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Kris Bernal says she has been yearning to receive an acting award for a long time now

Kris Bernal says she has been yearning to receive an acting award for a long time now

  • Kris Bernal has been in the industry for over 12 years
  • Has zero acting awards
  • Says she will be more cautious when taking roles

Kris Bernal has been in the industry for 12 years now and has seen zero awards.

In 2006, Bernal joined StarStruck and won with Mart Escudero as part of the Ultimate Love Team.

Early in her career, Bernal appeared in shows such as Boys Nxt Door, Zaido: Pulis Pangkalawakan, and Dyesebel. She also formed a love team with Aljur Abrenica.

More recently, she has appeared in The Cure, Asawa Ko, Karibal Ko, and will be appearing in the upcoming Hanggang sa Dulo ng Buhay Ko.

She has also been cast in five movies.

Even with all her efforts and talent, she has yet to receive an award.

In an interview, Bernal mentioned that she has always wanted one and will be more careful when accepting roles from now on.

 “Gusto ko na rin gumawa ng role na mapapansin ka, hindi yung parang nadaanan lang. Yung puwede ka na ring mabigyan ng recognition.

“Yon pa rin ‘yong mindset ko. Kasi lagi nga ako binibigyan ng magagandang roles na kakaiba, pero ‘di ko alam bakit hindi ko talaga siya makuha,” she added.

Bernal acknowledged that her acting needs improvement and that fact may be the reason she hasn’t been getting recognized as an actress.

She has the tendency to be one dimensional with her performance.

“Kailangan siguro talagang husayan at husayan ko pa talaga kaya every time na nabibigyan ako ng bagong role at kakaiba ‘yon nga siyempre inaano ko sa performance ko.”

She ended the interview by saying, “Kasi ibinigay ko naman ang todo ko. Ano kaya ang kulang pa?”

Her peers like Jennilyn Mercado, Kim Chiu, and Maja Salvador have already won critical and commercial accolades.

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No hair problems: 10 Pinay Celebrities with bald partners

No hair problems: 10 Pinay Celebrities with bald partners

  • Here are a few celebrities who have bald partners but were successful in finding true love
  • Some might say that the physical appearance of the person matters but others consider the attitude more than how a person looks like
  • Love isn’t measured through physical appearance but by staying faithful to the relationship

Valentine’s Day is one of the best times to show some sweetness to our loved ones. Some brought flowers and others gave chocolates. To find true love, some might say that the physical appearance of the person matters; but others consider the attitude of a person more than how they look like.

We know of some celebrities who have bald partners, and who are have found success in finding true love.

One such couple is Kapuso actress Sheena Halili, who is now engaged to lawyer Jeron Manzanero in August 2018. The actress was last seen in the GMA afternoon prime series ‘Ika-5 Utos.’

After recently launching her lipstick brand SHE Cosmetics, apart from owning the Korean restaurant House of Gogi, actress-entrepreneur Kris Bernal also has a bald partner in Perry Choi, a chef who also helped get into the food business industry.

Another actress who was part of the cast of ‘Ika-5 Utos’ and played the role of Clarisse, Valerie Conception is engaged to her bald non-showbiz boyfriend Francis Sunga, who is a clerk in Guam. The couple are already preparing for their wedding and just had their prenup shoot recently.

Sunshine Cruz is in a relationship, for more than two years now, with businessman Macky Mathay. Sunshine played the role of Rio Fonacier in the Kapuso daytime series “Kapag Nahati Ang Puso” with Bea Binene and Benjamin Alves.

In a recent afternoon drama series, “Inagaw na Bituin,” Angelika Dela Cruz, who plays Lucy, has been married to Orion Casreo for 13 years now and their union has been blessed with two sons – Gabby and O2.

Last year, Vaness Del Moral, who plays Wendell Ramos’s wife Imelda in ‘Onanay,’ got married to Matt Kier on February 18, 2018 in a wedding garden in Baguio City.

A host, endorser and children’s book author, Chesca Garcia Kramer married Doug Kramer and are blessed with three adorable children named Kendra, Scarlett, and Gavin. They are planning to have another one.

Known as Allison in “Asawa ko, Karibal ko, Kapuso singer -actress Maricris Garcia has been married to TJ Cruz for two years and the face of his wife is tattooed on his legs.

As the mother of Kris Bernal in the teleserye ‘Asawa ko, Karibal Ko, Lotlot De Leon was married in Batangas to Fadi El Soury a Lebanese national before 2018 ended.

Lastly, co-host of the GMA News TV shows ‘Mars’ Suzi Entrata Abrera has tied the knot with the fellow TV host Paolo Abrera in 2001 and have been blessed with three daughters.

Indeed, love is not measured by the physical appearance of a person but by staying faithful in the relationship for the longest time possible – even to infinity, and beyond!

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SHE Cosmetics: Kris Bernal’s lipstick brand hopes to inspire and empower women

SHE Cosmetics: Kris Bernal’s lipstick brand hopes to inspire and empower women

  • Kris believes that we all have dreams and we want to achieve it. But it takes a lot of hard work, passion and determination to make it happen.
  • Names of the five lipstick shades also hold a message of empowerment for women
  • “I mean others have brand collabs or have their own partners or investors pero with this one talaga, all by myself ang peg.”

Kris Bernal, the ‘Asawa Ko, Karibal Ko’ star, officially launched her lipstick line SHE Cosmetics in Taguig City on Thursday, as she wanted her brand to encourage women to work for their dreams.

“It speaks about women, I want it to be a representation of my story, of how I did it, of how I built SHE Cosmetics,” said Kris.

The words “SHE Cosmetics” symbolizes the hard work of a woman as she wants it to relate to all women who are trying to pursue their dreams and visions.

“So at first, naisip ko brand ko Kris B. Cosmetics but then pahirap ng pahirap ‘yong journey ko, naisip ko I want it to be relatable to women, women who have dreams, women who have strong visions and ‘yong mga girls na nafi-feel nilang ‘di nila kaya but then because you’re a girl, you’re a woman, you can do it. You got it girl!”

Kris believes that we all have dreams and we want to achieve it. But it takes a lot of hard work, passion and determination to make it happen.

“Alam ko maraming makaka-relate doon kasi lahat naman tayo may mga pangarap tayo, may mga gusto tayong ma-achieve sa buhay natin but then ‘yon nga andiyan ‘yong hard work, andiyan ‘yong passion, andiyan ‘yong determination mo, magagawa at magagawa mo rin ‘yon,” she said.

The names of the five lipstick shade also hold a message of empowerment for women. The lipstick names are She Lovin’ It (nude pink), Off She Goes (nude peach), So She-Ic (tangy cinnamon), Go Girl (fuschia pink) and She’s On Fire (bright red) and, still, she is open for suggestions.

Starting February to October, Kris Bernal is hands-on on her lipstick line, from the formula, production, and marketing up until the launch.

“Alam mo ‘pag tinignan mo ‘yong product ‘yang buong ‘yan ako talaga ‘yan eh, lahat ng nakikita niyong detalye, kahit nga itong launch ako nga nag-contact sa lahat ng tao dito lahat talaga trinabaho ko,” she said.

In formulating her own lipstick brand, she even suffers from allergy because of trying different kinds of lipsticks to find the perfect formula for her brand; and the manufacturers she tried “from our local suppliers, to Japan, US, and China.”

“May time na nagka-allergy na ako, sinusubukan ko siya from day to night ‘yong longevity niya kung matatanggal nga siya, ‘pag kumain ka ng oily food matatanggal siyempre ‘yong lipstick.”

As she was asked what makes her product different for the others, she said  she has worked for it alone. She said that unlike other brands that has their brand collaboration, partners or investors, Kris stated that she have done it all by herself.

“Tinatanong nga nila ako lagi what makes your product different sabi ko feel ko it’s because I did it all alone, ako lang talaga mag-isa I mean others have brand collabs or they have their own partners or investors pero with this one talaga all by myself ang peg,” she said.

SHE Cosmetics’ first lipstick line is a cushion matte liquid infused lip stick with nourishing and moisturizing ingredients like peppermint oil, Bulgarian rose, Rosehips, macadamia, and camellia.

In terms of doing business, Kris is open for reselling so her fans have opportunities in having a job.

“Gusto ko kasi mabigyan ng trabaho mga fans ko, so medyo dinagdagan ko siya ngayon P399 na siya kasi magkakaroon ako ng resellers  ‘yong mga fans ko kasi nagbebenta and gusto ko sila bigyan ng percentage for this, at the same time ang dami ring nag-iinquire ng reselling,” she said.

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Not Fit For TV? 6 Celebrities Who Have Received The ‘Fat Memo’

Not Fit For TV? 6 Celebrities Who Have Received The ‘Fat Memo’

  • Stars who have been recipients of “fat memos” from their networks.
  • They shared their reactions and how the said memo affected their careers and mental health.

As public personalities, people have this thinking that celebrities should be confined to the society’s ideal perception of what being attractive is. That they should have smooth skin, no flaws, and a skinny body.

Whenever these figures doesn’t fit those descriptions, there are always netizens that will point out what they should be and should not be. This includes the topic of weight.

As cameras make one look multiple times the size they truly are, networks give ‘fat memos’ to those who they think looked heavy on-screen.

Here are some of the celebrities who have were reported to have received memos from their respective networks and those who have been fat shamed online.

Jessy Mendiola

Jessy recently admitted that she has received a “fat memo” from the big bosses of ABS-CBN around one or two years ago.

“It’s a proof na you can’t get work if you gain weight. That’s how society works.”

She admitted that back then, she didn’t understand the reason why she received the said memo, and it did not have a positive effect on her. In fact, the incident even pushed her into depression.

“I got very depressed. Parang dumating ako sa point na, ‘Ah ito na lang pala din talaga ‘yung halaga ko. Kung hindi ako sexy, wala akong projects or hindi nila ako makikita as who I am.’”

But eventually, the star picked herself up and decided that rather being sexy, she just wants to be healthy and feel good about herself. Losing weight is just an add-on to the process.

She also gave credit to her support system who became her inspiration through those hard times.

“Yung support system ko. And it’s more of siyempre hindi naman ‘yun mangayayari mag-isa. Kailangan mo rin talagang maging active in life. Hindi lang siya sa pagwowork-out ha. More of pro-active sa mga tao, sa work mo.”

Geoff Eigenmann

Geoff was also one to receive the said “fat memo” from his mother station GMA.

He admitted it four years ago, and said that he “knew it was coming.”

It was said that during Forever, his series with Heart Evangelista, their stylists had to resort to layering off his clothes just to hide his weight gain. And later on, the executives had to intervene.

“GMA talked to my manager, they went over what should be done and all that, and then my manager told me about it.”

Unlike Jessy, Geoff didn’t have any negative reactions. But the memo didn’t have any positive effect either as he didn’t have any projects following such.

“GMA talked to my manager, they went over what should be done and all that, and then my manager told me about it. When he told me, wala. I wasn’t angry. I didn’t complain. There was no point.

“I don’t want to bullshit you: It wasn’t just a memo, it was a suspension. Nawalan ako ng trabaho.”

He was given three months to get back in shape.

Hiro Peralta

Three years ago, Little Nanay leading man Hiro said that he didn’t necessarily get a “fat memo”, but he did receive a warning.

In an interview, he was compared to Mark Herras, who was Kris Bernal‘s brother in the series, and how he got a bigger role than the already established actor.

He said that his role is not a proof that he’s ahead of Herras, but he thinks that he just fits the character more.

“I think, the safest thing that I can say is, ako yung pinaka-fit sa character ni Archie. We had a screen test before they announced na ako ang lead.”

Peralta proceeded to admit that he gained weight prior to the show but did not work out because of it. The real reason was his management warned him that he was getting fat.

“Parang they told me, ‘Hiro, you’re getting fat. Don’t wait for the fat memo.’

“Parang ako, ‘Sige, give me two weeks, I’ll lose weight, yung magandang weight loss.’Kaya nang makita nila ako, hindi na ako mataba.”

Richard Gutierrez

According to a report by Pinoy Stop, one of the reasons why Richard didn’t renew his contract with the Kapuso network was a “fat memo” he supposedly received, which has insulted him. Another report said that the network also told him that they can’t give him offbeat roles as he has been gaining weight.

Sharon Cuneta

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The Megastar once opened up that she avoided attending social events because she was “ashamed” of her size.

“I WAS ASHAMED TO GO BECAUSE OF HOW FAT I WAS, that I knew no matter how hard I tried, I could never look like ME.”

She added that she would get too self concious and started thinking about what people would say about her.

“I knew mean souls would laugh and snicker and talk behind my back, and why, I asked myself, would I want to give them the opportunity to do all that and put myself through all the pain and humiliation they would’ve caused me?”

Judy Ann Santos

In a press conference in 2016, Judy Ann candidly admitted that she has “come to terms” with being fat. She said that she already braced herself for more weight related remarks when her movie, Kusina, was released.

She also clapped back after a netizen called her fat. In a comment she said, “Affected ka ba na mataba pa rin ako? Pasensya na hindi ko kasi alam na nagmomonitor ka pala.. D bale.. Pag pumayat ako ikaw unang unang itatag ko ah, para mabawasan bigat ng dibdib mo.”

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Lotlot de Leon expresses gratitude to GMA Network

Lotlot de Leon expresses gratitude to GMA Network

  • Lotlot de Leon thanked GMA Network for giving her another teleserye.
  • The actress has worked with the network for a lot of notable projects including Dyesebel, Bakekang, Alyas Robinhood, and Inday Will Always Love You.

Veteran actress Lotlot de Leon took to Instagram to thank the Kapuso network for trusting her enough to make her a part of a teleserye.

The network has been giving Lotlot projects ever since she was 14 years old and now that she’s 37 years in the showbiz industry, GMA Network still showed their support as she’s included in their brand new series, Asawa Ko Karibal Ko, starring Kris Bernal, Thea Tolentino, and Rayver Cruz.

Katorse ako when i started with GMA.
and I am so grateful that in my 37 years in the industry they still trust me to be part of Great Projects like this. 
Bilib ako sa tapang at sa buong puso nila magbahagi ng mga istorya na talaga namang magmumulat sa ating mga mata
at tatak sa ating mga puso.

She also thanked the personalities she’s currently working with for the teleserye.

Mamayang hapon na po.
Asawa ko, Karibal ko!
Starring @krisbernal
who i have seen grow into a really great actress.
@theatolentino na sa mata pa lang ay hahamunin ka na.
@thejasonabalos who is such a fine actor. @rayvercruz who deserves nothing but the best projects for being the total performer that he is.
Directed by MARK SICAT DELA CRUZ @marksdelacruz one of the finest directors we have in the industry and who just recently won at the IFFM! Go team AKKK!!!

Prior to Asawa Ko Karibal Ko, Lotlot has been a part of a handful of GMA Network’s projects. She started her showbiz career in That’s Entertainment in 1986. This was followed by Ikaw Sa Puso Ko, Bakekang, Princess Charming, La Vendetta, Dyesebel, Pilyang Kerubin, Nita Negrita, My Mother’s Secret, Alyas Robinhood, The Cure and Inday Will Always Love You.


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8 Young Stars Who Run Their Own Businesses

8 Young Stars Who Run Their Own Businesses

  • Young celebrities who opened their own businesses.
  • These young celebrity-entrepreneurs’ ventured into restaurants, a dance studio, a swimwear collection, and a make-up line—are just some of the types of businesses they got into.

Life in the entertainment industry is never stable and a fast-paced environment, a star’s career may be over in one blink-of-an-eye. This reality have enlightened the minds of today’s young stars.

They entered the world of business and it’s not just for publicity, but for financial stability.

Here are a few celebrities who are also entrepreneurs themselves:

Ella Cruz.

Young star Cruz has always been passionate about dancing. And that passion led her to open her very own dance studio named EC Dance Studio. It is located in Kamuning, Quezon City and has been holding dance classes since 2016.

She also owns a franchise of sandwich chain Pepi Cubano, located in TriNoma Mall.

Sam Pinto.

Pinto lauched Sirena Swimwear PH in 2015. It is a swimwear collection made possible by a partnership with good friend, Ericka Hocson.

She also owns a resort in Baler, Aurora. L’Sirene Boutique Resort was inspired by the star’s passion for surfing.

Kim Chiu.

The actress owns quite a handful of businesses. Chiu has invested in Adorata Weddings, which is a ready-to-wear bridal boutique in partnership with Arlyn Timog. and fashion designers Edwin Tan and the late Pepsi Herrera.

She also owns franchises of Potato Corner and Julie’s Bakeshop, in partnership with her sister, Kam Chiu.

Nadine Lustre.

Lustre‘s make-up line Lustrous is no secret to most as she often posts about it in her Instagram stories. She also launched her limited edition fragrance line called Luster by Nadine.

The actress and musician owns a franchise of nail spa Nails.Glow.

Arianne Bautista.

This Kapuso star has her own restaurant with friend Louise delos Reyes called North Wing MNL.

She is also the co-founder of Tornado Peri-Peri Chicken which started in Maginhawa, Quezon City, and has now several branches in Cavite and Palawan.

Kris Bernal.

Bernal isn’t just a well known actress, she is also a successful restaurateur as she owns Meat Kris, a burger stall in Communeaty Roces Food Hub in Quezon City. She is also planning to open another branch in Sampaloc, Manila.

She is also owns an upcoming Korean grill restaurant named House of Gogi.

Maine Mendoza.

This Eat Bulaga host is not a newbie when it comes to the business as her family reportedly owns a gas station and coffee shop in in their hometown.

Mendoza recently opened her own franchise of fastfood chain McDonald‘s in Sta. Maria, Bulacan.

Alden Richards.

This Victor Magtanggol star owns a restaurant called Concha’s Garden Cafe. It started in Tagaytay City but has another branch in the Quezon City.

Aside from that, Richards also shared that he’s planning to open a gasoline business, to be managed by his father, Richard Faulkerson.

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Filipina Celebrities with Small Waistlines

Filipina Celebrities with Small Waistlines

  • 12 celebrities that have impressive waistlines
  • Filipino actresses and singers that have fit and healthy bodies 

We all know that there is a lot of celebrities that have fit bodies and small waistlines.

Here are 12 Filipina celebrities that can be your “body goals” if you aspire to have thinner waists.

1. Marian Rivera 

This actress and a mother of one has a waistline of 19 inches.

2. Lovi Poe

Lovi Poe has a waistline of 21 inches.

3. Rhian Ramos

This actress, commercial model, and singer has a waistline of 22 inches!

4. Sam Pinto

Sam Pinto has a waistline of 22 inches.

5. Julie Anne San Jose

Singer / Actress Julie Anne San Jose has a waistline of 23 inches.

6. Megan Young

Miss Earth 2013 Megan Young’s waist measures 23 inches.

7. Anne Curtis

Anne Curtis has a waistline of 23 inches!

8. Jennylyn Mercado

This celebrity mom has a waistline of 24 inches.

9. Toni Gonzaga

Toni Gonzaga’s waist measures 24 inches.

10. Maine Mendoza

Maine Medoza has a 24 inch waistline

11. Kris Bernal 

Actress Kris Bernal has a waistline that measures 22 inches

12. Sandara Park

2NE1’s Sandara Park has a waistline that measures 24 inches.


Who is your waistline goals?

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16 Celebrities Who Failed An Audition For A Reality Show

16 Celebrities Who Failed An Audition For A Reality Show

  • 16 Pinoy celebrities that once auditioned for known reality shows but failed
  • Known personalities that tried their luck at auditions for reality shows

There are a lot of dreams that were made come true in reality shows, and not all celebrities were discovered naturally or by pure luck.

Here are 16 artists who tried to test their skills and talents by auditioning for reality shows but unfortunately, failed.

Maine Mendoza

Maine Mendoza tried out her luck before by auditioning for the Pinoy Big Brother back in 2015.

Nadine Lustre

Before she became a successful actress, Nadine Lustre auditioned for Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Clash of 2010, which was the same edition that named her now partner, James Reid, as big winner.

Alden Richards

Alden Richards tried his luck in the fifth season of Starstruck. The actor made it to the Top 60 but failed to go beyond that.

He also auditioned for the Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Clash of 2010.

Angeline Quinto

Singer Angeline Quinto tried out for various reality shows like VIVA TV’s Star For A Night, Magandang Tangali Bayan’s Teen Popstar, GMA 7’s Diz Iz It!, and ABS-CBN’s Star Power, wherein she was hailed the winner.

Benjamin Alves

Benjamin Alves (under the screen name Vince Saldana) was a part of ABS-CBN’s Close Up To Fame 2.

Morissette Amon

Morisette Amon started out in TV5’s Star Factor back in 2010 before joining ABS-CBN’s The Voice of the Philippines.

Janine Berdin

Janine Berdin was a finalist of Star Circle Quest: Search for the Next Kiddie Superstars in 2010. She then auditioned for The Voice Kids and the first season of It’s Showtime’s Tawag ng Tanghalan.

Janine came back for Tawag ng Tanghalan Season 2 wherein she was crowned as ultimate champion.

Jerome Ponce

Jerome Ponce tried out for Pinoy Big Brother twice: the PBB Teen Clash of 2010 and PBB Teen Edition 4.

Anna Luna

Anna Luna tried out for Starstruck back in 2009 wherein she made it until to the Top 100 contestants.

Kris Bernal

Kris Bernal revealed that she actually took workshops with Star Magic before she won Starstruck IV: The Next Level.

Marlo Mortel

Marlo Mortel became a part of Starstruck’s Top 60 back in 2009.

Moira dela Torre

Moira auditioned for The Voice of the Philippines and became a part of Team APL back in 2013.

Chai Fonacier

Chai Fonacier was a student of Pinoy Dream Academy in 2006.

Addy Raj

Addy Raj was first discovered in ABS-CBN’s I Love OPM back in 2016.

Jazz Ocampo

Jazz Ocampo was a part of the Top 12 contestants of TV5’s artista search program, Star Factor.

Migz Haleco

Migz Haleco was first seen at TV5’s Talentadong Pinoy in 2010.

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15 Big Stars Who Almost Transferred To Its Rival Network

15 Big Stars Who Almost Transferred To Its Rival Network

  • 15 television personalities that were once rumored to switch networks upon the expiration of their contracts
  • Actors and actresses who remained loyal to their mother network in spite of being said to move companies.

One thing we all know is the entertainment industry is kind of unpredictable. If one contract expires, it can be a possibility that he or she will transfer to a rival network.

The most common “artist exchanges” happening are between the two biggest television companies in the country, ABS-CBN and GMA 7.

So who are the stars that nearly transferred to other channels?

John Lloyd Cruz

According to Direk Lauren Dyogi, Actor John Lloyd Cruz was rumored to leave the Kapamilya network way back in 2002.

The director, who is currently ABS-CBN’S TV Production Head, was also John Lloyd’s director in a series called Gimik. Even though the actor had been considering, he was convinced to stay with his current network as he was given a big break back then, which was the prime-time series Kay Tagal Kitang Hinintay, which was aired on the same year.

The rumors resurfaced when Cruz turned down a role in the 2014 teleserye, Bridges of Love, because his contract was meant to end that year. But eventually, he renewed his contract in 2015 as he did more projects and movies in Star Cinema.

The actor is currently on and indefinite leave from showbiz.

Angelica Panganiban

Actress and host Angelica Panganiban was first rumored to sign with GMA 7 after making a special guest at the Kapuso adventure show Extra Challenge, but it was proven false as she remained loyal to ABS-CBN.

Last May 2016, Panganiban revealed that she did once consider switching networks after her break-up with actor John Lloyd Cruz.

However, because of her huge respect for her mother company for more than 20 years, she decided to stay.

“Muntik na nga akong lumipat ng network pero dahil may respeto ako sa ABS, sige hindi na lang ako lilipat. Magre-retire na lang ako,”

Dingdong Dantes

In the year 2013, rumors of actor Dingdong Dantes started surfacing. He was said to transfer to ABS-CBN after being one of GMA 7’s top actor for around 18 years already.

In an interview last June 2013, he admitted that his manager was negotiating with both ABS-CBN and GMA 7 while he was preparing for his drama series Genesis. He was said to fully transfer to the Kapamilya network because he has worked with Star Cinema before, which is ABS-CBN’s movie subsidiary.

He has released two movies with them which was Segunda Mano and One More Try.

The actor ended the speculations when he renewed his contract with the Kapamilya actor in September of the same year.

He still appears in Star Cinema movies.

Kris Aquino

Yes, the Queen of All Media herself has been rumored to transfer from ABS-CBN to GMA 7 or TV5 before.

The first speculations appeared last 2013 when it was rumored that TV5 has offered the actress and host to be their president. It was also said that she is actually considering moving to GMA-7.

The words intensified when she started posting phrases on her Instagram account regarding decision making.

Later on, Kris clarified that even though she met with TV5’s Manny Pangilinan twice, she never met with the GMA executives.

She remained signed as a Kapamilya actress.

Dennis Trillo

Dennis Trillo admitted last December 2012 that he was having negotiations and thoughts regarding his next career move. Speculations arose at that time as he only had one year remaining in his contract with GMA 7.

What added fuel to the fire as when he was asked about his thoughts if his manager transferred him to either TV5 or ABS-CBN. His answer was “It’s okay… but what I would choose more is ABS. Of course what you will think about is your mileage as an artist. Good things happen in ABS, right? Their shows have lots of viewers. So I would choose that, if ever (it happens).”

However, the actor decided to stay with GMA 7.

Ian Veneracion

Actor Ian Veneracion is someone that likes to explore his career and transfer to various networks.

Veneracion first signed with GMA 7 back in 1986 and joined the late German Moreno in That’s Entertainment. 17 years later, he transfered to ABS-CBN and appeared in the drama series Darating Ang Umaga, but only a year later, he went back to GMA 7.

However, he once again moved to ABS-CBN in 2007, and returned to their rival network in 2008.

In 2011, Veneracion made a comeback at ABS-CBN wherein he became a talent of Star Magic. He appeared in the remake of the popular drama Pangako Sa’yo and the rom-com The Achy Breaky Hearts. He currently appears in the drama A Love To Last.

Recently, it has been speculated that the actor will once again transfer networks after talent manager Perry Lansingan posted a photo with him and Lilybeth Rasonable, who is the senior vice presindent of the Kapuso network.

The actor quicky shut down the rumors as he stated that Lansingan is his neighbor in Tagaytay. He exclaimed “No. Lagot ka kay Tita Malou!” at one press conference as he was asked if he’s really planning his return to GMA 7. Malou Santos is the chief operating officer of Star Creatives.

He stated that he’s happy with the roles that are given to him under his current network and they have been very kind to him.

Veneracion is currently busy preparing for his upcoming concert.

Regine Velasquez

It was rumored that the Asia’s Songbird was transferring to ABS-CBN when the network held a press conference about her guest appearance in Maalaala Mo Kaya. The speculations intensified when the singer cried while singing at one of GMA 7’s variety shows, SOP, back in 2008.

It was said that Regine Velasquez was planning to transfer to the Kapamilya network as she was interested on playing the lead role in the channel’s adaptation of Betty La Fea.

In ABS-CBN’s talk show, The Buzz, Velasquez admitted that she was interested on doing the adaptation but denied that the network offered her a 25 Million peso talent fee.

Judy Ann Santos

During actress Judy Ann Santos’ press conference regarding the finale of her telenovela, Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala, she encountered the speculations of her transferring networks. She took responsibility for the early exit of her series because of ABS-CBN’s original plan to move it to the fourth timeslot.

She said that her with her mother studio for more than 20 years was already expired and admitted that she became open negotiating with other networks.

“Honestly, nakakataba ng puso na, alam mo iyon, ang daming gustong kumuha sa iyo, kumuha sa serbisyo mo.”

A month after the press con, she renewed her contract with the Kapamilya network.

Jericho Rosales

Jericho Rosales left Star Magic in 2006 and the rumors of his network transfer started floating immediately after that.

In one interview, he admitted that even if he still has a soft spot for ABS-CBN, he’s torn about the offers of different networks.

However, in another interview, he finally said that his transfer did not push though as he decided to remain loyal to the Kapamilya channel.

He is currently busy filming for his upcoming teleserye Halik.

John Prats

Back in 2016, rumors rose that John Prats was interested on tranferring to GMA 7.

One of GMA-7’s creative consultants, the late Jake Tordesillas, even tweeted clues about his transfer such as “to follow look at the rainbow for a happy heart.”

Later that year, it was found out that the actor was supposed to be a part of the drama-comedy series Juan Happy Love Story.

With his aborted transfer to GMA-7, Prats joined the cast of the Kapamilya prime-time series FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano.

John has since ventured into directing events such as the concerts of Moira dela Torre, K Brosas, and Richard Poon.

Kris Bernal

It was said back in 2016 that actress Kris Bernal was negotiating about her possible contract with ABS-CBN.

In one interview, she failed to answer this question but she did mention that she was exploring new ideas and plans for her career growth.

The actress never gave a statement about this but GMA confirmed that she will be staying at the network as she’s set to be the lead character of the series Impostora.

Last year, she finally admitted that she did meet up with ABS-CBN but decided to remain as a Kapuso star.

Lovi Poe

In 2013, Lovi Poe was rumored to transfer to TV5 as she allegedly got a 35 Million peso offer. Fuel added to the fire as she was replaced by Bela Padilla in the series Love & Lies.

In early May of the same year, Poe appeared in TV shows of ABS-CBN to promote her movie The Bride and The Lover, which fueled even more rumors that she would leave GMA 7.

In an interview during the premiere night of the movie, which is directed by Joey Lamangan, the actress kept mum regarding the issue, saying that she is happy to promote her film with the Kapamilya network.

During the last quarter of May 2013, Lovi finally ended the rumors by signing a three-year contract with GMA 7.

Cristine Reyes

After a her feud with some cast members of the ABS-CBN gag show, Banana Split, Cristine Reyes openly expressed her desire to return to the Kapuso network.

Reyes was very vocal about her plans as she stated that she left her hear in GMA 7.

However, her network transfer did not materialize and instead, she renewed her contract with the Kapamilya network in July 2009.

Cristine remained a Kapamilya for the next nine years but she is currently not active on TV.

Diether Ocampo

Diether Ocampo‘s network transfer rumors started in late 2008 when he finished his ABS-CBN teleserye Iisa Pa Lamang.

According to reports, Ocampo signed a maximum four-year contract with the Kapuso network and was supposed to be part of the Pinoy adaptation of the Koreanovela All About Eve.

A few days after the report came out, Star Magic made a statement that the actor won’t transfer to the rival network. He remained with ABS-CBN until early 2015.

In late 2015, it was announced that his project with Judy Ann Santos titled Someone To Watch Over Me would be postponed. After that incident, he started doing projects with TV5, including the 2016 drama series Bakit Manipis Ang Ulap.

In late 2017, Ocampo made a TV comeback via GMA 7’s Magpakailanman and in March 2018, Diether returned to ABS-CBN for a special role in the fantasy series Bagani.

Kristoffer Martin

When Kapuso actor Kristoffer Martin started tweeting about his career, speculations were fueled that he will be transferring to the Kapamilya network.

Rumors about his transfer intensified when Martin had a reunion with the producers of Little Big Superstar, the Kapamilya reality show he joined in 2006, which launched his showbiz career.

His ex-girfriend Joyce Ching revealed that the actor did think about returning to ABS-CBN to continue his career.

Pero hindi naman talaga yung muntik na, na andito na yung contract, hindi pinirmahan, hindi naman po ganung level.

Pero iyon, siguro nag-e-explore din siya kung saan siya mas magwo-work, mas magiging okay ang career niya.”

The actor remains to be a talent of GMA 7.

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The Philippines’ Most Beautiful Celebrities With and Without Make-Up

The Philippines’ Most Beautiful Celebrities With and Without Make-Up


Simplicity is beauty. And a woman’s true beauty is revealed when her face is bare. In a world where image is everything, people tend to forget that natural beauty is best. With the advanced make-up technology, anyone can look like a celebrity, but do celebrities even look like themselves on TV or print even without make-up on?

In Hollywood, there have been many photos of celebrities showing how un-celebrity they look like when their faces are washed up. Some people even say they look worse than ordinary people, and that they are only products of make-up illusion. But how about our local celebrities?

We have made a compilation of the Philippines’ most beautiful women, collected their photos without make-up on and we’d like you to see for yourself if they are beautiful at their simplest.

Here is our version of the Philippines’ most beautiful celebrities, dolled up and bare-faced:

Angel Locsin


Bea Alonzo


Iya Villiania


Janine Gutierrez


Lovi Poe


Kris Bernal


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