office stated that they have found the evidence insubstantial.

The preliminary investigation hearings about the case were said to have been concluded.

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