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These 6 Pinoy Celebrities waited for ‘God’s perfect time’

These 6 Pinoy Celebrities waited for ‘God’s perfect time’

  • Like Toni, these celebs waited for ‘God’s perfect time’
  • These other celebrities said no to premarital sex
  • Celebrities who value sex and marriage
  • It is much more rewarding if you wait until after marriage

Times have changed. Over a third of Filipinos, aged 15 to 24, have engaged in premarital sex (PMS) and a majority of them do not use protection, according to a data collated by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) in 2013.

Gone are the days when women stayed ‘pure’ until they marry.

Toni Gonzaga posted a blog recently titled “WHY IT PAYS TO WAIT,” where she talked about her experience in a conservative household. Whenever she asks for permission, she expects disapproval. Even though she was envious of couples who were allowed by their parents to take  trips with their boyfriends, she remained obedient hoping one day she’ll experience it too.

She also said in her Vlog how grateful she was with her husband, Paul Soriano. She quoted, “Nakakabilib din naman si Paul, kasi for eight years, never niyang sinabi sa’kin na, ‘mag-rebelde ka na, gawin mo na ‘yung gusto mo, may pera ka na.’

“I realized that your obedience and sacrifice will always be rewarded in the end. Medyo matagal-tagal ang hinintay ko para ma-experience ko ‘to. Pero it was all worth it. Kaya pala ako pinaghintay nang matagal, kasi may magandang nakalaan. Kung siguro pinilit ko pumunta dito noon, it would’ve cost me hundreds and thousands of pesos, and it would’ve cost me my relationship with my parents. But because I waited for God’s perfect time, it cost me nothing.”

Like  Toni Gonzaga, Yeng Constantino and her husband Yan Asuncion also vowed to wait until marriage before having sex.

Now married to Yan Asuncion, they are both their partner’s first official relationship. The two vowed not to have sex until marriage — a topic brought up by TV host Kris Aquino during an interview. They finally got married in 2015.

Nikki Gil always has a strong personal conviction and value for sex and marriage, even if so many people made fun of her decision.

Many believe this was the reason for her controversial breakup with Billy Crawford. Nikki is now happily married to businessman BJ Albert, and both are blessed with a healthy baby boy, Finn.

Janine Tugonon, the beauty and brains titlist, winning Miss Universe 2012 as first-runner up, made a statement: “This is my principle… marriage is sacred.”

Her message is an inspiration to young Filipinas who value purity before marriage.

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Another inspiration to the Filipino women is beauty queen Miriam Quiambao, who made a “purity pledge” with her non-showbiz fiance, the Christian motivational speaker and author Roberto “Ardy” Roberto.

She posted a photo of their “purity pledge” on her Instagram in October 2013.

“Let it be known that I, Ardy Roberto, aka Mr. Pogi, and I, Miriam Quiambao, aka Ms. U, vow before God to protect each other’s purity from this day onwards until the day, by God’s grace, that we are wed. Therefore, we shall not engage in any act that shall ignite sexual desires or passions prematurely, such as passionate kissing (lips-to-lips), pheromone sniffing, or foreplay. The only expressions of affection allowed are: kissing on the cheek, holding hands and hugging or “akbay.” I, Ardy Roberto, promise to take the lead in this purity pledge and protect you, Miriam Quiambao, and your testimony. So help us God! In Jesus’ name, Amen!”

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Toni Gonzaga talks about the ‘first man who broke’ her heart

Toni Gonzaga talks about the ‘first man who broke’ her heart

  • The man, who I thought broke my heart before, was actually the one who saved my heart from being broken so many times
  • They are not allowed to fight back but they can reason out
  • Her father wants them to realize that there is someone protecting her

Toni Gonzaga opened about her personal life through her latest blog where she interviewed, her beloved father “Bonoy” who was celebrating his birthday last Tuesday.

In her blog, she was asking a series of questions that started with “WHY” and which she wanted to ask her father when he was still her driver. Her questions were more about parenting; which molded her as an individual, and now as a parent herself.

Toni’s First question was, “Why is belt your weapon of choice to discipline our bad behavior?” and her father replied, “Kasi yun ang pinaka hindi masakit” – remembering a time that his own father would let him pick a branch of a guava tree and use it, which was much more painful.

And she was wondering why her father would be watering the plants in their backyard at three in the morning. She asked his real purpose for doing it: Was it really to water the plants or ascertain who wanted to leave the house without permission? His father explained  that it was either he hasn’t slept yet or just woke up but which can also be a ruse.

A follow-up question was immediately raised, asking him why he has this habit of randomly checking their rooms in the middle of the night.

“It is a part of parenting which you will experience now as a parent. You will always be thinking of your child 24 hours a day, even when you’re asleep,” she strongly agrees with what her father said.

“Children are a gift from God and you should protect and teach them, not in your own way but His way,”  were her father’s words of wisdom.

Toni also mentioned that they haven’t experienced any sleepovers and asked her father why they were not allowed to before. Her father, being a traditional-minded parent, answered, “Ganun din ang nanay at tatay ko noon – especially that both of you are girls.”

He further explained, “If I allowed you to go on sleepovers, you will only use that as an alibi every time you cannot go home, which we do not like as parents.”

This led to her  next question, “Why don’t you want us to have a boyfriend during our teenage years?”

“It is because we don’t want you to regret unfavorable outcomes. When you are a teenager, you just get what you want without thinking thoroughly about consequences. But now that you’re mature enough, you start to think first before deciding on what you want to do in anything; even with choosing for a man in your life.”

Toni’s father does not believe that Romeo and Juliet is considered by many as the greatest love story because he would always say that “Kalokohan ang love story ni Romeo and Juliet.” The greatest love story for him is the “love of God for us, because Jesus died offering his life for our salvation.”

As he related it in a real life situation, he cited an example saying, “If your husband, wife, or your children are in danger, you would offer your life to save your love ones and it can’t be considered as suicide, like what Romeo and Juliet did.”

Being his daughters, they were not allowed to answer back but were allowed to reason out. Her father’s advice in being a parent was, “Don’t ever say na nag-away kami ng anak ko” but instead say, “Pinagalitan kayo ng nanay at tatay niyo kasi nangatwiran lang kayo.”

Her parent’s basis in their parenting style is the Holy Bible. That is why he doesn’t read any parenting books.

Toni’s last request to her father was to give comments on her suitors and why he doesn’t like them; which led to her last question, “Bakit hindi mo pinapansin si Paul? Bakit hindi ka mabait sa kanya noong mag-boyfriend pa lang kami?”

His answer was that he wanted Paul to realize that there is someone protecting her. just like any father would do to their daughters.

At the end of her video, she expressed her appreciation to her father despite being strict. Although, it broke her heart in the past, it was actually her father who was always protecting her.

“I’m so happy that we have reached this level of relationship na parang barkada. I can talk to him about everything. Kasi dati, lagi akong takot sa kanya kasi disciplinarian siya. Pero I realized, the pain of discipline is better than the pain of regret. The man, who I thought broke my heart before, was actually the one who saved my heart from being broken so many times,” concluded Toni Gonzaga.

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“I deserve a complete family”, Toni Gonzaga says.

“I deserve a complete family”, Toni Gonzaga says.

  • Toni Gonzaga expressed her determination to keep her family complete.
  • She said that for her, it’s easy to stay loyal. 

Actress and television personality Toni Gonzaga has recently guested in Tonight with Boy Abunda wherein she answered questions about her life and marriage.

When Gonzaga was asked of the one thing she deserves in life, she said that she deserves to have a complete family as she worked hard and she has tried her hardest to be someone good.

“I feel like I deserve a complete family that I have right now. Because I worked so hard all my life, I tried to be a good person. Feeling ko parang ‘yun naman ‘yung deserve ko in life.”

She said that when she got married, she’s going to make sure that her family will be complete as her son grows up.

“Kapag nag-asawa ako hanggang sa lumaki ang mga anak ko, buo ang pamilya. Na hindi broken ‘yung marriage, hindi broken ‘yung home. Na lumaki si Seve na buo ‘yung pamilya niya.”

Gonzaga also shared the experience of having parents who tried their best to stay together.

“Because I grew up witnessing that. My parents fought hard to be together. So I feel like Seve deserves that.”

She also shared how they managed to stay faithful to each other.

“It’s so easy to be faithful. There’s no reason for me to look the other way. Hindi ako nagsasalita ng period kasi baka dumating ang point na i-test kami ni God, na ayaw ko na dumating ‘yung point na ‘yon. Pero ngayon there’s no way for me to look the other way. Kasi I’m so occupied with Seve, I’m so occupied in building our family. And there’s so many dreams that we’re building together na ayaw kong masira.”

Gonzaga also confirmed that Paul Soriano has been faithful to her.

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Aga Muhlach to Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV, “Tumulong ka na lang!”

Aga Muhlach to Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV, “Tumulong ka na lang!”

  • Aga Mulach told Senator Trillanes to just help the President.
  • He also said that Trillanes argues with every President he encounters. 

Actor Aga Muhlach called out Senator Antonio Trillanes III in his recent guesting in ABS-CBN’s Gandang Gabi Vice.

In the segment Tanong Mo Mukha Mo, the senator’s face appeared on screen. At first Muhlach was hesitant to say something, but a few moments later, he urged the politician to help the administration instead of criticizing President Rodrigo Duterte.

“Nakakapagod na, Ano ba gusto mo mangyari, Parang nag eenjoy ka nalang jan, Tumulong ka nalang”.

He also said that Trillanes always makes an issue about whoever the president is even if the latter is just doing his job.

“Kahit sinong presidente nalang umuupo sinisiraan. Ito ginagawa naman ng presidente natin yung ginagawa niya. Tumulong na lang sana.

“Stop, collaborate and Listen.”

Bea Alonzo, who was also a guest during the episode, also asked the same question to the Senator. The pair is currently promoting their movie First Love directed by Paul Soriano.

The video of the segment has now been deleted from ABS-CBN Entertainment’s YouTube Channel.

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Gold Seas Unveils Toni Gonzaga and Direk Paul Soriano As Their New Ambassadors

Gold Seas Unveils Toni Gonzaga and Direk Paul Soriano As Their New Ambassadors

  • Gold Seas Tuna Chunks begins to make waves in the Philippine market
  • Toni Gonzaga and Paul Soriano are the new ambassadors of Gold Seas Tuna Chunks

The new fast-rising tuna brand has been creating a major buzz lately, and everyone is excited about it.

New brand on the block

If you are feeling ‘fed-up’ with your ordinary tuna experience like we do, we suggest you take the big switch! Gold Seas Tuna Chunks started making waves after its big launch recently. With its perfect gourmet flavors that appeal to even the pickiest of eaters, its target market is not only the people who work out but every age bracket. Who says tuna can’t be for kids?

As promised, Gold Seas offers six flavors that defy the status quo for canned tuna products. You can choose from Tuna Chunks in Olive Oil, Olive Oil with Chili, Springwater, Tuna Chunks in Herb and Garlic, Lemon and Pepper and Mild Indian Curry! Imagine, our dreams coming to life!

Big Reveal?

Kapamilya Toni Gonzaga and Direk Paul Soriano are ready to serve you the best Tuna choice in the country. Just recently their TV ad for Gold Seas was recently launched. A perfect match a Toni and Paul are one of today’s most celebrated couples in the country.

Toni and Paul are perfect example of the wholesome goodness of Gold Seas Tuna Chunks. Not only they are new to parenthood they also exemplifies the boldness to choose top-quality products. like Gold Seas Tuna to help them take care of their family.

Don’t waste a minute, buy Gold Seas Tuna Chunks now and see the ‘change’ for yourself. Gold Seas Tuna is available in all leading supermarkets, groceries and convenience stores and is offered in 90g (solo) and 185g (sharing) variants.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

For more information, visit Gold Seas Tuna on Facebook and Instagram (@goldseastunachunks).

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15 Filipino celebrity weddings of 2015

15 Filipino celebrity weddings of 2015


Before the year ends, let us take a look back on the celebrity weddings that made us swoon in 2015. These unions captured the attention of the public and made them some of the most talked about events of the year.

The Dailypedia presents 15 Filipino Celebrity Weddings of 2015:

1. Heart Evangelista and Senator Chiz Escudero (February 15)

Many controversies surrounded the relationship of actress Heart Evangelista and Senator Chiz Escudero, one of them being the disapproval of Heart’s parents. Despite the trials, Kapuso actress Heart and now vice-presidential candidate Chiz had a grand wedding on February 15. Their wedding took place on Balesin Island, Quezon Province.

Photo Credit: Bride and Breakfast
Photo Credit: Bride and Breakfast

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What’s wrong with Toni Gonzaga’s pre-nup photo?

What’s wrong with Toni Gonzaga’s pre-nup photo?


Pre-wedding or pre-nuptial (pre-nup) photos have become very significant in a couple’s wedding preparations. They serve as a teaser of the actual wedding and it brings out the personality of the couple. For the past few years, pre-nup photos have become more and more popular, not only with celebrities but to ordinary couples as well. But how far should a pre-nup shoot go in order to bring out the best photos?

Take a look at this pre-nup photo and figure out what is wrong with it:

The controversial pre-nup photo showing Toni Gonzaga resting her elbow on a painting. Photo Credit: Bride and Breakfast

A pre-nup photo of Kapamilya star Toni Gonzaga and director Paul Soriano taken at the National Museum has raised eyebrows as the photo showed Toni resting her elbow on what seems to be a national treasure.

Toni did not rest her elbow on a National Treasure

In an interview with Weddings at Work, Oly Ruiz of Metrophoto (who was the one who took the controversial photo) said the paintings used in the photo shoot were brought in by the team.

“The National Museum is very strict with their policy and they didn’t allow us to shoot inside the galleries. But we made the best of the situation by making a gallery out of the places they allowed us to shoot. We prepared our own busts and paintings to create an in-gallery feel outside the galleries.”

Fake painting or not, some did not take kindly to the idea behind the photo. The P Word wrote an article saying that the painting was taken for granted, and that Toni being a public figure should not have agreed to the pose because it was not appropriate. Toni resting her elbow on the “masterpiece” would set a “bad” example to anyone who looking at her photo. It would lead people who do not know the paintings were fake to falsely believe it would be okay to rest your elbow on what could be an irreplaceable work of art.

“Putting any part of your body ON the painting like that is not right. This could damage the painting either by tearing the canvas, or by melting the paint. The ignorant people out there will not know that she did it to a tarpaulin reproduction just to complete a shoot like that. And shame on the photographer for not knowing better. (The P Word)”

So, do you think Toni’s pose was inappropriate? Leave a comment below.

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Direk Paul Soriano, “Kid Kulafu” stars, share how the movie change their lives

Direk Paul Soriano, “Kid Kulafu” stars, share how the movie change their lives


Before he became one of the world’s greatest boxers, Emmanuel “Manny” Pacquiao was a young boy living a hand-to-mouth existence, trying to survive from one day to the next. When he discovers his natural talent for boxing, he embarks on a brutal and intense journey that takes him from the mountains of the Philippines to the streets of Manila, and must risk everything to become a champion.

Robert (Buboy) Villar, 15, portrays Pacquiao. Alessandra de Rossi plays Mommy Dionisia and Cesar Montano, his uncle Sardo. The movie is entitled “Kid Kulafu” and tracks Pacquiao’s boyhood until he leaves General Santos City for Manila to pursue a career in boxing. Paul Soriano is the director with businessman Ernest Escaler the producer.

In 2006, Star Cinema produced the film “Pacquiao The Movie” with Jericho Rosales as the world champion. The movie focused on Pacquiao’s life as a fighter. “Kid Kulafu” goes back in time before Pacquiao left General Santos City with 10 teenaged and wide-eyed boxing prospects to try their luck in Manila in 1994.

During the Kid Kulafu’s Media Launch and Bloggers’ Conference, Direk Paul Soriano admitted that Kid Kulafu is three years in the making and most of the casts studied their characters especially the young Manny Pacquiao, his moves, his accent and the way Manny Pacquiao live his early age of life.

The characters are challenging and the character of Manny who underwent to an audition and of all the artist who auditioned, Buboy Villar finally got the role of Kid Kulafu, said Direk Paul Soriano. 

Direk Paul Soriano and Kid Kulafu himself, Buboy Villar during the Grand Media Conference in ABS-CBN.

Buboy Villar said during the interview that he had his intensive training right after he knew that he will portray the role of young Manny Pacquiao.

Ako kasi very intense ba ang training kasi mga 3x or 5x in a day ang training ko. Buboy recalls. I knew that there were a lot who auditioned for the role that’s why I was so happy when I was chosen. Because I’m really a big fan of Pacquiao, Buboy added.

Buboy shared how the movie changed his life. According to him, because of the movie, he was able to finish paying his house.

Because of ‘Kid Kulafu’ I realized that Sir Manny can be a huge source of inspiration to kids of today. He’s hardworking, determined to rise above poverty, and has high respect for his parents and family, shared Buboy. When Sir Manny stepped into amateur boxing, his goal was not to win. He wanted to help provide meals to his family and make his parents proud of him. Buboy added.

However, Direk Paul also shared his thoughts when doing Kid Kulafu. He added that what inspired him more to do the movie was when he got to know more Manny through a series of conversations which happened within the two-year research spent for the biographical film.

To be honest, this movie really changed my life. It was tough filming this film, it was the pressure, number one. You know, we had the People’s Champ, his life story, the trust that he gave me to do this. He gave permission, I had to ask permission, he could have easily said no, but you know, he gave me that trust. And making the film, it was really one of the hardest things I’ve  ever done in my life and I think I’ve matured as a person, as a filmmaker after this movie,  Direk Paul said.

According to Direk Paul, “Kid Kulafu” has been three years in the making with two years dedicated for extensive research about the childhood of the People’s Champ.

Viewers will discover in the film how hard life was for Manny as a kid in General Santos City. They will get to know a young boy who had nothing but attitude, passion, and fighting spirit to face every challenge head on and knock it out one by one, shared Direk Paul.

Acoording to Direk Paul, Manny shared to him, All the pain and the knock outs I experienced in boxing were just physical pain. But you know what’s more painful? It’s the fact that you have nothing to eat, no home where you can rest, and having a broken family. And I endured all those when I was young.

From left: Khalil Ramos, Direk Paul Soriano and Kid Kulafu himself, Buboy Villar

Khalil Ramos who plays Eugene, the best friend of Manny. He said he was happy when he passed the audition and became part of the cast of the movie about the childhood of Manny.

Each one of us in the cast auditioned. I didn’t know it was a movie about Pacquiao but I was told it was for director Paul Soriano. That made me excited. I told myseff, Uy okay ‘to. Hindi ko ‘to palalampasin, Khalil said.

He said part of their audition was to play basketball but they were all clueless what the film was all about. When I finally learned it was about Pacquiao, all the more that I got excited. And who wouldn’t be? Pacquiao is everybody’s idol. He’s our nation’s hero. I really felt lucky I was chosen to be one of the stars among the many who auditioned. Khalil recalls.

Award-winning actress, Alessandra de Rossi

On the other hand, an award-winning actress, Alessandra de Rossi is happy to do this project. According to Direk Paul, she is a hand pick for the role.

Portraying Mommy Dionisia Pacquiao is such an honor, syempre Mommy D un. Sana najustify ko naman ung role ko, pinatanda naman ako sa movie knowing na halos kalaki ko lang ung anak ko sa movie, Alessandra said.

Kid Kulafu changed my life when it comes to how I view things differently now. It inspires me so much in doing my best in my chosen craft, Alessandra added.

Kid Kulafu was shot in Saranggani and General Santos City where Manny spent his childhood and teen years. Also in the cast are Alessandra de Rossi and Alex Medina (who play Manny’s parents Dionisia and Rosalio), Cesar Montano and Igi Boy Flores. It is written by Froilan Medina and is under creative consultant Amor Olaquer and fight director Erwin Tagle.

Kid Kulafu is a Star Cinema and TEN17 biographical film under the direction Paul Soriano which stars Robert “Buboy” Villar as the young Manny Pacquiao, Alessandra De Rossi and Cesar Montano showing on April 15, 2015, nationwide theatrical release.

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