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The Philippines’ Most Beautiful Celebrities With and Without Make-Up

Simplicity is beauty. And a woman’s true beauty is revealed when her face is bare. In a world where image is everything, people tend to forget that natural beauty is best. With the advanced make-up technology, anyone can look like a celebrity, but do celebrities even look like themselves on TV or print even without make-up on?

In Hollywood, there have been many photos of celebrities showing how un-celebrity they look like when their faces are washed up. Some people even say they look worse than ordinary people, and that they are only products of make-up illusion. But how about our local celebrities?

We have made a compilation of the Philippines’ most beautiful women, collected their photos without make-up on and we’d like you to see for yourself if they are beautiful at their simplest.

Here is our version of the Philippines’ most beautiful celebrities, dolled up and bare-faced:

Angel Locsin


Bea Alonzo


Iya Villiania


Janine Gutierrez


Lovi Poe


Kris Bernal


Written by G.A. Viray

G.A. had a lot of professional working experiences in different fields and industries before finally deciding to write articles in 2014. She is a Registered Nutritionist-Dietitian who also has a passion for teaching, training and facilitating. More than all her skills and passions, she is very much grateful that she is blessed with an adorable daughter and a loving husband.


  1. the Curtis sisters look very beautiful, with or without make up, their faces stills the same..
    Dawn is lovely
    Sarah G is simply beautiful as Kim chu.

  2. All of them are beautiful ! But for me Angel Locsin, Bea Alonzo, Dawn, Venus, Janine, MJ, Vice, Ariela, and all d kapamilya

  3. Marian Rivera Gracia Dantes is a goddess. She’s even more beautiful without any make up. My top 3. Marian, Dawn and Bianca

  4. for me is Angel Locsin,Judy Ann Santos and Dawn Zulueta..they’re very Beautiful inside and out….

    Dawn Zulueta
    Judy Anne Santos
    Kim Chiu

  6. With or Without make up >>> Marian Rivera, Dawn Zulueta, Ariella Arida and Angel Locsin based on the above photos.

    Ang sabi sa itaas beautiful “Women” and Vice Ganda is not a women.
    He is still a MAN.

    So he should not be in the list or selection in the first instance.

  7. For me Dawn, Angel, and Marian are gorgeous even without make up.
    Still looking for more sana like Kathryn, Julia B., Mariel Rodriguez, KC, and Erich. These girls are known for their pretty faces even without make up. 🙂

  8. As far as natural beauty is concern Marian Dantes takes the lead, 2. Kristine 3 Dawn. Top 3 timeless beauties

  9. Haha some of them still wearing make up though. Light make up or natural make up can’t consider as without make up.

  10. Speaking of beauty Angel, Dawn, Bianca, Marian, Ariella and Toni have beautiful faces without make-up.

  11. Un walang Salamat Doctor natural beauty Marian,Janine,Danw,natural Tanong lang paano nasama Kabayo Sa Tao??

  12. for me its VENUS RAJ, cya ang pinakamaganda jan sa lahat. even though without make up. still shes the most beautiful faces in showbusiness.

  13. Judy ann santos agoncillo kita muna nmn kahit jhonson baby powder ay wala at take note pati lip gloss din yung iba I talaga nmn halata oh

  14. All the beauty queens candidates are beautyful even w/out make up

    In no particular order:
    Angel locsin
    Anne curtis
    Marian rivera
    Lovi poe
    Bianca umali
    Don zulueta
    Andie eigenman
    Janine gutierez
    Sarah geronimo

  15. Honest opinion although i’m not a fan of Marian is her who is beautiful with or w/o make up next is ms dawn Z. and bianca U…how come vice ganda is on the list????

  16. Of course Marian Rivera kailangan pa bang ipagtalo yan, Mo.chacha lang sila sa ganda ni Marian NATURAL BEAUTY, INNER BEAUTY, No need to cover up kasi Maganda na nga.

  17. Carla Abellana. Dapat sinali nyo.
    Kris Bernal.
    Janine Gutierrez.
    Alice Dixon.
    Dawn Zulueta.
    Shaina Magdayao.
    At madami pa na hindi kasali sa article.

  18. For me 1st Marian Rivera, 2nd Bianca Umali, 3rd Dawn Zulueta, 4th Ariella Arida n 5th Lovi Poe….

  19. Marian Rivera Gracia Dantes is the most beautiful actress in pinoy with or without make up. she is a born queen

  20. marian and angel are both beautiful even without make up.. pero outstanding talaga ang beauty ni dawn.. ok sana si bea kaya lang mukhang naaagnas ang face nya dyan sa pics.. heheheh

  21. Marian Rivera has to be one of the prettiest celebs without makeup. Dawn zulueta din parang hindi umeedad.



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