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‘Sahaya’ star Bianca Umali to pursue College despite her busy schedule

‘Sahaya’ star Bianca Umali to pursue College despite her busy schedule


Being a star of a television show is without a doubt tiring and schedules can get crazy at times. However, this does not stop ‘Sahaya’ star Bianca Umali from pursuing a college education.

The Umali just graduated from senior high-school and got her diploma from Veritas Catholic School in Paranáque City in March.

“Magpapatuloy ako ng college and I will pursue a degree.”

It seemed that the young star is determined to finish college despite her busy schedule.

She is still not certain of what school she will be enrolling in but there is no question that she will pursue a degree. To her, education is still important even though she gets paid handsomely for acting.

“Wala pang sure na school at wala pa rin certain course, pero tuloy-tuloy ‘yun.”

Bianca pointed that everything they do on the set is hard but is worth it because of the support they get from the fans.

“Lahat ng bagay sa Sahaya, kung paano gawin walang madali talaga. But then again, dahil sa suporta at sa pagmamahal ng mga tao sa amin nagiging worth it at nagpe-pay off ‘yung mga ginagawa namin.”

The cast also agreed and said that things are more difficult on the set because of the heat. Not only that, the capturing of scenes is hard because the entire theme is set on water. The cameras are positioned on the boat or the in the water.

“I’ve never done this before kasi ‘yung set namin nasa tubig. The angles are not as easy to capture because hindi naman kwadrado lahat at hindi siya isang kwarto. And the cameras have to be mounted on the water or on a boat,” shared Mylene Dizon, one of the cast members.

“Lahat ng ipinapakita ko, lahat ng efforts ko, lahat galing sa puso. Which is, ngayon ko lang na masasabi kong ginawa para sa isang role,”  Umali added.

‘Sahaya’ has positive receptions from critics and fans alike. Watch ‘Sahaya’ every 8:20 pm on the GMA Network.

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Netizens have been hooked with ‘Sahaya’ as a one-of-a-kind teleserye

Netizens have been hooked with ‘Sahaya’ as a one-of-a-kind teleserye

  • Sahaya is a one-of-a-kind epic drama that showcases the rich culture of Sama-Bajau
  • The drama had resurfaced the real-life scenarios of indigenous people (IP) and how they are treated in most places
  • Netizens have been hooked with Sahaya because it has been very entertaining, culture-based, tackles current issues, and gives netizens an awareness of the life of a true Badjao

“Sahaya” is GMA Network’s newest teleserye that had been talked about in social media. This is a one-of-a-kind epic drama that showcases the rich culture of Sama-Bajau.

Many had been hooked with this drama series by posting their insights, as they were able to relate to the story.

Positive comments about Sahaya have been spread on Twitter, especially on a recent episode where Sahaya fought her position as class valedictorian. The drama had resurfaced the real-life scenarios of indigenous people (IP) and how they were treated in most places, and in being taken for granted because of their ethnicity.

The main cast of the drama series “Sahaya” are Bianca Umali as Sahaya and Miguel TanFelix as Akmad. The tandem never fails to bring out the immense feeling of viewers with their acting skills, as they make them feel in love with the character and the story itself.

Besides having such talented main and supporting cast, who portrays their characters excellently, the epic drama also showcases important current issues that had been appreciated by netizens.

The netizens also appreciated the quality of the teleserye which includes the cinematography, as well as the coverage of the story which makes it so realistic with every scenario. They also acknowledged the creativity of the directors and writers hard work.

To sum it up, netizens had been hooked with Sahaya because it has been very entertaining, is culture-based, tackles current issues, and gives netizens an awareness of the life of a true Badjao.

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Stranger than fiction: Netizen ‘files a complaint’ with DepEd over the ‘Sahaya issue’ which had netizens laughing

Stranger than fiction: Netizen ‘files a complaint’ with DepEd over the ‘Sahaya issue’ which had netizens laughing

  • One Facebook user poked fun at the valedictorian controversy in the Sahaya series and files a complaint on the DepEd page
  • Netizens who read his post and screenshots of the complaint expressed their amusement and joined in on the fun by calling on Tulfo
  • The humorous post has now gone viral with over 10 thousand reactions on FB

One invested viewer of the primetime series Sahaya took to Facebook and shared his private message to the Department of Education (DepEd)’s page, complaining about the controversy surrounding the valedictorian award between fictional characters Sahaya and Farida.

Netizen Kevin Beethoven posted screenshots of his messages to DepEd where he explained how the principal and Farida were in cahoots with each other and how Sahaya deserved to receive the valedictorian award.

Aired on April 3, the 12th episode of the series titled Sahaya: Apela ng tunay na Valedictorian showed that both Sahaya and Farida got perfect scores on a quiz bee. Mayor Dante made a tiebreaker question to determine the victor. Sahaya’s answer was chosen by the mayor, which caused her to be picked as the school’s valedictorian.

The Facebook user’s post went viral with over ten thousand reactions and netizens commenting on his post and how they found it funny and surreal.

One social media user even commented on how he was waiting for DepEd to reply to the original poster’s ‘complaint.’

IpaTulfo mo rin para mapagalitan yang mga yan,” another netizen joked.

Sahaya is currently being broadcast by GMA Network and stars Bianca Umali in the titular role. It is directed by Zig Dulay and has a premise of a disgraced Badjao, Manisan, fleeing to Zamboanga upon learning her pregnancy to another man.


Posted by Kevin Beethoven on Wednesday, April 3, 2019

She will give birth to Sahaya, the drama’s heroine, who develops a strong connection with water, later on in the series.

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“Kambal Karibal” fails turned viral actually helped the show’s success

“Kambal Karibal” fails turned viral actually helped the show’s success

  • “Kambal Karibal,” GMA Network’s trending drama series, is now going viral because of a few “fails” and scenes that viewers found either funny or annoying
  • The rapid spread of these scenes helped them with their publicity 

One of the trending dramas right now on the Philippine television is GMA Network’s “Kambal Karibal”.

The story of the series revolves around family matters and the love that was showed with a supernatural twist. It is a tale of twins Crisanta and Criselda. Criselda dies because of a rare disease, however, her spirit remains visible to Crisanta. The close bond of the siblings will start falling apart as they fall in love with the same guy named Diego and the rivalry increases when the mother becomes more affectionate to Crisanta. Criselda’s emotion consumes her and then leads her to find another person’s body to inhabit. Now that Criselda’s technically alive, the story goes on as the sibling rivalry gets deeper while fighting over the love of both their mother and Diego.

“Kambal Karibal” may have a great storyline and cast. But one of the most talked about factors of the show is not exactly the tension in the plot. The fails and funny moments of the scenes are the ones that are most noticed when it comes to the episodes.

The Hospital Scene

This scene is one of the most talked about scenes in the drama. It shows an acting nurse performing a CPR to Christopher De Leon’s character. Even though the moment is very dramatic, what caused quite a lot of laughter to the viewers is the way that the nurse is supposed to be reviving him.

The nurse was showing a wrong application of the chest compression and is just hilariously moving her shoulders up and down, making it look like she was dancing.

The Supposed to be Accident

This moment shows Crisanda and Criselda fighting on top of a building. It gets more intense as the character of Bianca Umali is threatening to hurt her twin with a metal stick. When she was finally about to hit, the twin managed to duck causing Bianca’s character to almost fall from the building roof deck.

When you watch the actual clip, Bianca’s action of stepping on a box to purposely fall was caught on camera making the scene less believable than normal.

The Human Feet of a Ghost Girl

This next one is simply an editing fail as the supposed to be a ghost of a character has visible human feet.

The scene shows four people dining at a restaurant while a ghost is standing beside them. Although the girl has ghost-like features and effects, her human feet wearing flip flips are obviously shown under the table.

The gun

Last but not the least, this particular scene in the yacht is a pretty believable one, if you don’t look closely, that is.

The scene shows the characters of Marvin Agustin, Carmina Villaroel, Bianca Umali, and Kyline Alcantara in the midst of a heated argument on a yacht. The moment took a turn as Kyline’s character managed to grab hold of a gun. Although she didn’t successfully fire it, peoples still noticed how she held the gun, and how her finger was not really ready to pull the trigger.

Although the series has many unintentionally funny moments, it is undeniable these helped them garner more viewers and people actually got curious about how the story goes.

Besides, “No publicity is bad publicity” right?

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LOOK: Pinoy Celebrities Before They Became Famous Stars

LOOK: Pinoy Celebrities Before They Became Famous Stars


I always knew I was a star.
And now, the rest of the world seems to agree with me. -Freddie Mercury

Stars were just like ordinary people before they became famous. Some of them already had a share in the limelight even before making a name. Some were already stars in the making, and some were struggling for their star to shine bright.

Let’s see how some of the Filipino celebrities look like before they became famous. Did most of them already have star quality before they shone bright in the Philippine entertainment industry, or did they only shine after years of hard work?

Take a look at some of the most famous stars in the past and today and look back at how they started.

Here are some Pinoy celebrities before they became famous stars:


Before Dolphy became the “King of Comedy”, he was a theater performer and an extra in may films.


Fernando Poe Jr.

“Da King” started out as a stuntman before he took lead roles.

download (6)

Christopher De Leon

Christopher started his acting career in 1974.

download (5)

Vilma Santos

Vilma has always been pretty since she was a child actress.

download (7)

Sharon Cuneta

Tito Sotto, Sharon’s uncle-in-law produced her first album which included the immortal “Mr. DJ” song.

images (1)

Regine Velasquez

“Asia’s Songbird” was once a regular in singing competitions, amateur and professional.

image (3)

Gary Valenciano

Before Gary became “Mr. Pure Energy”, he started out as a commercial model for a softdrink.

images (2)

Vic Sotto

Vic was a singer known as “Marvic Sotto” even before he joined VST and company.

hqdefault (3)

Lea Salonga

Lea has been singing since she was a child and even recorded albums before she was in Miss Saigon.

download (1)

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The Philippines’ Most Beautiful Celebrities With and Without Make-Up

The Philippines’ Most Beautiful Celebrities With and Without Make-Up


Simplicity is beauty. And a woman’s true beauty is revealed when her face is bare. In a world where image is everything, people tend to forget that natural beauty is best. With the advanced make-up technology, anyone can look like a celebrity, but do celebrities even look like themselves on TV or print even without make-up on?

In Hollywood, there have been many photos of celebrities showing how un-celebrity they look like when their faces are washed up. Some people even say they look worse than ordinary people, and that they are only products of make-up illusion. But how about our local celebrities?

We have made a compilation of the Philippines’ most beautiful women, collected their photos without make-up on and we’d like you to see for yourself if they are beautiful at their simplest.

Here is our version of the Philippines’ most beautiful celebrities, dolled up and bare-faced:

Angel Locsin


Bea Alonzo


Iya Villiania


Janine Gutierrez


Lovi Poe


Kris Bernal


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